Relacore- Stress-Related Abdominal Obesity Supplement,110 caps

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Do you have excess "tummy flab"? Is your belly bigger then you like? If so then Relacore is just what you need! Excess tummy flab is not your fault... That's the startling conclusion reached by scientists who discovered the likely cause of stubborn belly fat. But instead of simply identifying the problem... this time, they may have found the solution! Take the Metabolic Syndrome Test: Does everyday life make you stressed out and anxious? Are you accumulating belly fat that you just can't get rid of? Do you binge eat in response to daily stress? Do you have high triglycerides (the bad cholesterol)? Are you sensitive to refined sugar? Have you tried diet after diet without long term success? According to government researchers, the link between stress, tension, and belly fat is clear. It's called Metabolic Syndrome - a figure destroying, health threatening problem resulting in increased belly fat associated with high levels of cortisol - a nasty little stress hormone that causes pound after pound of excess body fat to accumulate around the waist and on your tummy.

  • Stress Reducer
  • Mood Enhancer
  • Helps Pervent Stress-related adominal fat
  • Helps Balance Hormone Levels
  • Prevents Over-heating

Customer Reviews:

  • Hair Loss
    Yeah, for all of you people - keep taking the product you may experience the same results as I am now. After taking Relacore fore few weeks my hair started to fall out. It happened like over night the first day I lost two hand fulls of hair. I used to have long, thick hair. Now my hair is thin and you can see my scalp. Not only that it keeps falling out more. So, I am 30 years old and I am going bald. Read the label. It says hair loss. Be careful and stop talking it before its too late. I called customer service, they telling me to send back the pills and they will give me my money back. I don't care about that. I wanted to contact someone who knows if my hair will ever grow back. I was told that the hair loss side effect is written there just in case. That people never that these side effects. I went online, read customer reviews and I am not the only one who is losing hair. Some other side effects: fatigue, stomach cramps, drowsiness, not able to concentrate, acme, dry scalp. ...more info
  • For those who are STRESSED out!
    My husband has been taking Relacore for several months now and it has literally saved his life! He has the unfortunate luck of inheriting his parents' weight and diabetic genes and is also a very anxious, stressed out guy. He is in the USMC and exercises vigorously and maintains a pretty decent diet, so has been able to keep his weight down pretty well until he hit his 30's. He has also been transferred into a job that's pretty stressful and he became quite anxious almost every day. My mom gave him some Relacore to try out, and almost instantly he became more calm and lost the anxiety. He also has been able to lose the weight (though at a healthy, gradual pace). He has tried Hydroxycut, Xenedren, among others, and this was the only one to relax him and take the weight off. All the others made him turn from a Dr. Jekyl to a Mr. Hyde! His sister, who is also a very nervous and anxious person tried it out and in 5 minutes her demeanor improved drasticly!
    On the other hand, my father tried Relacore out, but being a super laid back and relaxed person (on the extreme side at times), it made him more anxious and he could not sleep at night (even taking the Relacore Night)!
    I am usually pretty relaxed and only "stress out" when I have to run for PT. I get so anxious that my stomach ends up in knots by time I get to the track. My husband suggested taking a Relacore to relieve my anxieties and it worked; I didn't enjoy running any more than before, but I wasn't stressed out about it!
    I would recommend Relacore to people who want to lose weight and are stressed out beyond average. It is also good to note that it acts as a laxitive, too. My husband is always constipated, so that was a relief (no pun intended) for him as well. ...more info
  • Wonder drug for Stress & anxiety?
    This product has significantly relieved my feeling of stress and anxiety...a great feeling of well being and calm. I'm not sure my tummy flab has gone away by it, but it has prevented me from the urge of stress eating when not hungry. I have been taking this for about two months, less than the prescribed dose and it it amazing....more info
  • It does work! But only if your cortisol levels are raised...
    This is very simple. The people that it works for (like me) are the people who have raised cortisol levels! Different people handle stress in different ways, so if it is not working for you its because your cortisol level is fine and there is another reason why you have belly fat. Why does everyone think one supplement works for everyone? Have your cortisol levels checked by your doctor before you take the supplement, don't just try it and say its a bad product! If your cortisol level is fine and you take it,you are LOWERING your cortisol even further and you will experience bad effects like hair loss, acne, and fatigue. I really wish people would use a little common sense before they just "jump in" to a new product or regimen. Sometimes belly fat is simply due to overeating and lack of exercise......more info
  • Terrible Experience
    I'm pre-menopausal, so I was looking for a product to help reduce my newly acquired belly fat. I've always been very thin until recently. After taking this product for two weeks, I lost no belly fat, but I did develop huge cyst-like bumps on my back and forehead. I also suddenly became very tired, even though I wasn't sleeping soundly. I took the medicine exactly as prescribed. I think this is dangerous medicine and I do not recommend it. I'm 45 and I'm still trying to deal with the cystic acne on my back. I have never had acne until now, even as a teenager. Hopefully, my fatigue and acne will subside soon, but I'm still trying to recover from this horrible experience....more info
    I've tried several pills to help me lose weight or at least control my eating habit. I used relacore with the hopes that it would get rid of excess belly fat as it says it does, Of course it is not rocket science - any diet pill you take I truly recommend exercising, because there is no MIRACLE PILL, FACE IT, People need to get up and exercise and not rely on only a pill to do all the work. When I bought relacore I knew that exercising is the key to losing the weight and just hoped that relacore helped in keeping the weight off. NOT TRUE! I took it for an entire month WITH EXERCISING!! and not only did it do NOTHING, it also made my face break out!! so bad that i had to see a doctor to prescribe a cream and claritin. My room mate and I did it together and it did the same to her, but not as bad as it did to me. I took the dosage that it said to take for an entire month and within the third week i broke out in pimples and then into a rash. I have soft clear and clean skin, I've never had a problem like this. So for anyone who really wants to lose weight ask you doctor first, cause it took me at least 2 weeks to have my face cleared again. I also recommend trying HOODIA - it controls your eating habit by alot!! but make sure it is from south africa and it's 100% pure. It helped me alot - but when your body is used to taking it, to continue you may need to take more than recommended, I stopped taking it because I have stabled myself in eating less. and always exercise!!!!...more info
  • Less Stress = More Sleep
    I have been taking this for about 2 weeks now. I have noticed that my tummy has gone down even if the scale doesn't agree. The best part about this product is that it is lowering my stress and I am actually sleeping well. I haven't slept this well in years - seriously. I can't believe it. It is wonderful....more info
    I took this product along with another supplement that contained hoodia, green tea and chromium. Between the two, that covered appetite suppression, glucose levels, energy and stress. This product is fantastic and I lost 17 lbs. in about 2 months with a slightly stricter diet (still had creamer & real sugar in my coffee but not too many carbs and barely any fat) and only exercised 2 times a week. ...more info
  • relacore effectiveness
    Relacore is not effective as I expect it would be. It need's to be coupled by exercise and diet. So, I stop taking and I just exercise and do some diet modification....more info
  • Doesn't help so much for weight loss, but fantastic for anxiety!
    I purchased Relacore as I've done many other supplements in the past- Hopeful, but also skeptical. I exercise daily (at least an hour.. Cardio and weights) and eat a very healthy diet, however I still couldn't seem to get rid of that 'pooch' belly.

