Eureka 431BXZ Optima Lightweight Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Get power with comfort! The Optima with comfort grip looped handle has 13 adjustable positions so every user enjoys the perfect height and grip. The specially designed telescopic handle extends to clean both high and low areas without awkward bending. The Optima has a 12-amp motor for deep-cleaning carpets like a full-size upright, but weighs just 11 pounds. The on/off brushroll cleans bare floors easily while the no-tip design stabilizes the vacuum for safe above-the-floor cleaning.

  • Lightweight, upright vacuum cleaner with powerful 12-amp motor
  • On/off brushroll for switching between carpet and bare-floor cleaning
  • Adjustable soft-grip looped handle; on-board tools and stretch hose
  • Telescopic handle; 20-foot cord; easy-to-empty dust cup
  • Measures 15 by 13 by 44-1/2 inches; 1-year limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Great Vacuum!
    I bought this vacuum to replace a full size vacuum. I never thought it would work so well! I have all hardwood floors and 3 dogs, so obviously its important to have a great vacuum to get all the dog hair, and this one works perfectly! Its lightweight, and smaller than I expected, but in my opinion, it is every bit the vacuum that a full size one is. The only complaints I have, is the cord is rather short. I definately would purchase another one!...more info
  • love/hate relationship with this thing!
    Used to have the "electric brooms" from the 80's and was thrilled to find this vacuum cleaner as it had so much more power. I've had this for about 3 years now and was completely impressed with it when first using it. The two things that struck me was how lightweight and easy to handle ( on carpet -low plush and wood/ceramic flooring) it was and that the suction power was incredible.

    Okay, now the things that drive me crazy. The dust filter needs to be cleaned out about every other time I use it. I take it outside and tap, tap, tap, tap, into the side of the deck rail to clean it out. I actually replace it about every three months with an expensive $10 filter. Yuck! And there's no choice, the filter MUST be kept clean or the incredible suction- isn't incredible any more. The cord is a bit short, but my house is small and that's why this lightweight, smaller vacuum works so well for me. The top hose guide/rest broke off about a year ago, first one side and then completely off. I did get a replacement for it. Then to my dismay last month one of the wheels fell off. The wheels are inexpensive plastic so it needs to be replaced, I cannot just pop it back on and have it stay. I'm at a point of deciding whether to buy a new wheel ( I glued it on and now really have to PUSH the vacuum to make it move forward on the wood floor) or buy a new vacuum cleaner.
    So I am not sure what I will do. I hate to lug my larger upright out for some lighter cleaning needs (read after the family dinner nightly), but may need to do so until I find a suitable replacement. ...more info
  • Best suction, best value
    This vacuum gives you the best bang for your buck. I've tried many uprights, some twice or three times as expensive as this one, and have never had such a great machine. For a small one bedroom apartment and someone on a budget it works amazing. It has very strong suction compared to other vacuums I've tried and is able to pick up anything, including pet hair.

    I agree with other customers that on hardwood floors this vacuum does not work well unless you use the nozzle. It blows dirt and dust away from the machine. I don't vacuum hard floors often, I prefer to sweep/swiffer then mop, so this is not an issue for me.

    Another disadvantage is that it is extremely loud, but I would rather have a vacuum that is effective than one that is quiet.

    This vacuum is a great vacuum for stairs and for quick jobs. It's extremely light and easy to navigate. Also, the hose/floor feature allows the hose to have strong suction, unlike the (under $200) bissel and dirt devil uprights that I have tried before.
    ...more info
  • Great small vacuum
    I love this vacuum. When I moved across the country recently, I left mine with my roommate, and promptly bought a new one for my new apartment. In my experience, you cannot get a better vacuum near this price point. Although it is small, it really is a full vacuum, and not just a dinky oversize "dust buster" or handheld with wheels.

    I would probably not own this if I had a whole house or several rooms to clean, but it's great for a 1-2 apartment or condo. I do not think it is louder than other vacuums. The filter does require semi-frequent cleanings, but this is not hard to do. You can either hose it out with water and let it dry (you can do this many times without replacing it), or you can scrape it out with a small brush or even a toothpick. It is true it can be a little tricky on hard floors, as it tends to blow stuff out of the way, but with a little effort you get the hang of maneuvering it right so that it doesn't happen.

    Really I've had no problems with this vacuum, it's awesome for small spaces, and I'd buy it a third time if necessary....more info
  • I hate this vaccum
    It's light, but the Hepa filter fills up so often as to make me prefer a broom... okay, I've got two cats, so I've learned to set up a chair by a waste basket and clean the filter with a plastic fork two or three times each time I clean the living room.

    There must be a better product out there....more info
  • Awesome Little Vacuum!
    This is my third purchase of this little Eureka Vac. I purchased a second one for our lake house and my third vac was purchased to replace the very first one purchased several years ago, as I literally ran it 'til the wheels came off! And that's a good thing! The price is so reasonable you can afford to own multiple and/or replace after years of use! I have 5 cats, hardwood floors and berber carpeting, so I require constant use of a vacuum. This little Eureka Optima is wonderfully lightweight, easy to manuever around chairs and furniture, up and down stairs, and it is incredibly powerful. It provides awesome versatility for quick cleaning every surface at every level. You can vacuum the hardwoods, flip the power switch in a millisecond to rugs, quickly flip the dial to "hose" and vacuum dust a shelf with the handy onboard brush or the crevice tools. Simply by pushing the "cup release" button it's easy to remove the dust filter and brush it off whenever necessary. Highly recommended product!...more info
    O.K., When purchasing this, which I did over a year ago and comparing its effectiveness then to its effectiveness now, I had to give it a 5 star rating. First of all, I picked mine up for $60 bucks. For a $60 vacuum I'm pleased with the 12amps of power. I have never had a problem with this powering on or overheating in the year that I have used it. It's been used for my whole house, upstairs and down twice a week. The key here is to empty the dirt cup often and the filter. I have not had to buy one replacement filter. Mine came with 2 durable ones and they can be washed and reused. I clean the loose dirt and dust from the filter once between the upstairs and down. I used a hand tool on another vacuum to really get it dust free. Keeping the filter clean is key to maintaining strong suction and I think this little $60 cheapee does a great job. I use it on my hardwoods too. There's a switch to turn the beater bar off. It can be a small annoyance with the exhaust in the front, some small crumbs can be blown out of the way...but the price weighed against the features, versatility and effectiveness of this little machine make it more than worthwhile. Geez, it's not a $500 Dyson (which I also bought but returned! Dyson designed by a man, heavy and awkward, built for a man to lug, but way too heavy for me, it wasn't worth the coronary now matter how well it sucked!) If you don't vacuum you house but once every 2 months than yes, you can expect this one to clog and overheat!!!! The hose feature is great. You turn another knob to concentrate all the suction on the hose. Reliability, cost effective and easy to maneuver. This one is an A+. I have one upstairs and now bought one for down!...more info
  • Decent suction, shoddy plastic construction
    I have had this vacuum for two years and use it almost weekly to clean about 1500 square feet of carpet. My wife and I chose it because we wanted a light unit that can easily be transported upstairs. We adopted a dog a year ago and it does a pretty good job of picking up her hair. The suction is decent and I like that it has a hose and attachments on board.

    Now, here's what I don't like about it. The first month we had it, the round handle came loose from the metal extension rod. It was simply glued in place, so I glued it back. It was a temporary fix and I had to re-attach with glue several times. Then, the hose, which is supposed to stow into a cradle on one side of the unit when not in use, came loose repeatedly and would wag like a tail as I vacuumed. This was a friction hold, so I added a layer of clear tape to increase the diameter of the hose to keep it snug. Next, the dial that controls the suction between hose and floor became loose. When I inspected it, I found that the plastic that keeps it from moving freely had broken. So now I have to check and correct the setting so that the dial doesn't switch to hose while I vacuum the floor. Finally, and just recently, both wheels broke off! The culprit? Cheap plastic connectors. There is no axle; just plastic wheels attached to a plastic base.

