Whirlpool Whispure 450 Air Purifier (AP45030S) - HEPA Air Cleaner

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HEPA air purifier for rooms 450 square feet or less in size. 320 CADR rating. These air cleaners quietly and efficiently clean the air you breathe. The true HEPA filter cleans the air passing through it 4.8 times per hour or more depending on the unit and room size. Anyone who is concerned with their air quality or simply wants to keep a room fresh, will feel comfortable with the performance and technology built into a Whispure air purifier. The filter captures 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns from air passing through the filter, capturing airborne allergens such as dust, pet dander, smoke, mold spores, pollen, and fabric fibers. Pre-filter helps remove large particles and reduces odor from the air.

  • True HEPA Filter (captures 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns or larger)
  • For rooms 450 square feet or less
  • 3-Speed Motor / Fan control allows you to adjust the speed of the unit
  • Filter Replacement Indicator light provides a convenient reminder for filter replacements.
Customer Reviews:
  • Know the market first before you buy any one of these.
    I have done extensive research on indoor air purifier and the thing is, you do not want the one that is 1) heavy and ugly 2) Nosy 3) expensive to run it 4) expensive to maintain 5) Does not function as well for the money. I came up with THE BEST air purifier there is on the market AIR SOURCE 3000 by Shaklee. One SMALL unit covers up to 3000 Sq feet, no filter to chance, they look like an art, quite and energy saving, kills bacteria and virus, and DOES the job it is supposed to. I will think twice before you buy one of these ugly heavy bulky expensive appliance. ...more info
    Infant niece has lost her nighttime cough due to the operation of this excellent machine. I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Very Good Filter!
    We've had this filter for over a year now and it has worked very well. She has allergies and when they act up, she goes in the room with the filter and within 15 minutes, she feels much better, and can breath.

    It's pretty quiet (especially on low) and not to heavy to move around. You do have to change the filters (1-2 years depending on use) which can be expensive but it's worth it for us.

    I would and have recommend this product....more info
  • Awesome power ; well worth the price
    We bought this filter with the remaining balance of our medical savings account about five years ago, when it was $299. We didn't think we needed such a big filter, but if we didn't spend the money, it would just go to waste.

    Let me tell you, we have now survived 2 fires in the San Diego region, the first fire came less than 1 mile from our house, blanketing our neighborhood like a nuclear winter ... For these cataclysms, we set the filter out in the center of our living room, and it cleans virtually the entire house! It was a life saver !! At a time when every air filter in the region flew off the store shelves like hot cakes, we had the ARNOLD SCHWARTZENEGGAR FILTER!!! You could smell smoke coming in underneath the doors (we later packed the doors with towels), but this air filter kept all our living areas fresh and clean!

    We have a smaller floor standing honeywell $100 circular air cleaner #50100, the little brother of the 50250N. This Whirlpool is quieter than the Honeywell on all 3 settings, although the highest whirlpool setting may be louder than the lowest Honeywell setting. I'm sorry, this filter has just wrecked my enjoyment of our Honeywell circular filter. I just don't have patience for the circular filter any more, and now I'm a committed "Muscle Appliance" shopper (another muscle appliance of ours is the PATTON HIGH VELOCITY fan.)

    The filter is box-shaped, with a side intake (shown in the picture). It blows air out of the top, at one of three speeds. The only control is a 3-speed knob (depicted.) The box size/shape of the honeywell takes arguably less floorspace than a circular cleaner. Because it has a side intake and blows air upwards, you can push this giant Whirlpool up against the wall, unlike a circular cleaner. Despite its bulk, it's relatively light, and the top panel overhangs both sides, making it easy to grip and carry. I have this one next to my lazy-boy chair and it makes an effective coffee table, with one caveat : If you have small children or are clumsy, take care not to drop anything down into the vents, because it doesn't come apart very easily. In a smaller room this would be on light duty. We use ours intermittently and we've only changed the HEPA once in 5 years, and the charcoal filter about 3 times.

    Don't waste your money on gimmicks which are everywhere in air filter products. Don't settle for a HEPA-Type tower (filtering only 99%.) Buy the biggest, most powerful HEPA/Charcoal 99.97% filter than you can afford. You'll be grateful that you did the right thing !!
    ...more info
  • Excellent air filter
    This air filter is rated highly by Consumer Reports. It does not emit ozone like those electrostatic filters (such as the Ionic Breeze, which CR says emits way too much ozone). I only run it when I'm not around. I never use the sleep setting. I just turn it on and off as I please. The lowest setting is fairly quiet. Definately does it's job of filtering the air. Highly recommended. You'll need to replace the hepa filter at least once a year and the prefilter every few months. Can get expensive, but it's worth it. ...more info
  • The Best Air Purifier We've tried
    This air purifier works amazingly. We plugged it in and within 30 minutes there was honestly a change in the air quality. The air felt crisper and fresher. My husband and daughter have been getting sick a lot less and sneezing a lot less. There is also increased circulation in the room we have it in, and it is powerful enough to work in kitchen and living room, which are open to each other by a doorway and bar cutout. Even at the highest setting it is very quiet, quieter than a fan running on low. We don't even pay attention to it. I would highly recommend this product over any other air purifier. ...more info