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This weekly news magazine reports on each week s developments on the national and global news front through news, commentary and analysis. Its features include national and international affairs, business, lifestyle, society, the arts, politics, the economy, personal business, the Washington scene, health, science and technology.

Customer Reviews:

  • Missing issues getting to be a habit
    I've now missed the last 3 issues being delivered: the Emmys, Katrina, and now Rita. They tell me they have no back issues (Rita hurricane due to hit Texas in 2 days and they're already out of the Oct 3 issue - and today is Sept. 22!). Give me a break! And, of course, no one will return calls or email. I've been a subscriber for over 20 years - how business has changed. I'm cancelling......more info
    This magazine is probably funded by the DNC. Get real. If you can't publish unbiased news articles, don't bother. I could turn on the TV for that. I thought Journalism was about reporting the whole truth....not here. I think I'll stick with reading Newsmax. The publishers of this magazine should be embarrassed to say the least. The American people deserve much better than this....more info
  • Newsweek irresponsible, unbacked Koran-flushing story
    I'd never waste money on a subscription to this rag, but I selectively read articles from it in the doctor's office all the time.

    It will be interesting to see how Newsweek deals with the outrage from the Dan Rather-like "Koran flushing" tidbit. It seems like some apology is in order for not fully vetting the story. If some heads roll, I'll jack up my rating - they are biased, but their articles aren't the worst. Like I said, confine reading to the doctor's office....more info
  • Terribly Biased (LIBERAL) mag. lacks interesting articles
    Just because I'm 15 doesn't mean I don't know a good magazine or am too young or naive to sense the garbage of news these scum bag journalists of Newsweek have regurgitated into the public's eye. All I can say is I've been getting sicker and sicker for months of these pathetic political articles and arguements and letters about the tension between Barack and Hillary, and advice to each candidate that this mag. offers. (Give me a break, Newsweek, Hillary and Barack are smart enough on their own to know what to do, and don't need your petty advice... Or does she? :) ) And on top of this, as the media does as well, puts the democrats up on a pedestal. Disgusting. DO NOT BUY!!! A WASTE!!! ...more info
  • newsweek
    Newsweek So far I have received two weekly newsweeks -- December 22 and 29. I have not received the January 5th issue yet [Monday, January 12, 2009]. What's up?

    Bob Pond...more info
  • newsweek
    While I like the coverage and writing, I am NOT receiving it regularly. Since the subscription began, I've only received two copies. I hope they will correct this and send it regularly....more info
  • More liberal bias
    Have just cancelled my subscription after many years. Newsweek is no longer an objective news magazine. ...more info
  • Going Downhill
    I've been a subscriber for about 18 years now. The magazine has always had a bias, but it has greatly increased the past couple of years--since about the time that Jon Meacham became editor. Over the past few weeks (since I renewed my subscription), some of the reporting has been downright irresponsible. I wish I hadn't renewed. When my present subscription runs out I'll look for a different news magazine....more info
  • Good allround coverage
    While I don't always agree with what I read in Newsweek, I like the diverse perspective it presents. I rarely get as upset by an article as by watching 5 seconds O'Reilly Factor. I live 2.5 years in the US now, and I must say that I am disgusted by what is titled News on the local TV channels (notable exception: BBC World News on PBS). While I should read NYT, WJ or WP to keep up, those are just too volumenous, and bound to be "mistakenly apprehended" from my doorstep anyway. In order to stay connected to what is happening outside this country, what/why things are happening inside this country, and have something that fits into my mail receptible, Newsweek gives me a nicely condensed picture while its cover story provides in depth focus for ~50 news hot spots over the year. Unlike some target-audience magazine, Newsweek's English is refreshingly comprehendable, and mostly free of fashionable monosyllabic confusion and acronym soup....more info
  • Enjoyable
    I got this as a Christmas present and have been enjoying "Newsweek" ever since the first issue came in the mail. The cover stories are clearly the highlight and I enjoy reading them each time (The pictures and diagrams on the Cover stories are great). The other articles tend to not be as enjoyable. I do like the "Periscope" section sometimes as well as the "Conventional Wisdom" section. If you're a Conservative you may not like Newsweek because it's clearly written sometimes from a liberal perspective (even I as a Democrat I see this). I highly reccomend "Newsweek" to people who like interesting cover stories and like to stay current with the news....more info
  • Keeping Informed
    The magazine Newsweek presents current events written by well informed journalists. Quite often two sides of a story are presented, enabling me to form a sounder opinion of the situation. Nice Back Page editorials, particularly Anna Quindlen's. Definitely worth the read! Especially in this day of 1-2 minute clips on TV....more info
  • A bargain, but not serious news
    I enjoy reading Newsweek despite its overall deficiency in the depth of news it covers. At this price, it's worth the quick perusal every week. I would recommend The Economist for those looking for hard news; Newsweek is good for a look at US domestic affairs and current news features....more info
    Newsweek has an obvious liberal slant. It seemed like 9 times out of 10, the articles written about politics had a left-wing bias. So if you're in to "journalism" with a liberal agenda, this would be for you. My subscription just ran out and I will not be renewing it....more info
  • Here's Newsweek's Egregiously Simplistic Slant Parodied Effectively: GRRRR! Dems Are Awesome! GOP Is Pure Excrement! GRRRRRR!!!!
    Newsweek, hereafter disdainfully called only NEWSPEAK, is an ideologically propagandizing magazine whose very continued existence defies the very bounds of reason and plausibility. After all, NEWSSPEAK is a "magazine" which has long ago supplanted even a semblance of trying to be somewhat balanced in news coverage in favor of, currently, absolute promotion of hardcore, liberal/Democrat ideology. Ergo, its circulation has suffered because of this very, blatant discrimination: according to Bill O'Reilly's report from May 28, 2008, NEWSSPEAK's circulation has plummeted by a startling 11% just over the course of one year!!!! These casualties are all due to NEWSPEAK's aggressively worsening, ideological partisanship that the magazine works in to every, single issue, thereby misleading every single reader who isn't a diehard, liberal ideologue (those readers are, conversely, just having their beliefs massaged some more).

