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  • Too perfumy ...and Allergic
    I have been looking for a product that will make my daughters natural hair more manigable to comb. I was so excited about purchasing this product, I was very disappointed. It smells great but once I applied it to my daughters natural hair, the smell became overwhelming. It is to perfumy. It made her hair feel nice and managable for day, but the next day her hair felt dry and brittle. This was not what I expected. On top of that I became allergic to something in the product. The smell irritated my lungs. I guess I wont be ordering anything else from this line. ...more info
  • healthy hair butter rocks my world
    this is awesome for thick curly hair. apply when wet and it absorbs and keeps you moisturized for days. also good with shea butter to 'slick/smooth' edges for a ponytail....more info
  • Amazing!
    I liked this product so much-I'm buying some for my family members who live out of town! Only a small amount leaves my hair feeling soft, shiny and moisturized. And it's great on my ends-especially with roller sets! Plus, my darling hubby loves the scent. I use it along with the Khoret Amen Hair Oil....more info
  • Goodbye to stray-aways!
    Naturally I have dark brown hair, but I dye it blonde, so I have a lot of dead ends and stray-aways. When I first received this product, I put a little in my hands and rubbed it into my dry hair. At first, I think I put in a little too much, because it was a little greasy, but I was amazed at the results. It instantly flattened and smoothed my hair. The smell was kind of vasoline-like, but don't worry it goes away. If you have dry hair, I definitely recommend this product. I used to use a flat iron on my hair to keep the dead ends from rising, but now I don't even use my flat iron. I just blow dry my hair straight and put a little hair healthy butter on and I'm out the door! I LOVE this product!...more info
  • great product... a must buy!
    I have relaxed, long, and thick hair... but I constantly work on keeping it moisturized. I've tried so many prodcucts, but Carol's Daughter actually works. I only need a little bit. It gives great shine, and makes my hair super soft. I was a little apprehensive about getting it at first, but it's great, and my hair breaks less. I'm definitely sticking with Carol's Daughter!!...more info
  • carol's daughter hair butter
    This product was not what i expect a use it after shampooing it tends to leave a film on the hair. It goes on smoothly, however, as it starts to dry the hair become hard. The smell is also too strong, this is my first purchase of Carol's daughters product and I expected more. ...more info
  • Hair Cream
    This product smells great....and is a good product, but if you have extremely curly hair (and I mean Ophrah curly) the ojon treatment in a jar is far better in terms of giving your hair moisture and a good "drink" if it is really coarse and dry like mine is, but that smells like burnt coffee...still I use them both but have to say I prefer the Ojon products from QVC much more.

    Everyone's hair has different needs....just keep this in mind if you have hair that is as curly as mine.

    ...more info
  • nice product- just not for me
    It made my hair feel a little waxie. but it did give my curls great bounce!!
    I may use it again when i want my curls to really tighten up, but not for everyday use. ...more info
  • Tried to love it
    I tried to love this product but my hair just rejects it. Let me start by saying I'm a natural 4A and my hair is usually dry. I've recently come to love Qhemet Biologics Amla and Olive Hair Butter, which gives my hair all the moisture and shine it needs. For some reason, I never stock up on anything and ran out. One day I went to Atlantic Terminal and visited the booth. The sales person seemed to know his information and thought -from what I told him- that I might have used too much of the product at one time. So I bought the butter again, used less, used more, combined it with other products and I just cant use this thing again. It gets one star for the lovely smell....more info
  • What a difference it has made with my locs
    After coloring my hair numerous amount of times I found that it had become very coarse, hard and brittle. I tried many products but it was only until I used the hair butter that my hair actually transformed. It is soft, shiny and more healthy looking than it has ever been. I love the smell but more importantly I am very satisfied with the look and the feel....more info
  • This stuff is incredible
    I have been using this for a little over a week, and the change in my hair is amazing! It's much softer and looks fuller than it had been looking, and the dry ends are much less noticeable. I color my hair, so it had been getting over-processed and brittle.

