Remington H-1015 All That Quick Curl Travel Hair Setter

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Product Description

  • 10 soft grip rollers (5 large, 5 X-large)
  • Cool touch end rings for comfortable handling
  • Convenient heat and carry case
  • Dual voltage for world-wide use
  • 2 year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • hair rollers and 1.5 inch false eyelashes
    Watch Video Here: My wife has just set her using Remington Rollers. She is also wearing slingback 5.5 inch platform shoes which she just bought. She is also wearing the longest false eyelashes I have seen which is about 1.5 inches long. She looks like a sexy looking drag queen with those false eyelashes....more info
  • Clips provided are useless!
    While first using this product, clips would not hold rollers in place. Rollers also don't seem to have enough gripping texture. I bought the Conair Super Clips and they work perfectly at holding rollers. Over-all I am pretty happy with these hot rollers, although it is the first time I have ever used somethiing like this....more info
  • Remington H-1015 All that Quick Travel Hair Setter
    Great price, light weight, easy to work with (even with my long, thick hair), quick dry...more info
  • Great for travel!
    Pros- Great product, great price! Very small and compact. You won't believe how fast they heat up! I can't travel with out them now. I have encouraged my mom to buy a set. Cons- The large/x-large rollers are smaller than I expected....more info
  • Roller Review
    This product arrived on time! The rollers were a bit smaller than I wanted, but they are convenient for traveling....more info
    Do not buy this product if you are planning to use it in countries with 220v output. This is not dual voltage and you'd have to use a converter. I'm very disappointed and am sending it back immediately. ...more info
  • OK, ...
    The product is fine for curling your hair. It gets really hot to the touch and burns your fingers a little. Also not too great for longer hair. I needed larger rollers and more of them. But it is small and easy to travel with....more info
  • great compact curlers
    they definitely do their job and - with a healthy dose of hair spray - the curls hold! i am asian, so my hair is extremely reluctant to hold any shape beside straight. these guys do the trick. i would buy two packs. one doesn't have enough rollers. the pouch is ultra compact and travels well. great product the its price!...more info
  • Great rollers for everywhere
    I have been using the Remington travel rollers for a long time. The rollers come in 2 sizes and I only like using the big ones. So I combine 2 sets into one - with only the big rollers. I keep one (combined) set in my office to give myself a quick hair-do if I have to go somewhere after work, one set at home and for travel. It is truly dual voltage (though not labelled) and I have been them in many countries without any problem. The rollers heat up quickly and are hot enough, not like some roller sets that never heat up enough to give lasting curls. ...more info
  • remington h-1015 hot rollers
    I was very disappointed in the size of the rollers. The x-large are more the size of (large) the large are more the size of (medium )...I have very baby fine hair cut into a bob. These rollers do not stay in even with clips that I purchased extra...On the positive side, they heat up well and what curlers I could keep in made a wonderful curl, if you are trying for curls....more info
    GOOD PRODUCT...more info
  • Very happy with purchase
    I'm very happy with these curlers. They heat up very fast and are easy to pack around. Well worth the money....more info
  • exactly what I have been looking for
    I love this set, it is absolutely perfect for me. I have fine hair and have been using a travel set of 5 extra large rollers from Conair for years, and I never knew what I was missing by using such an old-school setter.

    The surface of these rollers is really nice and soft (but not spongy) and I could tell a difference in how much more smooth my hair was after one use. (This must be the ion technology - ?)

    But I love that this set comes with traditional setting pins, not clips. And the soft storage bag makes it easy pack up and store around the house or in a carry-on bag.

    It's worth noting that the instructions outline the warm-up time as 90 seconds for a soft curl and longer for a stronger hold. I can't say how much "longer" is, but because my hair is hard to curl, I let them heat up for 10 minutes, and I get excellent results every time!

    I am officially a Remington fan! No more Conair for me....more info
  • Great Curler Set
    These curlers really do the job and don't take up a lot of space. Ideal for travel or just everyday use. At first I thought the curlers would be too small, but they make my hair smooth, shiny with loose, natural curls. Give these a try - for the price, they can't be beat!...more info
  • Travel Curlers
    I would probably never buy travel curlers without looking at them. I have moderately curly hair that gets a little unruly so I need just a few electric curlers. These do not have any prongs to help grab.As a travel set there is not a place that holds the is just out and flops around so that is not put away neatly in the little red case, which the picture does not show the cord. So in summary if you had straight hair I would think these curlers would not stay in your hair very well they would slip out and the compactness with cord is not good. They do get very hot. ...more info
  • Quick and small
    This is a great travel size. Heats up quickly and is hot enough to curl even straight hair....more info
  • Great rollers for everywhere
    I have been using the Remington travel rollers for a long time. The rollers come in 2 sizes and I only like using the big ones. So I combine 2 sets into one - with only the big rollers. I keep one (combined) set in my office to give myself a quick hair-do if I have to go somewhere after work, one set at home and for travel. It is truly dual voltage (though not labelled) and I have been them in many countries without any problem. The rollers heat up quickly and are hot enough, not like some roller sets that never heat up enough to give lasting curls. ...more info
  • Best little hairsetter ever!
    I have all kinds of hairsetters - large, small, you name it - but this one beats them all! Gets hot in a hurry (and I do mean HOT) and couldn't be more compact for traveling or storing in the bathroom. I'm not crazy about the old fashioned metal clips; I instead use the claw-like plastic squeeze clips that came with an older hairsetter I have.

