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Caesar IV

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In Caesar, you become an aspiring provincial governor within Caesar's empire. As governor, you lay out each city, road by road, building by building, making sure your citizens have all they need to remain healthy, happy and safe from barbarian threats. Everyone wants to live a convenient distance to shops and entertainment, but nobody wants to live close to the noisy and dirty stuff! Your goal is to manage this delicate balance and grow your city from a simple village to a cosmopolitan metropolis. Do your job well, and you will rise among the political ranks of the empire -- and become Caesar!

  • Create your empire with 100 unique buildings, diagonal roads and a set of decorative items
  • Prepare for the inevitable problems that plague a city - fires, raiders, riots, plagues, food shortages & more
  • Select any of the more than 75 unique characters in your city -- they'll tell you what they think!
  • Consult advisors and extensive map overlays for feedback on activities and problems in the city
  • Open trade with neighboring and distant provinces to acquire exotic materials and to sell excess local goods

Customer Reviews:

  • New era in city-building games
    Tilted Mill has set a new standard for the city-building genre that others will have to follow. I've played the demo scenario many times and from the ease of use to the mind-blowing graphics and animation I feel they have a winner. Never before has the transportation to "life-in-your-city" been as enjoyable. Tons of industries to control, differing levels of citizens to keep happy, Caesar to keep happy, and wads of "beautification elements" provide for hours and hours of escape and relaxation from the daily grind. This one is a winner....more info
  • It's bad news when the patch precedes the game
    I first suspected something might be wrong in ancient Rome when patch 1.1 for Caesar IV was released the day before the actual game. Patch notwithstanding, this game is unplayable on my system, which exceeds the required specs listed. The game suffers from mouse lag, a cumbersome interface, and worst of all, apparently random game crashes requiring a complete hard reboot. Don't believe me? Head on over to the technical support area at Tilted Mill; many people are having the same problems. Many are not, to be sure, but a game this buggy should not have been released.

    Might be a fun game if I could play it for more than a few minutes without crashing. My advice? Wait until the next patch (or two or three) come out....more info
  • This is a really good city sim/strategy game
    I guess I've had it about a month. I read all the reviews before buying Caesar IV and was a bit worried about bugs and graphics requirements. I have a three year old Pentium 4 3.0 ghz processor with a half gig of RAM and a Geforce 7600 256 mb video card. The game runs fine on the factory default settings. I have not felt the need to look at or adjust them. The game great and plays perfectly. No crashes or video problems at all. I have not played online yet. I have played this game for hours without realizing how long it's been. It is thoroughly engrossing. I knocked it one star due to the time it takes to load up. Could be my machine though as my kids have put all kinds of online junk that may be slowing it down. ...more info
  • Not as good as Caesar 3
    The Caesar heritage, as well as the "spinoffs" (Pharoah and Cleopatra) set a high standard for this series of games. Unfortunately, Caesar 4 had a different design team than the previous Caesar games, and as in many (if not most) cases where a new Studio takes over someone else's idea, they just didn't "get it" (the "it" being that indefinable thing that made the previous games so popular). They attempted to make the transition to full 3-D, but as was the case with the Rollercoaster Tycoon franchise, the 3D version just plain stinks. If you're a big fan of Caesar 3, I strongly suggest that you download and play the demo before considering buying this game.

    Like many others, I've waited a long time for this next installment in the Caesar series, and can only say that it's a huge disappointment. One of the great features of the earlier games was how housing evolved from mere tents to palaces, and how YOU were involved in that process, by providing specific goods to your city-dwellers. Well, that's been completely removed, and now you simply plop down whatever housing style you want right from the get-go. There's no "improvement" in this game. Rather than founding your city and watching it grow and mature, this is more like "Burpee Garden Designer" or any other similar program, where you simply place objects on the terrain and you have the completed end-product right away.

    With games such as Company of Heroes showing us how detailed 3D buildings and people can be, this game's graphics appear more like something you would have expected to see 10 or 15 years ago. The people are almost stick-figures, and the scale of the buildings is about 40-50% too large for this type of game. I'm extremely disappointed in the end result, and urge Vivendi and Sierra to look for a different design studio if they plan on keeping this series alive. It's quite possible that the poor sales of Caesar 4 will spell the end of the Caesar series....more info
  • It is easier to commit suicide then play this game
    I have basically the same problems as the last reviewer still stuck in one scenario. The advisors who are suppose to advise me to greatness does not advise anything. Before I updated my videodrivers the game use to crash whenever lightning struck the town. I wasted many of moons trying to fix it and when I did i was happy, but the prosperity level never rose when I did everything right, and sadly the citizens are basically pretty drones who complain mindlessly about nothing.

