Crunchies Freeze-Dried Strawberries, 1-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 6)

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  • Case of six 1-ounce resealable pouches (6 total ounces)
  • 100% all-natural freeze-dried strawberries
  • An excellent low-fat source of Vitamin C and fiber
  • Can be eaten as a crunchy snack or used in recipes
  • Made from domestic ingredients and packaged in Thousand Oaks, California

Customer Reviews:

  • Love these!
    Crunchies are great! We use them in cereal, yogurt, on ice cream, in pancakes, muffins and right out of the package. They are made in a way that keeps all the nutrients in, with no added sugar!...more info
  • Good Snack'n!!
    We LOVE the strawberry Crunchies!!! You can eat the whole entire big bag for less than 100 calories.......that is crazy!! And they are the best tasting things! Just don't eat some, then leave your slightly opened bag in the car for a day (like I did ) ....the humidity zapped them and they turned into "Soggies" instead. But we usually clean out a bag in no time, so no worries! We like the Mixed Berry alot....and the Veggies are good, too!!!!!!! I add them to recipes, like soup and cornbread. YUMMMMMMM...more info
  • Great for weight watchers!
    If you like strawberries you'll love Crunchies! Only 98 calories per pouch - I snacked on one pouch all day and didn't finish it off! Very convenient- resealable. I have other varieties on order! ...more info
  • Odd texture, poor taste
    The texture reminds me of a cheese puff and the taste, ick! What a waste of money. I threw away the one bag I opened and will donate the other bags to charity....more info
  • Mmm...Strawberries....uhhh (Homer Simpson drool)
    I got these for my toddler but my wife and I now eat them as much or more than he does.

    They are a great reduced guilt snack. Reach for these instead of that evening bowl of chips or ice cream!


    ...more info
  • Crunchies are not crunchy
    This product is tastey but it is not "Crunchy" so I'm not sure where they got the name. If you are looking for a freeze-dried crunchy strawberry you will have to get Cereal Toppers which I don't think are offered on Amazon. These Crunchies are good on cereal with milk. My four year old likes them but I'm not crazy about the soft texture. Just Tomatoes brand has dried stawberries on this website that are better....more info
  • Crunchy and delicious!
    I bought these after seeing how much everyone in the family loved the strawberries in the Special K Red Berries cereal. Buying them in the smaller packages seems to help them stay crisp.

    Lots of them were very tart, hence the 4 stars. I'm sure it has to do with how ripe and sweet the strawberry they started with was, so it varies between packages.

    They make a great, healthy snack....more info
  • My favorite snack ever!!!
    I have ordered the freeze dried strawberries about six or seven times. I absolutely LOVE these strawberries. I never can open a bag without finishing it! They are a great after dinner snack that won't add more pounds to my tummy. Thank you!...more info
  • Love these strawberries
    Excellent flavor. Great on cereal or just for a crunchy snack without the grease,fat & calories of chips. Yes it is a little expensive, but the time involved to pick, cut up & freeze dry it explains the price. Yum!! Also loved by 5 year old nephew who kept asking for more bags of it!!...more info
  • Taste like artificial little fluffy cardboard
    I bought these - based on the great reviews.
    They're horrible - taste artificially sweetened and there's a powdery substance left in the bag.
    I wish I hadn't bought these...waste of money.
    If they weren't so expensive I'd just throw the rest away......more info
  • yum
    Very yummy. Makes eating fruit easy. Bags are small and lightweight and easy to throw in a bag to bring to work or school. ...more info
  • strawberry heaven
    Great other source was SAM'S CLUB but it did not
    time sale lasted 4 weeks, no re-stock on Extreme Produce (UPC 8 98510 00100 2. This is the only source for 1 oz. bag of frezze-dried strawberries.
    Thanks...more info
  • Strawberries are good, packaging is poor
    I am not new to dehydrated strawberries since I have been eating the "Just Tomatoes" brand that comes in the plastic canisters for years. Amazon was out of them so I ordered these instead.

    The bag poses a problem for me because the strawberries are packed above the the resealable part so that when I opened the bag where it says "tear here" strawberry powder and small pieces spilled out. I only wanted a few of them so resealing it without crumbling the berries on top was difficult since the resealable part, as I mentioned, is below the level where they are in the bag.

    The strawberries taste good and have a nice texture, but I noticed that compared to the "Just Tomatoes" brand they aren't as red which makes me think they are using less ripe berries or maybe they lost some of the color in the processing. It also seems like there are more "crumbs" maybe because the plastic bag doesn't protect them from breakage.

    Overall good berries but when amazon is back in stock of the other brand I will buy them instead....more info
  • Delicious and Nutritious!
    I've bought many packs of various types of the Crunchies brand dried fruit and they are all excelent in my oppinion. This type of Crunchies is quite 'crunchy' and I like to sprinkle these on my brakefast cereal in the mornings. Plan to buy more of these delicious Crunchies brand snacks in the future! ...more info
  • Delicious!
    Light as air - not packed with sugar like some dried fruits.
    Taste delicious!
    Between my husband and I, they go fast!
    If you like strawberries, you definitely need to try these....more info
  • Some crunch, Mostly not crunchy
    Very disappointing. I enjoy freeze-dried strawberries, but not these. My first pouch was quite sour, with little strawberry flavor. The texture is hard to describe...a bit like styrofoam that packs down in to a sticky mess. I'm still trying to get strawberry out where the pieces have stuck on and between my teeth. Very unpleasant. I will try another pouch, maybe this one wasn't sealed correctly. Or try the strawberries in cereal. At this point I wouldn't recommend these as a snack for anyone....more info
  • If your willing & able to pay the price...
    My 2 year old can't get enough of these. Anytime we have a playdate, the other child also devours them. Pricey, but worth it if you're looking for a healthy snack- especially for picky eaters....more info
  • Very Good Taste.... Lots of Empty Space....
    You get more air in the package than fruit at a premium price. Taste is very good and I would be more apt to buy again for about half the price....more info
  • Gone in 60 seconds...
    The dieter who couldn't eat a whole package in a day must have been eating these tasty little gems one by one, with a break inbetween each bite. Not my family. We would each take a handful for a snack, and before we knew it, the bag was empty.

    But enough about the bag. These things are tasty and provide a concentrated strawberry punch of flavor which makes "strawberry flavored" items taste lame. With these, you get the whole range of flavors in a strawberry, sweet without being too sweet, and none of the acidic taste that you sometimes get in an underripe berry. The dried fruit is very crunchy, without any of the gumminess that shows the manufacturer removed them from the dehydrator too early.

    My only beef is the price, although I understand why they are so expensive. When I dried fruit, it took many pints of cleaned, stemmed and sliced berries to come up with a respectable amount of food. My family was always finished with one batch long before the next before the next was ready. When I consider the effort involved, these snacks are probably underpriced. But it still hurts to see an expensive packet gone before the commercials are over!...more info


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