Lipton Green Tea To Go, Mandarin and Mango, 10-Count Boxes (Pack of 12)

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Product Description

We blend the flavors of mandarin orange and exotic tropical mango with our green tea for a clean, refreshing combination. You?ll enjoy all the great LIPTON taste you?ve come to expect. It?s sugar free with 0 calories per 8 oz serving. Keep LIPTON Green Tea To Go on hand for the office, the gym, and backpacks. Anywhere you?re on the go. After all, LIPTON is a part of your healthy lifestyle. Plus, LIPTON Tea provides a healthy dose of protective flavonoid antioxidants.

  • Case of twelve, 10ct boxes (total 120 sticks)
  • A blend of mandarin orange flavor and exotic tropical mango with green tea
  • Zero calories per serving; high in antioxidants
  • LIPTON Tea provides a healthy dose of protective flavonoid antioxidants.
  • Just add LIPTON Iced To Go to one bottle (16.9 oz) of water. Shake until dissolved and enjoy!

Customer Reviews:

  • Lipton Green Tea to go:Mandarin and Mango.
    This is a really good tasting tea and easy to make. Now my grandkids are always asking for it. Thank you. Douglas T. halsted....more info
  • Deliscioso
    This product not only is better tastewise vs. the bottled products LIPTON offers at walgreens and walmart, the cost is reduced from .48 per unit to
    approx. 40-50% of cost. hint: in a 50 oz bottle i mix 2 of the mandarin and mango with 1 of the cherry blossom. yummmmy...more info
  • Great Stuff!!!
    My diet requires lots of fluids and this is a great way to get them. This one is my favorite. Quick service and no hassles....more info
  • Tea To Go
    Great for work. Individual packs for your water bottle makes zero calorie drinks a joy....more info
  • Surprisingly Great Taste
    I was a little skeptical about purchasing this product because I don't care for the artificial sweetener after-taste of many "diet" drinks. I was pleasantly surprised by this tea - it has a great taste and you can control the intensity of the flavor by using more or less water. I use one packet in a 24oz bottle of water and it is perfect. The directions suggest 16oz of water. I especially LOVE the convenience of the on-the-go packets. I drop a few in my purse and have a box in the office and can enjoy great iced tea anywhere. Best of all, I find that I'm drinking significantly more water each day and have given up my awful soda habit!...more info
  • A refreshing healthy drink
    Great way to incorporate green tea into your lifestyle. Doesn't have the earthly taste associated with most green teas. A tropical, refreshing drink that will help keep you cool in the summer blast!...more info
  • Great tasting iced tea
    I stopped drinking coffee and this product has helped me switch. It has been 18 months and the mandarin mango green tea to go packets are what I keep reaching for to hyrdate and stay caffeinated. ...more info
  • Great Product
    My whole family including my 3 sons love this! They have all switched to this from soda. It has a great taste and I highly recommend it!...more info
  • Good stuff
    Delicious flavor in a convenient package. Although the package says to add to a 16 ounce bottle of water, I added it to a 23 ounce and the flavor was still rich. The additional benefits include not being carbonated, for those of us tired of carbonated drinks, as well as giving the health benefits of green tea.

    I recommend this product highly....more info
  • very good
    Tastes light and refreshing, not a strong tea taste. It mixes well with some good shaking. Its got 80mg of flavonoid antioxidants! My favorite use is while traveling because not all bottled waters taste the same. It is nice to have a favorite low cal drink where ever you may roam....more info
  • nice product
    took off a star b/c you don't taste the mandarin at all. Its all mango. Didn't like it 1st time I tried it but flavor grows on you. Makes drinking water easier & get green tea benefits. One con--when water is very closed the powder sometimes forms lumps that don't dissolve no matter how hard you shake the bottle. But if you just let the bottle sit for a while, eventually the lumps dissolve....more info
  • Great in ice tea!
    This is one of my favorite products! I take it everywhere I go. I can add it to bottled water to get in more servings of water each day. I always add it to my unsweetened ice tea in restaurants. This not only sweetens it, it gives it a wonderful flavor. Many servers have asked me about it, and I always give them a packet to try. They always remember me when I return since we have select places that we go to. I have told many people about this product in the grocery store also. In my area, I can only find the Splenda-sweetened product in Sam's. The grocery stores carry the aspatame-based product. I highly recommeded this to everyone who likes a Mango-type flavor. I have tried their other add-in products, but this is the my family's favorite. My very picky son even takes it to school every day. He can have anything but water or flavored-water, and he loves this....more info
  • Better than plain water; a drink mix for adult tastes
    Lipton Green Tea To Go packs are handy when at home, at the office and when you're on the road and want to avoid drinking your calories.

    The packages are easy to carry and I keep a box at my office and several packets in my glove box. I've reviewed several of the Lipton and Crystal Light products.

    I like the ice teas best. Lipton's teas are less sweet, more adult-tasting than Crystal Light's mixes. Both are a nice change of pace from drinking plain water and I've found that I enjoy it best when it is slushy cold.