    I expected better tactics when commanding the military like Caesar III but unfortunately the only thing you can do with the militia is to move them around and hope they fight well which is quite sad and pathetic. I wish I didn't break my Caesar III disc because I was in the last level and almost finished with the game. ...more info
  • Frustration abounds!
    As others have said, this was a much-anticipated game. I played Caesar II and III and was extremely excited when I heard that IV was coming out.

    What a letdown!

    I didn't have any of the installation errors that others have mentioned, and I haven't had the game crash on me. However, the game is unplayable on my system - which is only a year old - unless I turn down 90% of the advanced graphics. By "unplayable", I mean ten seconds or more of waiting between the time you click with your mouse, and when the game responds. Even with the graphics turned down, I still get lag when the auto-save starts. As mouse-control is essential when building roads or aquaducts, this is aggravating in the extreme.

    It appears that Sierra's programmers and designers put a lot of work into upgrading the graphics. Too bad I can't see them!

    The interface is horrible and takes up the right half of the screen at 1280x1024 resolution. This means that you must rotate the map to build along the right edge. I much prefer the "tabbed" building interface of the other city-building games.

    Although you can build roads along the diagonals in this game - which you couldn't in earlier versions - the interface is not smart enough to auto-rotate the buildings to fit along the roads. You have to click and drag to rotate buildings, and lag - even at the low graphics settings - can make this an exercise in frustration.

    I dislike the new warehouse management panel. The sliders might look cool, but they're slow (lag!). I would've liked to see additional options for "only store basic goods", "only store luxury goods", etc. This would take some of the pain out of managing them. Trade ports are different also - you can't see prices!

    It appears that some of the scenarios have hidden milestones that you have to meet in order to advance. In the one I'm playing right now, I'm stuck because my prosperity rating will not rise above 36 (50 required to win). I have over 30,000 denarii in my treasury, and have been turning a hefty profit (and meeting various demands from Rome) for at least eight years of game-time. I have met and exceeded all other requirements for victory, but prosperity continues to elude me. My city is almost completely automated by now - the only thing I do is respond to Rome's requests for goods or cash. My advisors have nothing helpful to say. It's not fun if I can't advance.

    So while the game is pretty - from what I can see of it - it's got too many frustrations to be worth much more of my time....more info
  • Won't load correctly
    I bought this with much excitement as I love the other Caesar games.
    My system exceeds the requirements of this game yet I cannot get the game to play with graphics. I called customer service and they told me to upgrade my video card. I have the top of the line Nvidia GE Force 4, but I stupidly listened and after four hours of work and a system restore later. I can still Not play the game....more info
  • Caesar IV...the Decline of the Empire
    Having been a huge fan of the Caesar franchise, I was dying to see what new features the newest offering, Caesar IV, had in store. Unfortunately, all I found was an incredibly clunky UI that did not allow for any semblance of gameplay whatsoever. Navigating the screen is incredibly frustrating as the UI seems to be 14 steps behind where the mouse is. For example, place the cursor on the map edge and nothing happens for about 45 seconds, then the point of view jerks radically to some unknown place. Hovering over icons do produce a tip, but clicking on them doesn't seem to have any effect. With all of this, it is impossible to zero on any map point and forget about placing objects where you want them.

    With a computer that more than exceeds the recommended requirements of the game, I am very much suprised that a game this unmanageable exists.

    I guess it's back to Caesar III for me!

    ...more info
  • Better than what other people are saying.
    First off let me say that if you are interested in this game keep in mind that the majority of reviews on this page are giving it poor reviews based on the game not being able to run properly on their outdated systems, with a newer system this game is fantastic and quickly and easily surpasses Caesar III!

    This is not simply Caesar III with better graphics which is what many people seem to have been expecting. Gameplay wise it is a lot like Caesar III but it is more involved and requires the player to plan ahead, more so than Caesar III ever did. The game plays and looks beautiful. 5 stars all the way!!!...more info
  • Spiffy
    Its fun, challenging, and if you have played the previous Casears, slightly different because its more in a 3-D mode. However, the game does take a lot of the computer's resources and runs a little slow, even on new machines. I have a state of the art computer and had to turn down the games settings....more info
  • Get Ready ~ Caesar IV is Coming !!!
    Shawn Soszka can't have played a game that has not gone Gold yet.