    While Relacore may have helped my problem area (I notice a slight difference), it GREATLY improved my struggle with anxiety. I used to have horrible panic attacks, and was more recently able to get them down to just being on the verge on my own, but that still had a very negative effect on my well-being. The 2nd day I was on Relacore, that verge disappeared COMPLETELY- It was literally like a light switch. My husband has also noticed I am far more calm. And I'd like to point out that I had NO idea that it also worked for people with anxiety, so it's not all in my head or the placebo effect.

    So, even if it doesn't help me completely eliminate my problem area, I will continue to use this product, as it has really changed my life.
    ...more info
  • Anyone interested in the rest of my bottle?
    Took it consistently for a month then ran out. Didn't lose a single damn pound. Didn't lose any stress. Nothing. Nada. Luckily it was cheap. Another gimmick that didn't work. ...more info
  • Does what it was originally designed to do
    I agree with the first poster. As long as I'm on this product, I'm don't feel like I'm losing my mind on the least little thing. I have two little boys who demand all of my attention (as they should), and I recognize when I don't buy this for a month, I can't handle the screaming and yelling sometimes. I feel like going in my room and throwing the blankets over my head for ten minutes.

    But, when I'm on the product, I deal with the problem and move on without a thought. I notice when I'm calm, they're calm.

    Basically, I love this stuff. It might work for losing weight, although I have found a $7 bottle of Acai does better for that. But, the combination of the two makes me feel like the...Queen of the World....more info
  • If you don't mind acne.....
    This product was sworn to be great for me by a co-worker and she was right. Yes it helps to reduce stress which leads to a flatter tummy the fine print. Side affect is acne. I've always had clear skin but after 2 weeks of Relacore...I had acne on my face, shoulders and back. It's the kind of pimples that are red and sore. After realizing that no shower products helped I stopped taking Relacore and guess more acne. Reading other reviews I'm not alone in this.
    As I said good product if you don't mind the effects. ...more info
  • No more weight loss products for me!
    I took the pills as directed, but I felt hungry all the time. I watched what I ate and how much, but it made me hungry and so I would eat or munch on snacks. And yes, my urine was also bright yellow too! I've decided never to try another weight loss product again!!!!! None of those products work-you gain weight instead of lose weight!!!!!...more info
    This product does not do what it professes to do - either stress relief or help with the abdominal weight that comes with it. Don't waste your money on this. ...more info
  • Seems to be working.
    I don't take the product as directed because then I would have to take nine pills a day, and times are tough. But the two or three pills I take a day are enough to keep me in a nicely pleasant mood because of the Vitamin B, and I think the fat is melting off my abdomen, anyway....more info
  • Absolutely Awesome!! Really worked for me!!
    I took Relacore a few years ago when it first came out. I had gained about 10 extra LBS that I wanted to take off at that time. It worked for me then and most recently I used it with astonishing results. I had gained 20 LBS. over the course of the past 2 years. This time around I had gained much more then the previous time a few years ago. This time I didn't really even exercise. I did however cut back on the portions of my food. I still ate what I wanted too though and drank what ever drinks I wanted to when I went out on the weekends. After taking Relacore for 2 1/2 weeks I had already dropped 15 LBS. I kind of stopped losing so much once I got 15 LBS. off, so I'm going to finish the current bottle off that I have and then try the Relacore "Extra" to see if I can take care of these last stubborn 5 LBS. I think I may also try the Relacore PM. That looks interesting too. It would be great if I could lose more then my target 20 LBS. All in all, this product has worked for me not once, but twice with great results. I couldn't be happier. I'm not a big fan and cannot take those diet pills that make you all jittery. I can not go to work while taking those. They make me feel crazy. But Relacore is nothing like all of those other pills. Relacore just makes you feel normal. It kind of put me in a more positive mode too. I'm a pretty positive person to begin with, but everyone has their angry or negative moments. I found that when I took Relacore I did not experience those negative moments. I just felt good all of the time and I lost the weight that I needed to lose. This pill does work, but you have to stick with it. You do not see results as quickly as you would with those diet pills that have caffeine in them that make you all jittery. But if you give it a chance you will see that it does really work....more info


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