Mrs. May's Dry-Roasted Snack, Cashew Crunch, 5-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 12)

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All natural. No cholesterol. Dairy free. No additives. Vegan. Wheat free. No preservatives. At Mrs. May's we're mostly nuts! The good kind. Peanuts. Almonds, Pecans. Cashews. Walnuts. They're slowly dry roasted, given a dash of sea salt and brushed with sweetness for a world class crunch. We care about what we put in our mouths - yours too. We use only premium-grade, wholesome ingredients. No artificial colors or flavors. And we believe in free - as in cholesterol-free, dairy-free, wheat-free. We put plenty of natural goodness in our light and crunchy snacks. But mostly, we're nuts. Product of China.

  • Case of 12 5.5-ounce resealable pouches (66 total ounces)
  • Crunchy, dry-roasted snack with cashews, sesame seeds and organic cane juice
  • Vegan, gluten-free, wheat-free, non-GMO, and preservative-free
  • An excellent source of protein, potassium, magnesium, and iron
  • Made from China-grown ingredients and packaged in Santa Fe Springs, California

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent
    I love this product. It's so tasty and crunchy. This is really the best cashew crunch I've ever tasted probably because it's dry roasted and not loaded with sugar. Great snack - very difficult to just eat a few pieces. ...more info
  • Made in China
    I was a Mrs. May's regular for years. I ordered a case of their cashew crunch directly from them and it arrived in a box that said: Made in China. I wrote them and, to give them credit, unlike most American companies today, they responded honestly and without the typical excuses. They told me they'd produced their products in China for years with no problems. My dogs were affected by the Chinese dog food poisoning incident and I did not want to subject my family to the possibility of tainted food purchased in the belief I was giving them something healthy. Also, the fuel used to ship these from China to the U.S. makes them less than viable candidates for sustainability. I already work very hard to ensure than things purchased on Amazon come from areas near my home. ...more info
  • Delicious and satisfying
    Mrs. May's cashew crunch has saved me from eating a whole bag of chips many times! All I need is a couple of squares of crunch and I'm good to go! It satisfies my sweet/salty/crunchy cravings all in one and is delicious to boot! ...more info
  • Best Gluten Free snack on the market!
    If you suffer from Celiac, you know that yummy treats are expensive. There are many flavors that Mrs. May offers, and because they are essentially all nuts, it does not take much to have a satisfying snack or treat after a meal, at a great price. Also, I am very sugar-sensitive and these fit in well with not disrupting my levels. ...more info
  • Eaters beware!!
    Because this thing is sooo sinfully delicious, any eater is very likely to go through the entire pouch (contains maybe 7-8 joined cashew pieces) in one sitting. And that, according to the nutritional information printed on the back, equals about 940 calories and almost 66 gms (100% of R.D.A.) of total fat and 11 gmss (66%) of saturated fat. My point is this is not a healthy food by any meaning of that word. Also, each pouch has about 22 gms of sugar, which is why I gave it only 4 stars. I think it still would have tasted just as good without that sugar.

    That said, it is still better than eating most junk snacks that are laden with god knows what and how many artificial abominations. The thing I like the most about this cashew product is it is dry roasted, unlike most brands you find on the supermarket shelves which are fried in oil. Nuts are naturally oily/fatty; there' s no need to deep fry them in oil again. Besides, I think nuts taste better in their raw forms.

    Finally, I think the label in the package is a little misleading. It reads the product is "Vegan, cholesterol-free, dairy-free, and wheat- free." But, isn't that self-evident? It's like saying bottled water is fat and sugar free. ...more info
  • Sinfully Delicious
    Definitely worth the money. Unfortunately, they are quite addicting. These nuts are the best thing since sliced bread. I am so hooked on them. I actually have to fight myself so that I don't order another dozen bags....more info
  • Mrs. May's--great stuff!
    Mrs. May's is a great snack. Healthy and delicious. Not much in it--simple and yummy....more info
  • Delicious but at a price
    I loved Mrs. May's Cashew Crunch. What I didn't love about it was the nutritional information. The pieces it is cut into are very small. They are easily popped into the mouth and in a crunch or two they are gone. So consuming the entire pouch is VERY easy to do! ONE OUNCE of this has 172 calories! 12 grams total fat (2 grams Saturated Fat)! Once ounce is gone so quickly that you'll easily overdo it. This snack may be made with healthier ingredients than the garbage you can buy at the local store but it is in no way healthy to eat this snack. I love it but I'll never eat it again. ...more info
  • Mrs May's snacks, cashew crunch
    Really good snack. My kids favorite so far. Also, my child with braces can eat these snacks as they are soft enough for her without breaking brackets. ...more info
  • Simple, natural recipe with big flavor
    Great taste. I especially like the bite-sized pieces that didn't crumble like peanut brittle and make a mess....more info