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Product Description

All Natural Yogurt Starter Ingredients: Skim milk powder, sucrose, ascorbic acid, lactic bacteria (L.Bulcaricus, S. Thermophilus, L. Acidophilus)

  • Capacity: 5 grams/pack
  • Origin: Canada

Customer Reviews:

  • A Great Starter & Easy to Use
    I've had the Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker for well over a year now, but I'm just now trying out the starter the Euro Cuisine company offers. While a little more expensive to use than six ounces of plain yogurt, it is easier to use. As a bonus, this starter requires no refrigeration, so can sit around for awhile before use. This is especially handy if you plan to use this starter as your back up starter, rather than as your primary starter. The product comes with enough starter to make two batches.

    Use of this starter involves the boil method of yogurt preparation. I've been using the boil method already, so this was an easy transition for me. I discovered that the boiling point is lower with this starter than with a plain yogurt starter and you don't have to cool the boiled milk down as far. As a result, the prep time is shorter than when using plain yogurt. The incubation period seems to be about the same.

    My first batch was perfect. The yogurt is just a bit tarter than when made with a plain yogurt starter, but still quite good. If you mix your finished yogurt with a little fresh fruit or a touch of fruit spread, the tartness isn't as noticable, but it depends on your preference.

    I love making and eating homemade yogurt. The Euro Cuisine starter is a welcomed addition to my process. ...more info
  • Best yogurt starter
    I love homemade yogurt when made with this starter. It is relatively foolproof with an inexpensive yogurt maker, and really delicious--much more delicate and fresh tasting than what you buy in the store. It sets up well and provides a good base for added fruit and honey for a healthy, nutritious and satisfying breakfast or lunch. One packet of starter is added to a batch of warmed milk, per your yogurt maker's directions, stirred and left for the required length of time--about 6 to 8 hours. That's all there is to it. The finished yogurt lasts well in the refrigerator and can also be drained through cheesecloth for a denser, Greek-style yogurt. I'm told the quality of the yogurt depends on the starter and this is the only kind I'll use....more info
  • Perfect Yogurt Starter
    This starter is excellent! I used it to make soy yogurt with no problems....more info
  • This is the only starter to use!
    I tried this with 2% milk, 1% milk, fat free, and lastly with goats milk I bought by the quart at Walmart, it is the richest most delicious yogurt ever (my husband is the one I make it for) I add a lg teaspoon of honey, mix it up and there is nothing better, the tartness blends with the sweet. I let the machine work for 8 hours and it is custard like. Excellent...more info
    A Very good yogurt starter...once u make yogurt with this culture u will never go back to buying yogurt from Supermarket ever again!!!!...more info
  • Makes not too tart yogurt.
    Acidophilus makes yogurt a bit more tart than starter without it. This starter makes a nice creamy yogurt that's not too tart. It's the only starter I use now. I make yogurt several times a week....more info
  • EXCELLENT & EASY TO USE Euro Cuisine Yogurt Starter
    This starter works perfectly every time. Yogurt has been awesome!
    I use organic milk, boil and cool...add this starter, pour into the Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker Jars and then set them into the machine for 8 hrs at least. Yogurt turns out with perfect texture and smooth taste. Just add your favorite fruit or we add the Polaner or Simply Fruit jams/preserves and you have the best yogurt you've ever tasted!...more info


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