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Product Description

Ionic WhisperTM  silently cleans and purifies air. Breathe easier with this powerful but whisper quiet ionizer. It produces ions that eliminate odorsand removes dust, smoke, pollen, pet dander and more, leaving the air with a crisp, invigorating freshness. Permanent filter wipes clean, never needs to bereplaced. Efficient two-speed operation uses less energy than a 60-watt light bulb.

  • silently cleans and purifies air
  • removes dust smoke pollen pet dander and more
  • Permanent filter wipes clean never needs to be rep
Customer Reviews:
  • Junk
    I cannot recommend this product to anyone considering buying it. It's tiny and cheaply made of lightweight plastic. I don't think this thing could freshen a room the size of a cereal box. The collection grid never accumulates any dirt or debris. I don't think it's even working....more info
  • Good for a bedroom
    I ordered this unit, not expecting to much considering its size and price, and the name, but i was, to say the least, pretty impressed. On silent it does not move air, period, and there is a "hisssss" that can be annoying. On "turbo" i.e. a fan moving the air, there isn't a hiss and it is fairly quiet, i couldn't hear it over my ceiling fan. After about a day i opened it up and looked at the collection filter, and as i suspected i didn't see anything, but i took a damp clean white paper towel and wiped it off, and lo and behold there was actually stuff that came off. I was suprised, and thought it might have just been dust and stuff that were there already, so i put the filter back in and a couple days later i cleaned it again, and there was more. The only reason i give this a 4 is because on mine the switch broke and i could not turn it off. ...more info
  • Bell & Howell Ionic Whisper Air Purifier Seems Good
    Nice compact size-can be moved easily. Does freshen the air in the room noticeably. On whisper setting is almost silent. On Turbo setting can be heard but in no way impinges on life, maybe would sleeping. Does shoot out air but does not "blow" with any force. Over time, like a day, all the air in our 20'x20' living area changes. Did have a noticeable plastic like new odor the first few days of use which wore off. Haven't had any build up on the collection grid in these 2 weeks, but it would be easy to clean. Now after several months of use I change my 4 stars to 1. The low setting quit. The ozone emitted gave us headaches and irritated lungs. Ozone is toxic. I returned the product for a refund. ...more info