Dirt Devil Reaction

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  • Dirt Devil Reaction Upright Vacuum. The Reaction Upright from Dirt Devil is the newest and most advanced vacuum on the market.
  • Patented dual cyclone technology divides the air into two smaller cyclones with the air moving at higher velocities than in a single cup. You get better dirt separation and superior cleaning power.
  • Filterless bottom-empty dirt cup is easy-to-use and mess-free. HEPA filter traps nearly 100% of common allergens and dust.
  • Rotating power brush is included for cleaning upholstery, stairs, or any hard-to-reach places where dirt can hide. Features a ready-to-use hose with comfort grip handle that stretches nearly 10 feet.
  • Extra-long 32-foot cord makes it easy to vacuum the whole house without having to unplug. Measures 15" x 13" x 44.5".
Customer Reviews:
  • good vacuum
    Ive had no problem with this vacuum. I dont know why so many people hate it. I use it for pet hair and it works better than any other vacuum Ive bought so far....more info
  • "The Beast?"
    The reason that I purchased this vacuum is for the 1) filterless/washable filter, and what seemed liked good suction, and I couldn't afford a Dyson at the time.

    1) The filter works, as others mentioned, but requires regular cleaning. The foam filter needs washing, the paper filter needs shaking/pounding and gentle toothbrushing or washing. The airflow directors (silver-finned cones inside the canister) also require regular cleaning that is not hard, but take additional care. In all, the filter and fins may save money, but not time. Every few times cleaning our place needed a washing of the filters and fins. While advertised as a HEPA system, the vacuum is not airtight when cleaning, or emptying, and because of this, it does give off some dust especially after cleaning.

    2) I have noticed loss of suction after a few months of use, but even more annoying is the loss of suction once the canister fills up (unevenly, as there are two separate chambers). I'll be vacuuming, and didn't know they've stopped spinning. Overall, the suction was actually pretty strong, but on hard floors, the beater bar works too fast, and spits debris backwards instead of sucking it into the canister when lowered to hard floor setting. Raising it helps, but doesn't eliminate this problem. In order to reduce spit back on carpet, lowering the height slows the motor, but the beater bar is strong enough that working against the bias of a carpet taxes your grip (beyond what my wife can muster...which means I do almost all vacuuming).

    Regarding the belts (the Achilles' Heel for maintenance of this unit?), slowly, they seem to be losing grip on the beater bar. After owning for a year, I think they'll last OK?

    "The Beast"
    The package weight is 25.9 lbs.? 24.1 for the vacuum itself? I think Amazon switched the numbers. This is a heavy (durable) vacuum, and not wife friendly (at least for mine!). The positive: if you don't mind the weight, it seems to be built like a tank. It's also quite tall.

    Misc. comments:
    Big, hard to maneuver and get into corners and under things; average to above average noise compared to other vacs I have owned.

    Final Thoughts:
    My suspicion is that Dirt Devil made this as a "Reaction" to the Dyson, and didn't balance out all the parts. While it does suck up a lot of carpet lint and dirt and stuff, it's basically a carpet-only machine with decent tools (the passive/wind powered mini-brush is terrible, but the manual tools are fine). For the money it's not the worst vac, but it shouldn't be hard to find something better or cheaper, and definitely lighter unless you're looking for a workout....more info
  • Allergy sufferers and pet owners DO NOT BUY!
    I had a dirt devil about 10 years ago that worked awesome. Then I bought a bissell for $89. That lasted a year. Then I bought the reaction by dirt devil. After about 3 uses it loses suction. Like one of the previous customers I wanted a Dyson, couldn't afford one so, this seemed like a nice consolation prize. Please do NOT waste your money. If you have pets, it just does not suck up the hair. I have hair everywhere. If you have allergies as I do, please save your money. Everytime I vaccuum I go into a sneezing frenzy. I can't even dump the damn dust bin because if I do I can't breathe. So, I finally broke down and saved enough for a Dyson. It should be here within 2 weeks. I can't wait!...more info
  • New purchase - so far, so good
    I don't understand all the horrible reviews but then I have only had this product for a week. So far we have found it gets the massive amt of pet hair from our carpets just fine. (I have 3 long-haired dogs). I don't find it any heavier than any other vac I have had. I like the easy emptying when the canister is full. I will check back after I have had it a few months to see if I feel differently but so far we are very pleased with it. ...more info
  • Don't waste your $$$!!!!!!!!
    This is the worst vacuum I have ever owned. I am searching for a new vacuum after owning this one for only 4 months. I do not have pets, but do have 4 young children so I have to vacuum pretty much daily. Problems include: 1) the cord is attached near the bottom of the handle in the back of the vacuum so you are constantly stepping on it and getting tangled up no matter what tricks you try, 2) the suction hose constantly pops out of its holder so the vacuum stops picking up much of anything; you usually continue vacuuming for awhile until you realize nothing has been getting picked up so you have to shove the hose back in and re-vacuum 3) you have to empty it constantly if you have any chance of it working, 4) the "extension" hose is a joke as it is so short you feel like you have a vacuum cleaner looking over your shoulder the whole time you are trying to vacuum your floors, and 5) the power switch is inconveniently located next to the handle release so you quite often release the handle and bonk yourself when trying to turn the vacuum on. UGH!!!!!!! I hope this review saves someone from the frustrating vacuum experience I've had with the Dirt Devil Reaction!...more info
  • If you like dirt...
    I purchased this vac about a year ago after owning a typical upright with a bag. At first, I thought it was great! It was powerful and I loved the small spinning brush attachment for doing stairs & furniture. Then it came time to empty it. I'm not sure what the problem was with the good ol' bag vacs, when it was full you put the bag in the garbage and replaced it. It took about 2 seconds and you didn't have to see OR touch the dirt. Well those days are gone, apparently it's better to SEE the dirt. Touch the dirt. Put your arms in the chamber up to your elbows so you can pull out the stuck dirt. How is this better? Then you have to rinse off the filter which requires touching & seeing more dirt. When it gets full or something gets stuck, it loses suction, just like the bag vacs did. I know this isn't a Dyson, but if it's full, it's full. Which is going to inhibit the vacs ability to suck in more right? I don't get the cyclonic thing either. The things spin around and guess what happens to hair, string, etc.? It gets wrapped around those spinning things and you have to go in there & pull it off. Only a genius could have thought of this, surely. Anyway, if you want to be truly united with all the gross stuff you suck off your floor...this bagless, cyclonic technology is for you! ...more info
  • Can't handle pet hair
    This vacuum has been a two year disappointment. It has good suction, powerful motor, wide sweep, and good attachment performance - but it cannot handle pet hair. Long before the dust chambers are full, and usually about 5 minutes into use, clumps of pet hair start forming around the dual chrome cones at the top of each cyclone chamber. The hair then gets tangled around the cones, which then have to be removed in order to wrangle the hair free.

