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Four-year career hiatuses followed by sprawling double-albums could spell trouble for a band of the Chili Peppers' stature: consider they'd originally recorded enough for three discs. The restless, trouble-plagued outfit that helped break alternative rock into the mainstream with a potent fusion of punk 'n' funk in the '80s finds itself two decades on almost completely devoid of the former's energetic abandon, while the latter's effusive rhythms are considerably subdued over the course of this two-hour, 28-track collection. It's not so much that the Peppers have lost their muscular, often uber-macho edge as they have willfully tamed it in service of mature reinvention here. The mellower, often introspective, if no less potent pop ethos that characterized the crossover hit "Under the Bridge" blossoms fully here on tracks like disc one's "Snow," "Wet Sand," and the jazz-cool of "Hey."

The title track, "Desecration Smile," and "She Looks To Me" finds them venturing further into laid back pop ballad territory, while the tricky rhythms of "Dani California," "Charlie," and "So Much I" eventually kick into familiar top gear on the pop-savvy "Tell Me Baby" and hip-hop seasoned "Storm in a Teacup." It's not that there's a paucity of musical adventure here ("If" and "Animal Bar" finds them wafting into Floydish neo-psychedelia while "Make You Feel Better" seems to channel no less than Joe Jackson) but that it's delivered with a subtlety--and dare we say it?--tasteful musical restraint that's a stark contrast to the band's early, overly overt nature. There's perhaps too much mid-tempo simmering and reflection going on; like most double-albums it could be focused into a much more compelling single disc. But that seems largely beside the Peppers' hooks-over-histrionics point here: an unlikely record to kick back to, and one that both challenges assumptions and eases the band into middle age with an oft languorous, if undeniably savory groove. --Jerry McCulley

Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers calls the band's first new album in four years, Stadium Arcadium, the most-anticipated album of the spring, "the best thing that we've ever done…. There's this weird kind of sublime, subliminal undercurrent that is suggestive, in a spirited way, of our earliest records." Exuding all the passion, energy and funked-up rock that have made the Red Hot Chili Peppers one of the most popular bands in history, the 2-CD Stadium Arcadium, simply put, will knock your socks off.

Customer Reviews:

  • Ewwww
    This was one of the most boring albums I've ever listened to, if not THE most boring. All the songs were so dry, weak, tame and bland that I felt like jumping off a cliff about half way through. It was extremely mediocre with almost nothing redeeming about it, except for the song Dani California, which was actually pretty good. Sorry if I offended anyone, but really, if I had to listen to it again I would probably die of boredom. ...more info
  • AWESOME!!! In 1 word.
    This album rules! You must listen at least 4 times to appreciate this album as someone previously mentioned. I alternated between these 2 CD's for over 2 years constantly. Amazing! Awesome! Highly recomended. ...more info
  • #1 Band, Bad Album
    This album is honestly dissapointing as most of the songs are slow or infamous. "Dani California" is the best track on the album and makes a lot of sense to the album. This is my favorite band but this album is badly dissapointing. The Chili peppers could have made some less slower ballads and get to more of the funk era but that wasn't their choice for this album. "Stadium Arcadium" is the worst song on this album even though that is the album name.

    Kiedis and Flea are the ones that save this album from total boredness. Anthony's vocals and Flea's heart pounding bass playing make this album worth listening for a little bit. Otherwise this album is a dud. Not a lot of known songs are on here which dissapoints. Keep making music Peppers. Just don't make another album with a slow ballard theme....more info
  • As always, the best
    This album shows great maturity and depth. Glad John Frusciante is back and hot as ever. Love the peppers...more info
  • Great Album
    Usually 2 disc albums can be disappointing, but there are very few tracks on this that I dislike. There is a good amount of variety on the album and it's great fun to listen to. My favorites include 'Hey', 'Stadium Arcadium' and 'Charlie'. Must buy for any RHCP fans....more info
  • Hot Peppers
    The cd set was awesome. Well worth the money!! Both cd's are great!...more info
  • excellent CD
    I am always skeptical about a double CD being good but this was excellent!!...more info
  • Excellant CD!
    Double album with all fantastic filler. I would strongly suggest buying it....more info
  • For the Rocker
    For the old and young Rocker it's the next best thing to live....more info
  • Best album by Red Hot Chili Papers ever
    My familie will long enjoy this album....more info
  • Easy to listen to, but not particularly memorable
    Lots of enjoyable tunes, but not many really "stick" with me. This album has a fairly pop music feel to it. While you can't really point to anything wrong with the songs, they don't really speak to you either.

    It's worth the money but don't expect to be blown away....more info
  • package and sound
    I agree with the reviewer who said that you shouldn't review the album until you've heard the whole thing. So I'm not going to review the music, but this is a review of the album.

    This is from the Web site announcing the vinyl release:

    "The original analog master tapes were driven out to Acous Tech Mastering in Camarillo, CA. where the legendary vinyl mastering team of Kevin Gray and Steve Hoffman cut Stadium Arcadium across 8 sides. The first step was to get the incredible sound on those master tapes transferred on to lacquers and as you will hear that was flawlessly accomplished. Next up was the plating and pressing process where all we had to do was go across the hall to R.T.I. which is known around the world for their high quality vinyl making."

    The vinyl came in two different sets. One, on 180-gram vinyl with a big book and stuff inside for ninety-nine bucks, the other on what they called regular vinyl with no booklet, just four discs for thirty-nine bucks. I got the latter for thirty-six bucks while visiting in Louisville and it is one of the finest packaging jobs I've ever seen for any record. It's almost stately, especially for a rock album. If the vinyl in the package I bought is inferior, they fooled me. It weighs a ton and is gorgeous.
    People complaining about the mastering on the CD ought to, because the disc is a typical modern compression disaster. The vinyl is completely diffferent.

    From Wikipedia: "Similar to Californication, Vlado Meller's mastering of Stadium Arcadium features a heavy use of audio compression. However, the vinyl versions of Stadium Arcadium have been mastered by Steve Hoffman and Kevin Gray at AcousTech from the 30 ips analog master tapes,[5] "the mixes are all powerful, very dynamic, tuneful, exciting and quite high fidelity sounding."

    I've played one record, both sides, so far, and I just wanted to come on and let people know that the production is incredible. I thank my lucky stars I didn't abandon vinyl for CD (I have a nice CD player) or, gasp, iPod. The new generation coming in that doesn't care about fidelity in music is just a wave of tone-deaf dummies, as far as I'm concerned. I'm not an audio snob, but I want my music to sound great and have wanted it to ever since the old high school days when we'd go to the person's house with the best stereo to cue up the Yes and Genesis and all that. It's supposed to sound great. On Vinyl, Stadium Arcadium does. For the best selling album of 2006, while settle for less? Go buy a record player, folks, and find out what you've been missing, or forgot. I would love if someone posted here why they don't care about the quality of the production when listening to music they purport to love . . . ...more info
  • Great album, sounds absolutely awful
    This is one of the worst mastering jobs I've ever heard (and lately I've been hearing a lot of really bad ones). Whoever did this (or forced the engineers to do this) does not deserve to be involved in the music industry and owes a huge apology to all the fans. It's really sad to think that so many music fans are being deprived of hearing the music they like with the sound as it emerged from the instruments, rather than some stupid digital compression machine that belongs in a radio station, not a recording studio.

