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Call Of Duty 2 redefines the cinematic intensity and chaos of battle, as seen through the eyes of the ordinary soldiers who fought there together. The epic WWII conflict is a sequel to Call Of Duty and offers more immense, more intense and more realistic battles than ever before. All-new enhancements deliver stunning realism and gameplay, groundbreaking AI and choice-based gameplay innovations. Choice-based gameplay lets you play through missions your way - individualize your tactics and play missions in the order you see fit Multiplayer mayhem - Go online for intense Axis vs. Allies team-based multiplayer action

When the original Call of Duty was first released, the had a big impact on both consumers and critics alike, and it quickly rose to become one the top games in its class. Call of Duty did this by having well-designed campaigns and an intuitive feel, complemented by immersive sound effects and an enjoyable multiplayer option. Call of Duty 2 not only stays true to these strengths but has improved upon many other aspects of gameplay as well. If the original Call of Duty left you wanting more, this sequel will more than satisfy your hunger.

Fight off waves of invading German troops and Panzer tanks in Moscow. View larger.

Race around in your own tank with others at your side in North Africa. View larger.

Scale the cliffs of Pointe du Hoc with the Army Rangers. View larger.
Just as in the original, Call of Duty 2 has you working your way through WWII across three interwoven campaigns. As a private in the Russian army, you will fight off waves of invading German troops and Panzer tanks in Moscow and Stalingrad. Once you finish the Russian campaign, you'll go up against Field Marshal Rommel's troops in the deserts of North Africa. As part of this campaign, you'll race around in your own tank with others at your side, and later you'll be tasked with calling in air strikes against enemy tanks. The final campaign has you in the role of an American corporal in Europe, but unlike most WWII games, you won't perform a D-Day landing on Omaha or Utah Beach. In Call of Duty 2, you have to scale the cliffs of Pointe du Hoc with the Army Rangers amidst a hail of artillery and machine gun fire, giving you a true appreciation of the time-honored saying, "War is Hell!"

Call of Duty 2 is a thinking-gamer's first-person shooter of medium difficulty. While there are many reflexive elements, the game quite often requires you to consider the tactics of the situation in order to survive. While you can probably blow through the game in 10 hours on the regular setting, the more difficult settings require you to be much more thoughtful about your approach to the different scenarios. Your teammates in battle neither finish your fight, nor simply provide enemy fodder, while the enemy AI (artificial intelligence) is quite clever. If you are too meek, you will find yourself pinned down by aggressive fire while the enemy lobs grenades at you until you're decimated.

Unlike the its predecessor, Call of Duty 2 doesn't give you a health bar. Instead, as you are hit by more and more fire, your screen grows increasingly red around the border, and your character begins to grunt and pant. This is your signal that it's time to find some cover in order to recuperate before you continue. Another major improvement is the enhanced smoke grenades, which not only look great but can be used effectively in battle to obscure your path from tanks or machine-gun nests as you make your way to an objective.

While Call of Duty 2 has received an ESRB T (teen) rating -- meaning there are no gratuitous blood and guts splashing all over the screen -- this is still war, and there are enemies that will try to drag themselves to safety after being hit, only to be bludgeoned to a screaming death by your fellow men-at-arms. And like its older brother, Call of Duty 2 offers the standard deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture-the-flag, and search-and-destroy multiplayer modes. However, this version offers a new option called "headquarters," which most closely resembles the "crazy king" version of king-of-the-hill in Halo 2. Shifting headquarter points appear and must be captured in order to start building points, only to be overrun by the other side in order to halt that point gain. This version of the multiplayer mode is not only extremely fun, but it requires teams to adapt on the fly.

Unlike the original, in this sequel you can skip forward from one mission to the next once you've cleared a campaign. The game also auto-detects 16:9 and 16:10 wide-screen ratios, as well as the sometimes tricky 5:4 ratio for LCD monitors. As the user, you can make use of a good set of performance tweaking functions, or you can allow the game to determine the optimal ratio, based on your system. With the addition of actual war footage as introductions to each campaign, and famous war quotes at the end of the scenes, Call of Duty 2 has everything you need to lose yourself in the middle of the biggest war in history of the world.