    In addition, the filter clogs too often. I have to clean it after each use, which is a messy, dirty affair. I am just waiting for the motor to break so I can purchase a new one (actually, I'll just purchase another one anyway). My criteria for a new vacuum will be a sturdy, well-built metal base, sturdy wheels and handle, and high-impact ABS plastic used as a needed....more info
  • Move over Dyson...
    the Eureka 431BXZ Optima lightweight Upright Vacuum although small in size is a powerful little wonder.. With the bagless filter that really filters the dirt and dust particle and the storage area for vacuumed item, this little puppy works beyond my expectations. So it doesn't have a ball, and you have to move it a little to get to the corners, heck when you save $200 what is a little moving around. It works and that is the bottom line... ...more info
  • useful
    I like the color that goes along with our office decoration and logo colors. Its not so loud and light weight. Long extension cord for easy moving around. I dont like how you have to step on it to change the direction of the vacuum. but otherwise, worth it...more info
  • The wheels came off
    This vacuum is a lightweight vacuum that functions reasonably well for almost a year. After a year of normal use of my vacuum, the wheels came off. The wheel design is poor. I don't recommend this vacuum unless you plan to buy a new one in a year....more info
  • Terrible quality!
    I bought this vacuum cleaner (not from Amazon) about 2+ weeks ago and it just died on me. The motor went bust for no reason in particular. I was in the middle of vacuuming my carpet and it just died. I hardly even got to use it 5 times since I bought it.

    I had read the other reviews that it's got poor build quality and was prone to breakdowns etc but I was reluctant to believe them. I guess I learned the hard way. Avoid buying this vacuum cleaner if you can. For the price I paid, I deserve far better quality than what I got, and you should too.

    Needless to say, I'm absolutely disappointed and would not recommend this product to anyone....more info
  • I love it, and I hate it
    I have a love/hate relationship with this vacuum. I bought it to replace a 35 yr old Eureka upright that I loved, but this one does have some pros and cons.

    Bagless-Call me old fashioned, but who wants to mess with loose, flying dirt while emptying a dirt cup?
    Filter clogs and needs frequent cleaning
    Small (really small) dirt collecting canister
    Exhaust system is on front of unit, so it blows dirt around rather than picking it up on hard surfaces
    Electrical cord is short (20 ft)

    Really, really great suction
    Light weight
    On board tools
    Unit doesn't tip over when using the stretch hose
    Telescoping handle
    After over 1 year of constant use, it's still working like the day I bought it.

    I would say that this unit's best use is vacuuming small apts/homes or area rugs. If you're looking to vacuum your big house with this, you'll have to empty the dirt cup and clean the filter at least 2-3 times. If you need something to clean your bare floors, look elsewhere. I bought about 3 other cheap vacuums after my old Eureka died, and none of them had any suction power, so if you're looking for powerful suction, and you're willing to do a little extra work to get it, this vacuum will suit you just fine.
    ...more info
  • Suction Please !!!!!
    This is the second little vacuum that I have bought in the past few years. The only reason I bought another one, is because I'm afraid if I don't get one now, they'll stop making them. At least I'll have a spare.

    I have three dogs and I need to buzz around the house a couple times a week for a quick clean - up. This vacuum does a great job of sucking up actually pulls the hair away from the wall at quite a distance !!! It is also light as a feather and that helps my shoulder and my arm tremendously.

    I like that it is not too noisy and I can hear the doorbell or telephone ring in the background. I don't have any carpet in my house, so I can't vouch for that.... but for me, it's a great little machine and I have recommended it to many elderly people because it is easy to handle and clean up is a breeze. It has made my life much easier and the price is excellent....more info
  • Great suction for small and inexpensive vacuum!

    1. This little vacuum is a great product for the price if you want to have a small vacuum on hand before company comes or just for in between cleaning days, or for those who have trouble lifting larger vacuums.

    2. I've found this model to have the best suction (12 amps - same as most large vacuums) for the size and it will easily pickup any small object as well as dirt, pet hair, and dust on any low fiber carpeted areas.

    3. I've used it on my upholstered materials and it does pick up well. The hose helps get in the tighter spots.

    4. It works great on stairs.


    1. The vacuum does not do well on hard surfaces or long fiber carpets, and I wouldn't recommend it as the main vacuum for a household. As I stated, it would be okay for someone who has a hard time lifting larger vacuums.

    2. I would like to see a longer cord, especially when used for stair cases.

    3. Depending on use, the filter is short lived and seems expensive to buy. I've found that I have to clean the bagless area and the filter once every two weeks.

    NOTE: What I've learne...more info
  • Works great until the wheels fall off....
    This vacuum works great until the plastic molded wheels fall off. The wheel design is poor (cheap), and after less than a year of normal use on my vacuum a wheel came off. Unfortunately once this happens you are done.

    Due to this design flaw I don't recommend this vacuum unless you plan to buy a new one each year....more info
  • BETTER THAN MY DYSON... no lie
    I've had my little Optima for three+ years now, and I'm as satisfied with it now (if not more so) than the day I pulled it out of the box. I'm not sure that ANYONE will truly find that "PERFECT" vacuum cleaner, that combines quiet with great performance with no upkeep. Sure, I have to rinse off the filter (I've got two, so I can just switch them out). Sure, it's noisy (did you expect a vacuum cleaner to be quiet?). But man, does this thing perform! My mom gave me her Dyson after she had back surgery, and needed something more lightweight to use. The Dyson is fine for my carpeted areas, but this is the BEST for hardwood floors and tile. It sucks like nobody's business. We have two cats (one longhair) and three rambunctious, messy boys... and plenty of reasons to pull out our vacuum several times a week. This vacuum has never let us down. I truly can't say the same for the Dyson--- it's so huge that it doesn't get to the toe-kick under the kitchen cabinets! Not to mention that it picks hardly anything up on hardwood. But the Optima is our go-to-guy 9 times out of 10. ...more info
  • Broke after 6 months
    This seemed handy but it broke after 6 months even though I religiously cleaned the filter and emptied the canister. Eureka refused to fix or replace the vacuum because I didn't have my receipt and was quite rude about it too. What a waste of money....more info
  • Nice Idea, Poor Construction
    I was looking for a light weight, simple bag-less vacuum cleaner and the Eureka Optima seemed to fit the bill. At first, I liked it because it was light, small and seemed to do a decent job of cleaning. Then the problems started. First of all, the dirty little secret with bag-less vacuums is that while they have no bag, they have filters. With this vacuum, you need to clean the filter every two or three times you vacuum or it significantly looses suction. Also, as soon as the filter starts to collect dirt, the noise level goes way up on the machine. It's to the point where the vacuum is almost painfully loud to use. Second, as others have noted, the wheels fall off. The wheel are snapped onto the machine and over time, the become loose and fall off. Since it's all plastic, there is very little you can do to reattach them. Would it really have cost them that much more to put real wheels on it? Finally, the machine vents to the front which causes loose debris in front of the vacuum to blow away unless you have it angled just right. Not an issue on carpet but you notice the dust bunnies blowing around when you use it on tile.

    Overall, I cannot recommend this unit and mine will soon be going in the trash. It's not worth the frustration of the painfully loud motor and wheels that won't stay attached....more info
  • Broke within less than a year
    My husband and I bought this vacuum after we bought our first house, because it was a good deal, and without any children we figured we didn't need anything too heavy duty. That was $65 down the drain.

    The canister is so narrow that hair and dirt clogs the filter within minutes of vacuuming because it has nowhere to go. Eureka claims their filters last 6 months or more, but we were replacing filters every two months (when we could find them, they were difficult to find in stores).

