Conair 209R Ion Shine 1875 Watt Hair Dryer with Ceramic Technology and Cord Keeper

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  • Ceramic heat technology for even heat distribution and less frizziness
  • Cord retracts at the press of a button
  • Ion shine technology provides complete ionic coverage for shinier, healthier hair
  • Cool shot locks style in place
  • Removeable filter makes cleaning easy and convenient
Customer Reviews:
  • I"m pretty pleased
    This dryer has the features I wanted, and works like I hoped. It dries my long hair quickly, though I don't know for sure it would do the same for super-thick hair. Also, combined with the right technique and product, it leaves hair is smooth and shiny. Some people have complained about the weight; I haven't noticed it being heavy at all, and I consider myself puny.

    I like the retractable cord, although I learned the hard way to hold the plug while retracting. It does have two speeds (besides off) and three heat settings, along with a cool shot button. It also uses ceramic technology, though not tourmaline, for those who are up on those kinds of things.

    All that said, my point of comparison was a 15-year-old dryer that was probably cheap to begin with. If you're looking for something nice, I'm sure there are better dryers out there, including better Conair models. But this does exactly what I need. I found this on sale for around $15 and I feel like I got a great deal for that money....more info
  • Gotta Love Retractable Cords
    This dryer has great power and a variety of settings. The retractable cord is a GREAT feature and keep the cords protected so that it doesn't get tangled, split, or caught up with other appliance cords!

    I like this hair dryer...but my old one (see link below) had a very nice feature that you could not only retract the cord, but also fold the handle up which was perfect for storage and traveling.

    Conair 1875 Watt Ionic Cord Keeper Hair Dryer

    ...more info
  • Conair Ion Hair Dryer
    This item is just what I wanted. Enough power, ion, and the diffuser and concentrator attachments are great. The retractable cord is very convenient. I highly recommend this product. ...more info
  • Awesome Hair Dryer for a Good Price
    Quick drying heat, retracting cord so it doesn't make a messy room. Beautiful dark blue colors, easy switch to choose how hot you want it and how powerful. Good value for your money...more info
  • Hair Dryer - Conair 1875 watts
    I replaced an earlier version of this model, and I'm grateful that this version has a reset button on the built-in safety breaker. The previous model's breaker malfuntioned and if I didn't know an engineer, I would have had to replace it a month after it's purchase. I hope that this reset button prevents this from happening. So far, so good....more info
  • Love it!
    My mother gave me this as a gift and I was a bit hesitant on using it at first because I have extremely thick, long, and curly hair which is prone to frizzing. I tried it out and loved it! My hair felt quite gross while I was drying it (hard to explain), but afterward it looked amazing and was so soft! I would recommend this blow dryer to anyone, even those who have the curse of th curly hair. lol...more info
  • Hair Dryer
    The retractable cord has already stopped working...probably haven't used the dryer 10 times. It won't stay out!...more info
  • Quite heavy
    I bought this hair dryer last week; it does dry my hair much quicker and I like that it has 3 heat settings - including 'cool'. But I will be returning it as it is very heavy and the cord isn't long enough. ...more info
  • Cord Keeper Defective
    I would give this hair dryer 5 stars for the money, but the cord keeper is defective. It broke after 2 months. The cord will not stay pulled out anymore. That's kind of a big problem. Now it is useless....more info
  • Retractable cord broke after 2 months!
    The hairdryer works just fine. I've used a Conair product for years before it finally died and this is the replacement model I purchased mid December of 2007. Just as other users have noted, be very careful of the retractable cord as it does go WAY too fast and has a tendency to sock you in the face or hand as it flies in. But worse yet, the retractable cord broke after only 2 months of use. Now it is permanently retracted and I can't seem to unjam it. That means I can't pull the power cord out and therefore can't use the dryer. What a piece of junk! Of course the 2 year warranty asks you to mail this heavy sucker back and then pay $5 to cover shipping back to you. Meanwhile, the hairdryer is only $20... you do the math. Another fault is that the lettering on the dryer (high, low, hot, cool, etc) rubs off within days. Not a big deal, but another cheap factor. I'd still buy Conair, just not the retractable cord version....more info
  • good value
    I have been using this hairdryer daily since I received it. I have to say it works well on my long, thick hair. I am glad that I purchased this rather than something pricier with more bells and whistles. I really like that it has a retractable cord.
    Overall, a good item....more info
  • Very happy with dryer
    This is the first hair dryer I've bought in more than 30 yrs and it's great. Very happy with it. Don't go to work with wet hair anymore. Also, nice blue color....more info
  • MISLEADING warranty!!! Consider it a disposable purchase! Mine is in the trash!
    I bought this dryer for $20 and was pleased with the performance, especially the retractable cord feature. However, about a year after owning it, it shorted out near the bottom and was working inconsistently. I had my original receipt and it was warrantied for 2 years, so I contacted Conair. The customer rep said I had to pay the shipping to them, (insured,) and write a check to them for the shipping back to me. I could have gotten a new hairdryer for the cost of their so-called warranty. I went and purchased a Revlon hairdryer and will never buy from this company again. So, if you are thinking they will replace a faulty product for free, THINK AGAIN!...more info
  • Worked great until....
    I bought this hair dryer about a month ago. It worked great! Dried my hair quickly with no problems. Then one day, I plugged it in to use it and nothing happened. The hair dryer wouldn't work. I pressed the reset button and tried everything. Luckily I kept my old hair dryer (a Revlon) just in case! I would not buy this product again...I contacted Conair a week ago and they said I'd hear back in 3 business days...haven't heard anything yet. Very disappointed....more info
  • Cord Keeper Breaks!
    I researched all the hairdryers on amazon, and this one seemed like a great product at a great price. Unfortunately, one huge design flaw has prevented me from using it. The cord keeper function broke after about 3 months of use, so in order to use it I have to either