    Try to find the vinyl version of this album and listen to it side-by-side with the awful CD version. It will really open your ears as to what this music is supposed to sound like....more info
  • Heeey Yooo, This is what I Sayooo?
    Your kidding me, right? I thought I would never NOT like the Peppers music, but I'm there! Has Anthony been taking voice lessons in a room with scented candles, an area rug and herbal tea? They need to visit that house that they recorded BSSM in or go back Under the Bridge. I am not inducing past habits so please don't attack me. It's a euphemism folks. It's almost sitting in the doctor's office' music. What happened to Flea's bass? Did he suffer 'Kirk Hammett'ism? I actually heard the entire cd from my brother who's also dissapointed in wasting 14 bucks. Let's Resurrect Hilal! Keep John, he's still a great guitarist but they need that fire under their tails again. They can keep this crap!
    S T A N D U P!...more info
  • This record suffers from the double album syndrome
    This new album from the Chilis has some good moments and some not so good moments. I have listened to the whole thing twice and i like 16 of the 28 songs. The album seems to really run out of steam on the second disc when the vocal melodies of Kiedis and Frusciante's guitar riffs seem to blend into the next song and nothing really stands out. They start sounding like a lukewarm radio rock band and sound a bit cliched. The Chilis are a great band and i liked californication and By The Way but i think this album suffers from a lack of quality control. The whole point of doing double albums is normally to broaden out and experiment, and try things that the band has not done before. Most of the great double albums like the White Album by The Beatles, Mellon Collie and the infinite sadness by the Smashing Pumpkins or London Calling by The Clash do this, they take creative risks which manage to hold the listeners attention. Unfortunately on this album the Chilis only have a couple of experimental songs like If. Most of the album is a mix of Californian pop ballads, light rock and some funk and basically offers nothing that the Chilis haven't already done better on previous albums. Having said that the album is good, the first 8 songs on the first disc are all good, but the album gets a bit patchy after that point. One of the major problems is Kiedis's vocals are a bit uninspired and the lyrics are random with nothing very interesting or evocative to say, so a lot of these songs sound a bit samey after a while. However, there are good songs on here and the album is worth buying if you're a Chilis fan and if the 16 best songs were on one disc this would be a 4 star album....more info
  • This album is definately worth it!
    From beginning to end, the Jupiter and Mars disks are both amazing, one of my favorite albums of all time (It's hard to compare it with Californication, because there are way more songs on this album, but definately one of their greatest yet.)

    Lyrically, this is their best album. hands down, no argument there.

    The bass has taken another step down, not that the talent has declined, just that you're starting to hear more of Frusciante and less of Flea. and if you're strictly an old-school pepper fan, this cd may not be for you, other than 4 or 5 songs.

    In regards to the guitar, this may be the best album yet, though Californication and By the way were amazing as well.

    some songs that haven't been played by radio that you MUST hear...

    -Slow Cheetah. Rocks you slowly, steadily. It hooks you in lyrically.
    -Torture Me. Quick paced, then slow paced. You need a breath when it's all over.
    -Strip My Mind. Not everyone's favorite, but one of mine. Almost bluesy in some ways, really helps you reflect on why they wrote this song.
    -Especially in Michigan. Excellent song, I'll leave it at that.
    -C'mon Girl. Somewhat trippy, you'll love it while "under the influence"
    -Hey. I don't like this song too much, but the band is very proud of this song.

    -21st Century. Flea is back!
    -She Looks to Me. Lyrically, one of their best songs ever.
    -Readymade. Fast paced, you'll like it if you're "old-school"
    -Make you feel better. One of the best songs on the album. Everything comes together perfectly in this one. It really does make you feel better!
    -Storm in a Teacup. Another fast paced song. Excellent solos near the end.
    -We Believe. It'll make you want to sing.
    -Turn it again. Frusciante's bread & butter.
    -Death of a Martian. Not an amazing song in my opinion, but it has good meaning to it. It has to do with Flea's dog, Martian, who died while they were recording the album. Lyrically, another great song.

    If you've been a peppers fan from beginning to end and you haven't gotten this album yet, you should be ashamed of yourself....more info
  • "Knock the world right off its feet and straight onto its head."
    A bit of a letdown, to be honest. The Chili Peppers pumped out two great albums in a row with Californication and By the Way, and we've been anticipating something new for four years, and then we learn it's a double album, and it ends up being a good two hours of music, but it's lacking that something that makes it great. It's possible it's just a fault with the multi-album format, it's harder to maintain a high level of quality for something that lasts that long. There are plenty of great songs to be found, but because of the sheer number, a lot of them blend together into solid, but unremarkable funky-pop-rock-whatever. None of it's bad, it's just stretched a little thin. Flea can still play bass like no one's business, and John Frusciante continues to hone his craft as one of the best guitarists in the world, and Anthony Keidis can actually sing these days. What they need to do next is go back to focusing on a smaller, more focused project. Not that they have to, with the mountains of money they must be swimming in.

    Good songs: "Dani California", "Snow (Hey Oh)", "Torture Me", and "We Believe". There are plenty more, but those all jump to mind. I think the first disc is more enjoyable, but the second has its merits as well....more info
  • Chili Peppers Rule Once Again
    The Chili Peppers made an successful album sticking to their Heavy Metal Punk Roots and came out with a bang. ...more info
  • 2nd only to Californication
    Great CD, they are a little softer now but, hey they're in their fortys and thats expected. Still they rock, and if you are a big fan I recommend you get their guitar recorded version CD. This is where John is at his best, it will blow you away. Listening to this CD has inspired me to pick up a guitar. FRUSCIANTE IS A GOD!!!...more info
  • Wake up!
    It's not 1992; Lollapalooza died a sad corporate death, Anthony, Flea, John and Chad are making wonderful music and almost everyone has a dollar menu.... In more simple terms, thing's change. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Having been a fan for the last 20 years (Freaky Styley) yes their have been some peaks and valley's. I've watched and listened while the band has grown, matured, and refined their songwriting and musical skills to a level that is pure expression. A connection of words music and emotion, no separation between mind, ear, heart, sound and feel. Getting John healthy and back in the band is the best thing that ever happened, musically, spiritually and otherwise. I don't compare this to any of the other albums (yes I still call them albums, although now smaller and more expensive) Stagnation is something I find hard to tolerate in music, growth and evolution in a band and their music is a reflection of life and living, I don't know how to feel about someone who wants the same thing rehashed and spit out a regular interval. To call this "radio friendly" is just silly and easy. Most of these song's will never see any significant airplay, and that's just fine with me (I DON'T LISTEN TO THE RADIO) Putting out a double disc set is a ballsy move in this instant gratification culture we have today. I try to listen to music and judge it on merit and seat of the pants feel; I don't expect to be blown away by every track. Desecration Smile may be the most beautiful song I've ever heard. This collection in my opinion is smart and soulful, funky and full of diversity and expression, isn't that what art is supposed to be about? ...more info
  • Wow, the Chili Peppers have lost their guts
    Every song on here sounds like a bunch of radio friendly, uninspired crap. What happened to the days when the Chili Peppers were risque, cutting edge, daring, rockin' and....good? People can rave all they want about these songs but have the Chili Peppers really done ANYTHING new here? At all?? Nope, same formula except with incredibly bad lyrics this time around. I don't hate this album, I loathe it. Every time one of these songs comes on the radio I turn the volume all the way down. The band has never sounded so uninspired, redundant, and overtly commercial. They have become slaves to record sales, award shows, and rock charts. Wow, this album stinks! Oh really guys, you want to sing a song about California?? You've NEVER done that before, hey? ...more info
  • I understand, but I disagree
    There have been many well-stated reviews of this album saying that it's bland and dry and a stale concept that's been done. And I can appreciate the fact that people have different opinions than I do. But in all honesty, I can't agree with those statements.

