Rabbit Air BCRF Special Edition (model 421A - covers 600 sq. ft.) Ultra-Quiet Air Purifier w/ Germicidal Sterilization- Low Maintenance - Washable Filters!, 12% donaton to The Breast Cancer Research F

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Product Description

The RabbitAir BCRF Special Edition SPA-421A Air Purifier uses a 3-stage filtration process to ELIMINATE, REMOVE and DESTROY many allergens, odors and germs. The 1st stage is the pre-filter (sink washable/dishwasher safe, no replacement) which captures large size particles, dust, pet hair, germs, fungus and mold. The 2nd stage is the BioGS? HEPA filter (lasts up to 3 years at 12 hours/day operation) which uses NEW! Bio-Fibers that destroys allergens and bacteria ON the filter + Flu Prevention Coating! Conventional HEPA purifiers allow for bacteria growth and the result is an ineffective filter that lasts only a few months before needing replacement. The BioGS? HEPA filter destroys allergy germs, pollen, dust mites, bacteria, cigarette odor, fungus, greenhouse gasses, and many household odors. The 3rd stage is the Honeycomb Charcoal deodorization filter (sink washable/dishwasher safe, no replacement) which removes exhaust gas, pet odor, trash odor, chemical substances, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's), household odor, and cigarette odor. The heart of this advanced air cleaner is its NEW! Brushless Direct Current Motor (BLDC). This cutting-edge motor design allows for ultra-quiet operation of only 18 decibels at low speed (nearly silent) up to 45 decibels at high speed, much, much, much quieter than conventional air purifiers. It's not just ultra-quiet but it moves air faster (2 air changes/hour) because there is no brush resistance with the motor which can cause sparks and wear after prolonged use. This is NOT the case with the Bio GP Air Purifier; you can run it 24 hours a day if you desire because it's energy efficient using only 33 watts at Turbo speed and 7 watts in silent mode! You won't find a more efficient or effective HEPA ionic air purifier/cleaner that's as ultra-quiet, energy efficient and has washable filters to SAVE you money. This is the best investment for you and your loved ones for many years to come! Backed by an Industy-Leading 5 Year Warranty

  • This Special Edition BCRF air purifier is dedicated to preventing breast cancer and finding a cure in our lifetime. RabbitAir will donate 12% of each sale to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The money donated by us will go to funding clinical and genetic research worldwide. Join us in the fight against cancer. Breathe Pure for the Cure!
  • Compare our 5 YEAR WARRANTY to the competition! Energy Efficient~Only 33 watts at Turbo Speed and 7 Watts in silent Mode; Includes Wireless Remote; Virtually no maintenance! Unit Measures 22.5" H x 18" W x 9" D; Engineered by Mitsubishi; Flu Prevention Capability - BioGS? HEPA Filter is specially coated with anit-influenza virus agent that can effectively lower the viral infectivity of airborne flu viruses as tested by Osaka Public Health Research Center in Japan.
  • Zero Ozone, ETL safety approved; Traps airborne allergens and contaminants down to 0.3 microns in size, 99.97% of the time; Main filter made of the Most Advanced Bio-Engineered Fiber Material which not only traps but also destroys the allergens and bacteria ON the filter. Conventional HEPA air cleaners only trap allergens which leads to decreased efficiency and frequent filter replacement. Also features a (Washable) Nano-Silver pre-filter to further protect the life of the HEPA filter and help kill airborne bacteria, mold and germs! + (Washable) Charcoal based Honeycomb Activated Carbon filter that eliminates many common household chemical smells, cigarette odors, pet odors, volatile organic compounds (VOC's).
  • Unit can operate at 4 different speeds + Turbo & Optional Auto Function; Different Modes Available: Pollen Mode, Sleep (Bedtime); Completely Silent at low speed = (No noise); + 1,2,4 hour timer & Optional heathly Ionizer function; No harmful Ozone; Effectively covers 600 sq. ft. normal residential use or 300 sq. ft. allergy sufferer; Superior Quality ~ Industry-leading 5 year warranty; compare to our competitors' 0-1 year warranty!
  • WHAT'S IN THE BOX: (1) BCRF Special Edition SPA-421A Air Purifier, (2) BioGS HEPA filter with Flu Prevention, (3) Washable Nano-Silver Pre-filter, (4) Washable Charcoal based Honeycomb Activated Carbon filter, (5) Remote Control, (6) 3V Lithium Coin Battery, (7) User's Guide, (8) Starter Guide for Filter Installation, (9) Warranty Card, (10) Product Registration Card.
Customer Reviews:
  • Not as good as I thought
    I bought this product about a year ago, And if you are a smoker or have animals forget this one. A friend let us borrow another brand Ecoquest, when we were selling our house and the realtors could not smell the smoke in our house. We actually have it on tape ! I have tried this one in the new house and the paper filter I had to dispose in the trash about 3 months after buying it because all it did was recycle the dead air. I would come up from the basement and just smell it, ugh! As a smoker not a good thing and none of our kids smoke and they were not happy either! Adult kids so not to affend anyone! Does not help with the litter box either and we also have a Guinne pig. As far as allergies, this machine has not helped our family at all. We have been more sick than with the ecoquest. I am glad that we donated to the cure but I am buying an ecoquest. ...more info
  • Clean, Fresh Air
    I've had the Rabbit Air for about a month now and find it to be exactly what I needed. The unit is very appealing and the controls are easy to read and understand. I have it in my living room area and it keeps the air fresh and clean and immediately pulls odors out of the room when there is any change. I also have 4 cats and fur flying all the time and still the air stays fresh and clean. Love this unit!...more info
  • Happy w/ product
    The rabbit air filter operates very quietly which is a big deal for me. My old Honeywell filter was noisy even at the "quiet" setting, which makes it annoying when you're trying to go to sleeping. ...more info
  • Top Rated by Consumer Mags & Websites - I Agree
    First, Thank you Rabbit Air for your contributions to the fight against Breast Cancer. This is an outstanding room air purifier. It is quiet and quickly senses the change in the air quality. How sensitive? I have two long haired dogs. If they walk by the Rabbit after a romp in the woods, the machine increases its recycling speed within about 10 seconds.