    1) Be within 12 inches of the socket, or
    2) I have to fold the cord up after pulling it out and hold on tight the entire time I'm drying.

    A very frustrating experience. Buyers...beware....more info
  • Conair 209R Ion Shine(s) for Under $20.00!
    You can't get much for $20 these days. However, an Andrew Jackson will get you the Conair 209R Ion Shine 1875 watt hair dryer from, and your even have some change left over! This dryer produces an impressive jet stream of air, with a selection of 3 heat settings. The technical specifications boast "Clouds of negatively-charged ions neutralize positive charges that are in the air and reduce the static electricity that causes fly-away frizzies and dulls hair." Well, I don't know what all of that means but I will admit that my hair is not frizzy after using this dryer. There is also a cold-shot button, which quickly removes heat from the air output, which is a great feature. The dryer has a little weight to it, but it is not bulky and seems to be balanced quite well. All hair dryers are fairly noisey but this Conair 209R Ion Shine is quieter than most of my previous dryers.

    One of my favorite features of this model, the built-in cord retractor, seems to be getting negative comments from other reviewers here on Amazon. Common sense tells me that I should hold onto the heavy power adapter with one hand while holding in the cord release buttong with the other. You easily control the retraction speed this way, which prevents the end from whipping around as most people are complaining about. It's really not a big deal and doesn't take much effort on the user's part.

