Tushies Diapers, Medium (12-24lbs), Case Pack, Four - 30 Count Packs (120 Diapers)

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Product Description


  • Pack of four packages, each package containing 30 size medium (12-24 pounds) absorbent diapers (120 total diapers)
  • Unique high-absorbency natural-blend cotton padding provides cotton-soft, extra thick, gel-free protection for you baby
  • Diapers are bleached with chlorine-free hydrogen peroxide, are TBT (tributyl tin) free, latex free, perfume free, and do not contain recycled materials
  • Superabsorbent qualities result in less probability of diaper rash and earlier potty learning
  • The only disposable diaper that contains real cotton; cotton is GMO free

Customer Reviews:

  • these have their pluses and minuses, but i still use them.
    i'm going to start with the minuses because i want to end on a good note since i'm still a user:

    the minuses:
    - not as environmentally safe as you think: it's still a disposable and won't biodegrade because disposables end up in landfills where there's a lack of oxygen, water or light to break down anything. if you're concerned about the environment, go with cloth or gdiapers.
    - it's a bit leaky.
    - very bulky since it doesn't have the SAP (superabsorbent polymer) like all other disposables.
    - not the best-fitting diapers since they don't come in many sizes.
    - no elastics around the waist, so not as good at containing.
    - obviously not as absorbent as other diapers since it has no SAP.
    - expensive.

    now, the pluses:
    - no SAP, that gel stuff.
    - non-chlorine bleach so no threat of dioxin.
    - no perfume or scent.
    - basically, these are produced in a more environmentally friendlier manner overall.
    - since it's not as absorbent, the wetness is felt easier, so potentiallly earlier potty-training almost like cloth.

    i still use them since they seem to be the best alternative for my needs. these are manufactured using more 'green' methods, but they still contribute to our ever-growing landfill....more info
  • my first choice for disposable diapers!
    We used cloth diaper service for daughter until she was eighteen months. because the heavy cloth diaper still wasn't thick enough for her so we switched to Tushies. Tushies is our first choice for disposable diaper because it contains cotton and doesn't contain fragrance. I would not use any other conventional diapers because of the toxic chemicals such as dioxin from the chlorine, fragrance and gel. Since we adults wear cotton underwears, why shouldn't our child be wearing the same thing?

    One thing I would like to see is that Tushies offers more sizes. For example, Huggies carries six different diaper sizes. Also, Tushies diapers are much more expensive than the conventional diapers....more info
  • Good experience in general
    Used cloth for first 2 months with Tushies at night which worked out great. Started using Tushies exclusively after that. Like the diaper, gel free, soft and comfortable, but don't believe the size if your baby is chubby. We bought way too many small size that supposedly go to 14 lbs. Our girl was 12lb13oz at 2 months and hard to get a tight fit at the waist. Had a couple leaks. Now she is pooing only 2-3 times a day seems she has a blow out about once daily out the leg or back - reason only giving 4 stars. Hopefully the medium size will fit better....more info
  • BEST gel free diaper but LEAKS
    I use cloth diapers 90% of the time, but sometimes want a disposible when travelling. I like that these are unbleached and gel-free, but I have had three very gross and embarrassing leaks with poo blow outs. Once, it leaked onto my lap and through to the car seat, so when I got up, it looked like I had the accident! Still using them with a diaper wrap until I can find a better gel-free alternative....more info
  • The best disposables!
    We use cloth when baby is at home and use Tushies for outings and at daycare. We couldn't be happier with the performance of these. They rarely leak and are very absorbant. Plus, no gel, no bleaching and no GMO cotton! Our son's daycare provider said these are superior to any of the other diapers she deals with (huggies, seventh generation, etc)....more info
  • Great idea, not so great absorbency...
    These diapers are really a good idea, but they are lacking in the absorbency area. They are really thick and bulky also. Tushies are good beacuse they offer a chlorine free and polymer/gel free safer way to diaper your child if you are using disposables. I tried these diapers with both my children beacuse I was eager to find a safer alternative to the traditional disposable diapers full of chemicals and perfume. These diapers fit that bill. I can't say I was disappointed with them because I don't know how absorbent I thought they would be anyway.

    They are good for very short intervals no more than about an hour at a time. That equals more diaper changes, which equals more money and these aren't cheap to begin with. It's not that I don't change my children often but every hour is a little excessive.
    Wearing them for overnight just isn't an option.

    I would say if you are looking for a "healthier" way to diaper you child go with seventh generation (they use a gel to absorb) or my suggestion would be cloth. You can get those great flushable rice paper liners for cloth diaper and you can just flush the solid waste away.
    Imse Vimse Flushable Liner (2PK) 200 pieces/2 rolls
    I wouldn't recommend Tushies diapers, I do recommend Seventh Generation if you are planing on using disposables. ...more info
  • Tushies Diapers
    I bought these for my grandson. My daughter loves the idea that they are better for the environment but we find that because they don't absorb as well he wets through more often, especially at night. I would suggest using a night time diaper at night and Tushies during the day....more info
  • Leaks a lot
    I found these diapers while searching for the 7th generation brand diapers. I was impressed and eager to try Tushies because there was no chlorine and no gell used to produce them, I ordered the medium size for my 20lb baby. The diapers came sooner then expected, which was great. My single star rating comes from my experience using them. They have no elastic and they are stiff which makes it hard to get a super snug fit. It seems like no matter how tight I can get the diapers my son leaks through them, out the sides and up the belly. Because the moisture does not wick away from his skin he also developed a diaper rash- his first and we have been only using these diapers for a week....more info
  • Love These Baby-Safe Disposables
    I love these baby-safe disposable diapers. I use Kissaluvs cloth diapers during the day on my little girl, but use the Tushies at night and when we're on the run or traveling. The absorbancy is great for at night--better than the Kissaluvs with a booster doubler. They keep the moisture away from her skin--and safely since there is no gel used in these diapers (FYI, the gels used in other diapers have never been proven to be safe and the federal government does not regulate materials/chemicals used in baby diapers--which means manufacturers are not required by law to disclose the materials/chemicals used in the diapers. Kinda makes you wonder why infertility rates are on the rise! Hmmm.). Sometimes we have poop blowouts when we're on the run since the barrier cuff at the leg is latex-free (which is a good thing, though--makes diaper more baby-safe), so I just use a Bummies Super Whisper Wrap diaper cover over the Tushies diaper--just in case.

    These diapers come highly recommended if you care about what you put against your baby's skin. I can't protect her from all the bad stuff, but this is just one small thing that I can do at home to reduce her exposure to nasty chemicals & materials....more info


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