Appearex Biotin Tablets, 2.5 mg, 84-Count Box

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Directions -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Take one tablet daily with water. Consult a physician for use in children under age 12. Please read the enclosed package insert before taking this product. Store in a dry place at room temperature (15กใ C - 25กใ C or 59กใ F - 77กใ F). Avoid excessive heat. Do not use if the sealed blister packs have been opened. Ingredients -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lactose Monohydrate, Corn Starch, Povidone (K25), Magnesium Stearate Warnings -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Keep this product out of reach of small children.

  • Appearex is the #1 Dermatologist Recommended product for strengthening nails
  • Small, easy-to swallow supplement that transforms your natural nails from the inside out
  • Each tablet contains 2.5 mg of biotin, the amount clinically proven to strengthen and improve the overall quality of your nails
  • A safe alternative to harsh treatments that will damage your nails
  • Your chance to finally be free of weak and brittle nails

Customer Reviews:

  • Expected more...
    I read all these reviews before I decided upon buying Appearex. I started Oct 1st and it is now 5 months later. I bought the first package (about $25) and after reading "it just takes time", I knew I was in it for the long run. After that 3 month supply finished, my nails seemed pretty much the same. I thought I needed more time, So I bought another 3 month supply. Now 2 months into that 3 month supply, I still have short nails that arn't super hair as I expected. I'm still going to finish off my last month, but overall I'm confused why this hasn't work as well for me. ...more info
  • Slight improvement
    I diligently finished one box and have started a second box and have noticed only minimally improvement in my nails. I probably will not continue taking after I finish this dose. My nails still break and have not grown any faster or thicker as far as I can tell....more info
  • Appearex Biotin Tablets 2.5mg
    This product was recommended by my dermetologist. I have been taking it since September and notice a big difference in both my nails and hair for the better.

    My nails are strong and hard and my hair is thinning less....more info
  • Fantastic, I am really impressed.
    This product did not only made my nails stronger and healthy looking, but it also helped my hair, it too lookes so much better after taking this product for only 5 weeks. I am sold on this product and I truly recommend this to anyone who wants not only healthy looking nails, but hair...I love it!...more info
  • Appearax Biotin Tabs
    I was introduced to this product by a friend who said it works. My nails use to be thin, break off in layers, and I could not grow them. After trying the product, I can say it does strenghten the nails and makes them healthier, but it will take about a month -- or more -- before you see any improvement. It's expensive, but shop around. I have not compared it's effectiveness to the biotin vitamin supplement, but the vitamin supplements seem to be a much larger tablet for the same dose or you may have to take several tablets to equal their dose. If your budget can afford it, I recommend the product....more info
  • Appearex
    Although Appearex has not made them the long, hard, lovely nails I've always dreamed of, they are much more stable, less likely to peel and the horizontal ridges have all but disappeared. BTW, my hair is also better....more info
  • Promising, but too soon to tell
    I have seen minor improvement with the use of this product, but to be fair, it has only been one month and I suspect that it may take longer to gain benefits. I was pleased with the price, my doctor charged $30 for a 30 day supply....more info
  • this stuff works
    This was recommended to me by my dermatologist and by george it works! I tried to get by with other biotin but nothing has this amount in this size..after a couple of months, your nails are stronger. ...more info
  • appearex
    it's too early to rate this product. it takes 3 to 6 months to see results. it did ship in a timely fashtion however....more info
  • Appearex better than Biotin
    I have been using Appearex for 2 years except for a time when I tried a cheaper version of biotin. After less than 2 months my nails began to curl again. It has taken almost 5 months for them to begin to get better (using Appearex). Appearex may cost a bit more, but for problem nails or hair, it is the best choice. If you don't notice a difference when you take it, then maybe your nails and hair are not deficient in biotin. For those with long-term problems w/hair or nails, you may want to consider making Appearex part of your normal vitamin intake....more info
  • It works!
    I have tried everything out there to get my nails to grow without splitting and breaking and this product works! Nails get longer, harder and stronger than before. If you give it the 4-6 months as recommended, you too will say "It works!"...more info
  • prescribed for nails, but big payoff is hair
    my podiatrist prescribed appearex to improve my nails. i didn't notice any change in my nails, but credit appearex with a major improvement in my hair. I was so worried about hair thinning last summer that I contemplated laser hair brushes despite $500 pricetag and tedious regimen (15 mins per day 3 days per week for the rest of your life). this month it finally dawned on me I don't lose as much hair when i shampoo, and my hair is noticeably thicker and shinier (a stranger asked for my stylist's name). Truthfully, I also changed 2 other things: shampoo every 3 days (rather than 2) and use Pureology shampoo and conditioner. But given the results I'm sticking with all 3 changes....more info
  • Biotin works...
    I just feel obligated to mention that since this product is essentially just a biotin supplement, you're basically paying 3x what you should be for a brand name. You can get regular biotin supplements for much cheaper at almost any drugstore, and it works exactly the same. ...more info
  • So Far So Good
    I have been using Appearex for a couple of months now and it does seem to be helping. I have always had weak/bendable nails and made the mistake 2 yrs ago to have the fake "diamond dust" nails put on. My nail bed was too oily so the fake nails did not stay on. Even though the fake nails were only on for 3 weeks the damage was already done. Two years later they were still weaker than they had ever been. But with Appearex they are not only growing but my nails are getting firmer....more info
  • Works great for hair growth
    I have very thin hair. The kind where I have to wash it everyday or it gets gross. I've been referred to Appearex by a friend who said that she tried other Biotin brands and nothing seemed to work as well. It was even recommended by her dermatologist, so I tried the 2.5mg 84 ct Appearex and saw that my hair seemed fuller, less stringy and I can even go one day without washing it...if I wanted to. I refered Appearex to a co-worker and she tried it as well. We both have been monitoring our hair and she and I both have new hair shoots sticking up. I've tried the Hentry's Market/ (Mother's Market)brand with 5 mg of Biotin after I ran out of the Appearex, but that didn't seem to work as well. My hair wasn't as full and thick, so I switched back to Appearex. My hair is back to feeling and looking full again. ...more info
  • Problem nails
    Anyone with problem nails should try this product. I wore acrylic nails for nearly a year to hide my problem nails. Once the acrylic nails were removed, my own nails were even worse to the point I was so embarassed for anyone to see my hands. A friend of mine told me about Appearex. After taking the pills for a little over 2 months the results are amazing. I recommend Appearex to anyone who has brittle soft nails!!! ...more info
  • Appearex
    When I first started using Appearex about 2 years ago, it did wonders for my nails. More recently, it seems to have lost its effectiveness. I will continue to use it for a while to see if that changes. If it doesn't I'll discontinue....more info


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