  • Medium difficulty, WWII first-person shooter for Mac with well-designed scenarios and an intuitive feel
  • Wily and aggressive AI creates both challenging enemies and well-balanced supporting soldiers
  • Fight alongside the Russians, British, and Americans against the Germans in three interwoven campaigns
  • Standard deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture-the-flag, and search-and-destroy, and new "headquarters" multiplayer modes
  • Game auto-detects widescreen ratios and includes many performance-tweaking functions

Customer Reviews:

  • Just love this game.
    I loved Call of Duty and I love this game too. I love how real it is and how challenging it can be to make it through levels.

    My two complaints is that I would like to be able to save anytime myself and the second is that I can't seem to get the cheats to work on my mac....more info
  • great game
    Recently made the switch to Mac- played this on an intel imac 20. Its my first made-for-mac game. No technical/performance issues whatsoever (didn't use multiplayer features). Even tried setting all gfx options to highest possible settings- still no problems.

    As far as gameplay- I don't typically play shooters, but enjoyed this game. Excellent gfx & sound. I liked the very quick restarts at the last auto-save point whenever you get killed. The length of each level within a mission is fairly short: minimizing the amount of do-overs....more info
  • Greate game, BUT not up to date!
    Call of Duty 2 is a great game, however the Mac versions are always behind in their updates compare to the Windows versions, which is frustrating to say the least. I got this game to play with my friends, but they are already up to the 1.3 update version on Windows and Mac still hasn't even got up to 1.2 as of today so we can't even play with each other over multiplayer. I just really wish Mac and Windows can release the games all at the same time. ...more info
  • Call of Duty 2 for Mac
    Call of Duty 2 is the newest version of this series that will run on my iMac G5. It runs passably, but gets a bit herky jerky when there are lots of characters in a scene. The computer just needs a bit more horsepower in the graphics department. A lower rez setting would be nice, but I suspect there isn't any more development happening for this version. I know that game developers are always pushing the envelope on the hardware, but it'd be nice for us late adopters if they would scale back their low rez settings a couple of extra notches. Otherwise a good game that plays fairly well on an older Mac. ...more info
  • Call of Duty 1... with better graphics
    I'm not going to deny that if you are a CoD fan and have a Mac, you need this disc. With that in mind, however, note that this game is quite similar to its predecessor. If you are considering buying it, note that at this time, Call of Duty 4 is scheduled to come out in August for Mac, and is several times more amazing than this game, so think twice....more info
  • Even Better than COD
    Well, I'm not a fan of shoot'em up: I rather prefer to play the realistic Battlefront's Combat Mission, or Shanghai! But I'm a wwii buff as well, so I was intrigued by COD and expecially about the sets and the 3d graphics: some of those missions were too much doom-like, tanks were too much fancyful and other moments were plainly too arcade like, but fun!
    This new sequel is more realistic, somehow: there are no labirynth like missions, the FX improvements are great, both graphics as for the mechanics of the game; to conclude I'm running the game on a DP 1 GHz quicksilver, Titanium GeForce and 1.5 GB RAM: a good system, but not up to date technology; still I can enjoy the game smoothly and at full option, almost.
    I would have liked maybe a set of 100 mission, but 'what do you want for nothing: rubber biscuit?!'...more info
  • Call Of Duty 2 IS AWESOME!!!
    I love this game. I got it 2 days ago and I have already gotten up to Hill 400 in the American Campaign. So I just started and I am so addicted to it I almost finished it in Regular Difficulty. Its great fun and great squad-based action. Not to mention terrific graphics. Much better than the old COD. 100X better than Medal of Honor. ...more info
  • Well done genre shooter
    By far the best WWII shooter out there. But beyond that, it's an all-around good game....more info
  • 12" PowerBook G4 - Full Spec & This Game
    Works find... but rather have a bigger screen. Some sluggish, when loads of bullets flying through... Recommendation, get the minimum of 15" with at least 1GB RAM.

    Love this game.

    There is nothing wrong with MAC, but there is something wrong with you... think about it....more info
  • The Best Game for a Mac
    Call of Duty 2 is the most entertaining game I have experienced on the Mac - much better than Doom 4, Alien vs Predator, and Halo.
    It offers fours levels of difficulty and many paths and ways to win the battles. The detail of the landscape and buildings is very realistic and the physics of the weapons are right on. ...more info
  • CoD2 is the best FPS game on Mac!
    Have had this game and now that it's been updated to 1.3 with punk buster it's the best fps game out for mac.

