WindChaser PACR90 9,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

List Price: $599.99

Our Price: $599.99

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  • Two motor design. One motor delivers cool air and the other motor is a compressor with a power saving features
  • Two functions in one unit. Air conditioner and dehumidifier
  • Adjustable thermostat turns unit on and off to maintain desired room temperature
  • 12 hour programmable timer
  • Noise insulated fan
Customer Reviews:
  • Works well, Eliminates condensate thru vent hose
    Works well to cool a 250 sq ft room.
    The condinsate elimination system does a good job evaporating the water and sending it out the exhause vent hose.
    The unit had never required draining all last season!
    The unit makes more noise than our Sharp library quiet portable AC and we would like to see Windchaser improve in this area....more info