Conair S3CS 2" Profesional Ceramic Wet-Dry Straightener, Black and Red

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Product Description

Professional straightener with ceramic technology and 2" Omega curved plates to straighten or finish with a flip. This Omega curved flat itron provides exceptional ionic benifits. Ceramic technology ensures the ultimate in healthy, shiny hair. Two technolgies work together to protect against damage. Features 30 seconds instant heat, 30 heat settings, instant heat recovery, auto shut off, professional length cord.

  • Ceramic plates deliver even heat for silky, shiny hair
  • Omega curved plates allow 2-in-1 styling for straightening or finish with a flip
  • 30 seconds instant heat, 30 heat settings
  • Auto shut off
  • Professional swivel cord for easy use

Customer Reviews:

  • Conair hair straightner works okay, but probably could be better
    I had a conair before that I loved so I decided to buy this extra one. This hair straightener heats up really fast, but the wet dry feature is not as powerful as the previous one. Also the handle could be more ergonomic. It straightens hair just okay but I think my previous one still works better. The looks overall are better but function wise it could use some improvements....more info
  • Outperforms My $120 Solano
    I use this straightener several times a week, and it gets much hotter, and closer to the root, than my spendy Solano straightener (which I now only use on rare occasions). This is my second Conair (the first one just died after a couple of years), and I'll use it til it dies, too! Though I don't use the wet function ever (it's not hot enough for my hair), you still can't beat the performance for 25 bucks. If you've got thick, wavy hair like mine, you won't be sorry....more info
  • Amazing!
    I bought this straightener over a year ago. I fell in love with it. I have very thick hair, so the high heat is awesome and helps with time. With flat irons I have spent well over $100 on, used to take me over an hour to straighten my hair completely. With this, 15-20 minutes and I'm set.

    I had to buy a new one though because suddenly it just stopped working after a year. I used it every single day, and even some of my friends used it. It would be on for at least 4 hours a day, so it had a lot of usage. But I'd rather spend the $25 on this for a new one every year than $100 for a top end one, that I never used because I didn't feel like spending 1-2 hours for my hair to be straight.

    Oh, and the curved plates are awesome too. I hate really stick straight hair. Giving the ends a little flip under makes your hair look naturally straight....more info
  • Great hard-to-find straightener at the RIGHT PRICE!
    I had been using the Conair CS15TCS Professional Straight Styles Straightening Iron for a few years that I originally bought because it was inexpensive and worked fairly for seldom use on long hair.

    Because my hair is short and I style it more precisely now it is imperative that the ends of my hair do not flip out and hang very straight, so I thought I would try this after I borrowed my friend's.
    Well, it worked like a charm! Now I don't have to spend as much time blow drying and styling my hair with a round brush because this straightener really does most of the work. (Now I only have to use the round brush and dryer for volume.)


    * Heats quickly
    * Maintains temperature
    * Easy to handle and grasp
    * Long cord that swivels to reduce tangling
    * Can be used on wet to dry hair
    * Low cost; Excellent value!
    * Does what is says!


    * On the hotter settings (Levels 25-30), the plates are so hot that I am not able to grasp the unit nearer to the top for better control. But this is probably due to the design (the vents for use on wet hair release a lot of heat).

    Some things to keep in mind:

    This straightener was $25 and made in China, so I wouldn't expect it to have the quality or life expectancy of a $150 straightener. I wouldn't say it is "chintzy," though.
    For the price and the results, the value is excellent!

    Also, this unit gets very hot on the higher settings! So hot that it will burn some people's hair, especially if it is thin, dry, or brittle. Of course, that is the price you pay for heat styling, so proper precautions should be taken (conditioners, heat protection lotions/serum, etc). ...more info
  • great little straightener
    I purchased one of these for my daughter and found myself using it all the time. Its curved surface makes it easy to flip your hair out at the ends. If you turn it over, flip your hair under , or keep it perfectly staight. It has a dial to adjust how much heat and a switch to straighten wet or dry hair....more info
  • gets the job done okay
    I bought this when my CHI died. I didn't want to spend a bunch of money to replace it so based on the reviews I thought I would give this a try. It's no CHI but it gets the job done. It heats up quickly and straightens pretty well. The only real difference is that it doesn't curl as well as the CHI. Overall, it's worth the price and I'm not disappointed. ...more info
  • Love the concept, but not the quality I was hoping for.
    Before I tell about the problems I've had with this straightener, I need to mention that I absolutely LOVE the design. The curved plates are awesome for giving volume at the roots and flipping my layers out or under. It makes (well, made) my thick, wavy, frizzy hair extremely straight and shiny, and the price is nice and low.

    However, I guess you get what you pay for when quality is concerned. The "ceramic technology" they spout on the package simply means the plates are ceramic *coated*, not solid ceramic. Fine with me, except about a month after I purchased it, the coating was already wearing away on the plates! I only use it about three or four times a week, so it's not like I was putting unusual stress on it. I've continued to use it for the last year and a half, however, and haven't had any additional problems until recently. There seems to be something wrong with the heating mechanism now, because I went to use it the other day, and when I touched it to my hair, it literally sizzled and singed the section I had in it on contact! Now I have this ugly frizzy spot right next to my face that I am just praying will grow out quickly. I used it a couple times after that, testing on my ends before putting it through my hair (getting a haircut soon, so no big loss if they singe), and have had the same thing happen about 25% of the time. I've since been wearing my hair in a ponytail and am shopping for a new flat iron (with SOLID ceramic plates!).