    This album has been compared to those of The Fray or U2 or other light rock bands, but man... how can someone say that? I don't think Stadium Arcadium is the best RHCP album, and it's not the heaviest or coolest or youngest, but I don't know how I feel about 44-year-old Anthony Kiedis rapping on stage about the same things he did 20 years ago. He's obviously grown, as has the rest of the band, and thank goodness! We'd all laugh our butts off at these guys if they were just recreated old, fast, funky rock like they did back in the day. But Stadium Arcadium is a step further in the direction of Californication and By The Way.

    Don't get me wrong, there are some cool, groovy, upbeat songs on the album ("Torture Me," "Hump de Bump" to name a couple), but I'd be lying if I said the discs didn't consist of mostly ballads or mid-tempo songs. But that's not a bad thing, to me. "Wet Sand" is the most beautiful song the Chilis have ever written, as far as I'm concerned, and with the most heartfelt outro they could have come up with. "She Looks to Me" is your classic love song.

    And people are disregarding these musicians' wonderful talents! Flea's bass lines aren't like they once were--you won't hear much slapping on this album (although "Tell me Baby" has a sweet bass line!) but he's forming a new style. His bass playing has become more melodic and things are evening out between him and Frusciante. Speaking of which, John has definitely proven himself as a guitar player. Not only are his solos beautifully melodic or thrashingly fast, but when he's playing just verse and chorus riffs I can't help but smile. He's got such a great style. He knows when to let the other band members shine, but he's certainly not afraid to show what he's got.

    So overall, I love love love this CD. If you're into the heavier, more funkified Chili Peppers, I admit that you probably won't go nuts about this CD. But if you like two discs of great music with Anthony FINALLY learning how to sing properly (just kidding... sorta) then this is a must-have....more info
  • Awesome Album!
    In my opinion the Red Hot Chili Peppers are the best rock band of our time. I've been awaiting this new album for a few years now and I'm so pumped that it's finally here. This was by far the best album of 2006, not just for the rock genre but all genres.
    The band got back together with legendary producer Rick Rubin, who produced the band's groundbreaking album "Blood Sugar Sex Magik." There's something about the band and Rick working together that just produces some of the best music ever done. Everybody in the band is on top of their game on this album. Frusciante sounds better than ever, and his solos are rockin. Of the two discs my favorite is the first one but like said the whole album is great. My favorite sounds on the album are: She's Only 18, Warlocks, Wet Sand, Hump De Bump, Readymade, and Slow Cheetah. These are just my most favorite tracks, but I can listen to the album start to finish without skipping a track. That is how I judge albums, if you can listen to the whole album all the way through without skipping a track it's a great album. I give this album 5 out of 5 stars and can't wait to hear what they do next! ...more info
  • A refreshing reboot for the Peppers
    Though many Red Hot Chili Peppers fans have condemned this album and marked it as the band's assent into pop, I must wholeheartedly disagree. As the band has grown and changed over the years, it has produced many different styles of music, and this is the only record that displays all of their versatile and wide-ranging talent. Songs like the energetic and head-banging "Readymade" and "Storm In A Teacup" are reminiscent of 1991's Blood Sugar Sex Magik, while numbers like "Dani California," "She Looks To Me," and "She's Only 18" sound like 1999's Californication, and the relatively unknown "Hey" and "Desecration Smile" remind the listener of 2002's By The Way. Yet ballads like the insanely popular and epical "Snow (Hey Oh)" and "Slow Cheetah" show that this record is not merely a continuation of past cds but has a definitive sound all its own....more info
  • King of the Gods, The God of War
    It has taken quite some time for "Stadium Arcadium" to really grow on me, but almost a year later I have found myself listening to it daily for almost a month. The Red Hot Chili Peppers were always a band that functioned for me with a sense of immediacy, and this two CD set didn't grab me by the throat the way, for instance, "Californication" did. I had a few songs that I instantly dug, like the near hippy-vibe of "Dani California" and the 80's nod of "Make You Feel Better."

    But after that, I found my attention meandering. While the band is tighter than ever, they have also become more mature. Anthony has given up the staccato rap delivery for the most part to sing, as he grooves eloquent on "Dani" or "Animal Bar." A song that sounds like a watered down version of their old selves ("Hump de Bump") tuned me out, but I could find myself getting lured back in by "Desecration Smile." Then the little things start to stick. The CD is really a showcase of John Frusciate's guitar chops...and on songs like "Readymade" he lets rip with great lead after great lead. He's letting his inner-Hendrix loose all across both 'planets' of "Stadium Arcadium."

    As usual, the rest of his mates back him solid. Flea remains a powerhouse, and Chad Smith gives him the backbone to lay his unique style of bass against. Even on the mellow stuff ("Dani California") or the psychedelic "if," Flea is proof that your bassist can make your band. And even if he isn't a member, special kudos go again to producer Rick Rubin, who once again catches the feel of the Peppers perfectly.

