Crown Prince Natural Alaskan Pink Salmon, No Salt Added, 7.5-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12)
Crown Prince Natural Alaskan Pink Salmon, No Salt Added, 7.5-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12)

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Product Description

Excellent source of protein. Wild caught. Low sodium. Ready to eat. Especially produced for the natural product industry. Contains 1.5g of omega-3 fatty acids per serving. Product of USA.

  • Case of 12 7.5-ounce cans (total of 90 ounces)
  • Product of the sustainable Alaskan salmon harvest
  • Contains 1.5g of omega-3 per serving; no salt added; kosher
  • Excellent source of protein, good source of calcium, zero carbohydrates, zero trans fat, low sodium
  • Wild-caught; product of the USA

Customer Reviews:

  • My favorite canned salmon
    I was so happy to find this on Amazon as they stopped carrying it at my grocery store. This is healthy and delicious Alaskan salmon. My entire family loves it....more info
  • No salt!
    This is good salmon for a good price. The description does say "No Salt Added," but I didn't realize how canned salmon tastes without salt until I bought this and ate it for the first time. I'm almost tempted to add salt to mine. If you are specifically watching your salt, this is great. If not, you may want to buy regular canned salmon WITH salt added....more info
  • best canned salmon
    this is the best canned salmon that i have found, no canned taste, minimal bones and skin - makes great salmon patties....more info
  • Too many bones
    The can is filled with sharp, tiny bones. They cannot be removed (too many). I got a small bone stuck in my throat and had to go to the doctor. I am throwing out the rest and strongly advise not to buy....more info
  • Finally canned salmon without the salt.
    This product is excellent. I have steered clear of canned salmon due to the high sodium, but not any more. the taste is very fresh and not fishy or strong at all....more info
    This salmon product was a nice surprise. Because thay did not add salt you could enjoy the flavor of the salmon that is not salted up. It is hard to find caned fish products with no or low salt added in many stores. ...more info
  • Health In A Can
    I bought a case of these and have really been enjoying them! Delicious, wholesome flavor, taste more natural than standard store-bought canned fish. Since there is no salt added, I mix anchovies with this salmon, and enjoy the combination. I like my fish salty. Highly recommend this brand!
    -------J. Lehman...more info
  • Skin, Bones & All
    You want all natural? With this product you get it.
    The quality and flavor is excellent-- after you pick out all of the bones and skin etc. At first glance it looks like catfood or bait, but looking past all of this there is excellent salmon caught in pristine Alaskan waters.

    I don't know that it is worth paying extra for something simply because it doesn't have salt unless you are on a salt-restricted diet. There are larger cans available at the same price in which you have to pick out the bones and skin.

    All-in-all. It's great, but know what you're getting.

    ...more info
  • Low-Sodium Canned Salmon
    This is wonderful canned salmon with very, very low sodium. Can be used in a salmon salad or in patties, casseroles - great product. Hope Amazon continues to carry it regularly....more info
  • This is the shizz
    We love this canned salmon. Delish. Low in sodium. Very fresh tasting, considering it's from a can. And of course, it cannot be compared to wild caught fresh salmon. But it's a tasty alternative to the ubiquitous tuna fish.

    Even better, I can't find this brand and packaging in my local stores. So ordering this from Amazon is a major hoot....more info
  • We don't need the salt- Thank You
    Tastes just wonderful with out all the sodium.It makes wonderful smoked salmon, just add liquid smoke!...more info
  • High-quality low-salt canned salmon
    Excellent flavor without the high salt content typical of other canned salmon - it's so good I even drink the extra liquid from the can. Since the fish itself is not salty it goes well with higher-salt dressings like pesto sauce. Great source of supplemental protein and fatty acids too....more info
  • Yucks!
    Don't like this product. The salmon smells very strong, and I didn't like having to pick out all the bits of salmon skin and bones....more info
  • Delicious canned salmon and a pantry must-have
    I have just ordered my second case. The salmon is delicious and my favorite go-to lunch staple, usually as a sandwich or tomato filling with a little mayo, celery, dill, pepper and sometimes Tabasco. The flavor is milder than canned tuna. The bones are easily incorporated, and a great source of calcium. It's difficult to find good-tasting food that is low in sodium, and this salmon is both. I'll be a steady customer. Many thanks!...more info
  • For the Health Conscious
    I had to search long and hard to find canned salmon that was both extremely low in salt and wild-caught (i.e., with far fewer PCBs than farmed salmon). I'm grateful to have found Crown Prince Natural Alaskan Pink Salmon. For anyone concerned about the bones -- They are extremely soft/crumbling, so there's no need to remove them. They are also an excellent source of calcium....more info
  • delicious and good for you
    this is one of our main sources of proteins, with NO SALT ADDED! and yummy bones and skin left in!! thanks be to salmon!...more info
  • skin and bones
    I actually prefer to have them, they add healthful nutrition. For example, bones give much needed calcium in its natural form....more info
  • Good stuff
    I used to buy the larger cans, but this is a better size and saves waste. ...more info
  • Excellent canned salmon!
    Wild caught, no added salt, great price. Great flavor too.
    Bones and skin are pretty normal in canned salmon and mix right into a salad. A source of calcium, actually. And Omega 3 oil is highly recommended.

    Add some herbs and lemon juice (and maybe even a little salt), some fine chopped sweet onions, some fresh garlic ... have a feast!

    I don't buy many canned or other prepared foods because of the high salt and other additives, so this is great to find! I notice this company also carries no salt added tuna - also a great price....more info
  • very tasty
    Nice mild taste though there is a strong fish odor in the 'juice' - the cats loved that! there are a lot of bones and skin - reminds me of when mom would make sardine sandwiches... very tasty though and no after taste. and though no salt is great, I'm going to try the no bones or skin type next...wild caught is great too...more info
  • not great but pretty good
    It's good enough that we've bought three or four cases over the last year. It's clean, healthful and generally mild-flavored. We have found no better canned pink wild salmon in the U.S., although we have found better Alaskan canned salmon in the UK and Canada. ...more info
  • Good stuff
    I try to eat salmon because it's supposed to be healthy when it's wild caught. I like that this is salt free, so I can add my own sea salt and use less. I called the company because I was worried about BPA in canned goods, but they said it is free of BPA, so that's good too. This is so much cheaper than fresh salmon. Nowhere near as good as fresh, but one of the better canned salmons I've eaten. I add some olive oil, apple cider vinegar, sea salt, and a few spices and I've really gotten to like it....more info
  • Good canned fish at a good price
    Unlike Crown Prince Kipper Snacks, the Crown Prince Pink Salmon actually takes good, does not stink up the house, and is easy to open without fear of splashing fish juice everywhere. I can eat this right out of the can..usually mixed with some kind of sweet sauce like a raspberry vinaigrette.

    I will buy this product again in the future....more info
  • Too Many Bones
    I thought this was like tuna fish but it is not. It is just like the taller cans of salmon with bones in it just a shorter version. The salmon is good if you can get pass the bones.

    What I do is de-bone seven cans at a time and freeze them because it is a headache to have to de-bone a can each and every time. Since this works for me I will continue to buy this product.
    ...more info
  • great salmon!
    this salmon is highly recommended. It is wild and has no preservatives. Good stuff....more info


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