    Dust, dirt, and small debris empty easily, as advertised. Just a bush of a button, and everything drops from the dust chamber into the trash. If you have long-hair pets, however, I would avoid this vacuum altogether. I called Dirt Devil customer service just to see if they had a different cone design that wouldn't clog after 5 minutes of use, but they could only refer me to a warranty service center. Sadly, I think this design is flawed. ...more info
  • Horrible Vacuum..
    I also had bad luck with this product. It over heats, needs new filters every 3 months or so, filter needs to be cleaned almost daily or no suction. I like the other reviewers had numerous problems with overheating. I am so very disappointed in this product. ...more info
    The seal on the bottom of the canisters leaks. If you tip the vacuum back to wheel it (and who doesn't do that if the vacuum is off?) the dust in the canister leaks out. Um, doesn't that defeat the purpose of vacuuming? This is going back to the store tonight....more info
  • worth $150
    You cant expect a 150 vacuum to compete with a 400-550 dyson machine. i mean really think about it . if your willing to drop a half a G on a vacuum perhaps you should look into getting a maid service. look dysons a great product but come on its a vacuum for your house not a space shuttle . This vacuum does the job and never lost suction the whole time. there is a rubber grommet between the cannister and the vac. so i dont know where that comes from.as far as hardwood floors . vacuums gernerally dont do a good job on hard floors thats not why they were made thats why we have brooms. however if you shut off the brush the small particles dont shot around your floor if you so chose to use it to do hard flooring.

    in the end its a matter of cost vs useage.
    ...more info
  • very good product
    For the price,this is a great option to a less expensive vacume. The bottom empty bagless canister is great and the suction stands up to pet hair and dust.Being a previous Rainbow owner,I am hard to impress,but for the price,it's worth the money....more info
  • Do not purchase this Devil!
    I am soooo disappointed in this product. It is bulky, has poor suction and overheats half way thru the job. My home is 1600 sq feet and it stops from overheating before I can finish and most of the area is on laminate floor so stress on high pile carpet would not be a problem. It takes about 45 min. for the Devil!! to recuperate. I had an Oreck for many years and decided to go bagless. I looked at Dyson and against my better judgement went to the Reaction. That was a bad reaction on my part. The belt situation for this vac is the only thing that sucks! I am giving this machine away when the charity truck comes by next week. I am going to get the Dyson ASAP. Live and learn. Run of the mill Hoover is better than this. Don't waste your money. ...more info
  • why did I buy this monster vacuum
    I must have been out of my mind to spend so much for something that is wayyyyyyy too heavy, bulky and wide to do what I need done.. I only wanted it for upstairs in my townhome to clean around the floor from any hair my cats may have deposited.. I think that this vacuum is not any better than the smaller ones with the same amount of amps (12) that are very cheap to buy.. Try pushing this one around and lifting it..plus now there are two sides to clean instead of one and it doesnt seem to work that well on the bare floors downstairs. There is more area downstairs without furniture where it could have a clear path, but if I have to put on a bare floor tool every time I used it, or an attachment just to get in spaces I normally could get into, then who needs it.. If the suction does go, as the previous person said, then Dirt Devil will surely hear from me and it will not be pretty....more info
  • worst vacuum ever
    The head of this vacuume is way too big. This vacuume is extremely heavy, it's hard to clean the "filterless filter" which is required often, and most diaspointing of all, it has very poor suction power. It worked well for about 3 weeks of daily use, and then it just lost it. IT is also very time consuming and difficult to take the bottom part off when it's time to change the belt. Purchase one of the 99$ hoovers instead of this, i've had much better experience with those.

    Oh, not to mention, it's impossible to find replacement belts for this....more info
  • Not good for hard floors
    This vacuum is quieter than the last dirt devil I owned. It has quite a bit of suction but on hardwood floors, it shoots whatever it sucks right back at you because there is no catch underneath. The hand tool gets caught up easily and won't work if hair or fuzz balls get caught in it. The plastic tubes don't hold much suction and come apart while using them. Although it sucks up nice on carpet, its not worth the money if you need to use the hand tools or if you have bare floors....more info
  • Do not buy this vacuum
    I bought this vacuum because it was compared to the Dyson, but anyone who has ever owned a Dyson knows that the Dirt Devil Reaction does not come close to the suction power of the Dyson. This vacuum is not worth the price and constantly looses suction while vacuuming. The bagless canister connects to the vacuum, plastic to plastic with no rubber in between to keep the suction well. Why they don't have any rubber in between, I don't know. Do not buy this poorly put together vacuum....more info