Black & Decker VEC026BD Electromate 400 Jump-Starter with Built-In Air Compressor

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Product Description

The Black & Decker Electromate 400 Portable Power Station/Jump-Starter/Compressor has 450 instant amps to start your car in the unlikely event that your battery goes dead. You can never count on finding someone to jump-start your car, even if you have a set of jumper cables. The Power Station/Jump-Starter/Compressor will alleviate this problem by giving you the power you need to do it yourself.

Black & Decker's Electromate 400 is a powerful and compact tool to restart your vehicle. View larger.

The Electromate 400 comes equipped with an air compressor.

It also has two 120-volt AC outlets for powering small appliances.
Ideal for Roadside Emergencies
When your car loses power, the Electromate 400 has enough power to both jump-start your vehicle and run emergency appliances such as portable lights, radios, cell phones, and small tools. The Electromate 400 is also ideal for non-emergency situations like tailgating parties, camping, power outages, and any other situation where no wall outlet is available. The two built-in 120-volt AC outlets allow more than one appliance to be operated at once.

Inflates Tires, Sports Equipment, and More
There's also a built-in air compressor that allows you to inflate bicycle tires, sports equipment, and pool toys, but this compressor is also powerful enough to pump up the tires on your vehicle.

Other Features
The Electromate 400 also comes equipped with a built-in, ultra-bright LED work light for emergency roadside assistance and an exclusive, built-in 120-volt AC charger that plugs into any household outlet. Other features include a keyless on/off power safety switch, reverse hook-up warning alarm in case the jump-start cables are attached to the wrong terminals, vehicle alternator voltage check, and LED battery status indicator.

This unit recharges easily from any household AC outlet or DC automobile cigarette-plug style outlet, so that it will be ready the next time you need it.

Black & Decker offers a full 2-year warranty.

What's in the box
The Electromate 400 unit, a 12 volt charger, heavy-duty cables and clamps, and an adapter nozzle set.

Black & Decker Electromate 400 AC/DC Portable Power Station Jump-Starter with Built-In Air Compressor is a portable power station. This Electromate 400 has 450 instant amps to start the car in the unlikely event that the battery goes dead. It comes equipped with a built-in, ultra-bright LED work light for emergency roadside assistance. This Electromate 400 plugs into any household outlet with the built-in 120-volt AC charger. It features a keyless on and off power safety switch, reverse hook-up warning alarm, vehicle alternator voltage check as well as an LED battery status indicator.

  • 450 amps instantly jump-starts without the need of another vehicle
  • Built-in ultra-bright LED work light for emergency roadside assistance
  • Exclusive built-in 120 volt AC charger for use with ordinary household extension cord for recharging
  • Reverse hook-up warning alarm to prevent damage to vehicle or electronics
  • Two year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • The Electromate 400
    I just purchased the electromate 400 a few days ago ....I charged it overnight then tested it on a few things. Obviously it will jump start a car since it is basically built around a car battery.
    It ran my large box fan just fine. Also worked great when I plugged lamps into it.
    I tried using it to brew coffee using my Mr.Coffee but apparently the amps being drawn by the water heating and also heating the hotplate under the pot was too much for it and it would just shut down after a few seconds every time I tried it. Too bad ! I suspect if you have a newer coffee maker with the insulated pot and no heated hotplate you might do just fine.
    One thing I could not find much info on before I purchased it was just how long will it power ordinary household items during a power outage ?
    To test this...with the electromate fully charged, I plugged a 13" color tv with a built in DVD player into the electromate, put a DVD movie in...and checked the clock. It kept the TV powered and the movie playing for just a few minutes under 3 hours. Not bad. This is a well built unit...seems very sturdy...but is a bit heavy so don't plan on taking it backpacking. I'd recommend it highly to anyone looking for a way to keep some of the small conveniences going during a power outage....more info
  • Decent, but poor build quality
    After buying the electromate 400, I am very glad that I decided to test it before relying on it in the snow. The first time I tried to jump start a car, the positive wire came out of the connector on the back of the unit, leaving a hot, large-gauge wire loose in the engine compartment. Many sparks. Bad news.

