iRobot 5950 Clorox Scooba Cleaning Solution

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Product Description

A single package of Clorox cleaning solution for the Scooba 5900

  • Effective on all sealed hard floors
  • Safe around children and pets
  • Gentle enough to be used on sealed hardwood
  • Strong enough to clean tough spills
  • Contains no bleach
Customer Reviews:
  • expensive solution for an expensive and inconvenient scooba
    Got the 380 just over 30 days ago... (although, this review applies to the whole scooba line as they are all very similar)

    I want to start off by saying that I have the roomba 530 and 560 and I love them both, wouldn't be able to keep my house clean without them.

    However, with the scooba 380 I was severely disappointed:

    While it does clean the floor somewhat effectively, it is gravely overshadowed by the below points that make me wish I had returned it within the 30-day return policy.

    Here is what I have experienced over the last 30 days (used it about 8 times to clean high traffic kitchen area and bathroom floors).

    My first impression right off the bat was that it does not have the same build quality of the Roomba series which was immediately noticeable upon unpacking. From the sharp plastic edges, defective charging unit to the light houses, the whole experience is a lot cheaper and clumsier than the roomba 500 line. It is almost as if it was made by an entirely different knockoff company...

    Despite allowing the scooba to charge overnight, it is not capable of completing two full cleaning cycles on 1 battery charge, misleading from the marketing materials, again this is the 380 which is supposed to be able to clean larger rooms with two complete cycles.

    Long recharge time (about 3 hrs+).

    You need to clean the brush, filter and rubber tube every couple of cycles.

    Requires you to empty the dirty solution tank for every cycle (obviously, but one of the many steps to using this product).

    Unlike the roomba it does not figure out how long to run for. If you fill the tank and put the scooba in a small bathroom it will run for the same amount of time as a large room, like a kitchen, very frustrating. iRobot's advice for this shortcoming is to put less solution for smaller rooms, not an elegant or easy solution. You have to calculate the water/solution ratio for small spaces, which is a pain and still haven't figured out.

    I have dark hardwood floors, leaves SOME streaks and tire marks even after wet spots have dried.

    Once it completes a cleaning cycle it beeps every minute or so, so if you want to run the scooba at night it will annoy you to put it back to charge, I hate appliances and gadgets that beep unnecessarily. At least the roomba 500 series does notifications with nice tones rather than retro beeps... (I know this is nitpicking but it speaks to the low quality of the unit and user experience as a whole).

    It gets stuck more frequently than my 2 roombas and sometimes is able to sneak under one of my area rugs, making a mess and eventually getting stuck. iRobot mentions that it is able to "sense" carpets, only if they are heavy enough to trigger its clumsy bumper system.

    The standalone charging unit is defective. It does not complete charging the battery, forced to use the scooba's inconvenient multi pin charging port on the side to recharge. The faulty charging base is a widespread problem, refer to user forums online & irobot's website for reference.

    Not capable of self-charging as with the upper level roomba series, a must-have feature to make these robots worth the time (and $$$). (Have to connect a clumsy multi pin connector that has to be oriented exactly right to plug properly.)

    Clorox solution is expensive, after spending almost $500 on this robot it hurts to have to buy this expensive proprietary solution although, have not tried vinegar, heard that it can affect certain types of hard wood floors (which I have).

    Loud and squeaky (due to scooba's rubber squeegee), can't be in the same room as the scooba if you want to relax... Oh and FYI in iRobot's scooba product video (on their website) depicts a rubber belt sweeping away dirt (part of its "first stage" of cleaning), not so: That belt is just a stationary squeegee and dirt is supposed to be directed to vacuum ports on either edge of the robot, disappointed when I discovered this.

    The virtual walls are not up to par with the roomba's virtual walls (500 series). It has an extremely wide beam, more so than the roomba lighthouses. This makes using them a bit more difficult as the scooba stays pretty far away from the virtual walls, thus loosing cleaning coverage. One solution is to try to hide it on the opposite side of a doorway.

    All in all, I can not recommend this current generation of scoobas (they all function nearly identical, its just the battery and accessories that differ). There are just too many niggles about this product that lead to an overall bad user experience.

    If you want a robot to clean something then go with the roomba, its effective, fun and easy to use.

    As for easy mopping:
    A swiffer mop (or similar product) in about 5 minutes can do what takes the scooba about 45 minutes + maintenance (not to mention 3 hour charging time) to accomplish. Simply put, this product does NOT make mopping easier, in reality it takes longer, is more frustrating and requires a lot more patience than a already simple process.

    Hopefully irobot will have a major revision of the scooba to make it worth our time and money.

    2 stars because this product has some potential and it does somewhat clean the floor, but again I don't like this product and I wish I hadent kept it outside the "30 day satisfaction guarantee"

    Finally, I read a lot of reviews before buying the scooba, anyone who says they simply love it and blindly give it 4 or 5 stars has got to be affiliated with iRobot in some way......more info
  • great cleaner
    I bought a Scooba and the cleaner and I couldn't be happier. I just push the button and "Alice" cleans the floor in the kitchen and breakfast room. I wish I'd had this years ago....more info
  • A "must have" for the scooba
    It's too bad that I can't use whatever cleaning solution in my little scooba. I tried the vinegar solution and for some reason it did not work with my scooba. I called irobot customer service and they said that solution would not work with my particular scooba (a 5000 series). So it you love your scooba, and I do, you need this. I couldn't find it in my local stores. Amazon should be able to sell it for less....more info
  • Great solution cleaner
    Great solution cleaner. It works well with scooba. I cant really say anything much about it. It sucks that i have to use this particular product to use my scooba. I hate that. I should be able to use anything. Its kind of pricy too considering its not in gallons for what its worth. ...more info
  • Ingredients ?
    The Clorox Scooba cleaning solution works well. No ingredient list is given. Wonder why ? Top secret ? ...more info
  • Just use white vinegar. Set to work when you go out so you
    do not have to smell the vinegar smell. There is no real vinegar smell when you come home.