    The Historically Early Caesar IV Demo (released 5 weeks before the scheduled full game release) is an unpolished & unoptimized Public Beta.

    People familiar with the Classic Push System of C3, Pharaoh, Zeus & Emperor will have a bit of adjustment to the Tilted Mill Pull System. Caesar IV will have an entire Kingdom Campaign which is the tutorial, Peaceful & Military Campaigns. In addition, Free Play & Historical Scenarios, an Editor and an Online competition component.

    Besides the great gamplay of the gorgeous Demo with much of the full game missing or purposely turned off, the final Caesar IV's Military will definitely Rock your World!...more info
  • Great game overall. Some room for improvement.
    An addictive game, which has kept me up well past midnight. If you enjoy maps, urban layout planning, and patient strategic thinking, this is the game for you. (Don't buy it if you are of the action-and-adrenalin persuasion.)

    It does take plenty of system resources. I own a Dell XPS 3.2 GHz machine with 1GB RAM, and there are still a few bells and whistles beyond my reach (it helps to have a sophisticated video card, which I don't).

    The campaign mode is annoying (they give you too little money to get started, and bad things start happening too quickly). However, the sandbox (scenario) mode is a joy to play. You can use the scenario editor to fill your treasury to the brim before starting the game, and to get rid of all the distracting "disasters" (plagues, god's wrath, etc.) that prevent you from doing what is really fun about this game: BUILDING A ROMAN CITY. You can specify everything: which goods to produce (from a finite but ample enough menu), which buildings to erect, where to place them, how quickly to grow, how much to export/import, how much to store or consume, where to place your plebeians, patricians, and soldiers, etc. Of course, the city has to run properly, and there are things you can't get away with (people have to eat, don't like living in ugly neighborhoods, need access to running water, and so on) but these restrictions merely imply that you have to ensure functionality and aesthetics, which is part of the fun. There are several maps to choose from, and you can even build your own (although here the program shows its weakness: the editor is not at all friendly when it comes to map editing, and can lead to crashes; the first time I tried it, I overdid myself and had to reinstall the whole program, so beware).

    The key improvements I would recommend have to do with the number of ready-made locations offered: there are too few (only 3, in fact). All the other locations are destined for campaign mode play, and are therefore not modifiable at all, which is a pity. ...more info
  • Caesar III with better graphics
    To echo another reviewer's comments: I too do not understand how a gaming company can take a franchise like Caesar and purport to make a new improved version by making the graphics prettier. The gameplay is basically unchanged. This game seems to be almost identical to Caesar III excepting a few different resources and such. The clunky menuing system always seems to be in the way. You never seem to be able to zoom out far enough. Poor manual and online help detailing how many factories are needed for various camps. PopTop did a similar disservice to Railroad Tycoon II, reducing functionality and gameplay to achieve 3D graphics. The only reason this is rated a four is because like Caesar III it is still a fun game. I would however save your money and find a used copy of Caesar III. ...more info
  • Initial fun at returning to Caesar gameplay disappears quickly
    I was very excited when I heard that Caesar 4 was in development. When I heard that it was realeased, I immediately picked myself up a copy. After playing for a week or so, the game is already uninstalled. I got to the third empire mission, and couldn't make myself play any more. The reason is that the initial "fun factor" wore off, and I began to find the game tediously boring.

    Many of the flaws of the game have been discussed already. Yes, it is true that the interface is cumbersome and that enabling shadows in the graphics options will likely bring your system to its knees. The thing that killed the game for me was the lack of variety in the missions. After you've played about 4 missions, you've seen everything the game has to offer. The only difference in missions is the geography, Caesar's requests, and the necessary ratings to win. I've played all of the city builders.....Caesar 3, Pharoah, Cleopatra, Zeus, Poseidon, Emperor, Children of the Nile, and now Caesar 4. There is practically nothing new in Caesar 4, and it omits many things that made the previous games addictive. Sure the game is in 3D and people get what they need rather than have it delivered, but that's about it. There are no cool monuments to build (why couldn't the Coliseum be a construction project?), so every mission ends up feeling the same......look at the world map to see what you can export, set up some houses, their infrastructure, shrines, and industry for export goods, and you're off. The rest of the mission is spent tweaking the city to get the ratings needed to win the mission.