    The unit itself seems capable, but the one I got was clearly defective. Be careful....more info
  • Jump starter
    Perhaps too heavy to carry in your car all the time, but I did take it on vacation, and sure enough, I left a dome light on long enough to kill my battery. This had plenty enough power to get my car started. The 120 volt was used to power a trouble light at home, on a rewiring project. It sure beat trying to work with a flashlight. I have not tried the inflator. I bought this with some camping use in mind, but haven't got to go camping yet. ...more info
  • Wish they gave the dimensions
    This is an all around great emergency product for both car and home. They only thing is that I wish they had the dimensions so that I could have assessed whether it would be too big or small....more info
  • Works as advertised
    Only minor drawback is the long time it takes to fill tires with the air pump. Otherwise I'm very pleased with this product. ...more info
  • Jumpstarter / Inflator
    The Black and Decker VEC026BD 400 Electromate Jumpstarter / Inflator has been handy for me in the couple of months I have owned it. I have used it several times to jumpstart cars and my riding lawn mower, as well as to inflate tires. It works very well, and is highly recommended....more info
  • very handy
    I've been using it for half a year now and am very happy with it.
    Initially I was trying to recharge it after every single usage, but it's not always convenient. Last time I jump started my car 4 times before I could recharge it. Surprisingly, it still works perfectly. ...more info
  • Great Product
    I haven't had to use it too much, thank goodness, but just knowing that it is in my car gives me peace of mind. I did have to charge a camera battery on it and it worked great. Love it1...more info
  • This thing saved my day!
    I bought this jump starter to give to my husband for Christmas. However, today I made the mistake of letting my kids watch the DVD player in our minivan while I cleaned out the car. After about 20 minutes, I went to start the car and the engine would not turn over. We are new in town, I don't know anyone, my husband was 2 counties away, and I had to go pick up my daughter at kindergarten w/in 10 minutes. I could have called AAA, but I decided to unwrap the jump starter and give it a try, first. I was very nervous, as I had never tried to jump a car before, but the instructions were very easy. I was able to hook up the cables and start the car in less than 2-3 minutes. The battery still had a small charge--the interior lights were working, for ex., so I'm sure that helped. But this thing saved me from waiting forever for AAA, begging someone from my husband's office to pick up my daughter, and listening to my toddler scream for the duration. I am beyond thrilled, and am going to buy another for my husband, because this one's mine! ...more info
  • Reliable jump starter
    I got this for Christmas and keep it in my car at all times. As a female I like to be safe and know I can easily and independently jump my car if my battery dies any time- day or night. I have a bad habit of leaving my lights on when I park on rainy days. I have been stranded and needed to use this device several times so far and it came through every time. It even jumped my car several times without being recharged which was amazing! Needless to say I had to replace my car battery (which was overdue anyway). But the minute it takes to hook this up and put it back in the trunk sure beats the hour waiting for AAA. You do need an extension cord to recharge it though- a minor sacrifice. I also know I'll have this handy device for when the power goes out in my apartment so I can charge my cell phone or keep my food from spoiling....more info
  • Everyone should have one of These.
    This Electromate 400 saved me serveral times I will never be with out another one. Love it. I ordered this from Amazon one day and the next day it was here Very fast shipping. Well pleased Thank you...more info
  • It's a keeper! And a lifesaver!
    The Black and Decker Electromate 400 is one of the must have devices in your home / car / garage in the event of power failures and for roadside emergency car repairs.

    This all-in-one device is much less expensive than the sum of its parts bought individually and far more attractive and portable.

    Before you start using this device please read the instructions provided, the instructions say to fully charge the battery for 40 hours or more to make sure it fills to maximum capacity. Lead acid batteries don't like to be fully discharged.