    Every time I dumped the canister I had to pick all the hair and dirt off the filter so I could use it the next time, which was an absolutely disgusting task. We tried washing the filter, which Eureka claimed you can do, but it barely removed any dirt, took days to dry, and made the filter smell terrible from then on out.

    Then one day about 11 months after we bought the vacuum it just stopped working right in the middle of vacuuming. After searching online we found that many people have had this happen and it's because the motor overheats and shuts itself off. So we let it cool, which took about a half hour, til it felt like there wasn't any heat coming from it anymore. So I turned it back on to finish vacuuming, within 5-10 minutes the vacuum shut off again.

    We couldn't get any help from Eureka with why our vacuum was overheating or how to fix it. We threw it out the next day and bought a new vacuum. We won't be buying from Eureka again!...more info
  • durable for the job
    When I bought this vacuum, I had just moved into my 1-bed apt was looking for something to clean carpet, tiles, and the wood floor of the living room.
    I like the fact that you can turn off the brush roll.. any other vacuum like that would have cost me $180+. This was a bargain buy,and using it now, makes my well spent money very well worth it. I don't have any pets, so wouldn't be able to help you with that, and the carpet only covers a 15'x15' room.
    I read the reviews on here before buying and many people complained about the air exhaust blows the dirt away, that doesn't happen with me.
    I rated it one star down because of the length of the cord, and the annoyance of cleaning the filter.
    Good luck with your search...more info
  • Great lightweight vacuum
    This product is everything it claims to be. I am very please with its preformance and price....more info
  • Is this a vacuum or a small jet?
    This vacuum sucks, literally and figuratively. That is about all it has going for it. Both my wheels continually pop off while I am cleaning and it is a total bother. It is super loud (my ears ring after I turn it off). I am sure there is some permanent damage happening. Needles to say DON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT....more info
  • Little vacuum - Great suction
    Bought the Eureka 431 BXZ Optima Lightweight Upright vacuum and so far, I'm impressed. Unit was very small and appeared "rinky dink" but it has worked great on my carpets and on my bare floors. The waste canister is very easy and "mess free" to empty. I was very amazed at all of the dust, dog hair and birdseed that it picked up from my caprets and floors. I was really disgusted by all of the dirt & dog hair that my previous vacuum cleaner was obviously not picking up. Little unit has great suction and cleaning power. At first I was disappointed by the small vacuuming path but this vacuum easily fits between my furniture, the walls and my table and chair legs. The only drawback is that the front of the unit is a little bulky and the vacuum will not reach very far under chairs, beds or other low furniture. Compact size is very easy to store. This will be a great, inexpensive vacuum if it holds up. ...more info
  • Older, original design was BETTER! Still a very good vac though!
    I've owned TWO of these 'Optima' machines, first when they came out a few years ago, and the current incarnation which I just purchased last week. Overall, it is a very good, convenient compact vac with excellent suction. The first one lasted me a fairly long time, but I had to replace it because a wheel broke off (one of the tabs broke), and I couldn't glue or otherwise attach it back on effectively. Mechanically, it was still working perfectly, except for the wheel issue. This second one I just purchased seems to have a slightly different design regarding the 'debris cup' and filter. The dirt intake opening into the 'debris cup' is now located higher up, instead of at the bottom as on the original design. The major drawback to this is that the filter and dirt intake, which is also located high up, gets clogged faster and more frequently now. Which means one has to clean the filter way more often than should be necessary. The way I do this is outdoors with a small brush and 'air in a can', with the wind blowing AWAY from you, while wearing a surgical MASK and GOGGLES (this is a MUST in order to prevent dangerous fine particles from being breathed in, and/or entering your eyes). This way, the filter can last the lifetime of the machine! All in all, a very good compact vac and housecleaning tool that I would purchase again....more info
  • Good, but LOUD
    Before purchasing this vacuum I read all of the reviews. Many people said that for its size it was very powerful, etc - that is all true - but what nobody mentioned was how loud it is. If you don't mind a loud vacuum, then this is a good choice. If you do then DON'T buy this machine....more info
  • What a nightmare!
    This was the first thing I ever bought after researching on the web and boy was I disappointed. The size and weight of this are nice but after one year both wheels have broken off and cannot be fixed. And the filter is one big pain in the neck! Every time you run the vacuum you have to clean out the filter and the most effective way I have found is to carefully pick out the lint with a toothpick which takes some time. My husband and I have a running joke whenever one of us is cleaning out the filter the other says oh thank goodness we don't have to deal with bags anymore-bags!- you put in, you replace- but you never have to sit there cleaning out filters filled with dust and lint with toothpicks every time! I can't wait to buy a vacuum with bags again! The price of these filters is also not delightful-between 10-15 dollars and should be replaced fairly often. I'm still surprised at the high ratings I found on this product....more info
  • Eureka! Big results - small price
    This vacuum cleans as well as a larger more expensive one. There are no bags to buy, and I especially like the fact that I can see what I am vacuuming up. This way you can tell when the rug is really clean with no guess work.

    Some people might not like having to dump the dirt out, and you do need to vacuum the filter (they give you two)but for me the results are worth the handling. There is a certain amount of "mechanical" ability needed to put the filter back in place etc. but once you know or are shown what to do, it is easy....more info
  • Excellent Buy
    I initially saw this vacuum reviewed in a household magazine, which gave it excellent ratings against the Oreck and other top of the line vacuums. Bought two of them 18 months ago--one for upstairs and one for downstairs--which was an excellent choice. The suction is remarkable and they do a remarkable job on wood floors, which I have throughout the house. For the people who complain about the length of the cord: Have you ever thought of permanently adding a 6 foot extension cord and just leaving it attached? That works fine for me. Also, I found that the extension tools from an old vacuum fit perfectly and extend the handle length when needed. Cleaning the filter by washing it works well. Some people have complained about the sound becoming louder as the tank fills, but I haven't noticed that to be a problem. ...more info
  • Greatest Design, Filter A Nuisance
    Ok, I leave this unit in the living quarters when not in use - it's part of the modern decor. Talk about handy to grab for quick and thorough clean up - this little girl does it great. And she's virtually weightless.

    But, but, but, that silly HEPA filter that everything goes through? Well, you have to get a pencil or something and go up and down it's ridges and clear all the stuff out just about everytime you use it. See, they are in the business of selling those after market filters. Got a maid? HE won't clean the filter.

    Oh, and the little hole all the junk goes through to get into the filter? Well it clogs with pieces of paper. Think the maid will clear that? Nope. ...more info
  • Too much trouble and maintenance
    The filter is a royal pain, hard to find, and expensive. Blows away dust before you vacuum it. Super loud, you will need ear plugs while using it. Cord is so short, you will need an extension cord. It finally broke, but I'm unsure as to what broke - it simply stopped functioning. Don't believe the positive reviews; this is a bad design....more info
  • Pros and Cons
    If you have a pretty large area that you need to vacuum, then I do not suggest this unit for you. The suction area is smaller than on average models, so you will have to make more passes than usual. I have only used the unit on hard wood and small area rugs, and because the exhaust of this unit is on the front and just above the suction area, it tends to blow the dust away from the suction. This can be tedious when sucking up large areas. The cord is 20' long, so you would have to replug.

    If you have a small apartment or if you are using this unit for a limited amount of space it is lovely to use. It is very lightweight and my model is very quiet, I was impressed. It gets into corners rather well, better than vacs I have used in the past. It is easy to push around and does have pretty good suction. It is a small unit in size which makes storage in small apartments a breeze.

    There are pros and cons to this Vacuum, but I strongly suggest it for smaller apartments, dorm rooms or the like of...