    The supply "pull" system sounds good since citizens don't have to wait for goods to be delivered. They go and get what they need. However, this system has a tendency to be a pain in the neck when it comes to supply houses, granaries, and markets. Instead of crops being delivered to a granary, the cart pusher at the granary goes and collects crops from all of the fields. Warehouse and market workers do this also. What ends up happening is that granaries and markets are usually low on food because their cart pushers are running all over the place obtaining goods.

    I have already mentioned the thing that really kills this game for me, namely the lack of wonders/monuments. In my opinion, that is what really made the previous city builders fun...building pyramids, the Great Wall of China, temples to Zeus, etc. After getting to do those things in the previous games, it feels like a big part of the fun is missing in Caesar 4. The game suffers for it in my opinion and rapidly becomes tedious.

    If you have all of the previous city builders, give this one a shot. If you don't, pick up one of the previous games. They are almost all funner than this one in my opinion. I think that Zeus and Children of the Nile are the best of the series. If I listed the games in order of enjoyment I had out of them, it would be Zeus-Poseidon, Children of the Nile, Pharoah-Cleopatra, Emperor, Caesar 4, Caesar 3. (The lack of roadblocks in Caesar 3 puts it at the end of my list.) That's not exactly a stunning endorsement of Caesar 4....more info
  • Troublesome
    Very pretty, if you can keep it working long enough.

    Before you spend your money, I suggest you check out the official forums for the game. They're flooded with technical fault reports.

    The "fixes" often include suggestions to roll back drivers, turning off graphics features (!), reformatting the PC (!!) etc. I've personally made numerous configuration changes, on a well above spec machine, and the game still crashes at clearly defined points, making the game unplayable.

    The game simply does not run on all machines above the required minimum spec.

    ...more info
  • Good Game, demands too much graphics
    I have only played Caesar 3 and 4, but I think Caesar 4 is a much better improvement. There is only one major setback to this game, and thats the graphics.
    I have nvidia 8500gt video card with 512 mb of memory with sli (2, 8500 cards), ati radion 5200+ (dual 2.6), and 4gb of memory and I can only play this game on medium graphics! This game has great gameplay and is very fun, but if you are considering buying it, have a powerful system to tackle the demanding graphics. Also, download the patch as soon as you can, for it fixes a lot of bugs which make the game crash. I have XP so I am not sure how it runs on vista but i'm sure its the same way. On to the good gameplay, there is a very long campaign, I play a few times a week and am still not done after 6 months. The tutorial is pretty good and you can catch on pretty quick.
    The bottom line, check your computer before you buy this, and if you have a powerful enough computer buy this game it has had me enteratined for a few months now....more info
  • if i could ever get it to work
    Well, it sounds like a great game, but after five hours of upgrading and downloading all of the specified programs and upgrades, I couldn't get the video to work at all, couldn't get technical support at all, and I gave up and have returned it to the manufacturer. a great disappointment because i love and still play the previous versions....more info
    I never played Ceasar III so I dont have anything to compare this game to except all the reviews I've read. Not sure why no one has rated it yet since I just got a copy at my local Babbage's. So, this is what I think so far. It's GREAT! Although my computer is just barely above the minimum requirements of a Pentium 4 1.6 Ghz computer with 500mb Ram recommended, the game still plays pretty good although I can't turn on all the stuff or it goes to slow - duh. Otherwise, it's like Simcity 4 and Stronghold and the graphics are excellent including the water reflections. I've just started to get the hang of building my city and there's A LOT to pay attention to. Basically to start off you put down your plebs houses and a well and then some farms and then it goes really fast and all this stuff starts happening and you have to add equites houses and gardens and a fire station and an engineers guild. You can zoom in really close although using the right mouse button makes me sort of dizzy because it spins really fast at times. Then there are day and night sequences and then it rains too. I must admit I was ReALLY excited when my first Pleb house evolved into a medium sized house. Very neat to see all the while paying attention to your approval rating by making sure everyone has food, water and then the luxuries which you have to build sheep farms, grape farms, olive oil farms and other industries to create these and then the game gets really challenging.

