Remington D-3310 All That Speed Dry Ionic Hair Dryer

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1600 watt. 2 X protection: ions for silky smooth, frizz free hair. White ceramic bead and ring on grill for infrared heating. Heats the hair evenly from within. 3 heat/2 speed settings. Cool shot. Hang up loop. Manufacturers 3 year guarantee. 1. 8m cable.

  • All the Power! All the Features! All the Style!
  • Ions reduce static & give the hair shine
  • 2 speed and 3 heat settings
  • Removable air filter makes for easy cleaning
  • 2 year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Suddenly & frighteningly breaks--DO NOT BUY!
    I purchased this dryer less than five months ago. I initally really liked it because it was small, lightweight, and quickly dried my thick hair. However, I was using it last week, and it started making this awful noise. It startled me so much I actually dropped the thing on my foot! I thought it might have something to do with the breaker, so after leaving it unplugged for 10 minutes, I tried turning it on again. This time the noise was worse, plus my bathroom filled with that awful smell of (you know it if you know it) burning wires. It is a totally unsafe product. Spend a little more money on something quality!
    ...more info
  • Be Careful!!!
    I had this dryer for about 8 months when I used it one day it just broke from inside it was scary if I were you I wouldn't use this get a new dryer before it happens....more info
  • Nice dryer ... but doesn't last
    I bought mine 9/2007. Nice small size with both heating and temperature settings ... however it starting making a strange sound in Dec / Jan. It blew up the first of Feb. It still runs, but there are parts rattling around and it cannot be used. Something must've broke loose. Now I guess I'll see how their 2 yr warranty holds up .......more info
  • My favorite hair dryer ever
    I purchased this hairdryer for my teenager to take to summer camp in May 2007. Seven months later it's still working perfectly. I had always used the traditional hair dryers and had heard great things about Ionic hair dryers from my stylist. She told me that they help to eliminate split ends by keeping the moisture in the hair and not overdrying it. She was right! I have been using this now for several months (in secret, abandoning my own bathroom for the one with the good hair dryer!) after my teenager leaves for school and I have no more split ends.

    What I especially like about this hair dryer is the seperate heat and speed controls make it easy to customize the proper setting for your hair. Additionally, the very small size makes it convenient to store and pack.

    I know some people have complained about them breaking, but this one has been used at least 300 times and still works great. If you get a lemon, return it. Hopefully the problems reported by the other reviewers have been fixed by Remington.

    Update: 8/25/08: My son still uses this daily, has brought it to a total of 10 weeks of summer camps over 2 years, and it's still working great and used daily the rest of the year. After reading all the other negative reviews, I'm surprised, but was fortunately lucky his didn't break (yet). ...more info
  • Junk!
    I've bought two of these and they both broke the same way. I bought one about a year ago and it died last months. It didn't make any sound or smoke or anything, it simply stopped working sometime in the night and wouldn't turn on. I bought a new one of the same (dumb choice, I know) a MONTH ago, and it breaks today! Just won't turn on! Don't buy these things, they're not going to last....more info
  • Internal Combustion!!!
    I loved this hair dryer when I first got it, hell I even bought my grandma one. It got my hair dry fairly quickly and it is a small model. The other day I was drying my hair and it blew up on the inside! There were parts rattling around and I had to throw it away (it also scared me!). Thank God I had a back up dryer. FOR YOUR SAFETY DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!...more info
  • Great Buy!
    So my boyfriend ended up getting this for me for my birthday and I was very skeptical. Aparently he heard me complaining about my current hair dryer and how it sparks and was starting to not heat up at all. So he took the initiative to buy me one. He told me this and it scared me. But after using it its wonderful. It has so much power which I love. My hair was dry so much faster than usual. It was fluffier and just all around shinier as well. It was a great product and I am genuinly suprised my boyfriend picked out such a great product. I would reccommend this to anyone!
    ...more info
  • Good dryer
    I bought this hairdryer after my hairdryer that I had had for about 7 years bit the dust. My previous dryer was very small and compact and I wanted another small one with as much power as my previous one. I was a little skeptical but after using it about 10 times, I love it. My other one didn't have the "ionic technology" and since I've been using this one my hair is smoother, less frizzy, and shinier. I just barely have to go over my hair with my straightener. Getting ready in the morning doesn't take nearly as long. Also, it has the three different temperature settings that my older one didn't have. It is a little louder than I'm used to, but it gets the job done a little quicker. I totally recommend this dryer, especially if you like smaller hairdryers with as much power as big ones. ...more info
    I purchased this item today at target...for the same price as listed here. I was soo excited because it looked nice that I came right home to try it. I pluged it into the wall and turned it on for the first time....smoke...BLACK SMOKE...and lots of it! This product is defective! BUYERS BEWARE!!!...more info