    While my personal preference goes to the "Mars" half of "Stadium Arcadium," you may find yourself as I have. Lured into the entire set by the sticky, tasty morsels embedded into the songs just waiting to leap out and snare you, "Stadium Arcadium" may just be the Red Hot Chili Peppers equal to Smashing Pumpkins epic "Mellon Collie and The Infinite Sadness." And like most everything else Rick Rubin put his fingers on during the year, one of 2006's best....more info
  • Nothing Short of a Masterpiece.
    Stadium Arcadium is by far the best album done by the Chili Peppers. If you loved or even just liked any of their other works you will LOVE this album. It has a great mix of vintage Peppers as well as a newer, more mature and musical Peppers. Here's the score of each song. 1. Dani California-11/10 Simply amazing, great solo
    2. Snow(Hey Oh)-10/10 I LOVE THIS SONG
    3. Charlie-6/10 One of my least favorite songs on album
    4. Stadium Arcadium-10/10 Great Melodies
    5. Hump de Bump-7/10
    6. She's Only 18-9/10
    7. Slow Cheetah-8/10 Little to much twang
    8. Torture Me-10/10 Love the Chorus
    9. Strip My Mind-10/10
    10. Especially In Micigan-9/10 Solid
    11. Warlocks-7/10
    12. C'mon Girl-7/10
    13. Wet Sand-10/10 One of my favorite songs on album
    14. Hey-7/10
    15. Desecration Smile-9/10 Such a cool song
    16. Tell Me Baby-9/10 Good pop song
    17. Hard to Concentration-10/10 Great, Great song!
    18. 21st Century-9/10
    19. She Looks To Me-10/10 Great Vocals
    20. Readymade-9/10
    21. If-6/10 Don't really like it
    22. Make You Feel Better-10/10 Maybe a little generous
    23. Animal Bar-7/10
    24. So Much I-9/10 Starting to grow on me
    25. Storm In a Teacup-8/10
    26. We Believe-9/10
    27. Turn It Again-8/10
    28. Death of a Martian-9/10 Cool song
    Overall This is a GREAT album, stop reading this, BUY IT!!...more info
  • Mellow but still Powerful and Hip
    Amazing album! The 28 tracks represent a consolidation, not duplication, of their previous works. Kiedis displays his incredible versatility throughout with his styles of rap rock to melodic mid-tempo ballads. Flea's style is more matured and mellow on many tracks. Popular hits Dani California and Snow, as well as the title track, Stadium Arcadium, cover the gamut of Peppers' style over the past 20 odd years. My thought: Stadium Arcadium is as close to perfection as you can get with modern rock! ...more info
  • Awesome
    Incredible. I have been a casual RHCP fan for years. With this CD, I am now a full fledged fan. ...more info
  • Does it get any better than this?
    This is a double CD and I love/like most of the songs. I can't recall this ever happening and I grew up in the 70's so I have years to work with. It's just fabulous and I hoping the fab four will keep up the great work. John F just shines here, but then again he always has. I should not have to have my Rolling Stone magazine upside down. He should have been front and center..Oops I am getting off track. Death of a Martain, Storm in a Teacup, Strip My Mind and Make You Feel Better are favorites. Also purchase B side I'll be Your Domino from I-tunes (I love it)...I don't know why this is not included on the album, but I am glad it is on my Ipod. ...more info
  • Best Chili Peppers Album to date!
    I put this album on my iPod, and I can listen to it all day long at work. I zone out and get my work done.

    From the first time I heard it, I was hooked. However, I'm kinda tired of Dani California, but that's only because they play it on the radio ALL the time. My favorite tracks include: Slow Cheetah, She's only 18, and Desecration Smile.

    I'm glad that they won a grammy for it, because they absolutely deserved it. ...more info
  • Great Album of the past couple years
    The rock scene has been pretty boring over the past couple years with nothing really exciting or worthwhile to listen to in the mainstream. This to some is not really a problem but it just sucks to not see great bands having wide recognition. The Chili Peppers are huge, no doubt about it, and they've managed to release a pretty solid and diverse ROCK album. Almost every song is a great song and could be a hit. The production work on the album is also really amazing and it shows to those who know its there. Just listen to all the sounds your hearing. It will amaze you how much work went into this album. If you haven't at least heard it definitely should....more info
  • Long time Red Hot Chili Peppers Fan....
    Great music from a band that just keeps giving us more and more each time they record. Both disks are great. In Wisconsin we are getting radio play of a few of the songs so far. The booklet that is included is great, neat pics and lyrics. I say, if you like the Chili Peppers, you won't be disappointed....more info
  • Just what I was looking for!
    I got turned on to the Peppers in '92 when I was in the tenth grade. BSSM was in my rotation for a few years! However, as of late I had not listen to much of their music. Then I went out and bought this latest record.

    Man! It gave me that feeling all over again! The Peppers are a great band and this is a great album. Just put it on and let it play. Stadium Arcadium will not disappoint! ...more info
  • An absolutely PHENOMENAL album
    As a way of background, I have been listening to the RHCP for years and I own a great many of their albums, including this one.
    STADIUM ARCADIUM is truly one of their very best records, a perfect and most welcome achievement for their rich yet uneven career.
    Everything that makes this band so great and unique is there, all there: ballads, funk riffs, rocking numbers, mid-tempo tunes, and... his vocals. ALL there. And what makes this album particularly great is that it is so rich in musical variety, shifting vibes, great musicianship, excellent compositions - and that THROUGHOUT the whole two CDs!
    Also, you may want to read the review by Shawn Carter, it reflects perfectly my opinion in summing up why the album doesn't deserve the flack given by some of the "purists" and/or BSSM nostalgics. ...more info
  • Great CDs
    Awesome... there is not much I can say about it. I love every song, "Especially in Michigan" being my favorite. I don't know what else to say... Oh it is a 2 CD pack too with 28 songs all together....more info
  • Came back with a vengence
    Stadium Arcadium came back with the Chili Peppers bringing Rock to the next level, from talent to art. Amazing!...more info
  • Pink Warm Cherry Tomatoes
    The Chili's continued to refine and repeat their accessibility factor by further streamlining once jagged and combative elements into a less resonant, though wider-appealing approach, to their credit still offering a very solid two-disc compromise.
    ...more info
  • One of the Best Albums to Come Out in Recent Years
    Alright, so you've probably heard a lot about this album and this band but I think this album and the band deserve so much credit. If you haven't really listened to anything off this album yet, I'm going to convince you to. Read on.

    This amazing album has two disks: Jupiter and Mars; both fantastic. Its sound is way different than previous RHCP albums but still keeps they're original style and flair. With crazy bass lines from bassist Flea and funky guitar rifts from guitarist John Frusciante, this album is packed with creativity and has something for everyone. Drums are always great too when you got Chad Smith on them; one of the few guys in rock music these days that keeps a smile on his face.

    Songs like "Dani California" and "She's only 18" are a couple of the heavier tracks. "Dani California" is a rocking track with a mind blowing guitar solo. Then you have more funky dance and rap mixes like "Warlocks" and "H*** De Bump." My favourite song off the album is "Especially in Michigan." It's got an awesome chorus and lead singer Anthony Kiedis has amazing vocals on this one. Other favourites of mine are "Discretion Smile", "Wet Sand" and "Make You Feel Better." I love most songs off the album except for three or four, and it's not often you find an album where the greater majority of the tracks are that solid.

    The main popular singles are "Dani California" "Snow (hey-oh)" "Tell Me Baby" and "H*** De Bump."

    I immediately bought the CD after hearing "Dani California" on the radio back in June 2006.

    Some songs should have definitely been made singles. I think "Make You Feel Better" would have been the perfect single. But not only is it not a single, they don't even play it at the concerts! I would have loved to hear that song played live. Oh well, I guess it's because that song requires two guitars to play and they only have one guitarist (John) on stage so they can't really do it perfectly. Still though, I would like to hear it even with one guitar.

    It's crazy to think that these guys were once playing funk rap stuff back in 1983 and they climbed all the way up to this amazing collection of songs and a whack load of Grammy awards.

    You have to own this album in your collection. It's got something for everybody.
    ...more info
  • Amazing album.
    The Peppers did it. They created their best album yet. This is the first album in three years that I have been able to continusely listen to. The music is definitely mellower than past RHCP, but in my opinion, suits them better than anything they've ever done. All four of these guys are in their elements on this album. Frusciante's guitar playing is, while no Hendrix, definitely well-suited to the album, and he keeps up beautifully with anything handed to him. Flea is, as always, amazing. Chad Smith, while not a standout, fits into his rythyms and intracacies fine. Kiedis' voice, while not stunning, is the only voice that could work for these guys--I personally like his voice quite a bit. There are both standout gems on the album, and a few that could have been left out. To give you a taste of the music, I'll review a few select songs.
    DANI CALIFORNIA--more mainstream than anything else on the album, except for maybe Snow. Definitely a good song. Number one most played on my iTunes. 9.5/10.
    SNOW (HEY OH)--love, love, love the guitar riff at beginning. Overall, a great song with good lyrics, fantastic guitar (John shines on this one,) and Anthony's voice is VERY well suited to this one. 9.9/10.
    HARD TO CONCENTRATE--melodic, beautiful. best lyrics on the album. This song isn't given enough credit. 9.2/10.
    CHARLIE--Seriously, what on EARTH is this song about? I know Anthony said it was about someone's imagination or something, but come on. Sounds like drugs to me. Not a particularly good track. I still like it, but it was definitely skippable. 7.5/10.
    IF--This song is...not a standout. The lyrics are very cute, and the music is alright...but nothing special. 6.9/10.