    Inverter function:

    The "400" in the name indicates that the inverter is cable of peak bursts of 400W power draw, but in practice you should probably only be using this to power devices in the sub 50 watt range Please do not Plug-in an air conditioner or a toaster and expect it to work. This is not designed to run such high power drain appliances.

    AC inverters such as these are not 100% efficient so if you are running appliances off the inverter built into this unit; expect a useable capacity more like 150 watts when the battery is fully charged.

    My personal experience is that you can run a fully charged Electromate 400 inverter with 4 CFL Bulbs (13W each) for about 2 hrs and 45 mins before the inverter shuts off. At this stage, the battery voltage is well below the 11.2vDC to about 10VDC when the inverter just quits working to prevent battery damage.

    *** TIP ***
    Use the accessory plugs for 12v more often than the inverter, you draw power directly from the battery which is smarter way to use the device than using the inverter.

    For example, if you wish to charge your cell phone first attempt to use the car accessories supplied with your cell phone if available rather than using the Electromate 400's inverter and using 120V power adapter.

    Jump Starting and Air Compressor function:

    The car starting and air compressor functionality come in handy surprisingly more often than you think especially if you own an older car. These simple functions found in Electromate 400 can be lifesavers.

    It has plenty of power to jumpstart a 4cyl or may be certain 6cyl cars but do not expect to start a v8 or bigger car using this. The Cold Cranking amps needed to jumpstart bigger car is just too much to ask from a 19Ah sealed lead acid battery which is rated to be at 228 watts at best .

    The Air compressor is only good for keeping your tires to PSI levels recommended by your car manufacturer; do not expect to use this to completely inflate a 100% flat tire. The compressor is noisy and will shutdown to save itself from getting overheated. It can however be used to inflate bicycle tires and inflate mattress without much issues.

    Area light function:

    It is a neat idea but falls short of my expectations, Especially when you have been using Electromate 400`s inverter function for about 2 hrs or more and battery voltage drops to about 11.0v the Area light fails to glow! while the inverter still keeps working!

    I fail to understand why limit the area light's LED power draw? This is the least power consuming part of the unit and I was expecting this would stay illuminated till the battery completely dies (Perfect use in emergency situation)

    It was strange to see that Inverter's fan keeps spinning under low battery condition but area light stops working - Go figure!


    [+] Very well built, compact and can take good amount of abuse
    [+] All-in-one device is much less expensive than the sum of its parts bought individually.

    [-] Area light LEDs stops working even if battery has enough juice to run the inverter and cooling fan

    Still well worth the money as this all-in-one device is much less expensive than the sum of its parts bought individually and far more attractive and portable.
    ...more info
  • B&D jump starter and inflator
    I bought this to help use power tools "in the field" meaning when not in my garage. I use it for my airplane and I bought it on recommendatin from other home built airplane builders. So far it has been great to pump my landing gear tires in my hangar (away from and electrical source) and the light came in handy too.
    I recommend it highly so far....more info
  • A lot of misconceptions regarding these products.
    I just wanted to clear up some common misconceptions regarding these jump-start/inverter/inflator products. I personally own 3 different types from 400 watts to 1500 watts and have done tons of research on them. I guess you could call it an unusual hobby I have. I blame the manufacturers for over hyping these units or just choosing not to inform consumers of their limitations.

    THESE UNITS ARE NOT AS POWERFUL AS YOU THINK! Most people seem to be very disappointed by the amount of "juice" these put out.

    --FRESHLY CHARGED this item will probably run a small TV/DVD combo continuously for around 2.5 hours. That's it. Also, you can't run a coffee maker, hair drier, microwave, refrigerator or heavy duty power tool off this. It's just not designed for that kind of use. Buy this to run a small TV, fan or laptop for a few hours, or to charge your cell phone. That's all it's designed for.

    --You probably won't be able to jump start an 8 cylinder engine with this especially if it's an older car or has a totally dead battery. These units are mostly for 4 and 6 cylinder engines. They just don't have large enough batteries in them to turn over a big V-8.

