Sahale Snacks, Variety Pack of 6 Flavors, 5-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 6)

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  • Case of six 5-ounce pouches (25 total ounces)
  • Variety pack includes one each of the following Sahale gourmet nut blends: Dauphine, Ksar, Sing Buri, Socorro, Soledad, and Valdosta
  • All-natural, no trans fat, cholesterol-free; no artificial colors or flavors
  • Award winner: the Valdosta blend was voted "Best Nut" in Health Magazine's Best of Food awards for 2006
  • Made in the USA

Customer Reviews:

    I am ordering more of these goodies. They are not only delicious and top quality, they are the most interesting assortment I have ever had, and are great for my sensitive stomach too! VERY EXCELLENT PRICE AS WELL!!...more info
  • Aging snacks
    I first purchased the brand from Target where I found delicious and fresh tasting bags. I liked the interesting and unique blends and the prices were acceptable. I tried a couple of individual bags from Amazon and found similar quality, so I ordered a subscription of the series of blends. Bad move - I've not found a fresh bag since - each arrives in a extremely dry condition, odd, since these appear to be vacuum-packed, but I'm losing interest in maintaining the subscription. I'm giving it one more month, but if I get another batch that appears to have sent to me via 1923 then I'm off to the nearest Target to beg with the Food Department Manager to increase their selection....more info
  • Excellent healthy snack
    I found these to be a wonderful healthy snack. The flavor is very unique and robust. If you are one that gets bored with the traditional flavors than these snacks are for you....more info
  • Yummy snacks!
    These are the yummiest snacks I may have EVER tasted! A delightful blend of nutty, sweet and spicy flavors....more info
  • Tasty snacks
    The snack mixes are tasty, though a bit expensive. They are a nice treat....more info
  • Delish!!
    Way better than the trail mix products available in my area! Will keep ordering this regularly....more info
  • Killer stuff
    These snacks are great. They are so different from the "typical" nut snacks out on the market today. Well done!...more info
  • Maybe it's just me
    I din't love these at all. The flavor combinations struck me as off, there was no improvement in the pistachio taste by adding harissa. Also the texture was unpleasant, somewhat soggy. I like the healthy aspect, but if you aren't enjoying the experience why eat at all?...more info
  • Unusual Flavor Combinations
    These Sahale snacks are dangerously addicting. The flavors are truly unique - some sweet, some spicy, or both! Once opened, it can stick together in large clusters if left exposed to humidity. I used some of the varieties mixed with pretzels, tiny crackers, cereal, and even popcorn. Friends constantly asked "what is this stuff - it's good!"...more info
  • Delicious, Healthful Snack
    My favorite blend so far is the Socorro mix. Interesting flavors and quality ingredients. Well done!...more info
  • Unusual, but great
    I thought these were amazing. My favorite is the Socorro blend. A review said they were soggy, but I'm not sure what they mean. They are very crisp with nice and chewy fruit. Despite the fruit, they aren't sweet but the sweet in the fruit really balances out the hotness of the other seasoning.
    As for the price, these are expensive nuts and high quality ingredients. The flavors are unusual, but perfect. I am defiantly going to order more!...more info
  • the best snacks for health
    I love my Sahale nuts, they are natural, healthy and decandently good. They cost more than the average nut, but it's worth it for the non added chemicals and harmful additives, just pure natural ingredients. ...more info
  • BEST Healthy Snack Ever!
    I've tried all the varieties of Sahale Snacks and I can't decide which is best, they are all fantastic! I've had my friends try, and they agree that these are really, really good. They arrived quick and fresh. Try them, you won't be sorry. I just wish I could find them locally :-()...more info
  • Tasty Treats
    A definite good buy if you are looking for a flavor that you can't quite name, but if you know what you want skip this and just buy that kind. ...more info
  • Excellent !
    Unusual and fresh tasting. I really, really enjoyed these nut blends. I will definitely order them again....more info
  • absolutely wonderful!
    I was unsure as this is Indian food and can tend to be hot. But these snacks are so good you will not believe it! I put them on my subscription list for every month, they are that good....more info
  • Good Variety
    If you have not had Sahale Snacks before this is a good why to try them all. If you do however, you may be better off getting just those kinds that you like, as they are all quite different....more info
  • Rancid, Chemical-Laced Nuts
    While the flavor is unique, overall it was a BIG MISTAKE to order these.

