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This herbal-infused pomade controls frizzies and adds luster to all types of hair while imparting a sweet citrus scent. With protective alkanet root and annatto seeds for color, this pomade tames and softens permed hair to perfection.

Customer Reviews:

  • Wonderful
    I just started using Carols Daughters products but I really like the Hair Honey as an everyday moisturizer for my ends and to smooth my natural hair in the front. I just use a little water and hair honey, tie a scarf for about ten minutes, and my all-natural new growth is smooth, soft, and exactly where I want it to be without using harsh gels, sprays, or spritzes. I am using this and the CD Healthy Hair Butter as a leave-in. I love the fact that its all natural ingredients that are really great and yummy for the hair. ...more info
  • lovely smell
    while i did love the smell and shine it provided, my hair is simply to thick and coarse to see any real advantage. ...more info
  • Great stuff

    My daughters and I have naturally curly hair and this stuff is a life saver. It gives shine, and hold without stiffness. It creates very soft looking curls. The only thing is a little goes a long way. It can give a greasy appearance if you put too much, or put it to close to your scalp. We usually go down about an inch from our roots. It also leaves your hair touchable without that gross grimy feeling on your hands.
    ...more info
  • Kansas City User
    I purchased this product based on the reviews, and I can't begin to tell you how glad I am to have the Hair Honey. It is wonderful!! It leaves my hair looking absolutely healthy and bouncy. The smell was overwhelming at first but the benefits of what the product does for your hair are far greater.

    I will be using this for a long time to come.

    UPDATE: I'm ordering this product again. I found that if you leave the lid off the jar, the smell lessens over a period of time. I just can't say enough about the shine and the control the Mimosa brings to my hair. I, too, have dry coarse hair. Also works great for blow drying!!!...more info
  • One of my favorites
    I've tried a lot of hair products to tame my very huge and very thick, natural afro, and CD's Mimosa Hair Honey is one of my favorites. I use it as a sheen for my natural curls as well as to balance my dry scalp. It's a little thick, but if you have very course & dry hair, then this product is definitely what you need. ...more info
  • Hair mimosa and other Carol's Daughter products
    I ordered several Carol's Daughter products: Honey mimosa pomade, hair milk, black vanilla leave-in conditioner and the Tui hair oil. Here is my honest feedback on the products. I want to continue buying some of them, but they would need some changes.

    Hair mimosa---no complaints about this product. It basically does what it says. Not that great on shine, but it does smell great and leaves hair soft.

    Hair Milk-helped with curls, but smells terrible. Please change the smell or offer an unscented version. People would literally complain about the smell of my hair. It is too medicinal. Replace it with a smell more like that of black vanilla or mimosa.

    Black vanilla---seems to be just water. Smells good; no affect on the condition of the hair whatsoever.

    Tui oil-terrible product. Caused itching and flaking of my scalp. Was good at providing high shine. Also has a strong, medicinal smell.

    Bottom line---smells are delightful, but these products are not that much better than what you get on the open market of black hair care products. These products contain a lot of plant material. Be careful if you have allergies. ...more info
  • Mimosa Hair Honey
    I was recommended this product for my son's hair and have had many recommendations over the years, since he has beautiful thick curly hair that can tend to be dry and frizzy. I used a little of this product in his wet hair and it leaves it shiny with less frizz and more curls. He is 10 and not crazy about the smell, but I think it smells nice. Fantastic product!...more info
  • Mimosa Hair Honey
    I didn't care for it. It smelled good but that's the only good thing I can say. It neither helped or harmed my hair. I don't think I would buy it again....more info
  • Great Product
    I bought this product directly from Carol's Daughter last week since they offered free shipping and I abolutely love the product. This does great on my permed short cut and makes my hair shine without feeling greasy! The smell is also great. I would highly recommend....more info
  • Honey is Worth The Money
    Forgive me for the rhyme, but the sentiment is true. This product is rich, but at the same time light. After opening the jar, I loved the way the Hair Honey smelled, it has a sweet aroma but I didn't detect the "cirtus" smell in the product description. I am only sorry I didn't get the larger size. ...more info
  • Great product!
    This is a great moisturizer for my hair and scalp. Very light and smells great!...more info
  • It's great, but if you're sensitive to natural pollens, be wary . . .
    I've heard quite a few great things about Carol's Daughter's products. And I was really excited about purchasing the Mimosa Hair Honey for my dry, 4A hair. My bottle arrived in a small, black, ultra chic Sephora cinch bag with a red tassle.

    Mimosa Hair honey has the consistency of some of the hair pomades/greases you'd find at your local drug stores -- except that the ingredients are of a higher quality. The scent of Mimosa Hair Honey is amazing -- it has a hint of sweetness(honey) and citrus(orange oil) in the product.

    Ultimately, however, the scent of the product is why I had a huge problem with the product. I know natural oils (like olive oil, coconut oil) are terrific for type 3C/4A/4B hair. The downside of this product is that I'm highly sensitive/allergic to anything containing natural floral ingredients (even if it's perfume). Three hours after using this product, I had a headache -- which only went away after I washed the product out of my hair a few hours later. I had to give this product away to a relative who isn't sensitive to flower pollens. She loves the product.

    I really hope that in the future that Carol's Daughter produces a hair line that's all natural -- but hypoallergenic (free of pollens and other scents that can make highly sensitive people like myself easily sick.) If you do not have allergies, I'd highly recommend this product. Otherwise, if you are allergic to/highly sensitive to pollen -- stay away from this product....more info
  • Impressive
    I finally ordered two things from the Carol's Daughter line. This was one of them. I like the product. I'm not screaming, but I do like it. I always look for something unique in a product---something that makes me to continue to come back no matter what the cost. This Hair Honey, actually moisterizes the way I need moisture. I have very long thick thick hair and it can be very dry. This product quenches the thirst. I have two daughters, one's hair type is fine, but curly and dry--this product boosts her shine. My other daughter's hair type is waaaaay thick and to her waist (we are African-American--if anyone is wondering). This product delivers on moisture. I do want to clarify that I do hair professionally, so I will use this on more than one hair type. I would go easy on people who have fine thin hair. I did a wrap on a client and put a little of this on it as she dried. The wrap came out better than normal. Like I said, I'm not screaming, but I will continue to buy because it does boost the moisture level of our hair....more info
  • Smells good and does the job
    As suggested in some of the reviews I have read, I have only used this around my edges and to brush my naturally curly hair back into a ponytail or bun. It has worked well for this use. With my texture, it may be heavy for flat ironing as I have very bouncy hair, but I don't know that to be true yet. It is not my favorite CD hair product (hair balm is, but I have not tried any of them outside of wearing my natural curls - trying to stay away from heat for a while!). Hair honey definitely smells better than any of the other CD hair products I have tried - hair milk, healthy hair butter, lisa's elixir, loc butter (on a friends hair), and hair balm.

    UPDATE - I tried a very little bit on the ends of my hair when I flatironed it this weekend. I dabbed my finger just so that there was only a trace and rolled the ends of each piece of my hair before flatironing. I was pleased with the results. My ends did not look dry, frizzy, or damaged. ...more info


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