    ...more info
  • Don't buy it for bare floors.
    If you need a vacuum to use both on carpet AND hardwoods don't buy this vacuum! It does ok on carpet but it has ( in my opinion ) a major design flaw....that the exhaust blows directly out the lower front of the vacuum. It blows the dust, dirt and hair into the air before you can vacuum it up. It actually blew my granddaughters pictures off the fridge! You vacuum one side and when you go to the other side it blows the dirt and hair back onto the side you just vacuumed! When I was finished I had to wipe down every surface in my kitchen ,including my stove, because there was hair and dirt all over it. More work. No thanks. Back it goes....more info
  • good for a couple of months
    I had to return my first one in about 2 months because it stopped doing its job. Since it was under manufactors warrenty, I got a new one - identical. About 7 or so months later, the motor broke. This was under an extended warranty and was replaced with another make and model.

    Pros - it is not very expensive and works well for awhile.
    Cons - Dont plan on keeping it long!...more info
  • Little Green Machine
    I have owned one of these vacuums for several years. I use it more than my large upright. My Eureka has a lot of power and it is easy for me to use because it is so light weight. I gave one to my Aunt for a gift just this Christnas.
    ...more info
  • Great suction; but have to clean after every use & that's messy
    Pros: The suction on this thing is incredible, and the vacuum is very light to vacuum stairs, BUT:

    Cons: the suction power vastly decreases after even one use on a couple rooms
    I end up having to clean it about every other time I use it, and because it's bagless, cleaning it means banging out the filter as you are surrounded by a cloud of disgusting dust. Yes you can hose it off, but that means getting out your hose and it's really a whole production to clean; also using the hose it hard on the filter and if you use a stream hard enough to blow out the dust that gets lodged in between the fins of the poorly-designed filter, you are also likely to damage/tear the filter.

    Also, this thing is LOUD--I mean it is louder than my circular saw. If you are vacuuming in a small room with hard floors it is so loud I can't use it for more than 30 seconds.

    It also does blow dust bunnies away from it as you are trying to vacuum since it stupidly vents out the front.

    The only reason I can't say "Don't buy it" is that I have not found another vacuum that is this light in weight with this kind of suction power, but as soon as I find one I will get rid of this poorly-designed vacuum....more info
    I LOVE this vacuum! It's lightweight and has powerful suction. Contrary to other reviews, it works great on hardwood floors (two-thirds of our house is hardwood). Yes, the exhaust scatters the dirt, but that works to your advantage because everything is blasted out of hiding and nothing has a chance of escaping that suction power! Now I damp mop the floors without ever having to stop to pick up a missed dust bunny or crumb. We have parakeets (lots of feathers, seeds, etc.), four cats (lots of FUR and litter tracks), and one large dog (lots of shedding twice a year). It works great on car interior carpets where there's a lot of dog fur. Yes, I empty the cannister and clean the filter (using a soft toothbrush) every time. It takes all of two minutes. And it's worth it because, unlike vacuums that require bags, THIS VACUUM NEVER LOSES ITS POWER! Isn't that amazing? Think about more running the vacuum over and over and over the same spot, trying to pick up a piece of lint. When a vacuum can't pick up even lint, imagine how filthy the carpets are. Plus, there's NO NASTY SMELL from the vacuum--do you actually think that a bag of dirt sitting for weeks doesn't stink? Think again. Now I look for the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval on all purchases!...more info
  • So far, so good
    Haven't had any problem w/ this product so far. It's multifunctions are a plus as I can vaccum my couch and in between crevices. Overall good product for the price....more info
  • major design flaw
    This vacuum has a major design flaw in that the exhaust vent is in the front, which blows all the dirt or hair away from the vacuum! This is a huge problem with hard floors. I get my cardio excersize in while vacuuming, trying to outrun the dust bunnies, only to be stopped dead by the too short cord!
    I must say the suction is great & it's wonderful on rugs or carpet, but useless on hard floors....more info
  • Lots of Bang for Your Buck $$$
    Got this vacuum in Jan. of 2004 and have been using it VERY actively since then, as we have 2 dogs and a cat. It just gave out yesterday, and prior to that, it worked perfectly every single time I used it. I replaced it via online order with Amazon today with the same vacuum. I also have a Fantom that we paid just under 3x the price a few years ago, and though the Fantom is a great vacuum, it's so heavy it became unusable for me. I have RA and fibromyalgia so the weight and ease of use of the vacuum determines if I can vacuum at all. For the price, this vacuum really does the job. ...more info
  • Very good vacuum
    Great vacuum for good price. Lightweight, powerful sucking power for small vacuum. Easy to empty, no bags. Not alot of attachments which I found nice because I usually only use one anyway. The base is not that wide so it takes more repetitions across the width of a room floor, but again the sucking power on this vacuum is better than almost all I've seen. ...more info
    INDRU MALKANI...more info
  • MAJOR problems
    This vacuum has 2 MAJOR problems:
    1. The cord is far too short! I can't even vacuum my average sized bedroom without switching to another wall plug. I could probably live with this, given the great suction, BUT,

    2. This thing blows dust bunnies in the air before you can get to them! We have a corner of our bedroom where dust bunnies like to live, and they were flying in the air as I tried to suck them up! Now I have to get out my dusting supplies and clean all the junk that landed on my dresser.

    I pictured myself like a warrior, holding the vacuum over my head, sucking dust and cat hair out of the air, and quickly returned this monster for a refund. I guess it would be fine for carpets, but beware if you have hardwoods or tile - you'll be online for either an air cleaner or allergy meds. ...more info
  • Vacuum cleaner without wheels = USELESS

    This vacuum cleaner has plastic wheels held in place with JUST 2 molded plastic tabs. So even if 1 tab breaks, the wheels can no longer stay in place. On mine, 1 came off in 3 months, other in 2 more months of regular usage. So 5 months later, I have a light weight, bagless, powerful vacuum cleaner with NO WHEELS. $60 down the drain.

    I have no idea why they couldn't add more tabs, say 4, or a design a stronger mechanism for the wheels, given that the wheels experience all the rolling, twisting and dragging while in use. Seems like something designed by the finance department rather than the engineering department....more info
  • Mean Green Machine - 2 Year Update
    We have the 431AXZ with the DCF-10 filter. Our son has one also in his apt. A lot of the reviews complain about the filter. The manual says it's a washable filter - just take it outside and hose it off, let it dry, and re-install. If you don't read the manual, you'll end up banging the filter and trying to pick all the lint out.

    We've had it almost 2 years now doing carpet in a 2100 sf home. No problems, always works well. Filters last over 6 months before needing replacement, and you can find the original DCF-10 in stock at Lowe's for $10. Walmart carries a wannabe paper filter replacement that can't be washed clean. Use the DCF-10! I'm not a filter salesman, I'm just here to tell you this machine works well, and if you follow the instructions, the filter isn't an issue....more info
  • bad quality, or I'd be giving this 4 or 5 stars
    The first one of these I bought stopped working the second time I used it. I had liked it so much when it was working that I exchanged the broken one for a new one. That one lasted a few weeks, at least, but soon died the same as the first.

    Maybe I got two lemons in a row, but I'm not taking another chance on this product.
    ...more info
  • Excellent seller!!
    I recieved the product within 3 days from the day i ordered. Excellent seller !!!!...more info
  • Ok for value but 1 yr lifespan only
    We have just hit 10 months with our Optima and it is showing the signs of quitting. I agree with what everyone else has said about needing to dust it off and needing to change it with almost every use. The canister emptying is easy but messy. I had to go out on the porch each time.

    Our Vac has just started spitting stuff back. We are trying to vaccuum some spilled dry laundry detergent and somehow the detergent could not make it into the canister. So now when we use it we get detergent pellets deposited from time to time on the carpet. Not fun.