    Overall, it's much more involved than Simcity4 and more exciting to watch develop. It was awesome getting the message "Plebs are flocking to your city!" and it is just as neat watching the little plebs build furniture and make pottery and then all the supplies build up in the warehouse. When you build a bathhouse you can see the little people floating in the water. However there is one man with white balls that come out of his mouth and I'm not sure what that is - lol.

    The only time my computer messed up was when it started raining and I'm not sure why that is. The game also installs Microsoft Net Framework 2.0 and some other new stuff to make it run.

    I think this game will really take off and I haven't even gotten to the point of building armys or fortifications or any of the arenas and things. Also it was really neat to build aqueducts and watch the water flow through the pipes. I hope this review helps everyone.

    ...more info
  • Caesar IV is great
    Yes, this game does require a demanding set of hardware, but in these days it's actually fairly cheap to get good hardware and well worth it for many reasons. The gameplay is enjoyable and addicting and honestly I'm a huge fan of it, the graphics are a very nice touch that keeps me from getting bored. Do plan on upgrading right away though, the game is not stable until 1.2 patch is applied....more info
  • Caesar 4 is NOT Zeus :(
    I hope I am not the only one who thinks this but in my opinion the best game of this genre was Zeus and Poseidon. I like Caesar 4 a lot but it lacks the fun and the pun of the aforementioned games. Zeus had jokes and one could slowly build the city from one campaign to the other. Also, one could click on the characters and hear great dialogues. All that is missing.
    I do not know but games like Zeus and Age of Mythology are best games ever. The idea and the concept is so vibrant that it is just spectacular. Sometimes more than Caesar. ...more info
  • Rome keeps falling
    I would like to give you a review of the game, but I can't. I've barely gotten to building the second city and THE GAME KEEPS CRASHING ON ME!!! Be warned. I've never had trouble from a game like this before. What little I have got to play it, I agree with the annoyance of all the submenus and having to click several times before a building stays put. It makes me long for the simple days of Caesar III....more info
  • Maybe not for win vista!!!
    Is a good game great graphics, but a little slow to play, the cursor moves slow and takes forever to get somewhere , tehe previous caesar III was faster. maybe because I' m playing it on wind vista, who knows...more info
  • Caesar IV
    This game is so much fun and the graphics are great. Only one problem, if your computer does not have the latest graphics card and a lot of memory the game will play extremely slow....more info
  • Beautiful but flawed and no support
    First thing-the graphics are far prettier than any of the current 3 Caesar games out there. Having said that-this game had a major bug right at the release. How is that possible? Is it unreasonable to expect a U.S. company to produce a flawless product? Probably not, but Tilted Mill has some of the the best pros in the industry. Basic bugs killed any enjoyment for me and the scenario editor is an unworkable mess. The advice offered by the techno weenies on the forums are beyond comprehension of the average consumer.

    Far better to go with CivCity Rome.

    Update: It's been some time since my original review. I now have some set scenarios and I have to say that that with some downloads and some help from the forums, this is an enjoyable game. (But i shouldn't have had to do that.) For new purchasers, go on the forums and get the early patch and scenario editing help if so desired. I bump my review from a 2 for fun and a 1 for overall to 3 and 3. Still the prettiest city building game available. ...more info
  • Wonderful!!
    I love this game! Its one of the best I've ever played-and I have them all. It keeps you glued to your seat and keeps me coming back for more!:) ...more info
  • Let down of the millenium!
    I have been playing the incarnations of Caesar (II, III) since I was 13 years old - I am now 23. After almost a decade of no new Caesars and after really enjoying both earlier games, how exciting a Caesar IV was!

    What a let down when I finally played it!! CAESAR IV falls victim to the same disease that brought down SIM CITY 4 - that of emphasizing vulgar showiness and graphics over basic gameplay fun. It really doesn't matter if the characters have unique faces, or can see their reflections in rivers, or if grass is blowing in the breeze. How is any of this relevant to gameplay? I am using a new computer and the game CHUGS like a train going up a mountain.

    Futhermore gameplay itself is stupid - for starters the interface is a disaster. When you click on an icon in the taskbar, a sub-menu pops up with choices - click the "scythe" icon in the taskbar and you get a sub menu of grain farms, fields, etc. Click the laurel wreath, get an sub menu of civic buildings, and so forth. But after you click the choice in the menu, the menu stays up and you have to RE-CLICK the icon to make it go away! Having to do this OVER AND OVER is a huge annoyance. And placing an object is an equal annoyance - you can't just click ONCE and be done with it - you must click at least two or three times for a building to appear. What's the deal???

