Hamilton Beach 40898 Cool Touch Tea Kettle

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Product Description

Hamilton Beach Brushed Stainless Finish Cool touch tea kettle - has 8 cup capacity, and cordless base for easy pouring & safe operation. Concealed heating element & thumb activated lid for easy filling. Automatic shut off when water boils. On - Off light & mineral deposit filter .

  • Cool touch design
  • Stainless Steel body
  • full size 8 cup capacity
  • Automatic shut- off
  • Mineral deposit filter

Customer Reviews:

  • "Best in Class" tea kettle
    My kids and I drink tea a couple of times a day. It's a bonding time for us and has become a cherished ritual. I decided that a nice electric tea kettle would add to this experience, but I also knew that since everyone was so used to the "cool touch" stainless steel carafe from my coffee maker that it was only a matter of time before someone burned themselves on the unbelievably hot stainless steel tea kettles.

    An exhaustive search on the internet came up with one "cool touch" tea kettle, the Hamilton Beach model. I typically don't like to buy a product unless I have several to choose from, but the reviews on this one were good so I took a chance. I was not disappointed. The outside of this kettle still gets warm, but not hot enough to burn (my main objective). Additionally, it looks great, boils up water QUICKLY, feels incredibly sturdy and well built, and I love the wide mouth for filling it up with water.

    In a day an age when disappointment from shabby workmanship accompanies so many of our purchases, this one was a welcome relief. ...more info
  • Great simple kettle
    This is very good product. I was reluctant to buy it as I don't like Hamilton Beach too much. But this product exceeded expectations on all counts. It has very nice design with matte metal finish on the outside.

    I was very happy with the fact that it has only metal parts that become in contact with water during boiling process. This is unlike others as many have plastic parts (filters, levels, sealers, etc.).

    It has convenient green light when it boils the water.

    I had a little problem with attaching the lid until I went through the manual - it appears very easy to attach, and it actually very well designed for usability; you don't even need to remove it while filling water in - just push the button and it opens up the lid.

    It has no water level indicator, but I found it unnecessary as when you turn the lid open (push little button), you can clearly see the MAX mark inside the kettle. It holds about 5 cups of water up to the MAX level, although it's possible to add 2 more cups above MAX level and it still works great....more info
  • $53.44 is alotta money
    Target prices this at $39.99 HOWEVER the store does not have this item in stock and with shipping and sales tax, I may as well order this from Amazon. I checked out the display unit in the store and it is heavy and completely metal. Other styles have plastic lids. I'm keeping my Proctor Silex 9 dollar kettle to heat vinegar for cleaning.

    I think this design is pretty cute. The lid pops into side hinges so it swings with a push of the button on the handle for refills. There's no noticeable need to line up the kettle to the power pad when placing the kettle onto the pad or lifting the kettle from the pad.

    After a week of ownership, I love this kettle! ...more info
  • Love this item
    This is such a great item . Great time saver and looks good on the counter top.Easy to use,too....more info
  • nice design, easy to use, great product
    I read some of the other reviews about this being a difficult product -- that the lid didn't work right and was expecting this. However, I didn't have any difficulty setting it up. It really works great -- you don't have to remove the lid, it just flips up which makes it easier to use than other electric kettles. The mouth is so wide that it's easy to clean and finally I see the scale build-up that was less apparent in my other one. It's a little bigger than I had expected but still very stylish and well designed. I like the fact that there are no plastic parts inside coming in contact with the water. ...more info
  • Simple But Functional (And Durable)
    I've had the Hamilton Beach Cool Touch Tea Kettle for two years and I've had no problems with it. I love it for the following features:

    - Stainless Steel
    The most important reason I got this kettle is that its interior is made of stainless steel, not plastic. Boiling water in plastic just doesn't sit well with me what with the talk about the health hazards from harmful chemicals (e.g. BPA, DEHA) in plastic leaching into food and drinks.

    - Seamless Metal
    Inside and out, I simply can't find a a metal seam where pieces of stainless steel are welded together. There is, therefore, no need to worry about the water being contaminated by lead from solder.

