Hoover Floormate 300 PowerBrush

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Product Description

All-in-one machine dry vacuums washes and dries floors. Powered brush roll one quart delivery tank 13" removable nozzle foot pedal switch to change from wet to dry mode fingertip on/off user controlled solution delivery trigger easy empty tank - White/Lime Green

  • Dual Function Dry/Wet Operation- can be used to vacuum dry debris and wet clean hard surface floors
  • Dual Tank design for clean and dirty solution.
  • Beltless Designed PowerBrush system
  • Two Motors to create powerful suction and to drive the brush system
  • Deluxe grip with convenient solution trigger
Customer Reviews:
  • You have to read the instructions!
    I have had the Floor Mate for about 3 years now and had to replace the first one after 1 year do to my not reading the instruction manual.
    YOU HAVE TO USE THE THE FLOOR TO FLOOR SOLUTION IT COMES WITH OR YOU WILL RUIN IT! I wanted to save money and use other cleaners, and I liked the way Lysol worked on the tile better then the floor to floor solution. After having to buy another one I now go by the book. The solution does so so on the tile but does a beatifull job on my hard wood floors (which are really laminate floors). Also, the machine needs to be cleaned out on a regular basis.

    I believe it is worth going by the instruction book since it does as good a job as if I were scrubing on my hands and knees. It seems like I'm always pregnant so being on my hands and knees isn't an option. I also have a bad back from two car accidents. Another reason we got it.
    Once in a while I have to scrub the grout in the tile myself because we have deep grout.

    Overall it does a way better job then any mop. The floor feels so smooth and clean when I'm done. You'll be surprised how dirty your floor was when you empty the water tank, cheerios dog hair-yuk! It sucks up the dirt, it doesn't just spread it around like a mop....more info
  • Solid performer
    This is easy to assemble, use, and clean after use. I use it on about 1000 sq ft of wood floors and would highly recommend using vinegar instead of their cleaning solution. It left my floor looking better. Didn't think it was doing much the first time I used it, until I emptied the tank. The water is filthy! It picks up all the dust and surface dirt I struggled with before. You have to work at spots and it doesn't clean right up next to walls, but I doubt any machine would. It is pretty noisy (like a vacuum) and doesn't save much time when you compare it to mopping, but I love that it is picking up the dust and dirt (and disinfecting with vinegar)instead of just pushing the dirt around with a mop like I use to do. Finally I feel like I am keeping up with the cleaning of my floors. ...more info