    Ok, :) Here are some directions for the white girls:

    Use a SMALL amount, about the size of a pea. No more than that! Put little dab into the palm of one hand, rub your hands gently together, and smooth it through damp hair, paying special attention to problem areas. A little goes a long way! Blow dry as usual, and you will have soft, silky hair that smells wonderful. ...more info
  • Hair Butter
    The product is pretty good, but the smell is a bit overpowering, and I love sandalwood. If you are prone to migraines, you may want to cut this item with an unscented hair treatment or pure shea butter....more info
    I have heard so much about Carol's Daughter's products and I had been wanting to try something from the line. I am African American and I do hair professionally. I have very long thick hair that constantly needs moisture. I want to address the smell : It is very VERY bold. It is not so much unpleasant as it is loud. If I were sensitive to smells I'd definitely have a problem with this product. I would apply it on a weekend so that it would calm down before returning to work. It doesn't really do a whole lot for my hair unless my hair is wet and the instructions is for it to be applied to the scalp---but I don't like clogging my scalp with ointments. It works really well on my daughter's hair and her hair is finer and a smoother texture than mine. I don't really see the benefit for people with TRULY "nappy" hair to use this. I will probably continue to buy for my children and for me to use after a shampoo....more info
  • Great Conditioning Hairdress
    This product will not work for everyone. It's not really for people with straight, fine hair. It's formulated to target mostly women of color who have tightly curled, thick, natural hair. I apply about a nickle-size of this stuff to the ends of my hair before I style it. It leaves my hair soft, manageable, and conditioned - eliminating breakage so that it can grow long and healthy. The aroma is a little too earthy for my personal taste, but I can handle that as long as the natural ingredients work. I give it 5 stars....more info
  • Hair Revival
    I love this product!
    I was skeptical about trying Carol's Daughter, but I'd heard so many positive things from others that I had to give it a go myself.
    I have thick relaxed hair and before using Healthy Hair Butter, my ends were dry and splitting. Within weeks, my hair was more manageable and it smelled great! Love that smell.
    I got a trim and started seeing a professional black stylist and my hair is on the growth train. The Carol's Daughter website recommends using a minimal amount of this product on the hair, but because my hair gets dry, I actually use this product on the scalp and hair about twice a week. ...more info
  • Thick and Natural
    This product is fantastic! I use it for my daughter who has very thick, beautiful and coarse hair! It tames her enough so it is not unmanageable and leaves it shiny and soft - this works well with the hair balm!!!...more info
  • Great Conditioner!
    I've been hearing rave reviews for CD's products all over forums, and I purchased the 8oz. Healthy Hair Butter for my dry, breaking, relaxed hair from Sephora. It has the consistency of Vaseline and when I applied it to my dried hair after washing, it felt very stiff and heavy. It was hard to comb my hair even with my wide-toothed comb and for a few minutes I regretted getting it thinking it would stay like this. I tied my hair into a loose ponytail, and wrapped it with a satin scarf for 20 minutes. When I removed the scarf my hair was unbelievably SOFT and smooth! It felt incredible. It absorbed very well into the hair. I was able to comb through it easily. It felt silky but slightly greasy, but that may have been my fault for adding too much. This is an excellent all-natural conditioner and it smells fantastic. Like lemons and mint and garden fresh. The only issues I have with it are that it's very heavy, so on relaxed hair apply it sparingly, or it will get greasy and weighty. This will be great for controlling new growth. Next time I'll try applying it to wet hair. Overall great product....more info
    This is another must have from Carols Daughter.
    I apply Healthy Hair Butter after I shampoo and condition, a small dan will do
    you or hair becomes very greasy (thus the name butter). Massage on to the hair concentrating
    on the ends and shaft. Be patient the more you work the Heathy Hair Butter in the better the end results.
    Using a wide to comb to begin I can gently pull a comb though my hair with barely a snag.
    A little pricey but worth it....more info
  • Softens New Growth
    I like this cream. It really softens the new growth for African American hair between touch ups. I bought one for my daughter too....more info
  • this is a good product,
    i like it. i have gone natural with color after twenty years of the 'no lye' based commercial perms. after almost three years natural,the hunt for good products and styling for the 'afro' is still a major endeavor. carols daughter healthy hair is a winner,leaving my soft,shiny and moisturized. whether it promotes air growth remains to be seen, as i have only been using it for about a month does go on heavy and is a bit greasy,but not overwhelmingly so. my husband loves the fragrance....more info
  • Heavy and Has A Funky Smell.....
    This stuff is just too much for relaxed or naturally soft hair. It heavy and leaves hair feeling (and looking weighed down). This is probably best suited for natural hair....more info
  • Excellent Product
    My hair ritual now consists of shampooing with Mizani BotaniFying Conditioning Shampoo, conditioning with DRC-28 under a hooded hair dryer for 30 minutes, conditioning again with Mizani Moistufuse Moisturizing Conditioner under a hooded hair dryer for 15 minutes and using a small amount of Carol's Daughter Healthy Hair Butter before sitting under a hooded hair dryer to allow my hair to dryer. After my hair dries, I flat iron my hair with a ceramic iron that gets up to 450 degrees. I use Mimosa Hair Honey daily.
    All products that I listed above are what my stylist was using in my hair. I was using all of the products at home except for the Carol's Daughter. I didn't realize that this was the product that my stylist was using in my hair until a friend pointed it out; however, I did recognize the smell, which I am not wild about. I'm sure this is why I could not achieve the silkiness that I was getting from my stylist. Now, that I have the Carol's Daughter products my hair feels like it does when I leave the salon.
    ...more info
  • hair butter
    This product is a bit heavy, therefore it requires a small amount to keep from weighing your hair down. It has a wonderful smell. It is great for smooth or straight hair styles....more info
  • Hair Butter
    Very Rich,
    a little heavy though, can cause buildup. But still, excellent quality....more info
  • Chemical free moisture
    Usages: Mid spring through summer only