    Here's my recipe for a perfect drink: I add the powder to my Rubbermaid Chug Bottle, an inexpensive water bottle perfect for Lipton packets (check out my Amazon review), then I add 12 oz of water and fill the rest of the bottle with crushed ice. After 30 seconds of shaking I've got an ice-cold drink both cheaper and better tasting than diet soda.

    Bottom line: You want to avoid the soda machine and save money by skipping bottled teas. These drink mixes are handy at home, at the office and on the road - anywhere you want to avoid drinking your calories.

    Crystal Light On the Go, Peach Tea
    Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade On-The-Go
    Lipton White Tea Iced Tea Mix To-Go, Raspberry
    Lipton Green Tea To Go, Mandarin and Mango
    Crystal Light On the Go, Raspberry Ice
    Crystal Light On-the-Go Live Active Natural Mixed Berry...more info
  • Lipton Green Tea
    They taste good.

    Really easy to take "on the go"


    *Taking Walks
    *At work
    *At the gym...more info
  • delicious flavor
    Delicious flavor, but could use up to 24 oz of water. This is very sweet and tasty. Daghter tried it and says she'll buy some too. WIll buy again....more info
    I am an advocate for GREEN TEA consumption and Green Tea To Go, Mandarin and Mango flavor is just the ticket for me! One packet in a bottle of water is perfect -- it's flavorable, thirst quenching and so much better for you than soft drinks loaded with sugars, sodium, caffeine and other ingredients detrimental to health. And, being able to purchase this product on line is awesome and much more cost effective than in store purchase....more info
  • Not Really "Green Tea", a Refreshing Flavor Nonetheless
    As a tea enthusiast, I thought this would be a very nice way to enjoy a nice refreshing flavor of green tea on the go in my busy college life. Well, I was half right. It doesn't have the fresh green tea flavor I get from tea leaves, but the flavor is nice and refreshing.

    Each packet is for a .5L (16.9 fl oz) container, which is the typical size of a watter bottle. You must shake it really well, however, because the powder does not dissolve that easily, especially if the water is cold. The flavor is nice and sweet, leaning more towards mango. This product helped me to drink more water, and 0 calories and 80 mg antioxidants per serving make it even better.

    I recomment this product to anyone who wants to add a little flavor to their water without the extra calories that usually follow. It helps you stay hydrated and the antioxidants are a bonus to your busy life....more info
  • Husbands Favorite Tea
    This is my husbands favorite flavor of instant tea. He drinks it at work everyday. I had not been able to find it at our local store for several weeks and was very happy to find it at Amazon. I now order it twelve boxes at a time and he never has to be without it....more info
  • A Delicious Alternative to Everything Sugary!
    I highly recommend Lipton Green Tea To Go! Any flavor. They are all pretty great. The directions suggest using a 16.9 ounce bottle of water, but I find that it tends to be a bit strong and I prefer using a 24 ounce "sport" bottle, for a lighter taste.

    Lipton uses sucralose in its packet drink mixes, so one does not have to worry about the possibility of upset stomach that can come with aspartame. One packet has about 5 calories and very little else. No fat, no sugar, no carbs, no sodium.

    It basically has no nutritional value, but as one who doesn't enjoy plain water, it helps me get my daily water intake, without resorting to other high calorie sports beverages or "enhanced" waters....more info
  • This tea ROCKS
    I was a big diet soda drinker too. And I always liked Lipton Green Iced Tea. But now that they offer these To Go packets with a great flavor combination of Mandarin and Mango AND make it DIET, this is just about the BEST diet product out there.

    I agree with an earlier post about the fact this drink now allows me to drink a lot more water. I am now drinking LOTS of water and it truly is noticable in my appearance and well being.

    I also use 2 packets in a 24 oz bottle (as opposed to 16 oz bottle) and it tastes just fine.

    If you like a flavoral iced tea and are looking to watch calories all while taking in extra antioxidants, you should try this....more info
  • Added Flavor With no added Calories
    I love this Tea! Great taste without the calories plus I feel I'm doing something good for myself with all those antioxidants! Very convenient to take with you whereever you go!...more info
  • Best stuff ever
    I have been drinking Diet Coke for 15 years. I thought that I would never kick it. I found the lipton green tea singles and now I am diet coke free! I feel great and my skin has never looked better because Im getting so much water in my diet now. I would recommend this to anyone for sheer taste pleasure or to kick a nasty soda habit....more info
  • Absolutely the best!!!
    I bought a box of the Mandarin and Mango Lipton Green Tea To Go and a box of the White Tea raspberry flavor on yesterday from Wal-Mart. I love the Mandarin and Mango tea mix. The White Tea raspberry tasted nasty and artificial to me. I will definitely continue to purchase the Mandarin Mango because it has the right amount of sweetness for me. I only paid $1.88 a box for these tea mixes,too!!!...more info
  • great flavor
    i took me a few bottles to get used to the mango flavor. there isnt a whole bunch of tea flavor. halfway thru the case i find its the only thing i drink anymore. it has a flavor that grows on you....more info
  • You can't go wrong here!
    I think this is probably the best flavor in the Lipton Green Tea line-up. I prefer using a little less water (about 1 ounce less). Let it sit awhile as the flavor will intensify after just a few minutes. Very refreshing and thirst quenching....more info


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