Bob's Red Mill All-Purpose Gluten-Free Baking Flour, 22-Ounce Packages (Pack of 4)

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Product Description

Wheat free; gluten free; dairy free. All natural product; you can see our quality. Specially designed for those sensitive to wheat and gluten, this mix can be made into delicious homemade cakes, cookies, breads, muffins, pancakes and waffles. Contains a blend of gluten-free flours from potatoes, sorghum, tapioca, garbanzo and fava beans. Bob's Red Mill products labeled gluten free are batch tested in our quality control laboratory. We use an Elisa Gluten Assay test to determine if a product is gluten free.

  • Case of four 22-ounce packages (88 total ounces)
  • A unique blend that includes garbanzo, fava bean, and tapioca flours
  • An excellent source of protein and fiber
  • For use in all kinds of baked goods
  • Packaged in Milwaukie, Oregon

Customer Reviews:

  • Maybe I was spoiled w/ regular wheat flour...
    Yuck! This turned my favorite choco chip cookies to yucky. I may be spoiled with the wheat flour, but since my husband was just discovered to have a sensitivity to gluten, I am experimenting. The only reason I gave it 2 stars is because my husband and kids thought they were okay. I can't stand the aftertaste, which in reading the other comments must be the bean flour in the mixture. There must be a better mixture of gluten free flour out there!...more info
  • Not what I expected
    I thought this would be similar to other, more expensive, versions of wheat-free flour that I had tried from my local health food store. Unfortunately, unlike those varieties, it's primary wheat flour substitute is from garbanzo beans. It has a definite bean-like odor and the bean taste definitely permeated my dumpling recipe. A definite disappointment. ...more info
  • Love this flour
    This is a great GF flour, use it in place of white flour. Only thing I noticed is sometimes you need to add more than a 1:1 ratio in recipes calling for wheat flour to get the stiffness you need. Also the addition of Xanthan gum makes for better consistency using this flour. The back of the packet of flour tells you how much to use depending on the type of finished product you're making. A bag of Xanthan gum is pricey, but the amounts you need (ie 1/4 tsp for each cup of flour for cookies) is minimal, so it will last for oodles of bags of this flour. I use the Bob's red mill Xanthan gum too....more info
  • Great Tasting Flour
    This gluten-free flour tastes great! I have made several baked items with it and enjoyed them....more info
  • Just like using regular flour!
    This flour can be used just like regular flour in most recipes. It is so nice not to have to mix so many different flours together to be able to bake something. ...more info
  • Gluten-free flour
    My daughter can't eat anything with gluten. She was feeling bad because she loves fruitcake. I made some using this flour. I tasted great; almost impossible to tell that it did not contain flour. The only problem is keeping the bread from drying out by the next day, even in the case of fruitcake which have more liquid than most breads. ...more info
  • Only for savory foods
    I made a pie crust for an apple pie out of this flour. I had to throw the apple pie out. The flour smells and tastes like garbanzo beans, because that is it's main ingredient. It worked fine for a curried steak and kidney pie, so I will be only using it for savoury dishes that can be spiced up Middle-Eastern style. Unless you have celiac disease, I highly recommend spelt flour for sweet baked goods. It actually tastes better than white wheat. I usually use whole grain in combination with oats and flaxseed for some healthful muffins, but the white spelt will give you the same baking results as white wheat, particularly if you are making fragile pastry or baked goods with yeast. ...more info
  • Pretty Good Flour
    This is a pretty good flour mix - however has a bean aftertaste. Because if that, I don't like it for bread. However, it is wonderful for breading chicken or fish, and OK for cakes like chocolate where the other flavors hide the bean taste....more info
  • Wonderful versatile flour
    I have used this flour primarily in bread recipes that call for a gluten free flour blend. It has worked in a variety of recipes and is a staple in my gluten free baking....more info
  • Rou for gumbo and use for giblet gravy
    I use this instead of white flour and like the taste better when making a rou (base) for gumbo. It requires cooking at a little lower temperature when making a rou but it works just fine. I've been very happy with all of Bob Mill's products....more info
  • The easiest GF flour
    This flour is great. I have substituted 1 for 1 for regular flour in many recipes and they have all come out great. (I'm still working in eliminating the xantham gum flavor). This is a much better buy than buying it at my supermarked or health food store....more info
  • It's pretty good for certain things
    This flour works fine for certain things, depending on your taste preferences. It has a very strong aftertaste (kind of bitter/sour) because of the bean flour. Thus it is pretty strong in plain breads and rolls. If you don't mind that, then good for you! (My husband is pretty sensitive and can't tolerate the bean flour or taste very well.) I found it works better in cookies, chocolate or spice cakes, brownies, banana bread, and pizza dough. Because these baked goods are made with other strong flavors, they help mellow out the bean taste which can be pretty overpowering if you don't have something with which to temper it. I like the consistency of this flour better than the rice flour blend I've also been using but again, consider your taste preferences and what you'll be baking/cooking with it....more info
  • Stinky!
    This flour stinks of Garbanzo beans, and I like Garbanzo beans on any other occasion, but for some reason the smell is so strong when ground, I have learned to read the labels of GF products and if beans are the first ingredient I will not but it. My guess is some people are more sensitive to it then others, it almost makes me gag when the flour is wet. I do have friends who don't mind it or don't notice it, but me and my non Celiac boyfriend think it's nasty. Since we love to bake, I have found that equal parts white rice flour and Tapioca flour with a teaspoon of xanthem gum work great in place of flour....more info
  • Great Wheat Substitute
    I'm allergic to milk, eggs, yeast and all grains (except rye), and this is SOOOO much better than trying to mix all the other non-wheat flours together to get the right combination. Even better, I used it to make dumplings and I couldn't tell the difference from my White Lily flour dumplings! My husband said they were "almost" better than my regular dumplings! This flour is a God-send for me, the best of the wheat-free flours. One less tear I have to shed for all the things I can't eat!!...more info
  • Bob's is the best!
    Bob's GF All-Purpose Flour blend is one of my favorite quick fixes for most of my general needs for baking. I always try to have most of what a recipe calls for, but there are times where I cannot find one or two things at the store, or I just don't feel like running back out to get something I forgot. In times like that, this flour mix goes easily into most any recipe. Does not leave bad aftertastes and is fluffy enough to make a great cake, too!
    Would highly recommend for any GF family or individual! ...more info


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