    Don't believe me???? Too intellectually dishonest to admit that I'm right and not recognize the facts in front of your face, huh???? Well, this Grade A review of mine will leave you, the reader, undoubtedly persuaded as to NEWSSPEAK's horrid ulterior motives, which they're working against you, the unsuspecting, sheeple-reader.

    Before this review is over, I will have convinced you, the still-unobservant (or just willfully careless) NEWSSPEAK reader that your wretched magazine of choice is deserving of a boycott or a cancellation of your subscription if you're already that bad off that you're actually subscribing to this rag!!!!

    I base my persuasive and well-rounded conviction against NEWSSPEAK on one of their latest issues--but I could've easily chosen any issue of theirs from the past few years--which had Barry HUSSEIN Obama's mulatto-mug on the cover (already an unpardonable confirmation of liberal-media favoritism because this is like the umpteenth pro-Obama puff-piece from NEWSSPEAK!). The inexcusable, chicaning prejudice within this pro-Obama cheerleading-piece is how NEWSSPEAK'S arrogant editorial comes through in what's, allegedly!, supposed to be a mere article. The gist of their pro-Obama puff-piece is essentially that no matter which Republican won the presidency in the last few decades, his victory was always "tainted" by using fear (or something to that effect) in order to "scare" voters into voting GOP. Predictably and tactlessly, NEWSSPEAK then juxtaposes this by inventing all the most swollen exaggerations why voting Dem/Obama has all the merits in the world. Besides sounding like the most worn-out and overused Democrat talking point, this also verifies the anti-Republican but pro-liberal/Democrat bias within NEWSSPEAK. It's so brutally flagrant that it's basically a JOKE for NEWSSPEAK not just to come out of their thinly veiled, anti-conservative closet and declare themselves a propaganda arm of the DNC!!!!

    If you, the naively continuous NEWSSPEAK reader, think that's already noxious, steady yourself for even MORE scandalous breaches from NEWSSPEAK. Some months ago, NEWSPEAK had the ideological and impudent nerve--which showed severe inconsiderateness to good taste--to actually add the Daily Kos founder, Markos Moulitsas, as a contributor!!!! Now, unless you've had your head in the proverbial, political sand, you'll know that Markos Moulitsas' site, the Daily Kos, is nothing but a pure, unadulterated HATE SITE, which traffics in character *ss*ssination and ill will.