    I am shopping for a new one. Over all I would not have bought this vacuum. I would have gone for a little more durability....more info
  • Dont Waste Your Money
    I bought this vacuum last year and it has been nothing but a pain in the rear since. First, it gets clogged quickly and overheats before you even know whats happening, and then even after you unclog it, it wont turn back on for at least 45 minutes.

    Second, the filters cost 10 dollars and need to be replaced very frequently-and you cant even purchase them at WalMart, so you end up paying shipping for them too.

    Third, the handle has come off. I'm not abusive with my vacuum, but all of the sudden one day the top part of the handle just popped off in the middle of vacuuming! This has happened every time I tried to vacuum with it.

    And fourth, the cord is super short. This meant that even in my small house I had to unplug the vacuum and move it from room to room to use instead of just plugging it in the hallway until I was done with the house as I can do with other vacuums.

    After reading the reviews of other vacuums and asking friends what they have, I went out and bought a Bissell Power Force. Its only a few dollars more and it has washable filters. My advice is to spend the 10-20 extra dollars and get a vacuum that is actually worth something.
    ...more info
  • great for me!
    So far so good. I have wood floors, with a couple large rugs and this little cutie cleans everything up nice. I love the attachments - not too many but just enough to do my stairs and window sills. It's super light and doesn't take up much room. Great for me!...more info
  • There are better choices out there
    The Eureka Optima is a lightweight vacuum that functions reasonably well. It does have SIGNIFICANT drawbacks. These drawbacks convinced me to buy a new vacuum after having this unit for over a year, although I still keep this one for certain chores given that it's lightweight and because it's reasonably effective on low pile carpet.

    The unit was usable out of the box. Apart from attaching some tools it was ready to go. Controls are accessible and easy to use and the unit is lightweight and easy to push.

    The unit had reasonable performance on low pile carpet. The major test case for the unit is angora rabbit hair. In shedding seasons, the rabbit sheds fine, downy hair that is not easily removable. The unit did a reasonable job of removing the rabbit hair. The Optima did have problems vacuuming small, flat pieces of paper but generally did a good job. No major issues with small area rugs. On higher pile carpet, the lack of any carpet height adjustment did cause problems and the unit was almost unusable.

    The narrow head is both a blessing and a curse. It allows you to get into small corners but also means that you don't cover much breadth when you vacuum. There is little if any side suction, so that you don't quite completely vacuum on the sides when you are close to a wall. In order to get these areas you need to use the hose. Given its light weight it's easy to use on stairs. The unit leans back generously and maintains good clearance for getting under beds and other furniture.

    The unit is virtually useless on hardwood floors without switching to the hose. The front exhaust vent blows dirt away before you can vacuum it. Sadly, to vacuum on hard floors you need to use the hose and keep the base unit facing away from any dust.

    It's easy to switch between the upright unit and the hose. However the hose is short in length and there is only a minimal extension with the added hard tubing. The suction is quite good, however the reach is poor. When you vacuum the floor, you have to bend over and to vacuum up high you need to raise the vacuum with one hand. The tools are standard and work reasonably well. As with every Eureka I have owned, the tools do not secure so well in the unit and are usually loose. The hose also flops off its holder on occasion (when you use the unit as an upright) which is only a minor frustration.

    1) THE FILTER: The DCF-10 filter is both expensive and clogs easily. This is really a poor design. The filter is aptly named for as it clogs, the unit gets louder and louder like a DC-10 jet taking off at the airport. These filters are $21 dollars apiece at my local brick and mortar stores and are not easy to find (even in stores that sell the vacuum). On line, I was able to buy a set of 3 for a low of $9.99 per filter + shipping. Unless you want to spend a lot of money, you will be cleaning these things out frequently (pretty much after one to three uses).

    With the filter clogged, the suction goes to pot and the noise level gets intolerable, so there's really no choice. Mine may clog more often than most, given heavy use of the vacuum (I have small children) and rabbit hair... If you're like me you will be cleaning the filter often--I use a child's medium bristle toothbrush. On a suggestion from a reader of this review, I was able to drastically decrease the headache of cleaning the filter by hosing it off with water and letting it dry. Cleaning the filter off with the help of water is less time consuming than cleaning it in a dry fashion and it dries completely overnight. I now have two filters, so there's no waiting. On the positive side, the filter is rather robust, and tolerates multiple cleanings without breaking. The filter factor alone, however, is enough to make me swear that I'll never buy a bagless vacuum again. However, this is a matter of personal preference--some people would rather clean filters than worry about having to constantly have a supply of vacuum bags. Although the filter is costly and bags are individually cheap, given the robust nature of the DCF-10, there is probably a cost savings in washing the filters over the life of the vacuum.

    2) THE CANISTER: The size of the canister is a bit deceptive. It may be as large as a full sized vacuum, but it needs to be emptied when it reaches the ½ full point to avoid loss of suction. It does easily detach from the machine. In a fit of poor design, the filter is located just under the top to the unit that you must twist off. You then remove the filter in order to pour out the contents of the canister. Care must be taken when removing the filter, which should also be removed over a garbage can. Dust that doesn't lodge inside the filter vents adheres to it loosely and this must be shaken off before emptying the canister. Twisting off the top of the canister can be a bit of a challenge but it's not too difficult once you get the hang of it. Emptying the canister is not difficult, but there's really no way to avoid at least a small dust cloud. Folks with allergies should steer clear of bagless vacuums...

    The combination of major issues 1 and 2 convinced me to NEVER buy a bagless vacuum again. Bags are far less expensive than filters. Bags are also easy to dispose of and don't kick up dust when doing so. Although I need a constant supply of backup bags, I'm now more than happy to have them.

    3) NOISE: This is quite a noisy unit at baseline but is REALLY noisy when the filter clogs. You may not want to use this after hours in an apartment complex...

    It works but it's not the best choice. I finally opted to buy the ~$140 Eureka 4870GZ Boss Smart-Vac Upright Vacuum, also sold by Amazon. In comparison the 4870GZ has far lower noise, excellent cleaning power on both carpet (all types) and hard floors, uses bags, and given better suction and a better brush roll makes the carpets look almost new after usage. (It too has its liabilities, but so far functions much better than the Optima.)

    On the positive side, the Optima still works as well as it did the day I bought it and shows no signs of wear. Given its light weight I will keep it for use on stairs and small jobs (the 4870GZ is heavy as an elephant in comparison) but I can't really recommend the Optima given all the problems as noted above. I would read the negative reviews on Amazon, take them to heart, and reconsider purchasing this one... There are better models out there.

    Good suction
    Handle extends
    Tilts back far to get under furniture

    Filter clogs quickly, needs to be cleaned frequently and is costly (Major issue)
    Canister requires frequent emptying (Major issue)
    Very noisy (Major issue)
    Small hose
    Tools/hose do not secure tightly in unit
    Low capacity
    Minimal side suction
    No carpet height adjuster
    Exhaust on front kicks up dust
    ...more info
  • Love this small vacuum cleaner
    I needed something that was versatile, good for bare floors and carpet as well, for my small apartment. It had to be lightweight and easy to use. The Eureka Optima Lightweight saved the day. It's also very cute. I'm used to a larger filter, on a larger vacuum, so I've had to get used to cleaning the filter more frequently, after each use, but it hasn't been a problem. I don't think this would work for a large space but for a small apartment its just perfect. I read all the reviews before purchasing and I have not had any of the problems noted by others. ...more info
  • Good product BUT...
    The Eureka is overall a good product for the price, but the vacuum does not glide as smoothly as I would like, it's a tad bit heavy and it is a pain in the butt to change the nasty, dusty filters.
    Still a nice vacuum with good suction- I sucked up more dirt than I imagined existed in my home!...more info
  • Good Suction, Lightweight, but Wheels will fall off permanently!!
    Bought it because it was the lightest among the uprights. It has excellent suction for the money ($70 retail). However, it does clog quickly at the filter. Emptying the filter is not a simple open and pour out into your trash can. You have to use your hands to remove the dust buildup off of the filter. Kind of like when you remove the lint from the dryer, except much messier.