    The texture of the product was not creamy enough to just put it on my hair. I felt it caused too much friction for my hair. I had to place the product in my hands and rub it to create a lighter texture. Actually, this procedure is probably used with other products. It is just that this particular item is just too heavy and thick. It is parabens-free and Propylene Glycol-free which is why it gets 4 starts instead of 3.
    ...more info
  • Amazing for dry/damaged hair
    I love this product. It has healed my brittle hair after being bleached one too many times. I use it every day and it not only heals and conditions my hair but it holds my style in place.

    As some people mentioned, it can make your hair greasy. You have to make sure to massage it into your hair and only use a little. ...more info
  • Finally, a scalp oil without the greasy feel!
    I absolutely love this product! It's been effective on both my natural and now permed hair. It's worth the price. I haven't found anything on the market to match it yet. ...more info
  • Awesome Hair Creme!! TWO VERY HAPPY CUSTOMERS!!!!
    This creme is awesome. I'll admit that I was a bit hesitant to try at first because of the price. My daughter has curly hair, some areas the curls are tighter and dryer than others. She's almost a year old, and I got really tired to combing her hair only to find strands falling out because of dryness. Vaseline did nothing, Just for me did nothing. They'd moisturize for the moment, but an hour later her hair was right back where I'd started. The only thing that happened to work was Blue Magic grease because it held to her hair longer, but I hated the smell and the fact that it was blue. It also didn't provide any conditioning. This product did all of that for me. For the first time, the comb went through her curls effortlessly and no hair came out due to dryness!!! Yeah!!! Finally, a product that combats dryness, working from within to make a more moisturized, well oiled hair strand that can stand up to the rigors of daily combing. TWO VERY HAPPY CUSTOMERS!!!!...more info
  • Excellent for dry hair
    I love this product. I have been trying so many products for my dry hair and this is it! Everyone may not be pleased with this because it is heavy and greasy. It isn't for everyone and Carol's Daughter herself will tell you that! But it is perfect for my hair which is dry and coarse. It makes my hair soft and shiny and moisturized....more info


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