    It's seriously one of the best things I've heard in quite a while.
    ...more info
  • RHCP fans everywhere are insulted!!
    In the time it's taken for the Chili Peppers to release thier last two albums they've turned from one of the best bands of the past 20 years to a mass produced teen pop band! Anthony Kiedis sounds like he should be singing in an emo band (your new singing style sucks!) and Flea's bass lines have about as much balls as the last James Taylor album (don't get me wrong, I love James Taylor). Also, a double album? There arn't enough quality songs on this record to make a single album! Now, for those people that say artist's music changes over time, you're right and a lot of the time it's a welcome change, but their music should evolve and become even greater than it was, not something that sounds like it's made for teenie boppers.
    Flea was quoted saying "If you don't like this album, you don't like the Chili Peppers." Well I loved the Chili Peppers and "Heyyooo this is what I sayyooo, THIS ALBUM SUCKS MY KISS!!!!" Stick with the first 7 albums!...more info
  • It's that Good
    You know an album is good, when after a few years you go back to it and find it that exciting or maybe even a little more thatn when you first picked it up.
    I honestly don't understand, or see how any RHCP loyalist or tradistionalist can call this album soft and weak. I mean even the weaker songs usually have a nugget of something that hooks you in. (i.e. Charlie)

    there are so many good songs and it so big, and sounds so splendid that, it just makes you want to start it over right when you get to the end.

    And the people that say "Dani california" is a rip off Tom Petty's "Last Dance With Mary Jane", you are retarded. It's a standard beat, with a somewhat standard melody. I think rubin would have pointed that out to them seeing as how he produced both songs. I didn't even think of that when I first heard it, i thought that the repeated guitar lick in the solo sounded alot like "Purple Haze".

    so there you go... I love exploring this album and I think you should too.
    Oh and by the way, I have been listening to them since the mid 80's. So it is nice to see a group of guys grow up into actual muscians of merit after just being novelty joke band.

    ...more info
  • Awesome
    Just when you think they've hit the top, they do it again. This double CD is just incredible. EVERY song is catchy. Even the couple that I didn't care for, on the second CD, have grown on me. They are so versatile that they go from ballads to blues to pure rock and roll all in one album and not one song sounds the same. Vocals are great in that they harmonize most chorus parts and although some of the guitar rythyms and leads are simple, they are catchy and the music is FUN. I haven't stopped listening to these two CD's for a month now since my purchase. These are two of the best CD's that I own. Can't wait to have the top down in my convertible blasting this music on a warm summer day or night. It's FUN and that's what music is SUPPOSE to BE! Awesome! ...more info
  • Amazing!
    I just got really into the RHCP's and all i have to say is awesome!This disc is 2 cds,28 songs and most of them are great.of course there are a few songs that are not great but come on out of 28 songs.most bands cant get 2 good songs out of 10 songs.Cant wait for the next one!...more info
  • Makes any day freaknfantastic
    I have purchased 3 copies of this double disk. Love, Love LOve the Chili Peppers. Any difficult day can be made better by sliding in a RHCP disk and this one is amazing. Every ordinary day becomes extraordinary with the RHCP. They get me through the rough times and elevate the good times.
    Makes me smile.

    Since I own all that is RHCP and am of similar age, I can tell you that this is different from early stuff... just a little. But life is a voyage and who wants to travel in circles revisiting the same ol'same ol'....more info
  • Solid delivery
    Suites the taste of RHCP fans. The music is fresh and creative. Couldn't ask for anything else....more info
  • Counterpoint

    I'm here today because I'm bored and it's bitter cold outside! I also need to get this on an 80-minute compilation CD.
    1. Dani California-I can't argue-5/5.
    2. Snow (Hey Oh) -Not as good as the first song, not all that funky. Radio single, helps to bring women into the party, that's all. - 3.5/5.
    3. Charlie- Catchy, different, can see it played in concert. -5/5.
    4. Stadium Arcadium-4/5 at best.
    5. Hump de Bump- What he said...5/5.
    6. She's Only 18- Sessy! 5/5.
    7. Slow Cheetah- Face the facts, you're reaching for the skip button quicker than I am! 2.5/5.
    8. Torture Me-Alas, if we could only cut and paste that guitar solo onto a good song! -3/5.
    9. Strip My Mind-"weak one"- 2/5.
    10. Especially in Michigan-"Strip My Mind" is too similar to this song. -4/5.
    11. Warlocks-Typical Chili peppers. -5/5.
    12. C'mon Girl-It's Ok, 4-ish/5.
    13. Wet Sand-Yawn. -2/5.
    14. Hey-ZZZzzz... but I was already tired. -3/5

    MARS (DISC 2)
    1. Desecration Smile- Why? And why did the whole band come in, Neil Young kicked this in the rear back in the 70's all by himself! Acoustic work is not gripping and the solo slide guitar or whatever is uninspired. Just try right now to sing a bar or two... betcha can't! Someone explain what's so good about it. -2.5/5.
    2. Tell Me Baby-a keeper.5/5
    3. Hard to Concentrate- No, no, no. 2/5.
    4. 21st Century- Not bad, but a "screaming" Anthony could've put it over the top. 4/5.
    5. She Looks to Me-If I want to p_ss myself off I plug in Nickelback. On a Peppers scale...2/5.
    6. Readymade- Pure filler, to be sure this will never make it on stage, except at a Bad Company Reunion. 3/5.
    7. If- I actually agree with previous reviews here, weak! However let's rate it accordingly, 2/5 not 4/5.
    8. Make You Feel Better- Ok, even I like a feel-good tune from time to time. I won't sue the Red Hots for this one but let's not get stupid, it's only 3.5/5 at best.
    9. Animal Bar- Uggh, is this a good song? Does it grow on you? Whatever, -3/5.
    10. So Much I- 3/5 -(No Comment).
    11. Storm in a Teacup- Here's a jammer, Jimmy Hendrix gets out of his grave to sing this! 5/5.
    12. We Believe- Passable, 4/5. (Am I'm going soft?)
    13. Turn it Again- John does put in the effort at the end. 4.5/5. (does it get played on tour...I doubt it).
    14. Death of a Martian- Different, so keep it but it's only 3.5/5.

