NQ Clarifier Residential Air Purifier - HEPA Air Cleaner with Ultraviolet

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Product Description

Five stage filtration including both HEPA, Carbon and 2 Lamp UV light germicidal control.

  • High quality HEPA filtration. (99.97% of particles 0.3 microns or larger)
  • 2 UV Lamps for germicidal control.
  • 15 lbs of carbon material for odor / gas removal.
Customer Reviews:
  • NQ Clarifier gives cleanest air at lowest price
    I bought my first NQ Clarifier for $699 (free ship) in 2005. It was one of the best purchases I have made as an MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities) sufferer.

    The improvement in air quality is palpable and the machine can clean all the air in a 1500 square foot house twice every hour. This is better than other HEPA air purifiers in this price range. The top-flow design differs from that of most other air purifier brands and it seems to do a much better job at circulating the air and reducing dead spots of unpurified air in a room. The substantial 15 lb of carbon media and powerful fan pulling air through the HEPA filter and carbon media does a good job of totally absorbing all chemical odors and allergens. The purified air finally passes through a germicidal UV filtration system and comes out medical grade pure like what you would find in a hospital clean room.

    The indicator lights tell me when I need to clean or replace the pre-filter and/or HEPA filter, and the UV bulbs. It's easy to unscrew and open the filter to change the filters and bulbs, which is good for me.

    The roller wheels on this rather boxy machine facilitate moving it from room to room within the house. Even though the machine weighs 50 lbs, I have actually brought it to meeting (meeting rooms) to create a safe room for me there. With all the mouldy off-gassing carpets and office furniture, sometimes this air purifier is the only thing that works.

    This machine is noisy, particularly at the highest setting. After a while I got used to the 'white noise' in my bedroom, but it might be too much for some people. (I am a light sleeper).

    The service provided by the company is excellent. On three occasions when I called up, I spoke with knowledgeable and friendly staff and was attended to right away. This machine has proven sturdy and reliably built for 24/7 running these 3 years.

    I bought my second one in 2007. ...more info