TushiesWipes Refills, Unscented Natural Formula with Aloe, Case Pack, Twelve - 80 Wipe Refill Packs (960 Wipes)

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Product Description

TushiesWipes unscented & lightly scented natural formula are a perfect companion to Tushies Diapers. TushiesWipes are Hypoallergenic. Alcohol-Propylene Glycol & Paraben Free. U.S.A. Made. We do not test on animal. No animal ingredients or by-products.

  • Natural Formula
  • Unscented
  • No Animal Ingredients
  • Resealable Refill
  • Case Pack

Customer Reviews:

  • Happy
    I like these wipes. The only downfall is that they are all separted and it's hard to get them apart when you have one hand on the kid and the other hand trying to get a wipe. I like that they are nice and moist. My hubby wishes they were thicker. Overall I think these are a good wipes....more info
  • Great thought, bad product...
    I bought these wipes as part of my all-organic/all-natural lifestyle. I was excited to see that a product like this was on the market. I am a new mom and have done everything possible to keep my daughter in my earthy lifestyle from MY diet all the way to her socks. So, these seemed like the perfect choice.
    I was extremely disappointed to find out otherwise... They broke apart easily, tore apart when I tried to get just one, I got a half of one, AND... the worst part... they caused my daughter to have a horribly red rash! I know it was the wipes because I changed to the Seventh Generation wipes and it went away with in a day. I ran out of the case of SG wipes and went back to the Tushies ones... rash came back. I would never use these again or recommend them to anyone! ...more info
  • my favorite
    these are my favorite wipes, and we use the tushies diapers again, too. they have no alcohol,citric acid, petroleum, and other stuff that irritates my baby's skin. as far as i researched, these are the most natural you can get.they are a little small, but when i think, no chemicals, it;s stars from me....more info
  • Awesome!
    They work great. I had never used them before. I like the ingredients and they are very moist. They are a little thin, the wipe is not that thick, but that is the only minus. Great price here too....more info
  • Bad choice
    We ordered the Tushies wipes because they're natural, unscented, no parabens, etc. That's all true. Howevever, they are all connected -- not folded like other wipes. So when you're trying to clean a major poop you need to take both hands off your child to tear the wipes apart. Instead, go for 7th Generation. Same "natural-ness" and separated. We have twins so we need all our hands all the time!...more info
  • Best for baby
    Love these wipes and they have nothing bad for baby. We put them in a huggies container and found very easy to tear apart with a slight pull to the side. Rated the best for baby on www.ewg.org under their skin deep data base....more info
  • better without the pop-up
    I use a wipe warmer and these don't work very well with it. Other than that, they're great...more info
  • not worth the money
    Although I like the fact that they are unscented, these wipes just aren't as good as I expected them to be for the money. Previously I had purchased the Tushies All-Natural wipes that had a light scent. Those worked fine. I thought these would be a good alternative to wipes containing fragrance. They seem much drier, they have a slight alcohol smell to them, and they just don't seem very absorbent for cleaning messes. In the future I'll buy Seventh Generation as we have found they work very well....more info
  • great product
    Love this! My son got diaper rash using costco baby wipes, so I changed to this product. Then it naturally went away. Very moist, and easy to tear off when I need just small piece...more info
  • The best
    I just love these. No chemicals, no smell, and they aren't too thick to work with. The only ones to use in my opinion....more info


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