MEDIFLOW - Water Based Pillow - Water Pillow - Mediflow Fiber Padding

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3 Therapies in 1 Proven Pillow: Relief + Sleep + Comfort During sleep, the body is supposed to rest, recover, recuperate and prepare for the next day. For many people, that never happens, and they awaken tired, irritated, on edge, and in worse shape than the day before. Often, a restless night of sleep is the result of an unsupportive pillow. There are many changes in head & neck position during sleep. Does your pillow respond to head motion and provide continuous support? Pillow firmness is a matter of personal taste. Can your pillow be personalized to a level of firmness that is comfortable for you? Everyone's body shape and size is different. Does your pillow properly adapt to your particular shape? The Mediflow? Pillow with its Patented Waterbase? design, provides outstanding comfort and responsive support for the head and neck. It continuously responds to changes in your sleeping position. The firmness can be personalized to your preferred comfort level. It adjusts to fit your shape. Now You Can Sleep Comfortably and Start Your Day Feeling Great. Pillow is Hypoallergenic. For health and hygienic reasons pillows are not returnable once they have been used.

  • A layer of super-soft, hypoallergenic DuPont? polyester fiber floats over top of the water layer and provides outstanding comfort
  • A thermal insulator fully encases the water layer to prevent body heat from being drawn from the head, neck and shoulders. This is an essential component of the comfort of the pillow
  • It adjusts to fit your shape and continuously responds to changes in your sleeping position, providing outstanding comfort and responsive support for the head and neck
  • The firmness can be personalized to your preferred comfort level following instructions on how much water to add for soft, medium and firm support. Use ordinary tap water. No chemical additives are required
  • Also sold as the Chiroflow Pillow

Customer Reviews:

  • sweet dreams
    The perfect pillow! It needs no fluffing because it never goes flat. It gives exactly the right amount of support because I determine how firm or soft it should be and can change that any time I choose. I also use the protective cover. It's inexpensive and adds another layer to the pillow.

    I used to wake every few hours. Since I've started using this pillow, my sleep has been almost uninterrupted. I've never slept so comfortably. I no longer wake with neck and shoulder pain and will never sleep on a conventional pillow again.

    Everyone who wants to sleep better should give this a try. It's far less expensive than some of the other pillows that claim to offer the same benefits. I think you'll be pleased with this one....more info
  • Free trial was great
    I'm buying this pillow today because I tried it free at the St. James Hotel in Redwing Mn last night! They were allowing guests to try out about six different pillows and we tried this and a buckwheet hull pillow. This was by far the best pillow I've ever used and I can't wait to own one. I could have bought one at the hotel but the price was $80.00!! I just can't tell you how wonderful it was to wake up rested without neck and sholdier pain....more info
  • It's like sleeping on a cloud!
    MEDIFLOW - Water Based Pillow - Water Pillow - Mediflow Fiber Padding

    I've had serious neck pain for some time. It was recommended by my doctor to try a water-type pillow. I've never had a better night's sleep in my entire life. Ordering was easy and it was delivered in three days as promised. I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Not for me
    I sure looked like a good thing. But no matter how much water I put in it, it was still sorta creepy. If you like the feel of a waterbed, you might like it, but I felt like my head was floating rather than having nice, firm support. I have neck/arm problems and need a pillow that will hold its shape. I tried it for a week, readjusting water level each night, then gave up. I might try it without any water in it, but that would defeat its purpose. Delivery was very good, so I don't blame the vendor at all....more info
  • Best. Pillow. Ever.
    I pinched a nerve in my neck in mid July, affecting my entire right shoulder, shoulderblade, and arm. The sheer array of painkillers and muscle relaxants that I was on was just *nuts*. And even with all the drugs sleeping at night was agony; I could only get relief from the pain by sleeping on my back, and I'm a longtime side sleeper. At one point there were over half a dozen pillows of different sizes and shapes on my bed and I STILL could not get comfortable enough to sleep without pain.

    Then I did my research, and found the Mediflow pillow. In desperation I ordered one with expedited shipping, and raced home the day it was slated to arrive. That night I slept completely without pain in my shoulder, and have slept that way every night since for the past three weeks. I simply love this pillow.

    It's not as heavy as I would expect after filling it to the recommended level; the cat weighs more than the pillow, but it's true that this isn't a pillow you can casually throw across the bed. On the flip side, that means it STAYS PUT on your bed. Following the proper filling techniques I have not heard or experienced any sloshing effects or even waterbed-like wave effects. This pillow WILL give you lots of neck support where you need it; my physical therapy turn a dramatic turn for the better as soon as I started sleeping on this pillow.