    Here is my compilation burn list:

    1) Dani California
    2) Snow (Hey Oh)
    3) Charlie
    4) Stadium Arcadium
    5) Hump de Bump
    6) She's Only 18
    7) Tell Me Baby
    8) 21st Century
    9) Make You Feel Better
    10) Storm in a Teacup
    11) We Believe
    12) Turn it Again
    13) Warlocks
    14) Death of a Martian
    15) Especially in Michigan
    16) C'mon Girl
    17) Hey
    18) So Much I

    15 songs with impact, 3 or so fillers.
    ...more info
  • double cd
    different from there last release which had some deep songs! this release has all good songs, a couple better than the rest, storm in a teacup, desrigation smile, hump de bump are my favorites here. the guitar work is good here but I just get the feeling that he is being kept back at really letting loose on the guitar!! I m hopeing on the next cd the band lets him do his thing, you never know we could have another rhsm!! Getting back to the review, most of the cd is kind of mellow with Anthony singing slower harmonys nothing like suck my kiss!!! What I really appreciate here is the double cd which was really great of the band to do! Im realy interested in what direction the band will go next mellower or heavier ?...more info
  • Fabulous
    Great album. I have listened to it often since I bought it a month ago. Each time I play it I like it better and better. Good for listening to every word or for playing in the background. ...more info
  • If your a fan worth the Money
    If your a fan, worth the money. I bought it on a whim and was not disappointed. Its a definite change over what I have the option of listening to on the radio in this city I live in....more info
  • Not for this Red Hot Chili Peppers fan
    I've been a fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers for a long time and I have to say that I was disappointed with this album. The Red Hot Chili Peppers has always been a band that has evolved but I don't really like this latest direction. When I was listening, I felt like they were watered down - neither as melodic as By The Way, as funky as Blood Sugar Sex Magic, nor as good as any of the albums in between. I would rate this album above Freaky Styley and Uplift Mofo Party Plan, just because their original albums are very unpolished and inconsistent in their quality. There are a few tracks on Stadium I like, but none of them make it into my favorites from this band. With many of the tracks, there were parts I could really get into and then they would fall short. For example, the song Snow (Hey Oh) starts out great but the chorus feels like a cop out - "Hey Oh, Listen What I Say-Oh". I'm not impressed. There were a lot of similar drawn-out "yeahs" and "ohs" on this album which felt like filler. When Kiedis had nothing worthwhile to sing, he should have just shut up and let his fantastic band shine. In addition, the melody of the vocals was often flat and boring - relying completely on the instrumentals for the musicality. Speaking of instrumentals, the most impressive thing on this album was the guitar. What happened to Flea? He comes alive in a few places only to revert back to generic bass lines.

    I still gave this a three because it's not horrible, just not up to the caliber of their previous work. The Red Hot Chili Peppers is a great band and their poor efforts still outdo a lot of what's out there. I whole-heartedly agree that this would have been a lot better if they stuck to a single disc. From the reviews it seems that a lot of the acclaim for this album is coming from people who didn't really like the Red Hot Chili Peppers' prior work. It's great that they're reaching out to a broader audience and they are undeniably talented (and great live). To each their own, I just hope that this newest style is not a permanent one....more info
  • TWO
    I was surprised that the album contained two music CDs! Great, now I will have twice as much RHCP music to listen to :)...more info
  • Amazing!
    I have recently re-discovered the Chili Peppers and can tell you that this CD is helping me get through what seems like the world ending. There are songs in it which you can really relate to..and I can't describe how helpful this has been. Great CD....more info
  • Once a Pepper, always a Pepper
    If you like the Chili Peppers, you'll like this album. The Peppers have a very distinct sound (some of my friends argue that all their songs sound alike), and this album is no different. I'm a big Peppers fan, and have really enjoyed this album...but if you're not a fan, and you want something that sounds different than their previous albums, you shouldn't buy this one....more info
  • classic
    I don't even buy their stuff, even though I've heard it. I really am not much of a fan. I listen to more rap and old r&b than RHCP style of rock. I just got bored one day and figured I'd go to amazon and listen to snips of this album.I bought it that day and sonically on a good stereo this has to be the best sounding cd for technical channeling different sounds and instruments that I've ever heard.It even made me buy a new car stereo b/c my previous one couldn't pick up all the sounds that they were doing.Anyway, for a guy who can't sing live he does great on this cd, and that band is probably one of the best bands I've heard in a long time, including song writing. That's about all I'm gonna say. It was a great classic double cd....more info
  • One awesome cd
    It never ceases to amaze me how a band of RHCP's stature can still be getting new fans all the time and they have been out for over 20 years! I became a fan of the group when i began listening to " dani california". I thought the song was awesome, so i asked for " Stadium Arcadium" for my birthday. Overall, the album is pretty good. There are maybe a few songs that really didn't grab my attention at first but they have grown on me. This is defintely a cd worth getting. There are 28 songs so chances are that you'll like a few of them even if you don't like them all....more info
  • I'm Lovin' It!!
    I must admit that I have never been a huge fan of the RHCP. However, after listening to their most recent Greatest Hits collaboration, they really grew on me rather quickly. Then, for some odd reason, I decided to put that cd into my player at work and couldn't stop listening to it. So, about a month ago, I grabbed this double cd set off of the library shelves and simply can't get enough! I'm hugely impressed by the RHCP and can't believe what a wonderful album they have produced. I don't even have to skip a single song and that's saying something when you have a total of 28 songs - not a stinker in the whole bunch. RHCP have kind of became a permanent "sound" in my car. Both cd's are interchanged with equal play time for over the past 2 weeks now. I gotta say that I'm lovin' it! In my opinion, I must say that this is probably the most consistent and enjoyable cd set to come my way in a very long time.

    Keep rockin' it RHCP!!...more info
  • Twice as many winners, twice as much junk
    One of the biggest problems with RCHP albums is that they overstay their welcome (several cross the hour mark by a decent margin) when they're usually at their best in smaller doses. So what a near-disastrous mistake it is for them to release a double album, each side far longer than they had any right to be. As a result, about half the tracks (therefore making up about one whole album!) sound too much like filler or worse and should have been scrapped to begin with. All the same, it's still RHCP, and they're too good to completely blow it, and the other "half" of the recording is often quite good.

    "Dani California" is a solid starter, if a bit weak for the first single; "Tell Me Baby" is no better. The ballad-ish tracks are a mixed bag as expected. Most disappointing is the lack of good funky numbers, most notably the borderline embarrassing "Hump De Bump" (I realize that funk isn't expected to have lucid lyric writing, but come on!). The ones that traverse the middle road are the most frequently successful, in no small part to the often obvious contribution by Frusciante, who is quickly becoming the most intriguing musician in the group (sorry, Flea).