    - Quick Boil
    It boils 40 oz of water, the maximum capacity, in 4 minutes. (I actually timed it.)

    - "Cool" Touch
    When boiling water in the kettle, the exterior of the kettle is warm, not hot, so you don't risk getting burned.

    - Wide Opening
    The wide opening makes it easy to fill it with water and to clean.

    - Easy Plug In and Plug Out
    To "plug in" the kettle to the power supply, simply sit the kettle on the base unit. Similarly, simply lift the kettle to "unplug" it. It's a one-handed operation, and there's no cords or plugs to mess with.

    - Spring-Loaded Lid
    The spring-loaded lid flips open with the press of a button on the handle. The lid can also be easily detached by pressing a button on it to release a catch.

    - Auto Shutoff
    When the water starts to boil, the power button pops up, the green LED indicator turns off, and the kettle automatically shuts off. There is also an audible "click" as the power button pops up.

    - Looks
    The kettle looks attractive with its simple curves and brushed stainless steel finish.

    As for Cons, there's just one for me:

    - Hard-To-See "Max" Water Fill Mark
    The interior has a "Max" mark to indicate the maximum water level but it's not easy to see it. Work-around: The lid is hinged in the middle, so when it is flipped open, the bottom half of extends below the rim of the kettle. It so happens that the bottom of the lid lines up with the "Max" mark, so you can use the lid as a marker for gauging when the water level reaches the "Max" mark.

    The Hamilton Beach Cool Touch Tea Kettle is attractive, easy to use, and boils water quickly. I don't think you can go wrong with this one.
    ...more info
  • I love it.
    This electric kettle has been great. It's all stainless steel on the inside, except up where the lid is, and the hot water doesn't touch those parts. It was important to me that I not get plastic, rubbery parts in my boiling water, and all of the other stainless steel kettles I looked at had something questionable touching my water. Not so on this one.

    It doesn't take up much space on my counter top. It doesn't heat up my house. It doesn't leak unless I overfill it. The only issue I have with this kettle is that the fill line is on the wrong side, where you can't really see it unless you detach the lid (you don't want to do that). I can sort of see the line, but not easily. And, you can really only fill it about 1/2 way. I don't mind though. It's a small price to pay for everything else. I would recommend it....more info
  • very happy with this purchase!
    turned out to be exactly what i was looking for after shopping the internet extensively for just the right item and the right price. the kettle comes to a boil quickly, takes up less space than my old electric kettle and has made it so much easier to whip up a cup of tea or coffee (using a french press) - especially as i am not patient about waiting for water to boil.

    i like the fact that there are no exposed coils and the interior is all stainless: it means no water level indicator, but that's not an issue for me, since you just press the lid button to flip it open and can see if water should be added. i don't bother removing the lid to fill the pot - i just press the button to open the lid and fill from the handle side.

    only criticism: if you press the on switch (which is near the base of the pot) too hard, it may seem as if the pot is going to flip off its base, because the heating base is narrower than the pot bottom. i've simply learned not to exert too much pressure....more info
  • Good while it lasted
    Pro: Cannot burn you. Not cool by touch but not super hot either. Heat the water pretty fast.
    Con: Lid design is not well thought off. Doesn't open up. Instead front part goes up while back goes down. So it's not convenient to put the water in. Also gave up after 2 years of light use. I'm not buying it anymore....more info
  • No Plastic! (well, almost...)
    Finally, an electric kettle which doesn't have plastic parts soaking in the boiling water, leaching chemicals you can smell and taste! I had a very hard time finding one that didn't pollute the water this way...

    The important thing, it seems to me, is that there are no plastic parts below the water line - this kettle is seamless stainless steel inside. There is plastic on the inside of the lid, but it doesn't come into contact with the water much, so there is far less opportunity for nasty chemicals in the plastic to transfer into the water.

