Kashi GOLEAN Bar, Peanut Butter & Chocolate, 2.75-Ounce Bars (Pack of 12)
Kashi GOLEAN Bar, Peanut Butter & Chocolate, 2.75-Ounce Bars (Pack of 12)

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Product Description

Your favorite combination of real roasted creamy peanut butter dunked in rich chocolate!

  • One box of 12 2.75-ounce bars
  • All-natural
  • 13 grams of protein
  • 6 grams of fiber

Customer Reviews:

  • good
    these are good for what they are. They are not candy bars so don't expect that taste. These are more like meal replacement bars....more info
  • Very Good
    Tastes too good to actually be healthy. Sound too good to be true? I thought so, but it is really true. Nice job Kashi.

    If you have never eaten Kashi products, you are in for a treat. There are some I like better than others, but for food that is good for you, it is a pleasant surprise....more info
  • Peanut Butter & Chocolate
    I noticed Amazon lumped all the Go-Lean bar reviews together, but anyway, these were so good I won't hesitate to try other flavors.

    Covered with milk chocolate, it tasted like a cross between a Snicker's, Milky Way and peanut butter cups, just a bit more chewy. The bars were fresh, large and very satisfying, even better than I had hoped. Well done, Kashi!

    ...more info
  • Tough
    I thought it was OK... overall. The chocolate coating does at least taste--and melt--like chocolate, which for a protein/meal bar is not exactly something you can expect. The bar did last longer going down though: not only because it's bigger, but because it's so tough to chew! (A little too tough for me; the center could use a little moisture.) Maybe peanut just isn't my favorite in any bar--which seems to be the case; although this bar doesn't taste especially peanutty. Lastly, 10 calories short of 300 is really over the limit for me in the bar category. ...more info
  • Fantastic Meal Replacement!
    My whole family loves the Kashi Chewy Bars (including my 6 year old)! If you're expecting the taste of a candy bar, then yes...you will be disappointed. However, in my humble opinion these are the best tasting meal replacement bars I've ever had! These bars usually hold me over for 3-4 hours. According to my handy calculator, they're only 6 points each for those of us who count Weight Watchers Points....more info
  • Too much sugar!
    I should have look at the nutritional facts, but these bars are way too sweet to the point I couldn't finish the bar. Each bar has 31g of sugar and reminded me of a Butterfinger. I dont see how having 31g of suger makes this any healthier then a candy bar. ...more info
  • Peanut butter is much better...
    The texture and flavor are good. They are very filling. These are better than any Slim Fast bar even though the calories are high (290). There's no after taste and no unpset stomach. The are a perfect item for a quick breakfast and should be kept in every desk drawer incase a realxing lunch is not available. These bars are better than anything in a crappy snack machine....more info
  • Filling and tasty, not a bad snack on the go
    If I am famished from hunger, and a real meal is many hours off, I don't feel bad about eating one of these glorified candy bars as a mini-meal. It is filling and satisfying, and if you put chocolate and peanut butter on a shoe, I'd probably like it. The chocolate coating is formulated for durability and it does that job well, although there is a price to be paid in taste. The filling, however, is the best part. Peanutty and chewy, the grains, chocolate and peanut butter combine brilliantly leaving me wanting another one or three.

    The problem with bars like this is that they are neither plain candy bars nor real nutrition, and they have to balance the great taste of candy with the fact that they actually have to have some nutritional value to compensate for the huge premium the makers charge for this bar over a plain old candy bar. Kashi does this better than most of the competition, and their bar is a bit larger and sturdier than most, which makes it the first choice for my gym bag or purse for an emergency meal.

    Try not to let these slip from "emergency food" to "substitute for lunch" or "regular snack." These bars, although healthier than candy, are not a real meal, do not have the fiber and nutrients to hold you over to the next real meal, and are a lot more candy bar than piece of fruit. These are good to keep in a bag for a day when you have no alternatives, but if you find that there are too many emergencies to be good for your health or your waistline, try putting an apple in that purse instead....more info
  • Yummy, filling, satisfying
    I tried one of these bars when I was on the run one day and was starving--and after that, I went back to order two 12-pack boxes. It's like a healthy version of a peanut butter cup--it's chewy, peanut-buttery, chocolatey, but the bonus is that they really fill you up unlike a candy bar, especially if you drink a big glass of water with it as there is a lot of fiber in this bar. And it doesn't make you feel shaky or headachey like a candy can, at least for me. I always keep one in my purse just in case I can't stop to eat during the day....more info


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