    I have owned this unit for about seven months now. I selected the Rabbit not only because of the well deserved top reviews but also because of the filter system that does not require replacement as often as competitor models. When pricing an air purifier, it is recommended that one consider not only the pruchase price but also the frequency and cost of replacement filters. Regular vacuuming extends filter life substantially. Regrettably, I am a terrrible housekeeper and as a result buy filters more frequently. I have just ordered my second HEPA filter and my first characol filter replacement for about $75. That is still substantially less than what I would have paid if I had purchased another unit. If you vacuum regularly and dust often the filters will last far longer.
    This is an outstanding unit. Rabbits customer service is world class. Filters are sent out within a day of the order. ...more info
  • does a great job
    We are very pleased with the performance of this air cleaner. When our son visited us this time, he had no allergy problems at our home. After his vist, he purchased one for his home also. It clears cooking odors, fireplace smoke and just makes the air fresh in general. We like the way it senses odors or dust and reacts accordingling by increasing the airflow and then returns to normal operation. We have not yet had to change any filters, so don't truly know what cost will be incurred but we are very impressed with the product so far....more info
  • Fewer Migraines, Less Sinus Pressure- Wish I Bought One YEARS Ago!
    I have been suffering with migraines (3-5 per week) and chronic sinus pain for well over 15 years. I've explored all of the natural alternatives I could find (diet adjustments, supplements, etc.) and medical treatments (migraine preventatives, allergy shots, acute treatments, etc.), but I still continue to suffer frequent migraines and chronic sinus pain. I reached a point of feeling essentially out of options until one rainy day, feeling my typical sinus pain which was progressing to a migraine, I sat in a Dr's office next to an air purifier for 45 minutes and felt BETTER! This launched my search into a new natural alternative that NOBODY told me about!

    I spent days researching air purifiers and decided on Rabbit Air. No harmful Ozone, longer lasting filters (washable too!), quiet operation, excellent customer service, and 12% donation to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation! It would be worth a try.

    So far, I am FEELING results. I have had fewer migraines, less sinus pain, and I FEEL better! And, my youngest son has been sick all week with a virus going around his school and none of the rest of us have gotten sick- possibly a testament to the germicidal protection!

    I have it in the main living room during the day on auto-mode and then carry it up to my bedroom at night and also run it on auto-mode. It is super quiet, easy to operate, and it does what it says! As soon as I can afford to, I will be buying a second one to leave in the living room so I don't have to keep carrying it downstairs from the bedroom each morning....more info
  • So worth the money!
    I purchased two for my house. We have six (yes - 6) cats and you'd never know it. I have a dear friend going through cancer treatment and bought one for her. She loves it. I most recently bought one for my parents. Just make sure you read the users manual for cleaning instructions (it is quite easy) to ensure maximum effectiveness. We have one for upstairs and one for downstairs. Highly recommend this unit. UPDATE: The unit had just arrived when my father had a mild heart attack and ended up in the cardiac unit for several days. My mother had the unit set up at home and she wrote me to say she loves it. "It works better than I expected and with Pop's health it is perfect" My Dad has a slight "tickle cough" and that has even lessened. ...more info
  • The Best money I ever spent on my health.
    The Rabbit Air model 421 is the best air purifier I have ever owned. Previously, I owned a TV advertised purifier which cost 100$ more and was harder to clean. The Rabbit Air not only was easy to clean the filters-a child could do it-but the amount of dirt it sucked out of the air in my house was amazing. No wonder I found it hard to breathe before I owned it. In addition, it is very quiet. As you can see, I am very happy that I tried this excellent product....more info
  • Excellent
    This product does exactly what it advertises. It's good looking, energy saving, quiet, and makes the air cleaner. What more could you ask for?...more info
  • Great
    It has made a big difference in our breathing. My wish is they should have a model which we can use per room, preferably wall hanging one. Expensive but worth every dollar....more info
  • Worth every penny
    Since moving to Virginia, I spend at least a month every spring feeling like I'm waking up with a bad cold. I had promised myself that this year, I would try a good-quality air purifier. I debated among the Sharp FP-N60CX Plasma Cluster Air Purifier, the Mitsubishi PlasmaPure Quiet HEPA Air Purifier, and this one. In the end, they all had high ratings, and I am sure they'd all have worked well, but I liked the looks of this one. Turns out, it looks even cooler in person. More importantly, I wake up feeling great. Also, it's inaudible on the night setting which is important since it's in my bedroom. The smell sensor really works - drop a new pile of laundry near it and it will go off because of that dryer sheet smell. My room is just so much nicer now and although it can't follow me around and take care of my allergies the rest of the day, it let's me get a good night's sleep, which is all I could ask for. To get into the technical side of it, there are two sensors - one for pollen/dust and one for smells. There are indicators on the front which show the mode the unit is in (such as turbo, pollen, night) as well as levels indicators of smell on one side and pollen on the other. I also need to mention that the distributor, SPARO, is wonderful. I asked them by email before my order shipped to send silver instead of white. They responded quickly that that was no problem. Then I let them know that two buttons on my remote didn't work, and they responded immediately that they were overnighting a new one, which they did. Couldn't be happier with them or the product! You can't go wrong with this....more info