Cottonelle For Kids Folded Moist Wipes Refills, Case Pack, Eight 84-Count Packs (672 Wipes)

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Product Description

Cottonelle For Kids Folded Moist Wipes Refills, Case Pack, Eight - 84 Count Packs (672 Wipes)

  • One finger push button lid
  • One handed single sheet dispensing
  • Kid friendly puppy graphics on package
  • 84 sheets per refill
  • Case Pack

Customer Reviews:

  • Scent gives me severe headaches
    I have purchased the other cottonelle wipes (in white package) for years and been very happy with them. I assumed the Cottonelle for Kids was simply a smaller version of these, so when I saw them on sale, I ordered them.

    Who knew one,that they would be so heavily scented and two, that the smell/scent of these would be so horrendous that I'd develop severe headaches? I cannot even have them inside the plastic box/containers in the room without a headache developing.

    I am going to contact to see if I can return the remaining packs. Huge waste of money for me if I can't since I can't use them.

    I don't understand why anything marketed for children would have such a heavy and awful scent to it.

    Would NOT recommend these to anyone due to the scent issue. (Yes, scent is personal, but I don't have severe headaches when using other scented personal care products.)

    ...more info
  • LOVE Cottonelle wipes, Not crazy for this new version of wipe.
    We buy these in bulk and have been using this product for as long as they've made it I imagine. It goes with us on trips, works well as travel diaper wipes, we have it in all of our bathrooms. Guests appreciate having these available to them I know. I am not a fan of the new packaging however. The wipes have to be torn from each other unless you are using the flip lid box with the little hole that the wipe pokes through. I prefer and still use the open/shut box lid which the new wipes are meant to go with and don't work well with - but I don't like the pop lid box at all. If I liked and/or could buy bulk in any other brand of wipe as, I'd switch because of this one thing....more info
  • Great product for kids!
    Boy, are these ever fantastic for potty training! Plus, they're SO much easier than using toilet paper for kids. They get them cleaner too, something that's always a challenge, but they're also a confidence booster too for the kids. They're cleaner and they're learning at the same time. And, if you have a Persian cat, they're wonderful for cleaning out their ears! :) I buy these things all the time, as well as the adult version and can't say enough good about them. Been using them for 5 years now and don't plan on stopping! Highly recommend!...more info
  • Best wipes for all ages!
    These wipes are perfect for children and adults. Like another reviewer said, they are standard size and will fit any dispenser, not just the kid ones. Great price and convenience!...more info
  • wonderful product!
    We were using the kandoo's wipes for the kids but found these bigger and the kids like the smell better. This was the best deal we found. Terrific all around!...more info
  • Great, but do not flush
    These items are neat little towelettes that normally come in a handy little plastic container, and this is the refill package. They are very handy, and work wonders for insuring cleanliness. Personally, I now consider them a necessary part of my toiletries!

    On the down side, flushing these things *can* result in plumbing problems, as I experienced. Apparently, if your sewer line is relatively new and clear, they should give you no problems. But, if your system has any place in it where things can collect, you will face problems. According to the plumber, toilet paper begins to break down quite quickly, but these towelettes can take over a month to do so.

    So, overall, I do like this product, and I recommend it. I just recommend that if you live in an older house, that you do not flush them....more info
  • Great Product
    This is a great product. Seems better than the adult version. Fragrance is better and thickness is better. Good travelling container....more info


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