    Travelling with it is only slightly more of a pain than any other pillow (I used to have a memory foam pillow that I travelled everywhere with). With this pillow you should empty it before travelling, and fill it again at your destination.

    I'd highly recommend this product to anyone with problems sleeping, and will probably purchase it for presents for friends with neck and upper back problems....more info
  • Water pillow helped my neck problem
    I have had a problem with neck pain when I turn my head. The water pillow has helped to some degree. ...more info
    I have neck problems and have spent lots of money trying to find the right pillow. I HAVE FOUND THE PERFECT PILLOW! I can wake up in the morning and turn my neck without it hurting. I definatley rate this pillow 5 stars. I have bought pillows for several family members. DEFINATELY RECOMMENDED!!!!...more info
    This is just what I was looking for. I have neck and jaw problems and found the only real time I ever felt like I was able to relax normally was when I would lie in the bath, suspended by a flotation sling around my lower back (yes it sounds weird but its sooo relaxing, you should try it!) and then my head actually resting on an inflatable bath pillow so all in all i would just be floating on my back in the tub, completely weightless, of course i still do that cos its much better that just sitting in the tub on the hard floor, but i thought, man, if i only i had a pillow like this, that was full of water , it would give me a similar effect for my jaw and neck would it not? of course there i was thinking i had invented some breakthrough product until i googled water pillow and there it was... but I am grateful, i dont have to go to the trouble of making it myself and marketing it etc I can just enjoy what this pillow has to offer, and thats not only neck pain relief, but actually also a good nights sleep. you dont wake up feeling half dead and groggy, which most people do, my neck doesnt hurt at all anymore and its like you are floating in the tub all night long without having to buy a water bed. its premium support for your neck and great for pressure relief if you have a jaw problem. sometimes those memory foam pillows say 'pressure relief' on them, but have you ever noticed they are so bloody hard? ...more info
  • Neck pain gone!
    Typically I have to purchase a new pillow every two months to have one supportive enough as I sleep on my side. I tried memory foam, but the good ones are so hard they're like sleeping on a rock. My chiropractor suggested I try this pillow and I have been using it for almost three years! It has substantially decreased my neck pain (which was most likely due to poor support during sleep). I can't say enough good things about this pillow! ...more info
  • Doctor Recommended
    My husband was recently told by the doctor that he should use a water-filled pillow to help in preventing the reoccurance of a pinched nerve. At first he had negative feelings about such a pillow, so I used it for several nights and found it to be very comfortable. He decided he really should use it, so I ordered one for myself. I find that I am most comfortable with the maximum amount of recommended water. He uses about 3/4 of the maximum amount. The only negative comment is that the pillow is quite heavy. However I find that to be of little significance because it is so comfortable to sleep on. We both highly recommend this pillow. ...more info
  • Changed my life
    I didn't purchase my pillow on here but I do own this exact one and I LOVE it. This pillow has changed my life. No more neck pain! No more upper back pain! This pillow is amazing! Now my husband is hooked! He bought him self one several days ago. No more pain for either of us!...more info
  • This pillow is a neck pain and sleep saver!
    I spent 2 weeks researching for the best pillow for my husband whos neck pain is getting so bad he can no longer sleep at night. So I needed to do something fast but also wanted to be sure that the pillow would do the job. I finally came here and read all the reviews (which helped me so much that I ordered it right then!) It was the best purchase I ever made!! My husband finally can sleep & sleep well with hardly no neck pain at all!! Please trust these reviews & buy this pillow!! I will be buying another for myself!!...more info
  • Cant go back to regular pillows
    You cant go back to regular pillows once u used this...dont read any more reviews just go get this one...will take a couple of days to get used to it but once u get used to this one...u wont use any other pillow..i almost threw it away coz dint like it for the first 2 days......more info
  • Water pillow
    This is a wonderful product. I have a lot of neck problems. Used to wake up with headaches. I do not anymore. ...more info
  • My neck is in heaven!
    I could not be happier with this pillow. I have been in search for the past 2 years for a great pillow, and finally, after spending hundreds of dollars on disappointment, I found this. Thanks to my husband emailing me an AOL article on how to find the right pillow, I heard of Mediflow. It has changed how I sleep every night!...more info
    These pillowsare wonderful to sleep on! They do cradle your head and are still firm enough to give you the neck support you need. I can't tell you how many pillows my husband and I have tried ( from inexpensive to extremely expensive), these are the best yet.