    If you can learn to live with that, which I did, it all doesn't matter, once the PLASTIC wheels permanently fall off. Over time (about 9 months), the wheels start to get loose and then eventually fall off permanently, without the recourse of replacing them.

    Any suggestions are welcome...I am now looking for another vacuum cleaner....more info
  • Eureka Optima Lightweight Upright Vacuum
    I bought this vacuum after comparing a few different brands and what people had to say about them. I ended up choosing this one because it's small, but still pretty powerful. This vacuum has the excellent ability to suck up anything...especially cat hair (I have two kittens one long-hair and one short hair). I also like the bagless feature, it makes it really easy to see what this vacuum sucks up. There are a few downsides though...the cord is a little on the short side. I live in a one bedroom apartment so it's not really a problem for me, but if you're looking to buy this for a bigger house you might want to consider something else or get an extension cord to go along with this vacuum. Another thing that I dislike about this vacuum is that it's pretty loud for a small vacuum. This thing can really make a lot of noise! Despite the short cord and the amount of noise it makes I'm still very pleased with this vacuum cleaner. I think the ability to pick up pet hair and anything else that might get in its way outweighs the shortcomings of this vacuum....more info
  • In love with it...almost!
    This vacuum is a great starter vacuum. I moved out of my parents house and bought this little thing and it works GREAT! Love the suction and the fact that it is light weight. The only downfalls it has is the vent at the front which blows stuff away on hard flooring and the cleaning of the filter. But, with my apartment space not being like a full sized house, the filter only needs to be cleaned every once in a while, and i usually take something (like a knife or other long tool) and just scrape all the junk out, that way it doesn't get all over the place. So if you dont have a full sized house, and are looking for something reliable, strong, and convenient, this vacuum is definately for you!...more info
  • but vacuum cleaners are SUPPOSED to suck!
    I was wooed by the hype: It's cute. It's small. It's sparkly green. To be honest, I'm not much of a housekeeper, but this seemed like a vacuum I'd enjoy using. It appealed to my iPod-toting aesthetic and generally got good reviews on consumer sites. Plus, it was inexpensive. What more could I ask for?

    Thing is, vacuum cleaners really only have one purpose: sucking. And while I looked really good pushing this one, and felt a certain futuristic sense of modernity toting the lightweight frame around, it simply stopped working after a few weeks of occasional use. Something deep within it is clogged, and no amount of canister emptying, filter scrubbing or tube plunging will help. It needs some ind of vacuum angioplasty that will likely cost more than the machine is worth, so I've learned my lesson. Don't be wooed by packaging, because a vacuum that doesn't suck is a large paperweight that only serves to collect dust in a manner other than that for which it was intended....more info
  • good little vacuum
    I would give 4½ stars if i could.
    It works fine, sucks like crazy!
    I must empty the dirt cup after each use and
    bang out the filter. There is no need to go crazy
    cleaning the filter. It will be messy two secs after you
    turn it on again.
    The attachments work well. the only gripe i have is the attachments
    attach to the unit so low its very difficult to use them for
    anything at eye level or above. Ive tried putting the unit
    on a chair to raise it but this scares me as an accident waiting to happen but otherwise a fine purchase. And ive had it several months and it still works well....more info
  • Cleans OK, but VERY LOUD and tricky filter
    This vacuum cleans reasonably well, but I have a few significant gripes which will prevent me from buying a similar model when making my next vacuum purchase, which seems to about every 2 years. I've finally decided that we may go with an "heirloom" vacuum next time, such as an Oreck, since the lifetime of any sub $100 vacuum is just ridiculous.

    My complaints:
    1. This thing screams like a banshee! It is indeed light, and reasonably powerful, but it literally hurts my ears to use it in small rooms. It does not roar, it emits a relatively high pitched scream. I have had big, small, and medium size vacuums, and this thing easily is louder than all of them. I haev a 2 1/2 horsepower Shop Vac which is much quieter than this vacuum.
    2. Wheels barely extend below the bottom of the vacuum, so it requires a bit of effort to roll over anything but very short carpet. Wheeling from room to room, say over hardwood while tipping the vacuum back, also cannot really be done.
    3. The filter is hard to clean, as it has a flange that extends down over maybe 1/3 of one side. I often have to stick my finger in the space between the filter and the flange to get a significant amount of gunk out. Gross. Tell me how this is better than a bag?...more info
    This vacuum is bagless. The filter gets clogged so that you have to remove the canister constantly, which is messy and gets dirt all over the place. The worst is having to clean the filter, which you have to do by hand and remove all the grime and dirt. It is inexpensive, but in the end I still have to throw it away and purchase a serious one....more info
  • It is What It Is
    It's a cheap "disposable" vacuum cleaner - which depending on your needs & your buying values is either a good thing or a bad thing.

    Here are some things to keep in mind.

    Very light - nice for seniors or people who have to lug it up stairs or some distance.

    Small footprint - (its width) is slightly smaller so you can get between furniture without having to move some stuff.

    Solid suction power for its size (it's 12 amps - about the same as most "regular" sized vacuums).

    Front collection cup easy to see when it gets full, no need for vaccum bags.

    Switch that changes suction from regular vacuum or suction power to the hose attachment - nice as some vacuums simply just "split" the suction between the two settings.

    Handle height adjustable for shorter users ... I'm about 6 feet so at its highest setting, it's acceptable for me (could be a tick higher but not a major flaw) but if you're smaller, it's nice you can adjust it.

    Easy to use. Switch on, vacuum, switch power to hose with marked switch - press button that says UNLOCK to unlock cannister.


    Vent in front so it's blowing dust before you get to it?

    Small footprint doesn't cover as much ground. Instead of 12-14" wide, it's more like 10" so you do have a couple extra strokes to do.

    After 10 minutes (on my carpets at least), it starts to lose power so you have to empty the cannister (it is nice that it's clear so you can when you need to do it though you'll probably notice that it's not picking up as much).

    Short cord - not retractable.

    The cannister emptying portion might be the deal-breaker for most people. If you do not live where your exterior garbage can is an easy walk (like me in the suburbs just outside my garage), it takes some effort to get the cannister clean and if you're indoors, you're pretty much just putting all the dust back in your house or as noted, after 10 minutes you have to empty it so if it's a condo-like communal walk to your garage area - probably not worth the effort. The cannister itself opens easily and empties easily but the filter portion at top does not. You have to spend some time banging on it to give up dust & carpet - and then that's just the main stuff - you really need blasts of compressed air to get it clean. Maybe it's just me with extra dirty carpets or the filter does not need to be that clean everytime but I'm presuming it does - so if you don't really want to spend any time banging on the side of the garbage can and ducking the cloud and plumes of dust - this vacuum is NOT FOR YOU.

    The on/off switch also has three settings - OFF, Power I, Power II ... power 1 is pretty much a pointless setting as it's minimal suction (for bare floors?) so make sure you have it set on power setting 2 - otherwise all you are doing is making track marks on your carpet.

    If your carpet is thick - this vacuum is also not for you. Better on short carpets.

    So, really - it is what it is. It's a serviceable vacuum that is low cost, lightweight, has decent power for its size, and it's not unattractive looking and really, it comes down to ONE major decision you have to make - if you don't mind the time you will expend on cleaning the cannister & filter at least once and maybe twice a vacuum, this is a solid choice.

