Ionic Pro Compact and Car Ionizer

List Price: $99.99

Our Price: $88.80

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Product Description

Why pay more for clean air, go with the Pro / Compact version of the original for delivering fresh, purified air to small rooms in homes or offices

  • Low power consumption
  • Energy efficient
  • No need to replace filters
  • Easy to use-one touch operation
  • 2 Settings, High and Lo
Customer Reviews:
    We bought a set of these smaller air cleaners along with one of the larger models. Please see my review on that bigger model. The smaller ones didn't totally give out like the larger model, but the smell emitted from them concerned me (kind of a hot "burning" electronics smell) that I no longer trusted them in our children's room. ...more info
  • Not good
    I had this unit for about 3 days, it was just OK did not notice a difference at all....
    It stopped working and I contacted the support center, they did not speak English very well and told be I have to pay $40.00 for shipping to get a new one that "Might" be refurbished.

    Bad unit, honorable support. I got a Honeywell IDF filter unit works great!...more info
  • Satisfied
    I bought mine a year ago, i thought it was a good air purifier...i wasn't dissappointed at all. The filter is easy to clean, just clean it with damp cloth let it dry for few minutes and ready to use again.I'd rather to have this one than to buy a filter all the time. ...more info
  • Sadly Disappointed
    Bought it to help my fiance with his allergies and asthma. Seemed to work in the beginning, but after 4 weeks (w/wkly cleanings) he still wakes up everynight coughing and/or has an asthma attacks. However, it has helped me with my mild allergies. Supposed to cover up to 250sqft. Our room is 225. I like that I feel better in the mornings, which is why I rate it a 3, but a good night sleep for the both of us was my original plan. I was so excited but now sadly disappointed....more info