    This is a non-negotiable fact that has already been proven countless times--from many different sources--but I will cite the ever-reliable Bill O'Reilly's series of expose-reports over 2007 as the validation of the fact that Daily Kos is exclusively a HATE SITE. What O'Reilly exposed in 07 included: a plethora of Daily Kos posters sadistically writing that they hoped Tony Snow would die from cancer; posted, edited pictures of Joe Lieberman giving GW Bush fell*tio; and just the sickness of ordinary, commonplace posts of hateful spite from seemingly every single poster on that site. Don't just take O'Reilly's reporting on it: if you doubt this cold, hard fact, you're more than welcome to frustratingly get offended by checking out Daily Kos yourself (it would probably take only a few seconds to find foulness akin to the aforementioned on that site).

    Now that I've established that one of NEWSSPEAK'S contributors runs a HATE SITE, it cannot be avoided that NEWSSPEAK also traffics in hate, particularly, the hate found among the progressives and the liberals as Daily Kos is now one of the premier drivers of liberal thought and policy, even among the Dem party. By adding Moulitsas to their magazine, NEWSSPEAK has reprehensibly admitted to shamelessly stooping to curry favor with the hardcore leftists, again, totally breaching any semblance of fairness in their "reporting."

    Finally, if the aforementioned horror stories aren't enough to get you to boycott NEWSSPEAK--I'm of course assuming you have a soul and are intellectually honest--than maybe a stinging reminder about their 2005 scandal regarding US soldiers and the Koran will do the trick. Though three years old, this furious scandal of NEWSSPEAK'S cannot and shouldn't be relegated to the past; it must always be kept fresh in the minds of Americans so they can truly determine what kind of anti-Americanism and anti-US military ideology NEWSSPEAK promotes.

    In the May 9, 2005 issue (read: anti-US propaganda issue!), an article by one, Michael Isikoff, libeled that US soldiers at Gitmo had flushed a Koran down a toilet as part of interrogation procedures (it should be noted that even if true, this would've been very mild compared to what real atrocities Islamists regularly perpetrate against their captured; you know, the basics such as beheadings, suicide bombings and real torture as opposed to theoretical torture). Those silly, little Muslims being the tolerant, open-minded epitomes of reason that they are, this invented propaganda by NEWSSPEAK actually instigated much chaotic and anti-American rioting across the Muslim world--or, as Muslims call it, just any other old day!--with 15 deaths in Afghanistan alone. It must infamously be pointed out that the reason this anti-US soldier fr*ud appeared plausible to begin with was only because the chronic liars that Gitmo detainees are made similar accusations previously. So, again, NEWSSPEAK was at fault for stealing credibility on behalf of these terrorist-detainees at Gitmo. Wouldn't you know it, though? This tarnish of a black eye for NEWSSPEAK ended really dreadfully for them when they were pressured into retracting this egregiously invented facade upon admitting that their anonymous source (using anonymous sources in and of itself is already lowlife journalism) couldn't confirm that such an incident was under investigation and so had ever happened! Nonetheless, the anti-American damage by the liberal ideologues at NEWSSPEAK was already irreversible.

    Now, I'll confront the misguided dolts who actually subscribe or otherwise support this yellow journalism rag so it can stay in business. What the hell is wrong with each and every one of you for continuing to buy copies of this abominable piece of trash disguised as a magazine? After all the verifiable cataclysms that I've so diligently recapped above, how the hell can you justify forking over money to keep this virulently anti-American, liberal magazine going?! The only purpose it has is to massage the ideology of hardcore liberals and promote the ruinous policies of the Democrats by virtue of character-*ss*ssinating the GOP. If you're a Republican and you're reading this, you're insane, and shame on you!!!! You're actually so inept or maybe just complacent that you're helping the enemy hurt your own party! Stop buying this liberal trash magazine at once! If you're an independent or merely someone of any political leaning who has respect for non-partisanship and honesty, what the hell are YOU doing buying this cr*p? Stop at once, too! However, if you're a hardcore, committed liberal or Democrat, then by all means: continue forking over your hard-earned dollars in this apparent "recession" we're in so this magazine can continue defaming the US, soldiers and the GOP. I'd expect nothing better from partisan you.
    ...more info
  • Good weekly mag but not as good as Time
    Newsweek, with its coverage of world events and trends in health, politics, science and technology, and even entertainment, is still one of the best weekly magazines on the market, but in my opinion not as good as TIME. Some articles do seem to be politically stilted, and in its attempt to attract a more diverse audience, loses sight of its original mission which was to cover major weekly world events. Still interesting reading....more info
  • Flashier than TIME
    After reading TIME for a while, it became boring. Newsweek is flashy, the cover stories arent so boring, and the format is better. For a news magazine, Newsweek beats TIME...more info
  • Newsweek Subscription
    I bought the subscription as a gift for my dad on Father's Day. The first issue arrived much sooner than the estimated 5-6 weeks, probably in only about 2 weeks. It worked out well....more info
  • Where is it?
    I received my first issue of Newsweek two to three weeks ago. Great! I did not receive any following issues! Not so Great! I did not place a subscription for one magazine, so where are the others? Am I in one of those "We will send you a magazine when we have a spare one" subscription plans?...more info
  • Newsweek: Worth subscribing?
    Newsweek definitely comes at things from a Democratic bent, I am a Republican, but I still enjoy Newsweek. For the last eight years I have read Newsweek, and I would say it has become increasingly media-centered. Issues from about five years back did not used to have a section about celebrities or movies or Tv or music. I would assume that they realized people like gossip, so they figured adding a little in there would bump up their dropping subscription rate.