    ...more info
  • great vacuum!
    The vacuum is great. It was easy to put together and for the price, it was a great value. The only think I didn't like was the amount of noise it makes when it's on. I live in a small apt. so you can hear it so much more. But other then that, it cleans good and is compact....more info
  • You get what you pay for!!
    This is a cute Vacuum, and that's about it. The filter clogs, and they are next to impossible to find. The Canister is a pain to empty. The biggest problem I found was there was no height adjustment. If you have thick carpet, you just need to forget about this vacuum. What A nightmare to push and pull this stupid thing. Mine has gone to Goodwill. ...more info
  • Canister and Filter are Messy to Empty!
    Do not buy this vacuum if you have a pet. Cleaning out the canister is a very MESSY job and the dirt and pet hair stick all over the filter. Replacement filters are difficult to find and must be ordered on-line. I've put up with this vacuum for a year and I'm now buying a new BAGGED vacuum. I've put up with it this long because it is very lightweight, it has a nice retractable handle, and you can set it to "suction only" and use it on bare floors. But cleaning out the dirt and pet hair is messy, messy, messy....more info
  • Efficient, powerful, and fun!
    I have been researching vacuum cleaners for months now. My criteria: light weight (I have stairs in my house), bagless, hose attachments, under $100. My gut instinct was to go with this one, but after reading a few less-than-glowing reviews, I felt hesitant. After all my searching, I came back to this one.

    I used it tonight and the whole time that I was vacuuming I kept thinking that I needed to get on here and write a review because this thing is fabulous! The amount of dirt it sucked out of my carpet is embarrassing (yet thrilling!). We have carpet and hardwood and it easily sucked up everything in its path, both visible and invisible. We used to have cats and I thought we had seen the last of the cat hair. But when I dumped the cup out in the trash, I saw a few wads of cat hair that I had no idea were lying around.

    Time will only tell if its durability stands up or not. I know other reviewers have had problems with durability. But for now I am extremely happy with this purchase. It fits all of my criteria AND its so fun to use! A great color and its small size means that it fits easily into my coat closet. I highly recommend it!!...more info
  • Cute product
    Works great. A bit loud but does the job and is visually appealing. I use it every week. ...more info
  • Bagless-convenience but inconvenient because of the dust cup filter
    Pros: Inexpensive & you don't have to buy bags

    Cons: You do have to replace the dust cup filter, which is more inconvenient then replacing a vacuum cleaning bag. The dirt tends to stick to the filter so cleaning out the canister and removing the dirt from the filter is time-consuming and creates so much dust around that you would need a dust mask.

    In short, I wouldn't buy a bagless vacuum cleaner again....more info
  • great buy
    I gave this as a gift and my aunt raves about how easy it is to use and how helpful it is for her housework...more info
  • Powerful, would buy it again.
    I've owned this vacuum about 6 months.
    If I had read the reviews about the filter needing to be cleaned frequently, I probably wouldn't have bought it.
    After using it, I would buy it again. It is very powerful. For the price--it is worth it.

    I use it on carpet, thin and thick area rugs, sealed hardwood floors as well as a laminate floor.

    It has a switch that allows you to turn off the brushes, which is what I do as I transition from carpet to hard floor. It hasn't scratched the hardwood or laminate floors.

    It has a hose (with two attachments- a brush and a corner attachment)
    When you need to do stairs or a small area, you just pull out the hose and flip a switch, and it switches the suction over to the hose. It is very powerful.

    pros: so powerful it pulls hair, lint, dust bunnies into it about a foot away from the vacuum! Lightweight, small, which makes it easy to get around furniture and into smaller areas, around chairs. You can actually lay it flat on the ground and go under chairs, furniture. Works great on hard floors as well as carpets. Gets pet hair off of my area rugs.

    Con: the filter, accumulates a lot of lightweight hair & dust. Each time I empty the canister, I have to scrape away this flotsom from the filter. Sometimes I go outdoors and just bang the filter unit on the inside of the trash can, and all of it usually comes loose.
    I also wish the cord was longer, but then I'd have to put more cord away!

    ...more info
  • Not all that ..........
    This is not your everyday vacuum . If you are going to use it once a month then maybe its for you . I had the motor go out about the third hour that I used it . I have a cleaning business and liked the light weight , but it just did not cut it ....more info
  • It's Great So Far!
    I just got this last week and I'm really enjoying it so far. It cleans the carpets and manuvers well. I was a little worried when I tried to use the hose for the steps and there was no suction but with this vacuum, there is a mechanicsm to change from floor to hose. Once I found it and turned it to the correct setting I was good to go. It stores well and it is lightweight which is great for doing stairs. The cleaning path is not as wide as my old one nor the hose as long but I do like it but in is a lot better in a lot of other ways. Maybe not a good choice for someone with a large house but great for me! It was a great deal for $55 delivered right to my door.

    ...more info
  • Best Product for the money
    I bought this vacumn based on many good reviews. It has lived up to it's claim. It's lighweight, picks up all the cat and dog hair on my rug
    very quickly. I know longer dred haveing to vacumn anymore. The canister is no more cumbersome than traditional vacumns with bags. Once you throw
    out the dirt in the canister and clean it out a bit your off to the races
    again. This vacumn is a great product for the money. I would recommend it to anyone on a budget....more info
  • Great vacuum for the money
    I buy at least 1 vacuum a year! They never seem to last very long before they burn up or stop sucking dirt. Up bagless are the worst, but I thought I'd try this one since it was only 39.99. Surprise, this thing is great! lots of suction ,lightweight and easy to empty, the true test will be time though and its only been about a month, so far so good. I vacuum several times a week so it gets a good workout!...more info
  • Eureka 431BXZ Optima LW Upright vacuum
    Nice, light weight and not huge. Works efficiently....more info
  • fine for the money
    pretty loud, the filter needs cleaning every time, but it does pick-up dirt well, it's light, it has a stair handle, and it seems quite durable for the money. Much better in than others in this price range....more info
  • Good, but the filter is a pain
    This is a really good compact vacuum. It doesn't take up much room, and the bagless canister allows for emptying every time you vacuum. My one gripe is that the filter is a PAIN to clean. The round handle makes carrying it up the stairs easy. Great for the price. ...more info
  • good product
    good product for the money, got this item in 3 days, the only thing thats bad about this vacuum is that the wheels are too small, its kinda heavy to push around in thick carpet. ...more info
  • Great Little Vac - A few key drawbacks
    I've had the vacuum for a bit over a year.

    Pros: This vacuum has awesome suction power. It is very lightweight and very easy to transport from room to room. It's performance is excellent for the money paid.

    Cons: The lint filter is absolutely a nightmare to clean. The lint gets lodged in the pleated filter and must be pried out with a screwdriver or other device. It's not hard to do, but it's very, very messy and time-consuming and defeats the purpose of having a bagless. This is my signficant complaint with this vacuum and would cause me not to purchase it again. Two other smaller complaints I have: First, the twist-cap to access the lint filter does not fit the vacuum smoothly and is a bit of pain. Second, because the vacuum has no back wheel(s), it can be a bit difficult to push on higher carpet. Sort of defeats the purpose of having a light weight vacuum for this type of carpet.