    Beyond all that, this is simply a nice kettle... the brushed finish and styling looks sharp, the lid mechanism seems to work well, and the double-wall is a great idea for preventing burns and also being energy efficient. Less heat loss means it'll take less electricity to boil, and keep the water hot for longer. Common sense engineering. I also like the fact that the cord coils up inside the base, so you only have as much cord sticking out as needed.

    Since I just got this kettle, I can't yet say how well it will hold up, but I'm hoping for the best....more info
  • Metal liner, cool outside, good balance - best combo of features
    Most importantly, my wife loves it, and she is a gadget-phobe. I just bought a second one for my mother.

    We have been using it for two months now, and no problems so far.

    After my usual exhaustive search, I selected this tea kettle because it had the best combination of features.

    - All metal: stainless steel liner and no exposed heating element to accumulate scale buildup. The lid is plastic but it doesn't come into contact with the water. I really didn't like the idea of boiling water in contact with plastic.
    - Cool touch exterior for safety and also it insulates the water inside, keeping it hotter after the kettle shuts off upon boiling.
    - Nice balance for the handle - I find the electric kettles with the handle on the top to be much more difficult to lift and pour. This one has the handle on the side - much better.
    - Wide mouth top is easy to fill and clean. The lid pivots in the middle - too hard to describe so I added a clip from the user manual. Easy to remove lid to clean, though as others mentioned it does get in the way a bit when you're filling the kettle.
    - As with many other kettles, it is cordless -- the kettle lifts easily off and on from the corded base, and you can hide any extra power cord inside the base.

    CON (none of these matter to me or my wife):
    - No water level indication, but then if there were you would probably have connections that could leak over time and potentially plastic parts in contact with water.
    - Water temperature is not adjustable....more info
  • The only choice!
    One of the best features about this kettle is that the all metal interior is seamless! No metal stamped or welded together unlike other stainless steel kettles out there. Guarantees me of no leaking and no grooves to corrode or collect junk. The other great feature is that the entire lid can be removed leaving you the ability to insert your whole hand in to clean the interior. There are no sharp edges either! The flip open lid allows easy filling. I've been searching and researching for a long time, and this was the best $40 spent! My old stove top kettle is out in the recycling bin!...more info
  • funky lid, no water level indicator, does heat water as advertised
    Well this is a good pot with it's own unique characteristics. First is the lid. It rotates from a closed position to a 90 degree angle. Doesn't sound bad, but in practice the lid is still in the way when you try to fill the pot. Keep the lid clean because the water you add is going to come in contact with that surface.

    Second, for a hot water pot, it is unusual to NOT have a water level indicator. Even if you never check it, you have no option here. That means opening the lid to check how much water is in it.

    It does boil water rather quickly and that is it's main function at my house. I have noticed that it doesn't hold as much water as other kettles we've had. So it gets refilled often. Then that lid comes into play again....more info
  • Great Kettle.... until it broke
    I am on my third Hamilton Beach Kettle in a year. I love using the kettle, it boils water quickly, it's easy to fill and clean, and it's mostly made of stainless steel. So, I keep wanting to give it another try. However, once the third kettle give out - based on prior history with the other two, it has a few months to go - I am switching to a different brand....more info
  • Spout leaks
    I spent ages looking for a good electric tea kettle and read all the reviews on a number of sites. The Hamilton Beach Cool Touch looks good and works well, that is until you pour the hot water into a mug and then it leaks along the spout onto the counter. We've still been using it, but will be buying a new kettle soon. ...more info
  • Plastic still touches the hot water!
    Does noboy notice that the underside of the lid is all plastic? Also, that black shadowing in the photo near the "spout" on top of the lid is not shadowing or light reflection. It's plastic! Worse yet, there is no way to pour out your water without it flowing along all that plastic at the spout unless you completly remove the lid before heating the water! I'm sending this back and asking for my shipping fees credited to me as well. This is a misrepresented product!...more info
  • Best I have ever seen or used!
    I have had several electric kettles but this one has all the right features....It has stainless that touches the water for healthy water and it boils a pot of water in record time. I love the cordless feature for ease of filling and serving....more info


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