    Further down the cobblestone road of frustration, features such as "night/day cycle" is a real hazard as the cycle is quite slow and chuggy, not smooth as it was in a game such as "Glory of the Roman Empire". Also the scrolling/angle change feature is lame as well, it's very hard to try to change the angle of the game view. I'd rather stick with 3 frozen levels of altitude than this.

    All in all, this is a product and a game to AVOID unless you own a computer given to you by NASA or are financially equipped to splash out on very high-end memory/graphic cards. Don't buy this very disappointing product!...more info
  • Game of the year!
    After playing the demo so many times, this game can only get better when the full version is released and shipped throughout the world. The possibilities of the new military system, the naval battles promised and the completely revamped economic model make this a game that is a must have for any city building addict and even the casual gamer.

    The system requirements are very heavy to make full use of all the spectacular graphical features the game has to offer, but it's worth splashing out to see what this game trully has to offer. City building has finally come of age with Caesar 4....more info
  • Don't buy this!!
    I have had this game for just 2 days. After finally getting it loaded it is SO slow I just don't have the patience. It crashed a number of times and the graphics are really awful as well. I have spent many hours playing other games (Emperor, Ceasar I and II, Pharoah and Cleopatra, Zeus, etc.) and loved them. I am really disappointed but I am giving up on Ceasar IV. ...more info
  • Great Game!
    I've been playing the demo now for a few weeks (the full game isn't out till the 26th of Sept.) and I love it!!
    If this is just the demo and I'm loving it this much, I can't wait to get the real game..have preordered it, with the guide and the 26th can't come around soon enough.
    It's the future of City Building games, and I love where we're going!...more info
  • Rome falls to the 3D barbarians
    Having had hours of fun playing the previous incarnations of Caesar and also Pharaoh and Zeus, I was really anticipating this. Unfortunately, as with Age of Empires III it's a case of poorer gameplay for the sake of not very impressive 3D graphics - and my PC is relatively high spec. Sad to say this is one Caesar too far and I'll stick to the (in my opinion) better graphics and gameplay of the previous version....more info
  • Pretty disappointing. Crashes, delays and usability problems.
    I started with Caesar2 back when it came out. I played it for hours and hours and loved it. When Caesar3 came out I bought that too and loved it even more and spent even more time playing. Both Caesar2 and 3 rarely crashed. Things have changed!

    I'm spending more and more of my time restarting Caesar4 than I am playing it. About 8 out of 10 times that I access the area where you trade with other cities it crashes. Without trading, you make little money and the game is essentially over.

    Other problems I'm seeing is overall performance. I don't have the fastest machine (AMD 2.1ghz, 512ram, rockin' video card with 256meg of mem) but there are irritating 1 second delays in addition to the crashes. I find the whole game to be difficult to use. This was not the case with Caesar3.

    Unless they issue a patch, I'm done feel frustrated with crashes. Maybe I can dumb down the graphic setting to get rid of the delays.

    My suggestion? Wait for a patch before buying --- or move on.
    - jason

    ...more info
  • Caesar IV
    I love this game, I recently had to purchase a new copy because I lost my original due to a move. I play it for hours each day, I am retired and have time to play. I played Caesar III for years and purchased C-IV upon it's release, and was more than pleased with the visual and technical improvements of the game. It makes you work to succeed, and go on to the next game. ...more info
  • Great Game
    I haven't had a chance to play this as much as I would like, but so far it has been great....more info
  • A Passing Game
    Ever since I played Pharaoh and Cleopatra I have been addicted to city-building game and this game makes me smile. Despite some annoyances with rotation angles and the really small city maps (for the beginning missions)I enjoyed the new 3D look and if you have an awesome gaming computer, the shadows, lighting and passing day effects will look amazing.
    Overall, I was not extremely hooked, but it's a game you can definitely play in passing.
    Gampeplay: 3.5(5)
    Graphics & Sound: 4.5(5)
    Addiction Level: 2.5(5)
    ...more info
  • Worth the wait
    What a great time you can have in Rome!

    The basic gameplay is intuitive. There isn't a lot you haven't done before. The interface is pretty standard and can be minimized off the screen for screenshots or just zooming around without distraction. As with all these types of games, you can spend a lot of time building and developing. You need to take some time enjoying this one, for the closeup views of the city at work and at play is what is so new here.