    If you need a hairsetter, don't hesitate to buy this one! It is a really great buy for the money....more info
  • Great Roller
    I have never used a roller. After reading the reveiws I decided to purchase two set of rollers. I have long hair. It works really great on my hair. Looking at my hair everyone says it looks beautiful....more info
  • Durable Brand
    I had my previous version of the "Remington All That! Hair Setter" for almost 10 years, so after the poor things couldn't give any more, I decided to buy the same brand. I used it constantly in my business travels and I have to say that the convenience is not only in how it works, but how compact it is. They work great! I had everything timed perfectly, got out of the shower, put the rollers on, got dressed, put a little make-up and get the rollers off and presto! perfect hairdo in less than 10 minutes! They worked great for the last 10 years and I know that these will last a long long time. Great investment!...more info
  • Great for home and travel!
    I've owned a couple of sets of these. (They tend to look worn out from regular use every couple of years and I replace them - even though they're still working fine). In fact, I bought one set just to keep in my travel bag - and replaced my regular "big home set" with these, as well. They heat up very quickly and leave a long lasting curl (even if you leave them in just a short time). They are particularly great for fine hair, and these have better clips than the last set I bought. (These wire clips don't leave a kink in your curl like the plastic "clip all the way around the curl" type does.) Really, a great value and great product all around!...more info
  • Not a travel product-but works well
    I really like this hairsetter. It is very small, doesn't get tangled in my hair, and is really easy to use. However: I purchased it for a trip to Europe but when I received it I didn't see the 110/220 emblem on the cord. I looked for a switch but couldn't find one. Although the website and even the pamphlet list this as dual voltage, it is not. I emailed Remington and they confirmed that this is not a dual-voltage product. So I will be taking it to Europe but with a converter. ...more info
  • Need larger rollers?
    I love the product. Use it every day. The size can't be beat for travel. But I needed 10 X-Large rollers, so I bought two Travel setters and in one container put all the X-large rollers. They fit no problem. Too bad Remington doesn't offer it this way, but if they can sell two sets instead of one I guess they have no incentive. I was willing to pay the price to get exactly what I wanted....more info
  • Roller Clips Much Too Short
    The clips that hold the roller in the hair are much too short. Rollers fall out. If clips were longer, they would probably work. Suggestion: Make longer clips. Other than that, it looks to be a nice product even though I wasn't able to try it out. Signed, Spouse....more info
  • Excellent Hair setterr
    This hair setter is fantastic! It not only is small enough to fit into your suitcase but the heat emitted from the unit provides a quality "bounce" to hair and also more body (believe it or not). I have medium-length fine straight hair: I need only hair body and some curl and sheen to my hair (I cannot use hairspray). I found this setter to be perfect in treating me to a perfect style.Remington H-1015 All That Quick Curl Travel Hair Setter ...more info
  • Hair Rollers (Remington)
    I purchased this as a gift for a friend who has beautiful long hair and she told me they worked wonderfully. I also own a set and have had them for several years travelling with me to the office, gym and around the world. They are easy to pack and are lightweight....more info
  • Rollers work well
    Really like how hot this product gets- curls last a long time.
    Great for travel- lightweight and small case is ideal.
    Wish the rollers were bigger in size.
    Shipping speed was fantastic....more info
  • Travel Size
    They are a nice compact size for travel. They work as advertised, just expect to let them heat up longer than the stated "quick curl" time....more info
  • I Love It!

    I wanted hot curlers that could replace my mother's set of hot curlers from the 80's. The ones from the 80's were light, made out of plastic and heated with a metal plate. The plastic curlers sat on a metal rack and actual water was inside the curler.

    Remington "All That" curlers are heavy, ceramic (or cermanic-like) and they come in a compact case. I would reccommend Remington curlers but not to everyone.

    I could not believe how small the case was for 12 curlers! I love it. This set of curlers could easily fit in a medium size purse.

    I prefer the metal pins (that come in this kit and in my mom's 80's curlers), over the plastic clips. The plastic clips sometimes leave fringe marks in your hair.

    The curlers heat up fast. They are better for your hair than the 80's hot curlers because they get warm enough to get the job done but not scorching hot which causes your hair to fry.

    With that said..
    I would not recommend these curlers for ALL hair types... for example, asian hair or natural stick-straight hair. I don't think these curlers would get hot enough to have an effect on an asian women's naturally straight hair.

    The only other slight problem is the heaviness of the curler. If you have never used curlers before, you will have a hell of a time figuring out how to get the curlers to stay in your hair. It gets easier with practice.

    ...more info
  • So So
    A bit disappointing. It sure is convenient and compact but doesn't heat up all that well and not as quickly as advertised. It is quite economical but I guess you get what you pay for....more info
  • Not Dual volatege - Pin is too short
    1. The pin is not long enough to hold the hair tightly. The roller falls down. I switched the red pin with the other longer pin (over 1/2 inch more), the roller is held right at the desire location on my hair.
    2. Is this a dual voltage unit as of its advertising? I read the use and care guide, and I only found 120 volts. Did you send me wrong model?
    3. Can you exchange the one with dual voltage?
    4. Can you give me longer pin? instead of the original pins?
    Thank you very much.
    Best regards,
    Your customer.
    ...more info


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