RiceSelect Organic Texmati Brown Rice, 36-Ounce Jars (Pack of 4)

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Product Description

Long Grain American Basmati. 100% Certified Organic. USDA Certified. Low carb friendly. Flavored by nature. Nutritious whole grain. Certified Organic by the Texas Department of Agriculture. Makes approximately three cups of cooked rice.

  • Case of four 36-ounce jars (144 total ounces)
  • Pure organic Texmati brown rice
  • No-fat; an excellent source of protein and fiber
  • Enjoy its rich aroma, fluffy texture, and nutty taste
  • Made from Texas-grown ingredients and packaged in Alvin, Texas

Customer Reviews:

  • Don't like brown rice? Try this one
    Brown rice can be, well, heavy. But Texmati has all the fragrance of basmati rice, the fiber of brown rice and it comes in a wonderful clear square plastic jar that is great for filling with beans or popcorn when it is empty. This rice smells like pecans when cooking and tastes great. You can cook it up as pilaf with raisins, almonds and chicken or vegetable broth for a delicious side dish. Try it also by browning it in olive oil with a half cup of orzo per cup of rice and then make pilaf with broth. It is delicious. ...more info
  • Best
    These rice are the best, I have already ordered them twice. And will continue doing so....more info
  • Nice Rice
    We like the whole grain brown rice and this is very good. The package sizing is convenient....more info
  • Texmati Brown Rice
    I make a meal using one cup of raw rice heated in olive oil, then cooked in water with three cups of frozen mixed vegetables and four Tyson chicken thighs. There is no seasoning added. When I used this rice instead of ordinary white rice, my husband commented on how delicious it was compared to the usual. Texmati brown rice added a delicate perfume to the dish which complemented perfectly the mild flavors of the other ingredients....more info
  • The best brown rice ever
    This is the best brown rice I have ever tasted. It takes a while to cook, but the wait is well worth it....more info
  • organic hybrid? I think not!
    How can this rice be organic if it's hybrid?? That's not possible. This rice is GMO!!!...more info
  • Delicious
    I bought this on a whim about a year ago, and I've never had white rice since. Great food and great for your body....more info
  • I this the "The future of food"?
    The rice looks good and taste good but it is GMO. Nowadays, Organic doesn't mean much as they are allowed to use many other form of pesticide.
    Watch "The future of food" (the documentary) if you have netflix.
    The day this company offers this rice or couscous non-gmo and organic they got a customer for life and I mean it.
    If the rice wasn't GMO trust me they would be delighted to put it on their sticker as it would boost the sale and they could overcharged for it.
    In the meantime, you all stay healthy. ...more info
  • Tasty and good for health
    thats all I have to say...tasty and healthy (in nice convenientand reusable container) for a decent price...more info
  • nice flavor, terrible texture
    I've been making brown basmati rice for a while now. But Costco stopped carrying it, so I looked online. I ordered this brand. It has basmati taste and aroma, without any of the basmati texture. It's mushy. I followed the directions perfectly. Then even tried soaking and rinsing it several times before hand. It still came out mushy. I might be doing something wrong, most people seem to like it. But I think it's the rice. I like Royal Brown Basmati rice better, from India, I think....more info
  • Great Organic Grain
    Tastes good, and I love the container. It stacks well (I buy multiples on subscribe-and-save for savings), and I don't have to worry about poking a hole through a plastic bag. I'm buying American organic whenever I can, and this fit the bill. ...more info
  • Not as eay as Cousacous but good!!!
    Trying to do more whole grain foods, and fiber. this is also a winner!
    After preparing both I mix them together!!!...more info


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