Bain de Terre Recovery Complex Anti-Frizz Silky Shine Serum, 4.2-Ounce Bottle

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  • One 4.2-ounce bottle of anti-frizz serum
  • An exclusive blend of meadowfoam seed, grape seed, and mango seed
  • Eliminates frizzies while mending split ends
  • Alcohol-free, extra-moisturizing formula
  • Safe to use on permed, straightened, or color-treated hair

Customer Reviews:

  • great product
    Authenticly helps repair split ends and smooths frizzy dry hair. this product is healthy for youe hair not damaging like some other glosses. I've been using it for years now and highly reccomend it! towel dry and apply a few drops before blow drying! Worth every penny!...more info
  • pepper
    I have frizzy, curly, course hair. I have bought numerous products to tame the beast. Bain de Terre Recovery anti frizz, leaves my hair shiny and smooth always. It protects when a flat iron is used and leaves it soft,shiny, and smooth. It doesn't leave a heavy reside like other products. I love it. No more wasting money on inferior products. A must try....more info
  • Great choice for a serum
    Why you should consider to buy this:
    1. Its relatively inexpensive
    2. It smells wonderful
    3. Its not incredibly thick
    Where you should keep a bottle of this:
    1. Your desk drawer at work - mid morning or mid afternoon pick up
    2. Your gym bag
    This is best used on dry hair. Nice alternative to oil sheen.
    Highly recommended for dry, damaged, ethnic hair, frizzy, curly hair, etc...

    This product soaks into the hair folicule, and doesn't leave a oily residue (and I use over a quarter size in my hair)!
    I have dry, frizzy, damaged hair.
    Very nice product. ...more info
  • C. Jacobs
    This Bain de Terre Recovery Complex Anti-Frizz Silky Shampoo is TERRIFIC AND SO ARE THE SELLERS!! Very prompt shipping and no problems....more info
  • Love it, get this!
    This product is amzinnggg, it's just what I was looking for. I have wavy hair that can get really gross after blow drying. I've used this about 3 times and it made my hair SO much more soft and silkier. It gives it that healthy shine that I once could only get from a salon wash..
    You really need very little, but it does a lot. I only need 2 drops when my hair is damp and then one more after I blowdry if it is humid out or something. The bottle was smaller than I'd expected, but you need so little when you use it so it will last a loongg time and youll get ur moneys worth. I would recommend this to anyone :D...more info
  • Love this product!
    Have been using this for years and it makes a huge difference in keeping my hair styled even in high humidity (and my hair is naturally curly, and easily frizzes!). ...more info
  • No frizz anymore!
    This is simply the best serum I've ever used. No matter how much I use, my hair is not greasy, and it ends up extremely shiny and silky, no frizz at all, even in the most humid weather. Skip the drugstore brands, and try this! I've gone from using several products on my hair to only this!...more info
  • Bain de Terre Recovery does what it advertises
    I love this product. Gives my hair shine and manageability without being stiff or sticky. Been using it for ten years....more info
  • The best of the hair-shine products
    I've used Bain de Terre Recovery Complex for many, many years now. I keep trying other products, but keep returning to this one - it makes my long, fine hair shinier, less frizzy, and stronger. One of the reasons I love it so much is that it does NOT have a strong scent (most folks would probably say it has none at all, but I can detect a very light, pleasant one) - I tried both Biosilk and Chi Silk infusion and could not stand the strong scents. The product says to use 3-4 drops, but I usually use about a nickel-size amount on my hair (and I even use B&B de-frizz on top of that sometimes). Since I color my hair, and I'm getting older (51 years now), and like to wear my hair long, I do whatever I can to make it comb without breaking and stronger. This product helps ALOT! ...more info
  • great stuff
    have used for several years--my hair is fine, dry and wavy--accentuates the curl, also like that I can use it on dry hair, with just a little water, to pep it up, too. I also use a foam gel most of the time, but no other conditioner....more info
  • C. Jacobs
    This Bain de Terre Recovery Complex Anti-Frizz Silky Shampoo is TERRIFIC AND SO ARE THE SELLERS!! Very prompt shipping and no problems....more info
  • Bain de terre recovery complex anti frizz
    I've been using this stuff for years. I have thin hair that is often hard to manage and can get easily dried out. I was getting the recovery complex from my hairdresser. Since I have moved I have been looking for it in several salons in the area with no success. I was happy to be able to find and order it online. Because I use it regularly, it was an extra bonus to be able to "subscribe" to receiving the order and not have to manually order it each time I got low....more info


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