    --The air compressor is little more than a toy. All of these units have tiny, noisy compressors in them that will take 20 to 30 minutes to inflate a single full size 16" tire that is totally flat. And you will completely kill the battery just doing one tire like that. Plus you may damage the compressor by running it that long continuously because they heat up so much during use. You're better off taking your tire to a gas station!

    THE UNIT WILL SELF-DISCHARGE JUST BY SITTING IN YOUR CAR! It will lose about 10 - 20% of it's charge PER MONTH. The hotter it is outside the faster it will self-discharge. PLUS YOU WILL EVENTUALLY DESTROY THE INTERNAL BATTERY BY LEAVING IT IN A PROLONGED DISCHARGED STATE! You can easily kill this device permanently by a process known as sulfation, in as little as one year, if you don't keep it charged. (This is what happened to my first unit, a Xantrex Power-Plus 400. It cost me about 1/2 the original cost of the unit to replace the battery!)

    - To prevent this you need to either bring it in the house and recharge it about once a month (who's going to remember to do this?), or keep it plugged into the cigarette lighter at all times. Some people claim this can overcharge the battery, but I disagree. Your cars built-in voltage regulator should keep the unit topped off without doing any damage to it. Plus you know you always have a freshly 100% charged unit ready to go.

    -You should immediately recharge it after each use. If you use it for a jumpstart or even to recharge your cellphone you should recharge the unit within a day or two. This practice will prevent harmful sulfation and prolong the life of the unit.

    -These don't last forever. Just like your car battery eventually needs to be replaced so will the battery in this device. Expect about 100 full charge/discharge uses or 5 - 7 years, whichever comes first, before the battery in this will need to be replaced. Some of these jump-starters/inverters don't have user replaceable batteries so you may have to replace the whole unit anyway. You can usually find a reasonably priced replacement battery on e-Bay if you're handy enough to disassemble the unit and find out what size battery is inside. Based on the weight and size I would say the VEC026BD has a 20 Amp Hr battery inside it, but that is only a guess on my part and should be verified by disassembly.

    For the money I'm not super-impressed with this unit. I just bought the Xantrex PowerPack 600 on sale from Amazon for $100 delivered. The 600 has a more powerful battery and can run larger appliances longer than the B&D. It usually goes for $130 but even at that price it's worth the premium over the B&D.

    I hope this guide has been helpful to you to maximize the usefulness and life of your jump-start inverter, and to give you an idea of what to expect when you purchase one....more info
  • Good product but could use some improvement
    I've had this for about three months and so far it does the jobs it is advertised to do. It would be nice if it was a little easier to connect an extension cord for recharging - you have to wiggle it into a restricted space - and it doesn't keep a 100 watt light lit for a whole long time...but gosh, it's just a car battery in a fancy case. Handy to have around the garage....more info
  • Air compressor is a joke
    I bought this because I have a boat trailer that I frequently need to add air to the tires. The trailer is not near a power source so something that runs on battery would be perfect. I thought this would do it, however - the compressor failed on me after about 10 days.. And not even much use! Not very impressed with the product....more info
  • Black and Decker VEC026BD 400 Electromate JumpStarter / Inflator
    hi all
    I am very happy with the unit and the service from amazon in sending it to me .
    It has the features I wanted it to have, and is very easy to use....more info
  • Over rated
    Power pack arrived 2/3rd charged! I suspect it was a return, but no proof of that. After fully charging I connected a 100 Christmas mini light string to it. It only lasted 2 hours. I used it later to pump up two bicycle tires. It did that in only a few minutes. Have not need to use the jump starter yet. ...more info
  • Dynamic Unit!
    This unit is even better than I had expected. I read the reviews of those who have used it and decided that it was the better of the B&D's that were also available. A little pricier, but with the many features, it makes it worth the all-in-one package. I was surprised it had DC plugs (for things you usually plug into the lighter). Mostly I was looking for A/C plugs, and a jump-starting capability (for road trips, camping, etc.).