    The only fault I find is that they are heavy after being filled with water. But I'm thinking that's a small price to pay for comfort.

    Would buy again if I had to. GREAT PRICE!!!!!! My chiropractor sells them for $60.00 EACH. Exact same pillow!

    ...more info
  • Comfort
    I have multiple problems with my neck but when I am sleeping on my Mediflow pillow my neck feels much better. I get a better night's sleep and do not get as many headaches as I used to....more info
  • Mediflow Water Pillow
    Bought this item for Mom, who has arthritis causing pain in the neck region. The product was recommended by her physical therapist. She seems happy with it, and her neck pain is not as severe as before. I am encouraged to purchase one for my own use....more info
  • dragonwing1
    Not a bad product but not what I expected. I guss I'm looking for the wonder pillow.Mediflow? Down plus WaterBase Pillow...more info
  • GSR
    I bought this item as a gift for my sister and she absolutely loves it. The only problem was that even with the funnel she got the pillow wet, but not much. ...more info
  • water pillow
    I have been very satisfied with the Chiroflow water based pillow. It is adjustable for firmness and supports the head and neck well. The directions are easy to follow and I have had no problems with the pillow for over 3 months....more info
  • Finally
    I starting having neck pain about 6 months ago. Mostly, it occurred overnight, so I decided that it was probably due to the way I was sleeping. I used one of those foam neck pillows which was too hard and pushed my neck up too much causing more neck pain. I saw the Mediflow pillow and figured it was worth a shot. I have to admit that it did take me a while to find the right water level. I was sure that I needed a firmer pillow, but when I added the corresponding water level, the pillow was much too hard. After fooling around with it a bit I filled it to the level that they recommend for a soft pillow, and this is perfect for back sleeping. I have absolutely no neck pain and my neck feels comfortably supported. I think this is a very good pillow but my recommendation is to make sure that you give it a chance and try different water levels before giving up on it....more info
  • Best pillow you will ever buy
    I have spent over $600 on pillows. When I found out about this one I figure, why not try it. This was it, the last pillow I will ever have to try. No more neck pain, no more headaches. Worth the little money it cost compared to some prices....more info
  • Disappointed
    I tried this pillow for one night and slept terribly. It was comfortable in terms of cushioning (though not really any more so for me than a standard pillow), but it was cold on my neck and upper shoulders. The thermal layer does a good job of keeping the coolness of the water away from the head but does not prevent the coolness from radiating around the edges of the pillow. Were it not for this flaw, I probably would have given it 3 stars. ...more info
  • Excellent pillow
    About ten years ago, a chiropractor tried to get us to buy this pillow. We didnt have much money and thought $45 was excessive. Well 10 years later, I found it for $35, and I wish I had listened to that guy.

    I might not have the back trouble I have now. I went to the doctor with nerve pain from a herniated disk, a sore neck and back. He suggested getting the curved cervical pillow. I had tried them before and did not like them. I got one and it made my neck worse. So I got a Chiroflow.

    First night, I had too much water in it and was not that impressed. 2nd night, I emptied a bit out, and this was the most comfortable pillow I have ever had!! My neck pain was dramatically reduced. I love this pillow. I actually wake up with less pain than I go to bed with, and dont move around to awkward positions. The pillow contours around your head and neck just right....more info
  • Helpful pillow
    I've had neck and back pain for almost ten years now. I've seen multiple specialists,surgeons, chiropractors and physiotherapists with very little relief. One physio (thank you Ali in Colorado Springs) diagnosed my problem to my neck and thus began my search for the perfect pillow. I've tried all sorts of interesting shapes and sizes off the shelf and from various chiro's. This pillow is far ahead of the rest. It hasn't altogether fixed my problem but it has significantly helped. It has offered enough relief that I am buying a second pillow for my w/e property. I notice a night without it. I understand that each person's neck/back problem will be slightly different, but for mine this pillow worked wonders!...more info
  • Most comfortable pillow EVER!!!
    I have had neck and shoulder problems and pain since a whiplash injury 20 years ago. I have purchased a minimum of 10 different types of pillows over the years, many recommended by my chiropractor and physician.

