Apex Ultra Pill Splitter
Apex Ultra Pill Splitter

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Product Description

If you have swallowing problems or need to cut your pills and vitamins for dosage purposes then look no further - The Apex Ultra Pill Splitter is a new revolutionary pill splitter. It was designed with your safety in mind. With the Apex Ultra Pill Splitter you won't have to worry about cutting yourself. It features a self-retracting blade guard that protects against possible finger cuts. When the Apex Ultra Pill Splitter is open the blade guard completely covers the blade, protecting your fingers from possible injury. The blade guard will retracts when it closes. Another great feature of the Apex Ultra Pill Splitter is the pill grip. The pill grip is a non-slip rubber surface that keeps your pills in place when cutting. This provides greater accuracy when cutting. Size: 4" x 2" x 1.5"

  • Contoured design for comfort and security while splitting
  • New self-retracting blade guard for added safety

Customer Reviews:

  • Works for some pills, but could be improved.
    This product works best if you're cutting a hard, medium- or large-sized, round pill in half. It keeps the pill in place with a rubber grip while you're cutting it, and then neatly contains the two halves in a compartment.

    However, if you're cutting a pill into quarters, things become more difficult. It is hard to position a pill half in the splitter so that evenly split quarters are obtained. The blade is covered by plastic, which confers a blunting effect that tends to crush or chip some pills, especially small or soft ones.

    Despite the crushing effect of the blade's plastic cover, this product is very safe. You do not need to worry about cutting your fingers on the blade while positioning a pill.

    Another difficulty when using this product is cutting large, oblong pills. It is difficult to position the pill so that the blade splits the pill evenly, regardless of whether you are attempting to split down the long axis or the short axis. Some oblong pills do not even fit in the splitter so that they can be split down the short axis.

    Finally, while this product is quite useful for cutting certain kinds of pills, it is a bit on the expensive side, especially considering its limitations....more info
  • Good product
    It does what it is supposed to do. Although I bought the item from Amazon, I saw it for half price later in a grocery store....more info
  • Apex Ultra Pill Splitter Performs As Advertised
    The Apex Ultra Pill Splitter does what it's supposed to do: Cut round pills in half. It does that job well, will little fuss. The V-shaped, vinyl pill holder keeps round pills from sliding out of blade range. The action to cut the pill in half is a simple one. No need for a magnifier, as the blade is sharp enough to cut the pill in half, even if you do not line up a pill that has a center cutting mark or groove. With the Apex Ultra Pill Splitter, you can ignore that center groove and just cut the pill in half anywhere....more info
  • Great value
    Product works better than I expected. Rubber under cutting blade helps to hold pills in place while cutting....more info
  • Pill Splitter does the job!
    If you need to cut your pills, then buy this device. I've had no problems at all with it, and it's so convenient!...more info
  • This Tool Rocks
    This is a well thought out and well engineered tool. Cuts perfectly every time. ...more info
  • You need to work to cut your pill exactly
    My doctor gave me samples of a medication and told me to buy a pill cutter. So I did. You have to be VERY careful to line up the pill exactly correctly in order for it to cut in half. I cut a whole bunch of pills, and all but 2 were cleanly cut into two pretty equal pieces. The two that were not were cut into three pieces, and I was easily able to manage. I am young, healthy and see very well. I have no idea how a person with vision problems or poor dexterity in their hands can use this product. Then, I'm not sure other pill cutters are any better on that score. But this is no trouble for me, and I'm happy....more info
  • Ease and satisfaction eith purchase
    I am very pleased with the product I purchased. It is sturdy and well made and does the job I needed it for. I am also pleased with the easy way I was able to compare products and make my decision according with my needs.

    My husband has purchased many items through your sight and he was very pleased also. I am thankful that there is a reliable and safe source for me to use as I get older and may not be able to get out of the house as I did in the past. Thank you and your personnel!

    Mary J. Stocks...more info
  • Great Device
    This product works much much better than I had expected. It has a super sharp blade which is enclosed in a sheath while it is open. Place the tablet on the device, close the lid and the sheath retracts and very neatly cuts the tablet.

    It is a bit like a guillotine, and is actually fun to use!

    There is a reservoir or well just below the cutting surface (it's blue in the photos, as is the cutting area) so cut tablets can fall into the well. You can cut around 12-15 tablets before emptying the cut tablets from the reservoir back into the pill bottle.

    Highly recommended. I've been using mine for around 2-3 years and the hinge is beginning to get a bit sticky, so I ordered 3 more to have in reserve...it is that good and valuable!

    No pill segments flying on the floor, and absolutely no chance of a cut finger.

    Try it, you will not be disappointed!

    ...more info
  • Excellent product
    This product works as advertised and is very simple to use. The slot that holds the pill is made of a material that holds the pill tight, which allows you to place the pill and get a good cut everytime. The safety guard is a simple thick rubbery piece of plastic that slides in front of the blade. It's simple, but is effective. Just about anyone can use this device without trouble.

    The hinge is made of nothing but plastic and after some use it has started to squeak. The design makes me think this product may not last more than a couple of years, but that is just my initial impression after 2-3 months. With that said, I'm very happy with the product and recommend it over just about any pill splitter on the market hands down!...more info
  • Perfect Cut Every Time
    This splitter works VERY well and I do recommend it to everyone who needs to cut/split a pill or pills. I now split my vitamins as to take half in the morning and the other half mid-day. Vitamins are best done this way.., if not you end up passing most through waste....more info


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