    Best cuts: "Hard to Concentrate," "Animal Bar," "Especially in Michigan," "Stadium Arcadium," "Slow Cheetah," "Dani California," "Snow (Hey Oh)," "Readymade," "Torture Me," "Strip My Mind," "C'mon Girl," "If," "Tell Me Baby"...more info
  • Jupiter is better then Mars
    I enjoy alot of the Chilli Peppers new songs I been a fan of Blood Sugar and there new hits for California Cation. These new cds are pretty good Mars isnt bad but I must admit I love Jupiter 10 fold....more info
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers at their best
    I have loved the Chili Peppers for a long time. This album is a great addition to their discography. With 28 songs on a two cd set there is variety of great tunes to jam by....more info
  • Chilis at their BEST!
    I love, LOVe, LOVE this CD. This CD is a bargain for the awesome music you get! The Red Hot Chilis are at their best!...more info
  • One of their strongest efforts, wich is saying something.
    I gotta give them my props for this one. They manage to make a two-hour double-album seem, for the most part, ludicrously entertaining. I might even go as far as calling it their best record. It's a toss-up between this and Californication. I mean, it's a bit too long - four or five songs could've been taken off ("Charlie" is dumb other than the chorus; "C'mon Girl" is one of the most boring things I've ever heard; "Hard to Concentrate" is hard to concentrate on; "Make You Feel Better" seems like a cut-rate Californication track; "We Believe" is just way over-the-top), but there are two piles of excellent songs here. In pile #1, we've got the funk-rock stuff: "Dani California", the leadoff single, has great lyrics, sweet beats, booty-shakin' bass line, and John Frusciante doing cool stuff with his guitar. This is also one of the four songs to participate in my four-way mud wrestling match to the death. The prize? The award of best song on the album! "Hump de Bump" is as cool as its title suggests; the chorus owns ("Hump de bump you gotta hump de bump your body..."), and Flea shines on both bass and trumpet! The lyrics aren't much: like so much of their work, it's about making out, but the music is so solid it also one of the four Texas Cage Match to the knockout... for BEST SONG ON THIS ALBUM! On "Especially in Michigan" and "Storm in a Teacup", they put the Beastie Boys to shame as far as funk-rock-rap goes; "Readymade" and "So Much I" have cooooool guitar solos.
    Now, for the ballad pile. I think "Snow (Hey Oh)" would come out first in my frequently aforementioned four-way monster truck rally to the totaling of your car; that guitar-riff near the beginning is just beautiful; the introspective lyrics are wonderful; the chorus is one of their best; and I love the coda! And the video! Anthony Kiedis proves that he is the coolest guy on Earth not named Flea (who has more tattoos than should be legal), and Flea himself jumps on the bass drum! Sweet! The title song is also pretty catchy, with arguably the best melody on the album. And "Slow Cheetah" earns a place in the four-way gun battle to the nosebleed as well. It's a total dark horse, but I really love how the song builds on itself. And the fake ending - I like fake endings. Especially since the fake ending is a sparkling, neo-Hendrixian guitar solo. I'm all for one of those. Actually, I'm all for as many of those as I can hear. "Hey" has some of the group's most mature lyrics to date. "Desecration Smile"; "Tell Me Baby"; and "She Looks to Me" bridge both genres, and the first and last are fantastic; I only really like the second because of the refrain - as usual. Hey, they know how to stick lasting hooks in their songs. I'm not gonna complain! I like hooks. Just as long as creativity isn't sacrificed for them. And "Death of a Martian" sure does mix creativity with hooks: bizarrely arranged, with a weird voice-over part, but really catchy.
    And then there are several tracks which are good, though not fantastic: if you can get over the slight "ew" factor of "She's Only 18" (it's a bunch of middle-aged men singing about gettin' down with an 18-year-old), or the fact that it's a lot like "Hey 19", you'll find it's good; if you can recover from its insipid lyrics, you'll find "Torture Me" is rewarding; if you can get over the fact that it repeats the same guitar lick for a minute, you'll probably like "Turn it Again", and "If" is so cute I have to give it credit. So yeah. Cool album, this one. Maybe not their best. But it easily could be. I'm glad I bought this one, and it took me way too long to pick it up - I bought it about 10 months after it came out.
    This is off-subject, but I have reason to believe that a user has been digging through my reviews and randomly voting them "not helpful". Whoever you are, I invite you to drop a comment on this review explaining yourself. Perhaps we can reach an agreement. If this isn't the case, and I'm just being paranoid, whatever. ...more info
  • Superb effort by 'Peps.
    I generally don't review stuff a whole lot unless it really moves me. And I definitely don't spend a ton of time analyzing it to death and writing a tome on it. Simply put, this was the best album I ran across in 2006 and I've yet to find something that knocks it off my Ipod yet in 2007. I have never been a mega-fan of RHCP although I like a lot of their stuff. This one is expecially fun because my teenage kids are simply stunned that Dad likes something that they like! Ha-ha, deal with it, chil'ren!...more info
  • BUY IT!
    I have been listening to this album consistently for almost a year in a half since it came out.

    This is coming from someone who music typically runs a short half life.

    If you are reading this about this album, and don't yet own it...then do yourself a favor and buy it!

    The cynics of this album are the overly-cynical type that find a flaw in just about anything. Do not listen to (the very few) of them.
    ...more info
  • Awesome
    I bought this because of the singles that have been released so far, but have really enjoyed the other songs. After listening to it 3 times, I really like most of the songs. Good, solid Chili Peppers....more info
  • Snow..the hit from the soundtrack
    Okay, I am going to review one song, and not the entire album (yeah, yeah. Go ahead with the negative votes). But please read on.

    For the past two days I've been listening to one song, Snow, over and over. The cool thing is with iTunes repeat, it's the kind of song that just undulates into highs and lows, mellow and rapping and metal and back to mellow; like it never ends (and by the way, I DON'T do drugs anymore. Just want to clarify).

    This is what the Chili Peppers represent to me. They have that definite sound that's been imitated ad-infinitum. But they started that sound (at least for white people) and added the heavy guitars to rapping found only in Run DMC's second hit, Rock Box back in the early 80s. Punk? Yeah. Well, that's just part of their story. Much more multicultural than that.

    But what I want to say is, you know how there's that song that represents a certain time in your life? I call them life soundtrack songs. They're powerful and give you goose bumps, and you remember that time when you were, say, just walking down the street, and this beautiful serene rhythm took over from hearing that one song. Two years from now I'll try to recapiture this song's impact, but it will be second hand by then.

    So, thank you Chili Peppers, for coming up with what I see as tPart II of that beautiful/desperate epic of pain and resurrection; Under the Bridge. That's when I knew you guys were incredible, and that you'd been there.

    You know.

    And that it made you better in the long run....more info
  • Thank God it's a double CD
    RHCP have been my favorite band for years. As you can imagine I was hungry for their new material. I bought this immediately after it came out and all I can say is WOW! This is, by far, their best work. THey show such a range of musical talent from balladry to hard rock to funk (often in just one song). Even thought it is a double CD set, they have left me craving for more. Let's just say, I have had a year to totally wear it out....more info
  • Just good music...
    If you like music, looking for something new and inexpensive buy this album. I put both disc in my cars cd player and havent taken them out for months....more info
  • A Miracle
    Its a miracle that the Chili Peppers have come up with such a raw and real masterpiece 20 years into their career. I have been listening to this album for about a year and still lovin it....more info
  • They never let me down!
    One of the Red Hot Chili Peppers best albums to date!...more info
  • Speechless...
    So few people actually buy cds nowadays. Believe me, I understand. So many concepts are "borrowed" that it's hard to find anything that's really new. As it goes, I think that you can always look to the Chili Peppers for great music, and a unique sound. This album raises that very standard. The sheer volume is bound to move copies. 28 songs for less than $20? Naturally, every song isn't a masterwork, but the whole album is certainly worth a listen.