    I noticed my chiropractor recommending this pillow to another patient on my last visit, so decided to try it for myself. I have not had a bit of pain in the two weeks I have been using it. You are able to adjust the firmness by the amount of water you add to the reservoir.

    Speedy delivery by HPMS, The Therapy Connection, too.

    It comes with a fill spout and very complete instructions.

    I couldn't be happier....more info
  • Wonderful to use...
    I was nervous on my order based on the last review. Cause I was nervous that the it would not do it for me. But I was pleased by this product. THe waster inside it makes it a paradise to sleep on. And it literally stops pains in the neck and shoulder when you wake. It makes sleep seems like it last for days..... Wonderful product!...more info
  • Thank Goodness for this Pillow!!!
    18 months ago, I could barely turn my head because my neck and shoulder hurt so much. Within a couple days of getting this pillow, the pain was 50% better. Once I got a new high quality firm mattress and saw a chiropractor, my pain is completely gone and has been gone for almost a year now.

    After trying the pillow, my wife has bought one too. Just bought one for my mom as well.

    I've also tried the Sealy latex foam pillow but this one is definitely better....more info
  • Excellent pillow
    About ten years ago, a chiropractor tried to get us to buy this pillow. We didnt have much money and thought $45 was excessive. Well 10 years later, I found it for $35, and I wish I had listened to that guy.

    I might not have the back trouble I have now. I went to the doctor with nerve pain from a herniated disk, a sore neck and back. He suggested getting the curved cervical pillow. I had tried them before and did not like them. I got one and it made my neck worse. So I got a Chiroflow.

    First night, I had too much water in it and was not that impressed. 2nd night, I emptied a bit out, and this was the most comfortable pillow I have ever had!! My neck pain was dramatically reduced. I love this pillow. I actually wake up with less pain than I go to bed with, and dont move around to awkward positions. The pillow contours around your head and neck just right....more info
  • Pain is GONE!
    During 2008, I had two severe instances of pain related to my upper spinal column. During the first, pain in my jaw was so severe that I could hardly open my mouth in the morning. At first I believed I had a dental problem. Imagine my disbelief when my two dentists assured me it was caused by my back! The pain subsided over several months. Later in the year, the pain erupted again, this time as a very achy right arm feeling and sore right shoulder. After visiting an orthopedic surgeon and therapist, it was finally diagnosed as a pinched nerve between L3 and 4, caused by a narrowing space and slight arthritis. I am a side sleeper, sleeping on my left side and had tried several new pillows over the course of the year. The "cure" follows:

    1) Mediflow pillow filled to "medium" setting
    2) A regular foam pillow set vertically next to my chest to rest my right arm on while sleeping.
    3) No more pushups. The Doc and therapist suggested this was one of the most taxing exercises for a condition like mine.
    4) Move my computer monitor directly in front of my eyes rather than at an angle.
    5) Avoid dozing in the evening while in an easy chair without head support.

    I believe all the following helped, especially the Mediflow. Don't look for the pillow to do it all for you. The Mediflow is one of the best pillows I have ever purchased. The foam fill is as smooth and lump free as the day I received it, something I could never say about any other pillow I purchased, regardless of the price. It is comfortable for me in any sleeping position, side, back or stomach. It is a little heavier to manipulate but the benefits to me far outweigh that slight inconvenience. No water noise. And unlike my old pillows, no need to wake up to reposition, fluff, stuff or use my shoulder as a wedge. It is a great product and I would pay triple the price for this product! I love it!...more info
  • After a few months....
    Ok I waited to do this review because I wanted to see how well this pillow would work for me. I had found that at first I thought it worked great. It was soft and comfortable.

    After awhile I noticed I was getting pain in the very back of my head. I thought maybe I was sleepy wrong. It turns out that with the water in the pillow it will still become misshapen during the night and my neck would lose the support that i was looking for.

    My neck was popping out of place and my chiropractor would have to adjust my neck rather hard to get it back in place. It had to be the pillow. So I started using other plain pillows just to see what would happen and a plain pillow provided support better than this type water pillow. I even adjusted the water inside it in order to try and make it support better. This pillow just did not work for me.

    Another note I had bought the 2 pack so that I could give one of these pillows to my husband, and it caused him to SNORE every night he used it. Even after adjusting water level. This pillow might work for some people but not me.

    I gave my pillow to my 5 year old daughter. She seemed to like it, even though it is so heavy she can not lift it. She has even had to have her neck adjusted more often after complaining of neck pain, since using the pillow.

