Liquid Mind VIII: Sleep

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"Mr. Wild successfully creates a soothing and calming atmosphere which could be an excellent addition to one¡¯s nightly sleep regimen." William C. Dement, M.D., Ph.D. Director of Sleep Disorders and Research Center Stanford University School of Medicine

"The titles of the first seven Liquid Mind albums have honored values important to me on my life's journey. This eighth album honors the need in all of us for a healthy and regenerating rest each night. I hope you'll enjoy my music, and use it in good health." Chuck Wild

Music in the Liquid Mind series changes little from one recording to the next--good news for contented fans of the long-running bliss-out series created by keyboardist/composer Chuck Wild. The former Missing Persons keyboardist and studio colleague of famed producer Ken Scott (David Bowie, Supertramp) has evolved into a premier space-music specialist whose relaxing, gentle soundscapes artfully evoke the softer side of the cosmos. His eighth Liquid Mind installment, subtitled Sleep, is a lovely, slo-mo spacewalk through serene, gravity-free realms that consistently yields a sustained sense of well-being and calm. Deserving of a spot at the head table with ambient music's most sophisticated sound designers, Wild creates slowly unfolding, universe-at-rest textures using few of the supplemental sonic dimensions (space winds, angelic voices) often employed by fellow stargazers Jonn Serrie and Jon Jenkins. And he sidesteps the small dramas and mysterious fractals that sometimes add a hint of uncertainty to the otherwise like-minded works of Brian Eno or Harold Budd. Happily, you'll hear no new-agey crystal bowls or plucked harps, either; just a warm, resonant, faintly classical glow skillfully designed for relaxation and peace. Pull up a cloud, lie back, and enjoy. --Terry Wood

Customer Reviews:

  • Best Sleep Therapy
    This is by far the best Sleep album I have heard. Soothing and harmonious it gently takes you on a journey into bliss!!! Wonderful and highly recommended - in fact all 8 CDs by Liquid Mind are fulfilling perfectly all the needs of different aspects of Stress-relief....more info
  • Perfect... just as good as "Serenity"
    I have been using "Serenity" to help calm and fall asleep with for months.. this is a perfect companion CD with it.

    If you haven't gotten them both if you have the chance pick them both us..
    It is Lunesta taken by the ears :)

    Wonderful!...more info
  • Nah !!!! just did not do it for me,Sorry !
    It is a good product, but was not for me, I have had trouble sleeping for over twenty years, and it proved a tad iritaing instead of calming.....more info
  • Better than a prescription
    I already own several Liquid Mind cd's, and when I saw this one was available, I knew it would be a new welcomed addition to the rest.

    I use 'Sleep' when I retire in the evening, when working on needle work, reading a good book, etc.

    It is relaxing and unintrusive. A gentle, more natural way to unwind and slow down....more info
  • Love this
    I created an online radio station for music similar to this, and I found that I was always glad when a Liquid Mind song came on because I liked those the best. So I bought this cd, and it really does help me sleep. DH doesn't like music on at night, so I now keep my mp3 player near the bed, and when I wake up at night I listen to this. If I concentrate on listening to the music, it pushes all those other thoughts out of my head and relaxes me so that I drift off to sleep, and often I get the lovely feeling that I'm floating on the music....more info
  • Syrup for the mind
    This is very relaxing, soothing music. All selections are of similar caliber: harmonius and beautiful. It's something like New Age Baroque; good evening listening before bed....more info
  • Ambient at it's best
    whether your having dinner with friends, doing yoga asanas, getting a massage, meditating, or just laying on the couch-or in bed to go to sleep, Liquid Mind is top in it's class...When I'm going to bed, and put it on, I rarely finish the album...Beautiful sound....more info


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