    Pros: great graphics
    punk buster
    great multiplayer community
    great single player missions

    Cons: only it took Aspyr a couple months to get the 1.3 ported but worth the wait.

    Highly recommend this game!...more info
  • Amazing graphics and story line.
    I found this to be a fairly entertaining game on my Mac. The graphics during the game are really well done. Some minor glitches although very realistic. The small movie klips in the beginning of chapters are very well done and ensure you get an idea of the history of WW2. The surround sound is quite amazing as if you were on the war path, using head sets really helps the environment of the game. If you are into was games and enjoy first person shooting this game is for you. I played in the hard level and if you are no used to the mouse and keybrd combo get yourself a mouse. Also recommend you get a mouse with two button as a single button would be a disadvantage.
    Enjoy the game!...more info
  • Demo runs well; think full version will on my powerbook g4?
    I was curious if anyone knew if CoD2 ran well on a powerbook 64 (1.67mhz, 1gig, Radeon9700); while i do not meet the specs on, the demo runs surprisingly well on my powerbook, so I was hoping the full version did too.

    Thanks. ...more info
  • Very immersive, engaging, and re-playable! (version 1.3)
    As an "old-school" game developer, this is only my second game in 20 years. While killing WW2 enemy soldiers isn't what I could call "fun," I *really* enjoyed this game. My stock GeForce 6600 and Quad G5 was mostly up to the task, though I couldn't use the full 1920 x 1200 resolution on my 23" LCD without the game bogging down. I backed off a bit on the graphic settings, and it ran fine, with the only slight problem being inside smoke. The first time through, on Easy, I did get stuck in a few places where I couldn't figure out where to find an object, or how to get to a street that required going through a house. The things I liked best were how smart the other squad members were; the immersive sense of "being there" on various missions; playing different characters (a Russian, a Brit, and a Yank) in different campaigns; working as a unit with one other soldier or many; the banter and camaraderie within the squad; the many different kinds of battles in freezing Russia, the Libyan desert, and of course the Normandy coast to name a few. There are a *lot* of weapons to choose from. I found the sniper rifles and the anti-aircraft gun the most interesting. The game doesn't natively support a USB controller on a Mac, but the key commands are simple enough that I prefer them now. I'm currently replaying the game in Regular difficulty, and enjoying it even more....more info
  • Good game, but some implimentation problems
    Call of Duty 2 was a lot of fun as a game, but there were a number of disapointing aspects to the implimentation that stopped it from being a 5 star experience.

    First the gameplay:

    I really enjoyed not needing to search for health packs all the time and the generous restart points. It made the gameplay much more fluid and helped to avoid getting frustrated.

    The missions were about the right level of difficulty and were very clear about the goals. There were rarely points where I was confused about where I needed to go or what I needed to do. My favorite levels were the tank missions in the desert and the assault on Hill 400.

    Sound was ok, but I didn't find it to be anything amazing. Graphics on the other hand were beautiful. I was able to play at 1050 x 1680 with anti-aliasing at 2x and only really experienced any slowdowns when I needed to run through smoke.

    Implimentation problems:

    The game trapped and ignored the Command-Tab keystroke so you couldn't pause the game, switch to a different application and come back. This became frustrating if I got an IM while playing and wanted to quickly see what it was. The only way to do this was to get to a known save point and quit.

    It also took control of the second monitor, but would only allow it to be blacked out. Once again the ability to context switch would have been nice. The game should have either used the second monitor (e.g. expand the person locator, show ammunition status, or mission status) or it should have left it for the OS and allowed context switching.

    Beyond that, I was quite satisified and am looking forward to CoD3!

    My system was MacPro 2.6 with 2G RAM and 2 x Nvidia GeForce 7300 GT...more info
  • COD2 worth the cost!
    I had recently played COD and enjoyed the novice and veteran levels. COD2 has better graphics and a much more complex series of missions. I still feel that the game deliberately forces you to die, before "allowing" you to suddenly succeed in any particular situation.

    Overall - very much worth it

    G4 17" 1.67GHz is NOT really fast enough for super control!!! Get a faster Mac!!...more info
  • just want to find out
    if It can be palyed with a joystick or Speedpad n52 or gamer keyboard if not what can i play warcraft any online, or before i totally hooked I like COD but was told BF2 lets you drive? I'll be hoping for an answer?...more info


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