    I will be getting rid of it because it just does not seem to be working out. What a shame. I hate to spend that much money on pillows and they not do what they are suppose to. ...more info
  • Outstanding product
    I have been using this pillow for seven months. My sleep improved beginning on the first night and the stiff neck I had had was gone ... and has remained gone. It does feel comfortable. An added bonus has been my wife commenting that my snoring is much lighter.

    I found the pillow easy to fill with water. It fills quickly but I just had to slow down and fill carefully so that the water didn't overflow out of the dual purpose tool used as a cap when filling. That dual purpose tool also is used as a wrench to tighten the valve cap. I've had no problem at all since with water leakage: the seal seems to be completely tight and I do not anticipate any problem at all with that as it seems well made.

    I used 3 liters in order as recommended to get a medium degree of firmness. That has seemed just fine so I did not need to make any adjustment. I removed the air pocket from the water pouch as recommended and have not noticed any sloshing since.

    The entire process of preparing the pillow was easy and quick.

    Save the dual purpose tool! You will need at least every year when it is advised that the water in the pillow be changed. You would also need that tool if you want to adjust the firmness of the pillow (which I have not had the need to do).

    I've spent years never finding an adequate pillow so I've been happily surprised to have found this pillow. It seems well made so hopefully it will last years but I worry what I will do if I have to replace it: hopefully it will be no problem to order another Mediflow pillow here at Amazon. I've actually considered ordering a "spare" - in fact, it wouldn't hurt at all to keep a second one on my queen-size bed.

    I saw this pillow advertised by Mediflow on the Web when I had followed a link to read about meditating in a chair. Was the company sharp enough to realize that if I wanted to read about meditating in a chair I might have neck problems? If so, it worked.

    Mediflow's web site contains a lot of helpful information about the pillow, including tests conducting purported to show its benefits. I took that information into consideration before making my order through Amazon. I am reminded every night, when I wake up every morning, and especially as I go through the day without a painfully stiff neck how much of a benefit this Mediflow pillow has been to me since the first day I slept on it.
    ...more info
  • No more neck and back pain!
    I haven't had any neck or back pains since I started using this pillow about 2 months ago, and I've tried every pillow on the market! I also realized that I haven't had any more shoulder pains since I've used this pillow, and I didn't even realize that the shoulder pains were associated with my pillow. Another thing I like is the fact that this pillow is heavier than the traditional pillow from the water and it doesn't slide or move all over the bed. I really like this pillow and can't imagine going back to any other kind after the comfort of this one....more info
  • Comfortable
    A chiropractor had recommended this pillow and I used it for several years before I noticed some black (possibly mold) developing. Had never changed the water or treated it (not sure if I was suppose to). I tried some other pillows before settling back on this one. I don't have any neck pain or problems sleeping - I just love the pillow. It's extremly comfortable....more info
  • I don't get it
    I've tried and own several other specialty type pillows IE the buckwheat pillow, an ortho pillow and have liked most of them. Unfortunately, i left my favorite pillow in a hotel and of course the staff didn't know anything about it when i called, argh --- but that's another story.

    On to the water flow, I tried the recommended amount of water to start with and that was uncomfortable. So I tried pouring some water out and got the pillow wet. This lead me to throw in the closet for a few weeks. Ultimately, i played it enough to where I could use it. ( fyi- it's like the old water beds you need to squeeze all the air out because It will make a bunch of noise if you don't.) I also purchased the extra comfortable cover - made the pillow to hot for me. Bottom line-- It's not uncomfortable and my neck doesn't hurt but it's still not a "pleasure" to lay down on. So I'm looking for something that is.

