Bissell Clearview Bagless Revolution Deluxe Vacuum Cleaner

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  • Bissell vs. Dyson Vacuum
    No one loves a vacuum but this one comes close. It is terrific to use. Much easier to handle than the Dyson which seems very bulky after using this one. The Bissell is a great cleaner, showing all the gob and guck that you vacuum. It is wonderful. I may purchase the second one for another house--since it is outstanding. You will not be anything but pleased with it. Lots cheaper than the Dyson--so you will have $$$$$ left over....more info
  • Great vacuum
    I went into the Target store and purchased this Bissell vacuum. In stores it was over $180 out the door. This vacuum is great for people with bad allergies, like myself. No kicked up dust, no stinky smells and no sneezing while using this vacuum. I wish my Panasonic vacuum broke sooner, for it is amazing how much this vacuum has reduced my day to day allergies. Clear bagless tray allows you to see what kind of disgusting things can accumulate and are hidden in your carpet. You can actually break this vacuum down into a smaller carry vacuum for stairs or curtains with ease. You can also fully adjust the height all the way down to bare floors. My sister swears by her Dyson, but I'll stick with this Bissell....more info