    The graphics look somewhat standard on a zoom out, top down view. There is a lot that looks familiar. Until you start to get a closer look and the texture details come to life and you realize there is another level of realism here as you watch the shadows lengthen along the plaza near the sparkling fountain as the midday sun moves across the sky and the trees sway in the breeze. Wow! No other Roman game out currently comes close.

    This has everything you always wanted with Caesar III and had somewhat with CoTN, (Children of the Nile) although the buildings here are more substantial and better realized.

    I would have liked to see more decorative options and more variety in housing and goods you can produce. It's part of the appeal and adds to the longevity and continued interest in the game.

    But what there is is very good indeed. All of the structures are beautifully done with attention to detail. The landscape can be breathtaking, with a variety of ways to put your city together around the terrain. And enough hustle and bustle on the city streets to bring it to life. And did I mention that you can zoom all the way down INTO an arena or colliseum, watch closeups of the games or swivel around from the floor of the arena and watch all the spectators coming in and out and moving around or cheering? A lot of thought went into this game, by people who love what they do.

    There are some bugs with the trade routes. Hopefully these will be addressed soon. In the meantime, avoid placing the ports or depots before you have goods in stock for those routes.

    The maps are overall somewhat small, although a game this graphic intensive would have to reasonably limit the size to facilitate performance. There are very limited sandbox modes available, at least for now, and I can find no user created scenarios currently available due in part to the complexity of the unsupported editor.

    I am currently running a mid-line gaming system with a NVidia 6800, a system that can run Oblivion fairly well. I had to update some drivers as well as defragment my hard drive to run this game smoothly. I hadn't experienced many lags until I had built up a larger city or had been playing for several hours and my system started to protest.

    While it may have a few faults, most things are a matter of preference and having an adequate, clean system. The core game itself is fundamentally solid. It takes work to build up economic stability based on trade and taxes and how well you handle your production chains. You can create, with any scenario, stable cities that will largely run themselves, aside from the requests/demands from the Empire.

    With the stable gameplay, depth, realistic economic simulation, great music and breathtaking graphics, it's not only a very good game but the best of the current selection of Roman city-builders. So if you have to chose, I would recommend this one first. Enjoy!...more info
  • It's okay, I guess
    I am a real fan of Caesar III. It's a game that I've played literally for years. So when I saw Caesar IV, I grabbed it off the rack. When I played the game, my impressions were mixed.

    During installation I had a bit of trouble convincing my computer that I had removed disc 1 and replaced it with disc 2. I had to go through My Computer before I could finish installation.

    The interface menu is really clunky. The menus and submenus seem to take up half the map. Having to click again on the icon to get rid of the menu is annoying.

    I can't seem to be able to rotate the map. There's nothing that I could find in the manual about changing the point of view and that's something that's really needed. You need to be able to see the other side of buildings but there isn't any way to do that that's readily apparent.

    Road placement is really finicky and putting a plaza on top of a road is even worse. Almost everything has to be adjacent to a road but it's often hard to get the road to go where you want it to go.

    I won't even try to describe the military aspect of the game. It's horrible. Take my advice and stick to the purely city-building scenarios.

    However, there are many good points to the game. The advisors are really helpful. The tutorial is well thought-out and even fun. Note: You must play all scenarios in the tutorial to open up most of the other scenarios. The game is demanding but not impossibly difficult.

    I'll play Caesar IV every so often, but I haven't deleted Caesar III from my hard drive. ...more info
  • Exciting graphics don't make for more engaging play
    Although I've been a fan of Caesar III for over 3 years, I have not found Caesar IV to be as engaging. City-building is spectacular in the new graphic environment; however, inadequate messaging and information about how to improve prosperity is as frustrating as in version III. The user interface is not particularly intuitive, and maneuvering troops does not work as easily as in the predecessors to Caesar IV. If a new version is on the horizon, perhaps improvement to ease of use could make meeting the challenges of the Emperor more fun rather than more frustrating....more info
  • Great Game- So Long As Your System is Up To Scratch
    Caesar 4 is getting a reputation for being riddled with problems. This is unfortunate, as the game itself is a fine effort by developers Tilted Mill. They have achieved an admirable balance between maintaining elements of the earlier Caesar games, and providing something new. The improvements are certainly the graphics of the game, and also the distribution system. Where in C3 you had to make absolutely certain walkers did not have options of which way they could go, this no longer matters. Still, you do need to build in a certain way if you wish for success.