    On the other side -- I never thought one of my life's missions would be looking for the perfect pillow but the older I've gotten, the more important a good night's sleep has become. ...more info
  • Not what I needed
    I was disappointed with this pillow. My chiropractor suggested I use one to help alleviate shoulder pain from sleeping on pillows that were too soft. As a side sleeper, I need a very firm pillow. Unfortunately, even with the maximum amount of water added, this pillow is a "medium firm" at best. It CANNOT BE RETURNED either so I am stuck with an expensive pillow I cannot return. Needless to say, the chiropractor got an earful....more info
  • Can a pillow you sleep on weigh a ton?
    The answer is Yes! I ordered 3 of these and only put water in one, just to see how I liked it. If you have any neck or shoulder problems, it may be ok to sleep on this(I just layed my head on it to see how it felt,it was ok but you cannot move it! If you want to reposition it or fluff it,Forget It!)but forget trying to pick it up to take it off the bed to make it. It will throw your back out! I called the company and told them my delema and they said they couldn't take ANY of them back because of federal laws or something.Well I told them I only opened 1 so they took back the other 2. Now I'm stuck with a pillow I payed 34.95 plus shipping which was over 13.00 for all and I had to pay shipping to send back the 2.I still haven't heard from Barrington Co.I expressed I didn't see anything on the website saying they were not returnable and they told me to go back and recheck it.It was in small blue letters but not noticable enough! And I recommended they put the weight of the pillow,after the water is added,on the webpage(where it's noticable!).For every liter of water you need to your confort level is a heavier pillow! And I took back a couple of pillows to Penney's with no trouble at all!Sometimes buying online ain't all it's cracked up to be!...more info
  • Mediflow Pillow
    The pillow is very comfortable. The only thing I find disconcerting is that it is so heavy. I hadn't thought about that before my purchase, but it hasn't been a problem either, just a surprise....more info
  • u wont return back to traditional pillows
    excellent..just make sure that the water content is right and u remove the air bubble..once ur used to this u wont go back to traditional pillows.....more info
  • the answer to my neck pain
    I have been suffering from neck and shoulder pain for the last year. This pillow came highly recommended by my chiropractor and he was right. Almost instantly, my pain is gone. I will be buying more of these for friends and family for sure!!

    ...more info
  • THE best pillow. ever.
    I have bad back and neck problems for years, and this pillow was recommended by my chiropractor. The best kept secret. How come everyone doesn't use one? Yes, it is heavy, but also heavenly. No more neck and back pain due to sleep positions. I have enjoyed it for about 2 years, and was then tired of hearing my husband complain of neck and shoulder pain every day when he woke up. I told him to just get the water pillow. I finally got it for him (and a new one for me...). His pain is completely gone, and we now fight over who has who's pillow at night. Did he take the one with 96 ounces? I like mine at about 85 ounces. The negative is that we are now spoiled so when traveling, even to nice hotels with plush bedding, we get our neck pain back and love coming back home to our water pillows. (too heavy and cumbersome to bring). A happy marriage of his and her water pillows. What could be better?...more info
  • chiroflow pillow not the answer
    This pillow is okay but certainly did not help my neck pain seems to flatten slightly as time goes on and I filled it pretty full with water. So it may help some people but it hasn't helped me...more info
  • Absolutely FABULOUS!
    I now have these pillows on all our beds, including our guest room. It is almost impossible to describe how wonderful these pillows feel under your head at night without sounding gushy. The feeling you get(at least based upon the amount of water we add) is firm and secure. You never feel like the water is sloshing around. These pillows do not flatten out... ever and the fiber fill around the edges of the water bladder is high quality. The first thing our guests ask after sleeping on them where to get them. Not often your can give someone the wonderful gift of a comfortable nights sleep. All the positive comments from guests lead me to conclude that they are wonderful gifts as well and they do get oo's and ahs! I have bought them pairs for my parents, friends and other relatives and they all rant and rave. The pillow cover is also very nice quality. Not like the ones you buy in a department store and it really does protect the investment(the price here can't be beat) since you will never buy another foam or feather pillow after using these. I bought my first one in the doctors office for $69.99 so its like you get two for the price of one. ...more info
  • it really works
    I've had chronic neck pain with morning headaches almost every day since a car accident 6 years ago. I 've tried all sorts of pillows including the memory-foam type and this one is far superior. I noticed a difference within three to four days. I have even been able to cut down the frequency of my chiropractic visits. I highly recommend this product if you have neck pain because it sure has helped me out....more info
  • So far so good...
    I chose this pillow after reading a number of reviews on various products, so I feel obligated to provide my own feedback and hopefully help someone else. I have a stable fracture in my cervical spine with intermittent muscle pain related to an injury sustained about 8 years ago. I have had limited success in finding a pillow that is comfortable, and when I do find one that alleviates, or at least does not add to, my discomfort, within a year or so, I am in pain once again.

    I have only had this pillow 1 month, so I can speak only to the short term, but my usual pain/discomfort has been absent since using this pillow. I had to play with the water level a bit to find the right balance for me, but was able to complete this process quickly. Both filling and emptying the water is a simple process, as is removing the excess air to avoid that annoying "sloshing" sound.