    I do wish that this dryer had three air speed settings, since high is sometimes too harsh, and the low setting is usually too soft. Overall, for less than $20.00 this is a real bargain of a hair dryer and I couldn't be much happier with my purchase. Thanks for the great deal Amazon! =o)...more info
  • easy to use and store
    only problem (?) is it takes some pressure to release the button for the cord to recoil, but that is about it. i like it and it works great!
    ...more info
  • Cord retractor broke after 2 months
    The dryer works well, but the cord retractor no longer works after 2 months. I'm no longer able to lock the cord once it's pulled out, so this hair dryer isn't usable. I'm now buying a new one that doesn't have a cord keeper....more info
  • great hairdryer
    For the reasonable price this is a good buy for the quality. The ionic feature really does make a difference in defrizzing and creating less fluffy hair and making hair shiny....more info
  • Good for the money, but some flaws
    I bought this as a second hairdryer to leave at my second home, figuring that it was cheap and had a retractable cord to save space. I also own a Conair Infiniti 213L. For the price, the 209R is a decent buy. However, for $50 more, I highly prefer the Infiniti 213L. Otherwise, the 213X (the cheaper equivalent to the 213L) is only $16 more.

    Conair with Ion Shine and Ceramic Technology
    Retractable cord; as others noted, it retracts violently though - hold the plug while retracting
    Removable, washable filter

    It's noisy
    It's still surprisingly heavy compared to Conair's other $15 models.
    The "Cold Shot" is lukewarm
    No ion on/off button

    Comparison to the 213L:
    209R has a limited 2-year warranty, while the 213L has a 5-year warranty
    209R does not "calm" my hair down as much.
    209R takes a little longer to dry, seems less powerful (?)
    209R does have a smaller "cold shot" button, which is better than the 213L (too easy to press on the 213L)
    213L has an ion on/off button.
    213L's cold shot is actually cold.
    213L is about equivalent in weight, though, so for those complaining that the 209R is heavy, they're *all* heavy.
    213L is much, much quieter.
    213L has Swarovski crystals (silly, I know, but pretty).
    213L does NOT have a retracting cord, however.

    I'll keep this one, because $20 was my "price point." I don't want to spend $35 (or $68) on a "throwaway" hairdryer. But in a pinch, this one works OK. However, if I was thinking long-term (who buys hair dryers like candy anyway?), I'd go with the 213L.
    ...more info
  • Great hair dryer
    This is my 2nd Conair hair dryer with the Cord Keeper in the past 5 or so years and I have been very pleased with both of them. I had the smaller model with the fold up handle first which traveled with me AND was used almost daily at home until something went wrong with the plug. This one is heavier but I like the way you can adjust the heat and the speed settings, rather than just high/low/off. I LOVE the internal Cord Keeper - would hate to ever go back to one without that feature!...more info
  • excellent product
    excellent product. worth the money. haven't had any problems with it at all. only warning: watch out for that retractable cord.....more info
  • Ok hair dryer, but has several design flaws
    I've had this hair dryer for about 6 months now and I'm not all that impressed with it. It's performance is decent (dries hair quickly with less frizz), but it's design and construction leave something to be desired.

    1) It's really heavy so be prepared for your arm to get a work-out when using it.
    2) The placement of the cord retractor button is really bad. If you set the dryer down on it's side sometimes the retractor button will get bumped causing your dryer to slide across the counter.
    3) About 1 month ago the on/off button popped off. I was able to stick it back on, but it will occasionally still fall off during use.
    4) The cord retractor is somewhat dangerous and also will get stuck occasionally during cord retraction.
    5) The placement of the "cool shot" requires you to hold the dryer awkwardly to keep from accidentally pressing it.

    Maybe it's just a matter of preference in design, but this dryer has been very awkward and difficult for me to use. I just don't think that the performance is good enough to put up with all of the negatives. I will probably shell out a little more money the next time I purchase a hair dryer and get something better....more info
  • Good but not perfect
    The results the hairdryer produces are great. The retractable cord is not. Mine broke after the fist use. Now I can't get the cord to "lock" into place when I pull it out, and the retract button is temperamental - doesn't work when I need it to or goes off suddenly on its own. Also, be very careful when you use the retract button; the heavy plug at the end is dangerous. ...more info
  • not too crazy about it
    It's a pretty average product. My issues with it:
    - heavy weight
    - positioning of on/off switch is really awkward, you cant use your index finger
    - the diffuser and concentrator are too long, with them on the entire construction is just way too big