    A great deal, especially with the Amazon automotive promotion $20 off $100.
    ...more info
  • Life Saver
    I brought the jump starter after I left a light on in my car during a huge snow storm. I went to work and after work I discovered that my car was completely dead. I finally got home and vowed to never be without a jump starter again. I immediately brought this jump starter and it has been a life saver. it is totally worth every penney. Plus it has additional features like a tire inflator, flashlight, and outlets for appliances. It does not take long to recharge and it is compact and can fit anywhere. It is a must have. ...more info
  • I Bought Three and just had to use one for real
    At least my car was in the driveway when it decided not to start so it wasnt too bad. I am now searching on amazon for one with higher than 400 power. It would not start my six cylinder engine on my crossfire. I think it will be ok in the other vehicles that have four cylinders. No way this would ever start a V8. It was fully charged just not enough oomph. The K&K models look interesting but I am not excited about having to tend them while they are charged to prevent damage. Unit does work well for powering less taxing things though and the pump works well, just wont start your car if you have a six cylinder or up.
    Hope this helps....more info
  • Black & Decker Electromate Jump Starter
    This item seems to be an excellent combination of auxilliary power for auto and portable use - I can use it as temporary power for amateur radio operations in portable situations and the backup for automotive jump starts and tire inflation.Black & Decker VEC026BD Electromate 400 Jump Starter and Inflator...more info
    Nice unit, nice features - BUT no parts or service is available.

    After a few years of very light household duty, the air impeller on this model failed. After two year warranty expires, B&D offers NO customer service except to offer to sell you a new unit.

    If you are content with a two year lifecycle - buy it. If you think you getting a premium product from a company that cares about customer service, you will be as disappointed as I am.

    Note the positive reviews tend to be from new owners. I felt the same way when the product was new. But the quality isn't there over time, nor is customer service....more info
  • good product
    Bought this as a gift after having purchased one last summer. Very handy and frequently used....more info
  • Power Station
    Fully charged the unit per instructions. Wont run my 32" TV, but it DOES run the 19" TV. For 2 hours.

    Got this unit primarily to run the small electrical fan of the gas fireplace in case of power outages during ice storms. Am confident it can do this for 12 hours or so --- which is all I'm asking.

    ...more info
  • Does the job....
    This works very easily and does its job. Haven't tried the tire pump yet. Hope not to have to use it. Just remember to recharge this every 60 days so it will still work....more info
    Fortunately my brother was nearby when I had a flat. He pulled the Electromate out of his trunk hooked it up to the flat tire. In about 20 minutes I was safely on my way to get the tire repaired. I swore I would buy one, just in case he wasn't there next time, or worse yet, if I got stranded without help anywhere. The jumper cables are a plus!! I HIGHLY recommend this item to anyone....more info
  • Does the job...
    I bought this product over a month ago and wasn't really sure if I would ever use it. But just this past week, came out of my office to the parking lot to drive home and I had a flat tire. Instead of having to change the tire in 10 degree weather, I fired up this unit, reinflated my tire and was able to drive to a shop about 5 miles away to get a new tire. All it takes is one time to make this thing a great investment. It works...I am going to buy another for my wife.....more info
  • Works Great!
    I carry it on my boat to jump on the water and inflate trailer tires. Have used it for both and it works great. I liked it so much I bought a second one for my wife's car....more info
  • Power Packed
    I upgraded to the Black and Decker because I needed more CCA's to jumpstart my friends cars. The Mighty Mite at 250 CCA's was too small for a drained battery. But 2 weeks after I bought the Black & Decker unit I used it to jumpstart an 07 Maxima that had its lights left on all morning. No problem, the 450 CCA's got it started within 2-3 seconds! I like the easy to read attached instructions, good AC power at 400 watts sustained, and good CCA's. It's a lot of value for the money....more info