    We roomba the room first. Then scooba it. The roomba keeps the vinegar cleaner and the scooba cleaner....more info
  • Scooba/Clorox Cleaner
    The cleaner has a good clean smell.My white tile looks as good as if a professional had cleaned it.

    I will purchase again. ...more info
  • Great product
    Great cleaner with a great smell! There's enough solution in this bottle to last me a year or more! When it comes time, I will definately purchase again....more info
  • Works fine but white vinegar is just as good
    This product works well. The iScooba it is meant to work with is excellent. However, we've taken to using white vinegar in the iScooba because it is more cost effective, does as good a job, and does not void the iScooba warranty....more info
  • overpriced, substitute with vinegar
    too expensive for everyday use. instead use 2 oz of white vinegar with lots of water, fill beautifully...more info
  • Scooba
    ROOMBA SCOOBA FLOOR WASHING ROBOT I absolutely LOVE mine!!!! It does the whole floor leaves no streaks and really cleans GREAT!!! ...more info
  • Good Stuff but...
    iRobot 5950 Clorox Scooba Cleaning Solution (I found it cheaper at HSN dot com)...more info
  • Expensive and for a rather useless product
    Smells nice, cleans well in the Scooba, but my remanufactured scooba started to leave my hardwood wetter than I was comfortable with after 3 runs, so it's going back (as soon as I get AllergyBeGone to issue an RA number, not such a trivial task it seems).
    ...more info
  • Not many alternatives
    It has a strong typical smell. You also feel it in our room where we store some NEW bottles (maybe they are not well sealed?).
    Cleaning is perfect, and hygienic because the dirt solution is picked up by the Scooba.
    Vinegar works very well too for cleaning ceramic, but maybe it is bad for hardwood (we are not sure and did not try it)....more info
  • Best Deal!
    This is the cheapest I could find this product on the web. Good deal!...more info
  • Excellent Service
    After placing my order, I received an email confirming my order, another when it was sent and they included the tracking number so I knew exactly were my products were. EXCELLENT SERVICE, I highly recommend this company. ...more info
  • Get it at the local grocery store!!!
    The scooba works great. I order this product but the product was placed on backorder.

    I had a party coming up and had to use the Scooba (as I'm lazy cleaning person), so I went to Safeway and found a Clorox floor cleaning product that looked identical to this product, except 'Scooba' wasn't on the label. The instructions indicated I should use aprox 1/2 the amount of the Scooba product. It worked like Clorox 'Scooba' but didn't smell as nice as Clorox 'Scooba'. It costed $2.99 (reg price). I'll try to cancel the back-order. Now, I wished I checked the grocery isles before logging into amazon....more info
  • Robot needs Love too
    This works perfect for your irobots flawless deathgrip. It comes in a bottle too... which is helpful. ...more info
  • Disatisfied
    I tried to cancel this order hours after I placed it. The company I dealt with did not get back to me for three days after I cancelled and said they were too busy to cancel and shipped product anyway. I felt that they just didn't want to cancel order to make there money. I will probably not use amazon again. I gave the prodcut a 3 but the company and amazon a Minus Five Star!...more info
    This product gets my laminate floors exceptionally clean and smells SOOO good....more info
  • Scooba (Clorox) Floorwashing Solution.
    This solution is the only one that's to be used in the Scooba; fortunately, it does a nice job and leaves a mild, fresh scent.

    After comparing prices and reading the latest review here, I ordered a package of 5 bottles from the iRobot site for 29.95 ($5. per bottle).

    I guess the site had a free-shipping special a short time ago-wish I'd have checked earlier-but not today (July 3, 2006). I don't know what Amazon's shipping charge is for one bottle; it's $9.95 @ iRobot site for 5 bottles.

    ...more info
  • great product but absolutely overpriced here
    A great product, but after waiting 2 weeks for amazon to ship, I checked They sell a box of 9 bottles for $39.99 (=$4.44 each), shipping and handling is free, the item is in stock and they ship in 1-2 business days. ...more info
  • Works great
    If you've purchased the Scooba floor mopping robot, you need to purchase this product as well. Currently, no other cleaning product is approved for use with the Scooba, so if you don't want to void your warranty, this is it. Fortunately, it works well. You only need a small capful for each use of the Scooba, so a bottle of cleaner lasts a long time. The bottle supplied with the new robot is much smaller and only lasts for a half dozen or so uses, so you probably want to order a few of these as well if you're buying a Scooba.....more info
  • Overpriced
    The cleaner is fine - but (at the time of this review) the single unit purchase price is much higher than if you purchased it from the iRobot site (where you can buy it in multi-unit packs). I'm sure this price reflects that you're purchasing cleaner from a specialty store (thus far I've seen it sold from The Sharper Image as well as a music store - not Amazon directly)....more info