Royal RY3050 Procision Full Size Canister Vacuum Cleaner

List Price: $399.95

Our Price: $238.95

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Product Description

12 Amp, 2-Stage Motor. 5-Stage HEPA Filtration. 360 Degree Swivel, Electric Hose. Motorized Power Nozzle with Headlight and Brushroller Shut-Off Switch. Durable Metal Brushroller. Automatic Cord Rewinder. LED Variable Speed Control. LED Full Bag Indicator. Safety Close System ensures proper bag installation. Metal Extension Wands. On-Board Tool Storage. 2 Year Warranty.

Customer Reviews:
  • Royal RY3050
    This vacuum by far is the best vacuum I have ever owned for under $349. The suction power is bar none the best I have ever utilized and could not believe the amount of dirt I suctioned up out of my carpet fibers. I previously owned the Kenmore Guacomole and Torchlite and neither could come close to the quality and power of this one. I have a buhdist palm statue and this vacuum lifted it off the floor! I have found that bags were hard to find but found an online vendor at reasonable prices. Also the hepa filter is pricy but I substituted with a hepa filter from home depot and cut to size to save big money!!! The attachments work great on unit and my favorite one is the crevice tool for couches and chairs.(My roomate has a dog and it picks up the hair great. The only thing I wish I would have done was to have bought it through amazon. I could have saved over a $100. Highly reccomend for Chicago High Rise condo living as it is also very quiet unit and will not disturb roomates or neighbors. ...more info
  • Nice looks and nothing more
    For a full size canister vac, this one has very small bags. Compared to my Kenmore (bag type: 5055, or panasonic C-5), the Royal R type used by this machine are less than half the size of kenmore's.

    Bags are extremely hard to come by, and where I live (city of 3 million people) they are nowhere to be found. Had to special mail order them. The price of bags is extremely high: $12 for 3 (including filter). It seems it is the only way to order bags: with filter. Kenmore bags cost me $1 for 2 (available at dollar stores!) and the filter is washable.

    Do not be fooled by the advertizing: this machine uses HEPA "type" filtration, where "type" is the key word. Inside you will see two filters which need changing every 6-12 months, at least that's what the manual says. They cost the earth, and I found you can just go to home depot, get a filter for over the range vent for 2 bucks for a huge square, cut a piece you need for the vac and save big $.

    Suction is OK until the bag gets half filled when it dropps dramatically.

    The suction hose is waaaaaaay too long, by at least 2 feet. It tangles and gets in the way.

    The lighted power brush attachement lights up the ceiling but not the carpet in front of it.

    The power cord that is used to connect the power brush has to be plugged in under the carry handle which totally prevents you from lifting the vac and carrying around, who would design it this way???!?!?!?

    Not all attachments fit "on board", the floor brush does not and has to be stored separately.

    This machine is also available under the name: Dirt Devil power pak, or Jaguar (do not mistake with the "breeze").

    I am dissapointed with the machine and the headache of finding the bags and the rip-off price they cost....more info