Ionic Pro Mini Air Purifier

List Price: $29.99

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  • Purify the air in a bathroom, mud room or pet area with this compact model
  • Specially designed to deliver cleaner, fresher, healthier air to small indoor environments
  • Energy-efficient design features low power consumption; just plug it into a wall outlet
  • 8.25Hx2.50W"
Customer Reviews:
  • Customer Service is Bait and Switch
    I bought one of these at Walmart I think. I was fairly pleased with the black carbon like gunk it appeared to be collecting from the air but it broke down very quickly- maybe lasted two months.

    When I called the company they were VERY friendly. Until I finally got to the point that I wanted to return the unit. They stayed friendly, asking for 21.95 (until cost $29 new) shipping and handling. When I expressed anger, they offered to sell me several bigger and new units for a discount.

    I get the impression these break quickly and often. Read the review on the link I put in and buy something else or just burn your money....more info
  • Works OK, Expected More
    I bought this product and plugged it in right next to the cat's liter box, expecting that I could walk in the room and not be hit with liter box oder. I was wrong. While the intensity of it is less (I have an old cat), I do wish that I couldn't tell when she had just been there.

    ...more info
  • Does the job
    Does the job amazingly well for its size and more than half the price of the large products.
    I was surpised at the amount of dust it picked up and how easy it was to clean and I love the fact that there are no more filter to buy.
    ...more info
  • Helps me so much..
    I love this thing.. I have the ionic pro and 3 minis... it's a lot cheaper to buy them at walmart the minis are 19.97 and the 129.97 ionic pro (full size) is at walmart :) ...more info