    I don't know if anyone else has had these issues, but it really does make me sad that mine started falling apart so early on, because the design really is great. Too bad :(...more info
  • Works...but not the best.
    This straigtner works as good as you can expect for the money. It is not very good with wet to dry, in fact I always wait for my hair to dry naturally now before using it. Using a straigtning cream or spray is a must because without either my hair is kind of brittle and sticky. I live in florida and I can say that these are NOT good for humidity because my hair usually ends up frizzy and curly after just 5 mins outside. I also have to re-straighten my hair in the morning after doing it at night because it just doesn't last. Mine are still working after 2 years, however which is longer than some, but I am currently looking into buying a better quality one that will stand up to the floridian weather....more info
  • Loving it more than my 2in Chi flat iron!
    I had purchased the 2in Chi flat iron and was not totally wild about it as it was a little bit cumbersome and I am not adept at turning the hair under with it. I then saw this one and decided to try it. I have returned the Chi iron to Bed Bath Beyond where I purchased it for about $180. I like this one better because it is lighter (therefor easier to use) and it is much easier to turn hair under at the ends with the curved feature (that is my favorite feature). I find no difference in the looks of my hair. I have not tried to use it with wet or damp hair yet, but couldn't do that with the Chi anyway. I have very thick shoulder length hair. I used both irons on close to the highest temperature and they worked equally well and quickly. I decided that for the price that I paid here for this iron, that even if it does not last for a long time, I can buy another one several times over before spending as much as the Chi had cost and I like this better anyway!...more info
  • Best Flat Irons Ever
    I bought these flat irons while buying two pair of another brand (which had broken on me but they got really hot). To my surprise they worked EXTREMELY well on my hair when wet or when dry. I have very curly hair and to many people's surprise I didn't go to a salon...did it myself thanks to Conair. I kid you not: a miracle worker. It's a process if using the wet setting because you have to do your whole head first while wet then turn the setting on dry and they do it all over again, but the dry setting will get your hair bone straight. I use either setting but if I use the wet setting, I have my other really great curlers on the side so every section that gets dried then gets straightened. Once done I just go over larger sections and I'm done. When my hair was to the middle of my back it took approximately 1-1/2 hours to complete. Now that my hair is neck length it takes about 30 minutes to get it completely done. I have to get a second pair just in case these burn out or break. So far so good....more info
  • Very Good Product
    I recently purchased this product and it is a wonderful hair straightener. The straightening plates are 2", which provides a larger surface area and reduces the amount of time needed to complete your hair. At the same time, the plates are rounded and provide just the right amount of body to your hair as opposed to traditional flat straightening plates....more info
  • straigthener conair
    Es la mejor compra que he realizado en mucho tiempo, mis hijas y yo la usamos mucho, alisa nuestros cabellos largos apenas en 10 min. Lo mejor de todo no necesitamos ir a la peluqueria. Es chever®™sima....more info
  • Excellent product and low price!
    I just got this product and I love it. The curved plates helps curl my ends under but not much it is just right. I had bought a straightener recently for $150.00 and it did not work that great for the money so I returned it. This one was so much cheaper and works like a charm. Great buy!!...more info
  • excelent adquisition
    it works great for me.. and the price is excelent
    it warms really fast... ys great i donnt even need to use my blower anymore
    i just have my hiar to dry naturaly and then i use this iron and is so fast 15 min im ready and i have curly and long hair and i live in panama were its really frizzy place with lot of humidity so im veary pleace with this... i recomend it...more info
  • I love this iron!
    I have had no problem with this iron. I got it so that I could curl my ends easily and flip out the ends also. The flipping out has been difficult for me to get the hang of but that's probably me and not the iron's fault. But when I just want to quickly curl my hair under it does a quick and beautiful job! When I use the wet/dry feature it's just because my hair is damp and I don't have the time to dry it 100% of the way. I don't expect the iron to dry my hair but it DOES flatten and curl it even while damp when I use that button. My hair comes out shiny and lovely in a flash with this iron. Not really any ripping or damage at all. Of course I use a leave in conditioner/volumizer before I heat style my hair and I set it to a heat setting of "15". Great buy for a reasonable price, love the curve of the plates and even the red color and look of the appliance. I wouldn't trade it in for a more expensive Chi or whatever even if I were rich!...more info
  • Great concept - Poor Quality
    I like this product. It doesn't cause breakage like other irons I have tried. It doesn't work well on wet hair - it takes a long time. I found I can blow dry my hair and use the iron in less time. Overall a good product and concept. My main problem is the quality. The first one I purchased lasted a year and then over heated causing my hair to burn, the unit started smoking setting off the smoke alarm and shooting sparks out the cord. The second unit last about 6 months and this one quit heating up. It got warm to the touch but nothing more. Overall I am happy because of the price and how it makes my hair look everyday....more info
  • Good product and good price
    This straightener is a good product for an inexpensive price. The fact that you can "flip" the ends of your hair is a nice touch. It doesn't give your hair that "just been straightened by an iron look".

    ...more info


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