    All in all - if Eureka would address the filter issue, this vacuum would be a winner....more info
  • Despite the few drawbacks, I do love this little guy (gal?)...
    The only reason I didn't rate this little baby 5 stars, is because of the way the filter grabs hold of the lint and lighter fluffy stuff, which actually requires emptying more often than most bagless canisters. I much prefer vacuum bags, as then I don't have to touch the dirt at all and would have given this cleaner a 10 star rating if it had bags instead of the bagless canister. I place the filter into a very large green garbage back and bang it against a hard surface but still have to actually brush stuff out of the filter, so yes....if you have allergies this vacuum may not work for you. As far as the short hose and the exhaust blowing out the front...not a real problem for me, as I don't use the vacuum for anything but floors, and the vacuum does a great job on carpet, wood and tile and eventually does catch all the "runaway" dust bunnies! The best part of this cleaner is why I'm buying a second one - I have severe fibromyalgia, and this vacuum is not only the lightest weight I've ever seen or used, it also does a bang-up job of getting into tight spaces and in and around furniture. I live in a two story town house and have 2 vacuum cleaners now, this one, and a Dirt Devil, but I am buying a second one of these to replace the Dirt Devil, which does use bags and isn't a bad sweeper, but not nearly as good as this one. ...more info
  • It's little, it's light and it works.
    I only gave it 4 stars because it is necessary to clean the filter after each use. The vacuum came with a spare filter so I finish the cleaning by rinsing the filter I used. ...more info
  • Eureka vacuum cleaner
    The vacuum works very well especially for the money it costs. Lightweight and easy to use attachments....more info
  • Great Suction ... with some Problems!
    I bought it today and put it together in 5 minutes. It has fantastic suction with pretty high noise to go with it. It cleaned my oriental carpets and hardwood floors beautifully. When I got to a piece of new carpet with lots of lint, the light came on indicating a jam ... and when I emptied the dust cup, I noticed the filter was totally jammed with lint, and it's not a quick or easy task to clean it. I finally settled on a letter opener for prying the lint out of the filter grooves. I had to clean the filter three more times, but completed all the floors and they looked great.

    I had most of the same problems as everyone else: the hose kept popping loose from its storage position, the powerful front exhaust blew dust and lint away before the vacuum could get to it, and the hose is short and there's no extension. Mine hasn't stopped from over-heating yet, but I won't be surprised if it does.

    After one day of use, I plan to keep it and its problems....more info
  • Bad Floor Suction - Nice Color Though
    This vacuum has a lot of suction from its hose attachment but almost none through the floor suction. I believe I must have gotten a defective model, but got no help on my first call to Eureka's customer service.

    My dilemma is whether to live for a while with a product that's barely working or to struggle through the cost/time/effort to get it repaired-especially when considering the low purchase price. (Ah, our throw-away society!)

    Even if it was working well, the fact that the exhaust blows out the front, chasing the dirt away from you, makes this unit's design questionable.

    I do love that great spring green color!...more info
  • This is a great light weight Vacuum
    I love this guy! He works and works and works. It's light weight so it's perfect for a senior or a small home. I had it in my vacation rental on Maui and it is so good that the maids stole it! I replaced it immediately when I replaced the cleaning service.
    ...more info
  • lightweight, powerful vacuum.
    For the price, this is a great little vacuum. The handle adjusts up and down, and when you put it down to it's shortest position, you can do the stairs very quickly, going side to side. This vacuum is very powerful, and when using the attachments this is especially apparent. Great for cleaning cars with hose attachment. Works on hard surface floors, when you turn off the spinning brushes. We have cats and dogs, and lots of hair, hard wood and tile floors and I have found that instead of sweeping everywhere, I an just vacuum now, quickly, and use the attachment easily to get into corners into small places. Works great on carpets too.
    My only complaint- the dust accumulates towards the top of the canister, so it has to be emptied more often than it should if the dust/lint/hair would just drop into the canister. It all sort of "cakes" around the top. I would still buy it again. Very easy to empty canister, just push a button, it pops out, and then just dump it out. ...more info
  • Does a very nice job
    Having been a Hoover-ite my whole life, I recently bought a Eureka 431BXZ when my old Hoover began to suck (or not suck, really). I researched many different types of vacuums (to bag or not to bag, upright or not, etc.) and decided on this model after reading a number of reviews on the product that were positive, if not glowing. For its price, it does a remarkable job. I have four constantly shedding pets and some bright green carpet that shows everything and this number easily took care of it all. I do have to empty out the canister a couple of times if I'm vacuuming the whole house, but see my pet conundrum above. It's very lightweight, easy to maneuver and was assembled in under five minutes (and that was without instructions, so imagine how easy it is if you read them). Aesthetically speaking, it's fun. After all, it's green and glittery.

    Overall, I think this Eureka does a fantastic job and I ask a lot of it....more info
  • Great deal overall
    I like this particular vacuum. I use it at work, where the small footprint and ability to "shrink" the handle down are particularly useful. It's a great value for the money, but you should be aware that:
    1.The filter clogs up fairly quickly, diminishing overall effectiveness.
    2.If you use the hose (at least on mine) ofr an extended period, you wind up overheating the unit, and it takes a while for it to reset....more info
  • Eureka 431AXZ Optima Lightweight Upright Vacuum
    TOP-of-the-Line vacuum, small, lightweight and easy to
    handle, with all the power of a much more expensive model....more info
  • AWESOME!!!
    This vacuum is the best one I have ever owned (20 years of cleaning experience!) I researched to find a good vacuum with good suction for the dust and dog hair that is everywhere in my home. I finally decided on this one although I was leary of the size and cheap price. Well!!! I have only had it for 3 days and I have vacuumed every day, I really like it! Before my house was lucky if I vacuumed once every two weeks. It works great, easy to use and very small, but works so much better than my other full size uprights (which are now to the curb waiting for the garbage man) I am buying another one for my downstairs! I highly reccommend this!...more info
  • Light & Powerful, but has some drawbacks,
    I have 437axz version of this (got it from Costco) which adds hepa filter & motorized brushroll. I needed a light & powerful vacuum because I was tired of lugging around our very heavy hover windtunnel up & down our 3 story house.

    This does the job but here are the drawbacks:

    1. Cord is a bit short at 20 ft, I wish it was 25 or 30 ft.
    2. The exhaust is in the front & center, which on hard floors blows dust out of the way as you vacuum (works fine on carpet), it would have been nice to exhaust to the side.
    3. This vacuum is not designed for very plush carpet, it's hard to move on a plush rug I have, but works fine on regular carpet & berber.

    The best part about this vacuum is it's very light and I don't get tired of pushing it back & forth like used to with my heavy Hoover, also I like that the handle is height adjustable and it large loop handle is easy to grip and very egronomic. The motorized brushroll of the 437axz is great for stairs & the hepa is a nice added touch as well. Also the price is good, I think it was $68.99 at costco for the 437axz. I think the next step up for a light vacuum would be the $300-$400 oreck xl....more info
    Lots of power for such a little vacuum. I picks up dirt and more dirt. I never knew how much dirt was in carpet until I got this Mean Green Vacuum. THe color is great too....more info
  • Great vacuum for apartments
    This vacuum is easy to assemble, easy to maneuver and powerful enough to pick up most the dust and debris off hardwood floor and carpet. The dust cup may be a little small for a multi-storey home, but it is reasonable for an apartment....more info
  • Three cheers for the lean, green, cleaning machine!!!
    WOW! I got my vacuum last weekend, and I love it! I was really afraid that the only good thing about this vacuum was going to be the price, but the power of the Eureka Optima is amazing! AMAZIIIIINNNNNGGGG! I was able to put it together in about five minutes with no tools and was happy to find an extra filter came in the box. The Optima is so light and cute, and the looped handle is very comfortable for pushing and pulling. The attachments are so easy to use and the suction power is not lost when using them. The best thing about this vacuum is the on/off switch, it's right at the top and makes it very easy to go from carpet to bare floor.

    I was so surprised by this machine... I actually saw the color of my carpet change while I was vacuuming (I know, it sounds gross, but it wasn't like changing from brown to white...more like beige to bright cream). I had no idea all that dirt was just sitting there under my bare feet, and my old vacuum didn't pick up any of it! I was able to do my whole apartment in one go (probably 90% carpeted and about 700 square feet), and I didn't have to empty the canister until I was finished. I have a cat, so I thought for sure I would have to empty the cup several times but no! I even did my furniture, and it looked almost brand new afterwards, and not a shed of cat hair was left on it.

    My carpet looks better and even smells better now, and I owe it all to my lean, green, cleaning machine! Thanks, Eureka!

    Buy it! You won't be disappointed!!!...more info