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In Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires, the armies of the kingdom are at your command! Your ultimate goal is to conquer the 25 regions of Ancient China and build an entire Empire using cunning diplomacy and uncompromising force. Before each battle, the player will meet with the war council to decide upon military and political policies for the kingdom; then it's time for war. Issue direct orders to each officer or signal general commands to officers on the field. Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires gives armchair generals total control of their kingdom. Take control of 150 officers, entice captured officers into joining your service or expel them from your kingdom Change game dynamics by limiting the number of officers during play, adjusting time limits, and selecting battle conditions Unlock new items, strengthen your weapons, and much more Discover the history of the Dynasty Warriors with the Encyclopedia

  • 4 scenarios to unlock -- 6 in total
  • 2-Player Co-Op in Empire and Free modes
  • Meet with your war council and choose policies ranging from Government, Product Development, Diplomacy and Battle Tactics
  • Implement 25 new policies, or any from a total of 75 in all
  • Issue direct orders to each officer or general commands to officers on the field. Take the offensive, defend your ground -- or have all officers rally to you for an ambush

Customer Reviews:

  • Another one
    Dynasty Warriors series offer the same button mashing, stress-relieving fun it always do and this version isn't any different. The Empires version add the civil management element of the old Romance of Three Kingdoms of bygone days into the mix and adds a little variety, however not much. Diehard fan of the series would probably get this but otherwise, it's really just the same as previous version....more info
  • It is an ok game
    First of all, the game has two mode only:

    One mode you can choose your player as different character, the time as different history events to start your game and try to unite the whole China.

    Second mode you can choose from different individual battles in history, and just play out that battle.

    It does not have other challenge mode as I played before: where you can select your fighter, and see how many enemies you can kill before you run out of health, or, before you drop of the platform, or how many enemies you can kill before time runs out.

    So this is a big minus for this game, I don't have as much fun as I used to.

    Secondly, as not a big crazy gamer, I want the game to have some easier choices: it would be great if I can have all the amulets and upgraded weapons at my resort, so I can have more fun. Here you have to fight through the game to get all these. I don't have that patience for this, cause I have many other better games at my hand, this game is just a toy temporarily. Without all those secret weapons and amulets, it is really hard to challenge the game at normal or hard level, which is much more fun than easy and novice level. I know this cause I played dynasty warroirs the PC version, where I can use hack software to hack out all the secret locked items, and challenge the games at hard level, which was really fun.

    So in all, it is just ok.

    So over
    ...more info
  • Great Game!
    Got this for my 16 year old for Christmas. He really likes it and says it is alot of fun!...more info
  • It's Dynasy Warriors. What do you expect?
    Like the title says, "What do you expect?". You pick a country and go from one battlefield to another slaughtering the hordes of soldiers and the occasional general. In between the battlefields you have some "diplomacy" to handle. Basically you do some even MORE boring stuff than wading through the idiotic sea of soldiers.

    If you've played one of these games in the series, you've played them all....more info
  • Replay Value Extremely High
    Simply, put, I've never owned a game with more replay value. I could play this game forever. Even after I get a new game I still keep coming back to this one......more info
  • Solid Addition to the Series
    Dynasty Warriors is one of those games that I like a lot, but I don't quite know why. I think I enjoy the idea of it all. Me versus an entire army of people. My behavior and abilities are powerful enough to destroy the entire army if used properly. However, I'm not quite a one man show since I need to rely on other generals and luitenants to hold their ground and win a battle or two as well. It's a nice idea.

    In reality the Dynasty Warriors games are definitely repetitive. They add more and more characters every time but not a great deal more depth. The battle situations are roughly the same and certain characters are mirror images of each other ability-wise.

    That being said, the game is just good fun. From the last time I played they added a career mode type of feel to the game. It used to be that you fought battles in a more linear order. Now you are presented with an Empire of different states, which must "rule over", invade, defend, etc. The decisions you make will ultimately change the mood of your fighters and affect the outcome of the battles. You can discover new items, capture new generals, and invest in different technologies. And it seems like getting new weapons is a little less difficult than in the old one.

    This helps a little bit with the repetitiveness by allowing you to control several different generals throughout the game rather than just using one over and over.

    Graphics wise, the game looks pretty good. It's not revolutionary and the draw-distance wasn't improved much, but it doesn't detract much from the playing. They seemed to add more seige type weapons and you run into more opposing guard captains and luitenants/generals.

    The Music is about the same as normal which is pretty bad, but doesn't really annoy me much, which is good.

    I'm pleasantly surprised that my Wife seems to enjoy playing along side me which is actually quite helpful and there aren't many games like that.

    Overall it's a great addition to the DW series and a good price. Pick it up if you like the previous ones or are looking for a solid hack and slash game. I have the 360 version....more info
  • Great value
    First you should understand this is not the best looking 360 game graphicly its really a HD smooth running xbox1 game,that being said for 39.99 lots of hack and slash fun with the new Empire mode gives it a little RPG, alot of stradegy feel to it,but fear not for the people who dont really care about stradegy or an RPG game I dont either.This game just makes that stuff easy and fun and its still all about running around killing enemies with swords and spears.For those familiar to the Dynasty games you will be glad to know during battle you can give orders to each and every unit on your side,Example OF ORDERS:attack that enemy unit,aid that friendly unit,attack enemy base,aid friendly base.....and more importantly its easy to give these orders and the unit does the orders.Bottom line dont expect alot gtaphicly,but this game sure is fun with some new twist and its very addicting.BUY IT...more info