Brita 35214 Base Faucet Filtration System

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Product Description

Brita Faucet Filtration System, Great Value & Convenience, Attaches Easily In Minutes, No Tools Required, Fits All Standard Faucets, Quick & Easy Filter Replacement, Electronic Filter Life Indicator Tells You When To Replace Filter.

  • Compact, horizontal design that is out of the way of activities around the sink.
  • System lasts up to 1 year! 3x the filter life of 1 replacement faucet mount filter.
  • Healthier great tasting water
  • 2 stream feature for regular tap and filtered water
  • Mechanical Filter Life Indicator

Customer Reviews:

  • Absolutely A-1!!!
    We can not believe the improvement in the taste of our water! It is 1000% better! Well worth buying....more info
  • Not worth the headaches
    This product does work and produces great tasting water--for a while. I thought maybe we'd done something to make it leak, but a guest said his did the same thing in about the same amount of time (approx 8 months).

    There's a part of the filter assembly that becomes loose and leaks, and then eventually squirts water all over the place. There is no way to fix it.

    We won't be buying this brand again.

    ...more info
  • Likes to leak
    You will be lucky indeed if this product lasts a year before either it starts leaking or the aereater breaks off. I made a big mistake when I thought I would save money by buying a multi pack of replacement filters. I've ended up purchasing two additional faucet mounts just to use up the filters. On the positive side, Customer Service is very cooperative about sending replacement parts when it breaks in less than a year....more info
  • filter poppped out of mount and leaked at the faucet
    after a failed pur water filter i tried this one. like someone else the filter would pop off once water pressure built up and it leaked at the faucet. I will be returning this one right away....more info
  • Brita Faucet Filtration System - Big Disapointment
    I was disappointed with the product.....I used this filtration system before and it started leaking after 4 months....Without giving up faith on Brita i went ahead and bought a new piece on Amazon....But the package that was sent to me was missing the right screw on adjustment for the faucet...They were supposed to have the screw on adjustments in two sizes to fit all faucets but my package had both of the same kind and they did not fit my faucet....When i called Brita customer service there was just no option to talk to a customer service person phone call kept automatically being cut rudely in the middle.....WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ended up putting some plumbers tape on the faucet to force fit the unit onto it.....Once the new one starts leaking and i am sure it will soon i will switch to another better brand.....I do not recommend Brita Faucet Filtration Unit to anybody.....Unless you have a lot of time on your hands to make futile phone calls to them........more info
  • Leaky Unit
    Mine leaked from the beginning, when the valve is in filter position it dribbled water from the main outlet as well. Mine did not squirt water though, as another reviewer's did. The valve is also somewhat inconvenient to turn compared to other models and other brands. I have since switched to another brand where the filter unit turns to turn on the filter, it is much more convenient to use, and does not leak a drop....more info
  • The life span of these is barely 4 months
    I have had two of these things. Both had started to badly leak after 4 months (tops). Plus very difficult to get this thing on. Not very well made (or perhaps they are made to breakdown quickly - who knows). Avoid at all costs. ...more info
  • Made to Strip
    Seems to filter fine but is made to eventually strip its threads so that you have to buy another one....more info
  • Nice little filter
    I bought this for my dorm room. We have horrible tasting water here, and this little filter does an excellent job of removing the bad taste. I have not had any problems with leaking or broken parts, I think it is very well made. The selector between filtered water and non-filtered water is very handy and also works exactly as it should. I've been using it for nearly two months now. The light on the from that tells you when to change the filter is a nice idea and works fine. On the down side, the replacement filters are a tad expensive, but still cheaper than Pur and other brands. I like it and would recommend it to anyone who is drinking processed water. It also makes well water a little more palatable....more info