    I have nothing negative to say about this product,thus the 5-star rating, but I will try to add to this review in a year or so to comment on the long term comfort. I expect that the ability to adjust the thickness, by adjusting the water level will allow for long term comfort, but time will tell. As of now, I would certainly recommend this product to anyone with chronic neck pain. I had almost forgotten what it felt like to lay down without some form of discomfort, so I am very happy with this product....more info
  • Not much relief
    Unfortunately, this pillow did not work as well as I expected. After using it for a week I gave up and went back to my old pillow just to test the difference. There really wasn't much of a difference and I tried three different levels of water. Finally, I emptied the water and just blew air into it which seems to work better for me....more info
  • medi flow pillow
    I have never slept on a better pillow and would never go back to a regular one. Need I say more....more info
  • This pillow is amazing!
    This pillow is amazing. After one night, my neck pain was gone. I couldn't believe it. I still have some stiffness due to sitting at a computer terminal all day, but no longer feel like I need to wear a neck brace to have any comfort. I was skeptical, but like I said, it was amazing. Well worth the money. ...more info
  • No more chiropractor
    I had been having back pain in my lower back for about 3 months before I sought out a chiropractor. I saw the chiropractor for about 1-2 months 2-3 times a week. I felt a little better but not as much as I could have. I bought a new bed in hopes that might help too, it did for about 2 weeks. Finally I started a new job, working with someone that had one of these pillows before, reviewer A.J.Smith, and he told me about it. I got one, and within about a week, my back pains have been relieved. My fiancee does not really like the way it sound of the water in it, but she knows it has been a tremendous help to my health and attitude because I am not longer in constant pain. So this about 50$ solution provided more relieve than the over 400$ I spent on a chiropractor and the 1000$ I spent on a new bed. Sometimes the simplest of all is the correct solution to the problem....more info
  • Bye Bye Neck Pain!!!
    While it took me a full week to get used to sleeping on this pillow, it was worth it!! I purchased this pillow from my chiropractor years ago - and have lived without neck pain ever since! He warned me it takes a bit of getting used to - that I should allow a full week of sleeping on it before full benefits are felt. He was right! I went thru some uncomfortable nights, but kept his words in mind. The benefits far outweighed those few nights of discomfort!! Sounds wrong - but it's true!

    Took a bit of adjustment on the amount of water I used - I tend to like a firmer pillow and ended up with a bit more than the instructions suggest in it.

    It is heavy, yes, but you only need to pick it up when changing the sheets. Worth it!!! I used to have to go to the chiropractor far too often for pain in my neck - that is a thing of the past! I sleep on my back and sides throughout the night - this pillow is so comfortable I adjust with little to no effort.

    I can't believe I've waited this long to review it! Please, if you have neck pain - get this pillow!!! I can't recommend it high enough!!

    - 1smileycat :-)...more info
  • Relief at last!
    I have fibromyalgia and arthritis in my neck. This water pillow was an answer to my prayers. I found it through an add online and delivery was fast and well packaged. I recommend it to anyone who has problems with their neck when they are trying to sleep. Much thanks to the people who developed it....more info
  • comfort
    i was a little leury at first but when my head hit that pillow it was sure comfort.I was waking up with a head ache and pains in my neck but thanks to this pillow it seems my head aches have subsided and the pains in my neck are literally gone.thank you for the relief .Mr.Frank Medina Sr....more info
  • Good product-give it a try..
    Very simply, this is a good product. My neck pain has decreased, and while I can't attribute it to the pillow alone, I do feel more comfortable at night. I used to have 2-3 pillows in various positions, and now I'm happy with just this one. I have it very firm, yet it is still comfortable-no sloshing water. I like that it doesn't move around due to the weight. I bought this due to the high ratings given by Amazon users. I don't think you'll be sorry if you give it a try......more info
  • A magical pillow... Finally!
    In the past year, I realized that I was having back and neck pain due to my pillow. I'm in my late 20's, and have never had this problem before. I've gone thru a lot of pillows recently. I started out trying traditional pillows from target for side sleepers/back sleepers and just getting a new one every 2 months or so when it got too squished down for me.