    Like many others, I had crashes when first installing the new game. The Tilted Mill tech forum were very helpful, turned out I needed to install a patch for my Athlon dual core CPU, and get all the Windows updates. You need up to date drivers and a goodly amount of free space on your hard drive if you want this game to run well. That's the way it is, like I said its a pity because it will cost this game some sales.

    This game, while enjoyable, lacks the depth of its predecessor C3. While many played the game, few played it really well, due to its unravelling complexity. The new game seems to have deliberately avoided this sort of a situation, and it should be easy for someone familiar with this kind of game to play at a high level fairly quickly.

    The music in this new game, by Keith Zizza, is worth the price of ammission alone. Here is a major improvement from C3, which had quite good music itself.

    There is a map editor included, but it is quite difficult to use, prone to crashing, and doesn't appear to have any help file incorporated. It is to be hoped for the longevity of the game that this is addressed. It will not have been lost on Tilted Mill/Sierra that although C3 was made some eight years ago, it is still being played competitively, due wholly to the ability of players to produce good custome-made scenarios.

    Caesar 4 is a great game. You can build truly stunning cities with it, more so than any other citybuilder. It's a pity this means purchasers may need to do a little bit of system tidying up to get it to work properly. ...more info
  • No Subject
    I wouldt recommend any sierra games because they are basically the same, you always have to fight to keep you city going and the graphics are lame....more info
  • Best than the rest!
    This game outshines the previous caesar III. You need a fast PC with a good video card in order to enjoy this game, The graphics is superb the gameplay is still preserved. Hail to tilted mill for doing a wonderful job on this game. This is a 100% leap for this kind of game genre...more info
  • Controlling Nightmare
    the graphics are nice, but the 3-D views are hard to control with the right click panning. i end up just building from the top down view, still with dificulties rotating.

    but as mentioned, this game has horrible lag. even with 2GB of RAM and a decent CPU the game is too slow to pick up on second clicks or sliders....more info
  • Once You Get It To Run, It's A Blast
    I enjoy sim games a lot, and was a little scared off about this one due to so much news about crashes, incompatability, etc.

    So, after installing it, I dialed all the settings down to the minimum resource consumption and away we went! The mouse lags, etc., are still present but are not anywhere near as bothersome.

    It is a great game for systems thinking and leadership development. Along the way, you actually learn a little about Roman culture, beliefs and priorities. Even dialed down, the graphics are very watchable.

    I must confess that I have not made it all the way to the end yet. I have "enjoyed the journey" a lot, though....more info
  • Wait for the patch or pass on this
    A greatly improved version of C3 but with one of the worst interfaces in the gaming world. I even purchased a new hard wired custom gaming mouse to make the game playable...without success.
    Bottom line is don't buy this game unless Sierra/Tilted Mill improves the interface.
    ...more info
  • Does anyone else have problems trading?
    The graphics are more detailed, but Caesar III has amusing tirades by Caesar when you screw-up, these are now gone. The interface is slow although it doesn't crash on me, but trading doesn't work and is very frustrating. Other cities buy ony a few raw material items when I first open the trading route. Then they stop buying all together. Other cities will not buy any finished goods. Very frustrating. I have reinstalled, played with the game performance settings, rebooted, restarted, and turned all the different trade controls on and off several times to no avail. The Prima Games game guide is no help at all. Terrible waste of time and money. The Sierra website does not respond to emails....more info
  • Great game, Poor requirements listing
    The game overall is fun for me. That being said, let me explain why. I have no where near the minimum requirements with an OC'd AMD FX-60 and a OC'd x1900xtx both on h2o. So, all in all, the games looks wonderful. I actually ended up getting my current rig due to the fact many publishers are going the way of graphics intensity.

    The only thing I hate is how the publishers continue to play down the requirements box simply to broaden their potential market. This does nothing but create hostile users who cannot enjoy the game for what it was programmed to be because they purchased it assuming since they have somewhat above the minimum requirements they would be fine. Problem is, who designates the MINIMUM level at which the games is still enjoyable and playable?

    If the publishers are to continue putting such graphics into their products, they need to also update their minimum requirements and get with the program!...more info


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