ACE CLUB 100% Boar Bristles Hair Brush (Model: 67644)

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Product Description

Designed for smoothing and styling all hair types. Extra long handle for added comfort. Finest Natural Boar Bristles invigorate scalp to give hair a healthy sheen. Clean in gentle solution of lukewarm water and shampoo. Dry naturally, face down, in open air. Use before bedtime for clean and shiny hair.

Customer Reviews:
  • Not Impressed
    I baught this hair brush because I wanted one which would not be too hard on my delicate care, but this brush is rediculously too soft. Its like brushing my hair with "human hair". I have since baught a Goody brush at Safeway supermarket for half what I paid for this one and I am extremely happy with it, as it is also 100% Boar Bristle but has a medium texture. If you are looking for a hair brush which is almost as soft as a baby brush then this ACE brush is for you. If not, I don't recommend it....more info
  • The best hairbrush for long hair
    I have used this brush solely for over 10 years, I have long hair, down to my knees. I can not find a brush I like as well and there for I am going to buy another one. My old one is finally beginning to show wear, so the quality of this brush is exceptional. ...more info