    In a changing world, it's good to have a few constants. The Red Hot Chili Peppers remain unchanged. Still as mind-blowingly awesome as the day they burst on the scene. In an industry where it's easy to sell out, or lose yourself, they haven't. I think that they deserve credit for that. If I can go as far as to say, "I think Stadium Arcadium can be dubbed The New Classic Rock." Simply put, Buy this album!
    ...more info
  • Their Best Album Yet!!
    This is their best album yet. I was planning on going over all of the songs but there are too many so im just gonna say my favourites:

    Tell Me Baby Its the best song no question. Its so cool how it goes from slow to Rock to Rap. btw I can play this on guitar.

    Dani California Its about kinda being a red neck in missippi.

    Snow ((Hey Oh)) Its just so cool I mean I just love it!!!

    Especially In Michagin Its about Michigan

    Charlie Its about a guy goin out and picking up chicks.

    Hard To Concentrate I've saved my second favourite for last Its kinda about a wedding. It has this really nice drum thing to it....more info
  • A Crowning Achievement
    Those four guys from SoCal who used to where socks on there jocks have given us the Rock Record of the year. There is no filler, every song is great and every song is different. The lyrics, the funky bass, and the shredding guitar all come to paint a beautiful picture. This album is a must hear for all. ...more info
  • Stadiumlike mentality translates to musically diverse effort
    The RHCP put on a free-flowing live show these days, perhaps to keep themselves interested in the process of touring, which, after all these years of hitting the road, can probably be a drag at times. Live, each Chili Peppers member gets his chance to shine: guitarist John Frusciante plays a few of his own solo tracks, under the glare of a white-hot spotlight; drummer Chad Smith, a tall ball of superhuman energy, gets his own percussion solo three-fourths of the way through the concert; and all three rugged and talented musicians, bassist Flea included, partake in an extended jam session that has little to do with what's on "Stadium Arcadium," a tremendous double-disc effort that might be the band's best to date.

    As his band mates create musical bliss on stage, Scar Tissue-ridden singer Anthony Kiedis stands back to soak it all in, swaying, dancing and encouraging. I think that, even after all these years in the band and despite everything he's been through, Kiedis is enjoying himself as much as ever: It shows on "Stadium Arcadium." His voice is clear, hearty, bold and confident throughout. Kiedis' rapid-fire vocal delivery is as sharp and biting as when he started in the early 1980s (on CD and live), and on such powerful songs as "Especially in Michigan" and "Tell Me Baby," he adeptly, like a vocal chameleon, changes his sound completely. Musically, "Stadium Arcadium" has a bit of everything. Next to great mid-tempo rockers like "Dani California," "Torture Me" and "She Looks to Me" are danceable, funky rock and roll tracks like "Charlie," "Hump de Bump," "Warlocks" and "Storm in a Teacup." These two CDs are instantly likable because there truly is something for everyone's taste. Even the songs that aren't as immediate have a lasting, tuneful effect in your head, such as the title track on disc one and "21st Century" on disc two.

    Some of the cooler tracks on each CD are the soft, poetic, tender-sounding ones: "Strip My Mind" contains a retro, 1970s-sounding vocal throughout that gives it true soul; "Desecration Smile" leads off disc two, and though it's not entirely soft, the opening moments of quiet guitar carry a lot of poignant weight; "Hard to Concentrate," a song dedicated to Flea's new marriage, has both a pretty and haunting sound, perfectly capturing the uncertainties of a new life with a new spouse; "If" has a beautiful folkish sound that is also a bit haunting; finally, "Animal Bar" has spaced-out elements that remind me of the Smashing Pumpkins' sound in the mid 1990s on Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness.

    My favorite track overall is "Wet Sand." It's a deceiving song because it starts off so quiet and unassuming with gentle guitar strums and easy crooning by Kiedis. Slowly, though, the song builds itself up; drums kick in by Smith, the sound gets louder, and Kiedis' tone takes on more intensity. Pretty soon, he's passionately singing, "I thought about it/And I brought it out/I'm motivated by the lack of doubt/I'm consecrated but I'm not devout/The mother, the father, the daughter." Great stuff, and it gets more interesting on the end of the track as Kiedis' "You don't form in the wet sand" refrain melds with a beautiful keyboard and Frusciante's wailing guitar.
    Producer Rick Rubin kept the Peppers in their natural element, but produced the album in a vibrant, concise way; the varied sounds on "Stadium" are crystal clear and undiffused with reverb or excessive guitar. However, when Frusciante's guitar does kick in, it's unstoppable. His solos have never sounded meatier, more fluent, or more prominent than on this effort. Chad on drums is just Chad: simply awesome. Same thing goes for Flea on bass. Like any bloated double album by famous rock stars, "Stadium Arcadium" could have been pared down to its 12 best songs and released as one disc, but where is the fun in that? The truth is, there are few duds on either disc, if any at all, and the Peppers deserved their chance to try a freewheeling set of CDs that would set the world on fire and perhaps sell out stadiums when out on the brutal road.

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  • Enough Great Songs For A Strong Regular-Length Album
    This is what I did, and strongly recommend;

    1. Burn the following songs from the Chili Pepper's double-album, "Stadium Arcadium," onto a single CD in the order given -

    1) Make you feel better
    2) Dani California
    3) Torture Me
    4) Charlie
    5) Strip My Mind
    6) Hey
    7) Animal Bar
    8) Tell Me Baby
    9) Turn It Again
    10) If
    11) Death Of A Martian
    12) Hard To Concentrate

    2. Label the disc "Red Hot Chili Peppers- STARCADIUM," & enjoy. Now you've got an album that rocks.

    3. Sell or trade your double album "Stadium Arcadium," which consists of many too-long, tired melodies & boring-after-the-second-listen filler songs that interrupt & break up the flow of the good stuff.

    To my knowledge, since the music industry began, bands have, for the most part, understood that not every single thing they write is brilliant & the-world's-gotta-hear-it! This is why, when you read interviews with Name Your Band, they generally say something along the lines of "Well, we had twenty eight songs, but during the recording & mixing process we decided these ten songs were the strongest so we dropped the others." That's how classic albums have come to be throughout the decades. I agree, there are a few exceptions, double albums that are impressive through & through, but they're rare and this is not one of them.

    Nor was Guns & Roses' "Use Your Illusions I & II" or System Of A Downs' "Mezmerize" & "Hypnotize" records. But again, in both those cases also, take away the weaker material, the 'Everything We Do Is Brilliant Now!' (or is it 'We could make twice as much money this time') and you've got solid single albums.

    My System Of A Down mix, combining tracks from "Mezmerize" & "Hypnotize" is: 1.)Attack 2.)Tentative 3.)This Cocaine Makes Me Feel Like I'm On This Song 4.)U-Fig 5.)Revenga 6.)Vicinity Of Obscenity 7.)Kill Rock Roll 8.)Question! 9.) Stealing Society 10.)Soldier Side-Intro 11.)B.Y.O.B 12.) Lost In Hollywood
    Guarantee you'll find it soo much better than either of those records on their own. My belief is you should walk away wanting more not stopping it halfway through going "I've had enough." By the way, you should burn cds at slower speeds to ensure that your player can read them & quality is up to snuff.

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  • fun album
    i like the album a lot - especially cd 1. i didnt have any red hot chili peppers cd before, just a bunch of mp3s, so i got this one expecting a variety of songs. and i'm really enjoying it....more info