    I actually enjoy the media section. I will not deny I love hearing about new Tv shows and products mostly because I do not own a Tv. Since, it is at the end of the magazine it is not hard to skip over. However, what I cannot skip over is that I feel like the magazine has become more propganda than hard news. There is more and more personal opinions permeating the articles, and less and less hard facts. I guess you could say it is like watching CNN only even less objective.

    I do enjoy reading Newsweek, and they do have informative articles, so I would not call it "People" or any other media/celebrity centered magazine, but it has become a lot more media/celebrity conscious for better or worse.

    If you do not mind magazines with an obvious Democratic bent, that do not neccassarily give both sides of the issues fairly, then you will enjoy Newsweek.

    God Bless ~amy...more info
  • Great!
    "Newsweek" is great! Form the cover stories to the regular sections, it has a great variety to catch you up on the week's news. For the "Prosepectives" section to the "Test Drive" and "Tip Sheet." The magazine brings the week together and entertains at the same time. I love "Newsweek" it is a great wat to stay current!...more info
  • Best Price for a good magazine
    After the post-election coverage in Newsweek, I knew I needed this magazine. Amazon simply gave me the best price and quickest service I could find. Good job, Amazon and Newsweek!
    ...more info
  • Good Overall Information Source - Low Quality Articles
    It is important to say that Newsweek has an overall good balance of world and national news. If you want to obtain a magazine that will give you a basic understanding of different world developments, and I repeat "basic understanding" this is a safe bet. Nonetheless, most of the articles found in Newsweek will not give the reader an in depth analysis of the topic at hand and in most cases will be very superficial. For example, in Newsweek articles dealing with poverty conditions in Somalia and Rwanda, the magazine fails to mention how the United Nations and the United States have failed to successfuly address the problem. In articles about genocide in East Timor, the magazine fails to tell you that the weapons that were used by the Indonesian army to commit genocide were provided by the United States and that the United States used its veto power at the security council to prevent sanctions on Indonesia. In other topics such as the economic crisis in Argentina, the magazine fails to tell the reader about some of main factors leading to the crisis such as the incredible corruption of Argentina's previous government. To conclude, get this magazine if you want a basic source of global information. If you want a magazine that will give you real insight on world affairs, do not buy this magazine. ...more info
  • No longer a good read
    I am no longer able to read this magazine. I don't see unbiased journalism and fair coverage of both side of stories. Some articles are still great but others are just taking a point and running with it right wrong or indifferent...more info
  • lukewarm weekly news magazine (three and one-half stars)
    Newsweek used to be a lot better; they would spend more time on the pages of the magazine informing people about the news and the life and times of our generation and even other generations. However, slowly over time, the magazine has rejected that strategy in favor of more frequent sensationalist front page articles and many more advertisements in the weekly issue.

    Of course, there are still the staples. We get news articles that are pertinent to current events (we see issues with cover stories about presidential candidates, for example); and I like the "comedy page" where they have cartoons and the quotes from people in the news can be very interesting. The quality of the paper they print on is actually fairly good.

    One thing I do like very much is that occasionally Newsweek devotes an issue to a retrospective view of times past. An example is the recent issue about 1968 and how those events impacted our lives. I liked that issue very much.

    Overall, if you want a weekly news magazine, Newsweek is one of those out there to consider. Remember that there'll be more ads than ever before; but the articles that they do present are very well written.