    If you're used to compact hair dryers keep looking, this is not it. Having said that it still does what it's supposed to do - dries hair, and it's on the less expensive side of the range....more info
  • great dryer
    best dryer I've had for years--easy to regulate temp and speed and cord retracts quickly...more info
  • Watch that cord!
    The dryer worked great. Heavier than I'm used to. I followed the directions when retracting the cord the first time:(to hold the plug end in one hand and push the retraction button with the other), but the button wouldn't press down easily, so I let go of the plug end to use 2 fingers to press the button (and cautiously turned my head away just in case). But the plug end whipped around and clobbered me in the face anyways, so watch that feature. ...more info
  • Good performance but careful retracting the cord
    I haven't bought a new hair dryer in 20 years. I blow dry so infrequently that my old windmere still works. But I figured it was time to get a better, safer dryer.

    I chose this dryer based on the price and reviews. Modern dryers are all much bigger and heavier than the old ones which is kind of annoying. If any part of this dryer overhangs the edge of the counter, the whole thing starts to slide off.

    The dryer itself works well, my hair is quite thick and I thought it worked very quickly to get my hair to an almost dry state. (I never blow all the way dry to keep the hair healthier.) I also like the cool air option. The cord is definitely long enough for use when you're at the bathroom counter. It's great to have it so neatly tuck away inside the dryer.

    My only caution is retracting the cord. It snaps back pretty fast which cause the plug end with it's safety block to whish around. It banged into the cabinets and almost knocked something off the counter as it flipped around. I would suggest holding the plug end as you retract the cord so you don't hurt someone....more info
  • Watch the retractable cord!!!
    I would have given this a better rating, because the dryer performs just fine. I especially like the variable speeds and heat settings.

    CAUTION: Be careful when pushing the cord retraction button as it will fly wildly about causing a risk of getting socked in the face with the oversized safey plug....more info
  • It works.
    It works. The cord feature is great. The price is right. What else is there to say....more info
  • Very good, but consumes a lot of power.
    Works well, and even the cool shot is very powerfull. This runs around 1800 watts and does not work in other voltages execpt for US. (Does not work for 50-210/240). Only works in 60-110V. The cord is long enough....more info
  • Excellent hairdryer
    My wife loves the hair dryer (and she is fussy about such appliances) and my little two year old loves the retracting cord! Good dryer at a good price....more info
  • Good for the money
    This replaced a still working 10 year old Conair that had a rear screen that collapsed into the drier. The new one is well worth the money, and the real proof is that my wife likes it for the ion feature. It's true that it doesn't seem to move the air as quickly as the old dryer, but it dries hair just as fast and is slightly quieter....more info
  • Not bad
    I very much like the way my hair comes out with this hairdryer. Less frizz and dries quickly. The only thing I don't like is the heaviness of the dryer. It is three times heavier than my last hair dryer and after a while my arm gets tired. If light weight is important to you, don't buy this one. Also, I thought the price was pretty good, but I have actually seen similar dryers cheaper at Costco. ...more info
  • Great buy
    I am so glad I got this blow dryer, it's just right, not too big or too heavy and the ionizer helps so it doesn't damage my hair like my old hair dryer. I really like that it has 3 temperatures and attachments, and the cord keeper is great. I also love the color. I am very satisfied with this product and will definitley buy another one. ...more info
  • A Professional Dryer
    Pro's: The color looks nice on it and it's very professional. There are 3 level intensity of wind for both hot and cool blow, which won't overdry my medium long hairs. It also comes with a diffuser and a concentrator( but I don't have the need to try them yet).

    Con's: the handle can't fold! I am so used to the folding handle of my mom's hair dryer. So I must always keep this in its big box (considerably big compared to other folding handle hair dryers).
    Overall, I love this hair dryer....more info