    Three of the five packets of nuts were rancid! To say I am disappointed is an understatement. Unfortunately, this is not the first time I have had problems with the freshness of food products purchased from Amazon.

    What about the other two non-rancid packets? I got through one in a few days, and I was working on the other ... then I realized I had a major head-fog, you know, like a hangover, but without having had anything to drink. I gave up the nuts & it went away. For me, that's a tell-tale sign of additives in food. Not a good choice for someone with allergies & chemical sensitivities. Hardly a product that could be considered "natural". That must be the innocuous "spices" listed as an ingredient.

    I purchased this on a SD recommendation. But it was a complete & utter waste of money for me. And, did I say 5 packs ... Yes. I received 5, not a pack of 6 as decribed here.

    My recommendation ... try one pack (I think they are available at Target) before buying them all. If you have chemical sensitivities or allergies, you just might stay away entirely.
    ...more info
  • Some I loved, some I hated, most I liked, ind. reviews below
    This is an awesome way to try all of the Sahale products for yourself. I think there's one for everyone and this setup lts you tray them all at once. I didn't have a problem with rancidity as other reviews have had, maybe Amazon got that problem straightened out now. My prerefences were as follows:

    Dauphine (walnuts): **** I really liked this blend, it was sweet and just a little bit of salt.

    Ksar (pistachios): ** I did not like this blend, either did my husband but ii was edible.

    Valdosta (pecans): **** I liked the spicness of the pepper in this blend, but I didn't find its flavor as trong as the others, which I tend to prefer. But they were good nonetheless.

    Sing Buri (peanuts, cashews): * This was definately my least favorite of he bunch and I'm still trying to get my husband to eat them.
    UPDATE- the Sing Buri Blend has grown on me. I was hungry and needed a snack, deciding to give these another chance. They're actually pretty good and I'd like to change my rating to ***

    Soledad (almonds): **** One of my other favorites I really liked the sweet/sour/salty combo this blend had.

    Socorro (macademia/hazelnuts): ***** HANDS DOWN BEST BLEND!!

    So there you have it. I reccommend this group shipment so you can try them for yourselves and see which ones you like before purchsing a case of any individual flavor....more info
  • Try many, pick favorite
    Not every flavor variety is for everyone. We tried many and picked favorites. The pecan is heavenly and the pistachio very interesting. Not everyone will like the hot spice additions....more info
  • Product NOT fresh!!
    I had purchased a single pouch at a retail store and loved it!! However, when I received the pouches I ordered, compared to the one pouch I bought locally, the pouches that came in the order were NOT fresh!! The nuts were stale and the coating dried up. VERY disappointed!!!...more info
  • Exquisite!
    I absolutely love each blend, my favorites are KSAR and SOCORRO. I find that I usually can snack on less than 1/4 cup and a cup of hot tea and I feel pampered. It is a healthy alternative to your usual snacks. I have treated my friends and family to this and they all agree with me. Try them, you won't be sorry....more info
  • Exquisite!
    I absolutely love each blend, my favorites are KSAR and SOCORRO. I find that I usually can snack on less than 1/4 cup and a cup of hot tea and I feel pampered. It is a healthy alternative to your usual snacks. I have treated my friends and family to this and they all agree with me. Try them, you won't be sorry....more info
  • Inspired snacking
    I'm placing my second order for the variety pack because I liked every flavor and appreciated the variety. All have a sensational blend of flavors--spicy, sweet, salty--without being overpowering. Truly delicious and healthy munchables. I'm so glad I decided to try out a package in my supermarket. ...more info
  • scrumpiodilioucious
    I just love these snacks. Depending on what you are in the mood for either almonds, pistachios, pecans they are all delicious tasting. I can hardly wait to try some of the recipes they send you with the packages. ...more info
  • Interesting . . .
    I think it is probably worth trying these nuts. I probably would not buy them again, however. ...more info
  • Distinctive snacks
    I love the exotic flavors of these snacks -- I've never tasted anything quite like them. This variety pack is a wonderful way to try all six blends. I'm hooked on four of them.

    Sing Buri, Socorro, Soledad, and Valdosta all swap places as my personal favorite. Each is a uniquely stimulating mix of spicy, salty and subtly sweet. Ksar is spicier than the others -- a little too spicy for me, but still very good. Dauphine has no spiciness at all, and a cloying sweetness that quickly became overbearing.

    Fortunately, Amazon sells the flavors individually, too!...more info


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