    The last one I tried was the Homedics HMP-TRCL Temp-Rite 4 Lb. Density Classic Pillow, and I was really hoping it was "the one" -- I'm starting to feel like the goldilocks of pillows. It wasn't and my neck pain upon waking got worse. It was a great pillow until it squished down with body warmth and left you with no neck support. So..on to the next! I saw this water pillow as the #1 of the top 'popular' pillows recommended on an AOL .com story. I was willing to give away my first born(ok, so I don't plan on having any kids, but I figured I could promise it despite that, right?) for a good nights sleep, so I ordered the mediflow water pillow.

    When it arrived -- I was like 'huh, this seems like a normal cheap pillow' with just the puffy fill, no feathers or anything. Then I started putting water in. The bottom of the pillow is the water pouch, where the entire top is the pillow. All in all, I wasn't overly impressed, but like I said before, I'll try anything. And yes, this sucker is heavy. I won't need kids because lugging around this pillow is the same as having a 2 or 3 year old. It's heavy. I'm not going to be doing that often except for road trips or visiting the parents, so it's not a huge concern.

    Usually my first night with a new pillow is extremely uncomfortable, with this one, I actually slept thru the night. I was so used to waking up every hour or so to flip my homedics pillow. I got out of bed thinking 'I really hate Wednesday, so much work to do' instead of 'ugh, I so want to go right back to sleep, my back/neck is killing me'. It took me a little while to figure out I hadn't thought about that pain. I did need to adjust the water a little, I had filled it to the brim, and took out just a cup or two. I think I'm in the firm category that they mention on the instructions.

    Now for the MAGIC: this week I've been waking up an hour or two earlier. And feeling...awake. not groggy and in pain. I think this might be the pillow. Because I'm sleeping soundly throughout the night, I reach my sleep limit earlier. I don't use an alarm clock, so I just get up whenever I naturally wake up(I work from home), which is usually 8:30. I've been waking up at 6:30 and then figuring I can squeeze in another hour, so I go back to sleep till 7:30.

    I'm so happy with this pillow right now, and for 35 bucks, it was definitely worth a shot!! If you're having neck and back pain, I know you're at the brink like I was. Don't bother promising your first born(or 2nd or 3rd) to anyone, just buy this pillow. =)

    ...more info
  • not impressed
    I thought this sounded like an amazing pillow. I have a baby and carrying him around all day I get back and neck pain. Well, I don't know if I"m doing something wrong but I think a memory foam pillow is a million times more comfortable. I really had high hopes for this. But witht he water side down it's just a run of the mill soft pillow. With the water side up it's slightly more comfortable but nothing amazing. It's a big gimmick. I"d suggest going with a great memory foam pillow. Maybe I am doing something wrong, i've tried more water, less water and it's all the same. It's like a mini water bed. sploosh ....more info
  • Sleep and neck pain saver!
    I spent 2 weeks researching for the best pillow for my husband whos neck pain is getting so bad he can no longer sleep at night. So I needed to do something fast but also wanted to be sure that the pillow would do the job. I finally came here and read all the reviews (which helped me so much that I ordered it right then!) It was the best purchase I ever made!! My husband finally can sleep & sleep well with hardly no neck pain at all!! Please trust these reviews & buy this pillow!! I will be buying another for myself!!...more info
  • Absolutely love this pillow!
    I bought one of these pillows about 14 years ago and used it until recently when it sprang a leak after all that time. I certainly got my moneys worth out of it. At one time I had such terrible neck and shoulder pain that surgery was becoming an option for me. I had tried so many differant pillows but no relief. After having used this pillow for about 6 months I realized that my pains had subsided and I was sleeping so peacefully. Needless to say I am ordering another one of these "miracle" pillows immediately especially since my pains are starting to return. I truly feel that I would still be using my original pillow if I had been more careful in transporting it all over the country with me. I left the water in it when I traveled with it and probably should have emptied it each time. I cannot say enough good things about this pillow. A great big thank you to the manufacturer. Patricia ...more info
  • heavy
    Nice pillow, but very, very heavy! Hard to move around, especially if your an older person! I bought two, but gave the second one to my daughter. My husband decided it was too heavy for him to move around....more info
    As one who has long suffered from hot, unsupportive pillows, this item is a Godsend. The h2o-filled core allows one to adjust it to their exact comfort level, and the insulation between the water jacket and the sleeper's head keeps it comfy without causing sweating. I have used it two nights in a row, and for the first time in years I haven't been waking constantly to flip my pillow to the cool side. I also haven't gotten up with a sore neck from sleeping with my head in a bent position. I love this product and recommend it heartily! ...more info