    Three and one-half stars.
    ...more info
  • Ultra-liberal magazine
    Don't buy this expecting the news. You will get the news only from a left wing/socialist slant. Anything that doesn't fit their world view will be ignored or dismissed. There is no such thing as reporting only the news to today's media. Everything is editorial.
    ...more info
    Newsweek is an excellent publication for those who have broad interests that can range frome specific to eclectic. Adequately detailed reporting is done from international and domestic points of view.

    Some might criticize this media source as being biased, but I do not see it quite so much as what is entailed in other periodicals. Certain comments might be relegated to editorials, but they seem typically limited to one or two sentences in contrast to the dogmatic, propagandistic, five-page manifestos that might be found elsewhere.

    The breakdown of each issue is nicely geared to all audiences who want to take a break from the reality TV, the perpetual sports hype, and the 24-hour news programming which elevate many a person's blood pressure. By comparison to other information outlets, Newsweek has a tone that is less sarcastic and less alarmist while being both more analytical and more interesting, a simultaneity that does not occur frequently but is nonetheless accomplished.

    Kudos to Jon Meacham for his work as editor-in-chief. He has infused new life into the world of journalism without, surprisingly enough, being too preachy. His noteworthy achievements and talents as Pulitzer prize winner are so desperately needed, especially in an age when outstanding writers and reporters of near-equal caliber are losing their posts due to the demise of newspapers across the country....more info
    I only rate this item 1 star because I have to give a rating:
    Seventeen dead and untold damage to future relations because the tail wagged the dog. Responsible citizens will hold Newsweek Magazine accountable for the lies, disinformation and treachery it has perpetrated on our country and our military. We refuse their terse, shameless apology, half heartedly issued then accompanied with the promise that they will continue to report more lies which they will attempt to portray as real news. Newsweek should be thoroughly investigated. It has become apparent that their only reason for existing is to put each and every one of our troops, US citizens, my family, me and you in harm's way. Do they stupidly think that their blatant invitation to encourage yet more terrorists acts will not trickle down to themselves because they sleep safely in their beds due to our only defense, our valiant and commited military? This is the same magnificent military they have tried so hard to defame and cause to fail! What if they succeeded? Do they believe they would sleep safe in their beds, then? They must think they and all their liberal, anti-American pals are so far removed from the horrors our troops face every day that they can play dangerous their games back here in the US and no one will call them on it! They are not worth one drop of the blood they spilled because the lies they printed. Newsweek should be on trial for the murders they caused. Newsweek, can you hear me? PEOPLE ARE DEAD BECAUSE OF YOU.
    ...more info
  • Newsweek
    Getting views from a news magazine; another part of education in our high school library....more info
  • Week after week enjoyment.
    I read some reviews before posting my own about Newsweek. I for one don't see what isn't to like about this magazine. I love reading it cover to cover. While every topic may not completely interest me at first glance, they still end up being worth the read. Plus you'd be amazed how many times the articles I've taken the time to read become conversations that I can have a say in!...more info
  • Used to be good.
    Newsweek used to be a pretty good, balenced magazine. Now it's about 60% ads 30% pictures and 10% "news" that always seem to be written like an editorial. Don't recommend anymore....more info
  • Liberal Bias plus small font
    As a subscriber to Newsweek for 10 plus years I have just cancelled my subscription. I use to look forward to receiving this magazine each week. It was well done with humorous political cartoons and balanced coverage of politics. That is no longer the case.

    The November 3, 2008 issue which arrived on October 28, 2008 contains three articles that declare Obama the victor in an election that will not take place until November 4, 2008. This continued trend in liberal bias undermines Newsweek's credibility.

    The font size has been greatly reduced in the last year, probably to reduce costs that they lost in advertisement revenue due to this liberal bias. This small font size makes it hard to read the magazine fast.

    Do not waste your money on this magazine.
    ...more info
  • Go with The Economist
    While I've never subscribed to Newsweek, I have read enough of it in waiting rooms and the occasional purchased copy that I can say it is the lightweight of news periodicals.

    Some other posters hit it on the head. Lightweight, at best, writing; a liberal slant that could be admirable if it were better written. Yes even we so-called libertarian conservatives read opposing views. But Newsweek just is not up to the challenge.

    As to American news periodicals I'd recommend US News and World Reports. Overall I'd recommend the British pub - The Economist. Will it cost you more? Yes, but you will get a real mental workout reading it. And to those who may not like the idea of a pro free-trade, lowered regulatory environment, supportive of the Iraq invasion magazine; the Economist endorsed John Kerry in the 2004 election. So they are NOT raving right wingers. Just good coverage of the US and the world with good FACTS that will force the reader to think.

