Ionic Pro Set of 3 Replacement Blades

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  • Using replacement blades in your Ionic Pro helps keep the air in your home clean and purified
  • Set includes 3 specially engineered blades
  • Features ergonomic grip pockets and a simple-to-use locking-base system
  • Easy to replace and maintain
  • 20.75H"
Customer Reviews:
  • Must Have!
    I bought two sets just after purchasing two ionic pro's and soo glad I did. My household requires these be replaced about every two-weeks (dog, cat, kids, smoker) Easy to clean but I'm slow to get to it. Nice to have extra so I can take my time....more info
  • Reviewing the Ionic Pro Set of 3 Replacement Blades
    The replacement blades are an excellent product. At last I can have a spare set of blades so that when one becomes dirty I can take it out and immediately pop in a clean one. No waiting while the one set completely dries out. The only thing I wish was different is that the top was connected to the blades like the original was. It is separate and is put on after the replacement blades are inserted....more info
  • Ionic Pro Replacement blades
    The replacement blades work very nice to provide uninterrupted ionic air cleaning. The replacement blades actutally are shinner then the original blades and are much easier to clean. I usually run my ionic pro with the replacement blades and when they are dirty I put the original blades in long enough to clean the replacement blads properly, then put the replacement blades back in. ...more info