    KS...more info
  • Bird cage liner or perhaps fish wrapper
    The current $20 subscription price for this "magazine" is a great way to save money on the liners for your canary cage or if you are a fishmonger in need of wrapping papers. If you are in search of insightful news and unbiased journalism I suggest looking elsewhere....more info
  • Broad but shallow
    "Newsweek" provides the reader with a broad overview of the week's events along with trends in culture and the arts. A typical issue features a cover story with in depth reporting. The cover story may be an issue in the news or a lingering topic which merits attention. Other sections provide stories about international and national news, books, entertainment and whatever seems important that week. A number of rotating columnists add to the mix. "Newsweek" does present a range of viewpoints in its opinion pieces.

    I generally read Newsweek cover to cover. I find that it gives me an understanding of issues which I would not pick up from the daily newspaper as well as a familiarity into matters which, otherwise, would not even be on my radar. Even when I fall behind, I find enough timelessness in some of the articles to make a delayed read awarding. While I sometimes wish for more depth than is found in the often one page articles, Newsweek is worth the time devoted to it.
    ...more info
  • I will not order a magazine subscription from Amazon again.
    Newsweek is a satisfactory source of information of current events. However, the agency that Amazon uses to handle the subscriptions made errors on my order and was unresponsive to my attempts to reach them to correct it. I will not use Amazon again to subscribe to magazines....more info
  • Reasonably good jack of all trades, Master of none
    I've subscribed to Newsweek for more years than I can remember, and just renewed my subscription for another year. Overall, I find the quality of their writing very good. Newsweek is a generalist magazine, so we can't expect them to be The Economist magazine in economics, or a Scientific American magazine in science. I like getting a sampling of articles on the news, and timely topics in business, medicine, law, the arts, etc. I find the writing compelling and the articles well-researched. For instance, Feb. 7, 2005 issue has a well-documented article about mail order brides who are abused by their husbands and another on wild horses facing slaughter. Newsweek shows their readers that there is more going on than just the Iraq War

    My area of expertise is diet and nutrition, and I find their nutrition and science articles of high quality. The science articles successfully explain complex topics and the latest research to the educated layperson. At a recent nutrigenomics seminar, the speaker, a published expert on nutrigemonics, read us portions of the Newsweek cover story article on this to get us up to speed on the topic. Given the quality of Newsweek articles in areas I know a lot about, I extrapolate that their articles in areas in which I'm less familiar are also accurate.

    Although Newsweek has a lot of short articles, they also cover timely subjects in depth, such as their cover article, "The Insurgents who they are and why the elections won't stop them." It's about a 3.5 star article, heavy on news and light on psychology and demographics, which it saves for the end, but it does provide some insight on this and other topic on the news.

    Other reasons I like Newsweek include the My Turn essay written by readers, lots of letters from readers, most columnists, particularly Jonathan Alter on politics and the political cartoons.

    Some thoughts on complaints in other reviews:
    * Newsweek is too much like People Magazine - There's some partial truth to this. I'd like to see less celebrity coverage, but the celebrity coverage in no way dominates Newsweek.
    * Too many ads - Take a look at a women's magazine such as Oprah, and then at Newsweek. You'll see that Newsweek has a reasonable number of ads for a magazine of its price.
    * Liberal bias - Good journalism is a bit cynical of the current administration and is not a P.R. mouthpiece. Newsweek maintains is rather neutral/slightly cynical across both Republican and Democratic administrations. The columnists run the gamut from conservative George Will to liberal Anna Quindlen. BTW, the folks who complain about liberal bias don't come up with specific examples in their reviews.

    One thing I generally don't like about Newsweek is their "Tipsheet" section where they discuss the latest products, and news completely blurs with advertising and P.R. (Two stars for the Tipsheet.)

    Overall, I think Newsweek is a good generalist magazine that is a reasonably good jack of all trades and a master of none.
    ...more info
  • NEWSWEEK...not bad after all
    Watch Video Here: Newsweek...more info
  • Newsweek
    I was a subsribe to Newsweek for over 20 years. Today you could not give me a free subscription. It used to be fair and balanced, now it it the most left of all magazines, more so than Time. They should just fold up the presses and close down. They are worthless. I can make this determination because I watched their decay....more info
  • Ho Hum
    As News magazines go, Newsweek is probably one of the better ones.

    The fact of the matter is that News Magazines are oxymorons. By the time you get the magazine, anything written in it is old news. Technology with the vastly broad and increasing venue for news has made the "News" magazine a dinosaur.

    So, if you can't sell news, you have to sell sizzle. Newsweek is competing with the National Enquirer to try and catch your attention. Give it some time and you'll see alien abductions and Bigfoot lead stories.

    Of course, political controversy sells too, so expect the editorials to reach hard to stir up things whether they are newsworthy or not. Ad's, Ad's Ad's! Note the demographic is aimed at the older reader. New subscribers in this environment are hard to come by.

    I subscribed to Newsweek years ago. I don't miss it. The fact is, I see it often enough every 6 months when I visit my dentist for a cleaning. Occassionally there is a good story. More often than not, I look forward to the novocain and drilling as a refreshing change of pace.

    Better to buy for the occassional good article. Not really worth subscribing to, in my opinion....more info
  • A once great magazine is now not even worth a cent
    As a former subscriber to the Newsweek, I must say in terms of graphics, photos and design it is basically a first rate publication. But when it comes to content, fairness and balance it is a partisan magazine deep in tank with the hard leftists of the world, especially inside the US. Unfortunately, I will not buy this magazine any more and instead I will be buying The Weekly Standard, Economist, Time and Canada's McLeans magazine. The Newsweek has turned into a podium for the Obama campaign and its mother company MSNBC and General Electric as a whole ought to be ashamed of the dismal performance of this once great magazine....more info
  • For the sophisticated reader
    This magazine is difficult to understand. However, the subscription price is well worth the money. The stardardized style in this magazine can be difficult tolerate. However, the magazine transcends all of this by lifting the reader to a higher plane....more info
  • Sad Red Star
    This magazine is so left wing biased that every article reads like an editorial. This magazine should be called the "Red Star." It is difficult to read any of the articles in this magazine and actually believe what the article is saying.

    Unfortunately, I subscribed before I knew anything about the magazine (and quickly quit), and realized that I was skipping every single article after reading the first few lines. I knew there was an agenda beyond the point of the story. Absolutely sickening.

    Especially heinous was the comment during the 2004 elections where the staff actually stated in their magazine that they did not want George W. Bush to win the election. Hmmm.

    If you want a real unbiased magazine that leans in no direction, read U.S. News and World Report which has been rated America's most credible print news source.

    If you wish to read political treatises read this rag. But actually, don't.

    Also too many grammatical errors.
    ...more info
  • my review
    Product is great. I was very happy with the immediate response and quick timeline in getting the magazine to my home. Thanks...more info
  • A quick bite into what's going on.
    This is a great weekly magazine that gives me updates and information on the most current of events....more info
  • Too much Pop Culture, too little Pop in the writing.
    I'm trying to find a weekly magazine that can keep me up to date with the world happenings, as well as one that I can learn from. This magazine will not do either. It spends more time on celebrities and the latest tv shows than it does on foreign policy or economic issues. The journalists lean left, and are all against the Iraq War, which is fine, but I would appreciate a rebuttal column, or at least one article with a differing opinion. Instead of a magazine that makes you think, this magazine is trying to convince you that it has already done that for you....more info
  • Rubbish
    Here is the publication that irresponsibly ran articles falsely accusing American troops of desecrating the Quran, which sparked riots across the Muslim world which killed many people and irreparably damaged our reputation.

    Plus, "Newsweek" is the source for the vile dribblings of Jonathan Alter, one of the smarmiest, most dishonest, intolerant, cynical, and whiny columnists in the history of writing.

    "Newsweek" is so bad, it makes "Time" look like a credible publication. And that speaks volumes.

    Save your money--read the internet. Or a fortune cookie. Either way, you will be getting more reliable and interesting news. ...more info
  • 90% Off and worth every penny
    I used to subscribe to both Newsweek and Times. I have dropped both. I came to realize that what I was getting was what the writer and editor thought I needed to know to come to the conclusion that they wanted.

    On every occasion where I was familiar with the subject of their stories (a couple of times first hand knowledge) I found that significant facts were dropped if they interfered with the 'narrative'.

    Right now they are offering a subscription for $20.00 which is 90% off. A good deal if you have $20 to waste. If they would discount the other 10% it would be fairly priced....more info


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