Rockport Men's World Tour Classic Walking Shoe

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Walk a mile (or two) in these shoes! It's all about comfort and style with a mid-height rise and gently distressed leather upper, accented with stitching detail. Imported.

Whether you're on the trail or the sidewalk, the Rockport men's World Tour Classic walking shoe offers support and style. Featuring a mid-height rise, gently distressed leather upper, and solid-rubber outsole, this shoe has a special design that grips a variety of surfaces. And don't worry about mud, the full-grain leather upper is a cinch to clean. Pair these shoes with jeans or active wear and stroll the streets.

  • Removable rubberized EVA footbed
  • EVA midsole
  • The WT Classic has received the American Podiatric Medial Association Seal of Acceptance for allowing normal foot function and promoting quality foot health

Customer Reviews:

  • great shoes
    First time buying shoes online, very pleased with fit and comfort. Took the advice of eariler reviews, and selected 9.5 instead of usual size 10. Had experienced arch pain with other shoes, have been pain free since switching to Rockport. ...more info
  • Rockport Mens Shoes
    My husband has worn these style shoes for sometime and these Rockports did not let us down. Excellent product as always. ...more info
  • Rockport MWTC Walking Shoe
    These shoes are the most comfortable I've ever had and they are really difficult to get in Australia not tomention expensive. So I am extremely happy with my purchase and will be buying another couple of pairs as they fit perfectly and were half the price I can get them for here....more info
  • great shoes but shop for price!
    Great shoes, very comfy, true to size
    After receiving them I googled the model# justfor fun and found them $15.00 cheaper and with free shipping at different online companies.
    Bargain Outfitters charged $ 89.97 plus $9.99 S&H
    Next time I will do some more research - Amazon is not always the cheapest!
    ...more info
    GREAT SHOES. They look good and feel good. I walk a lot and have sore feet, but these shoes keep my feet relatively comfortable. My next pair will definitely be Rockport....more info
  • Superb Footwear at a reasonable price
    Compared to other brands this is a good buy. Well constructed and has adequate comfort without tiring out your feet. No major flaws and quality is right there with the best of them. Rockport is one of the best and the most comfortable shoe on the market today....more info
  • best walker
    Rated best walking shoe by Consumer Reports, this shoe deserves its reputation. It is rugged yet good looking. It provides excellent support especially if you pronate. It is comfortable over long walks. I was able to get an unusual narrow size in an unusual light brown color to go with shorts using the Amazon purchase channel....more info
  • Great Walking Shoe
    I've had a pair of these shoes in black, enjoyed them so much I bought a pair in brown, too. These are very comfortable walkers that I wear as my daily shoes m-f. They look nice, and are soooooooooo comfortable. I had problems with plantar fascitis last fall... and these shoes, along with some other remedies, have caused the foot pain to abate. You can't go wrong with Rockport quality and comfort!...more info
  • WOW
    WOW,,,,where have I been? Fast, easy, and correct fit, size, and feel. I should have been ordering online a long time ago if I new it was this easy. Amazon has it all. Fast delivery and money back if not satisfied. Looking forward to my next purchase. Best regards; William leinthall...more info
  • Great quality, comfortable and reasonable price
    This is my fisrt time to order shoes through internet (or mail order). I have been wearing them to work for the past two weeks, and they are great. I was surprised that there was no discomfort at all from day one....more info
  • Fairly comfortable but??
    Overall, this shoe is very comfortable but it could use
    a little more arch support. In addition, I am not sure how I
    would have felt if I knew in advance that the shoes are made in Vietnam....more info
  • Evolving disappointment with Rockport World Tour Classic
    I have been purchasing and wearing Rockport World Tour Classic walking shoes for many years and have put thousands of miles on them, but ever since they have been manufactured in Vietnam, there has been a definite change in the amount of material in the shoes -- specifically the mid-soles. The mid-soles are thinner and flimsy. This causes discomfort to my metatarsals after walking as little as a half hour. In the older versions of World Tour that I am still using, I can walk for up to two hours before this happens. I have now purchased three pair manufactured in Vietnam and it's the same story. Still a well made shoe but skimping on material. ...more info
  • Rockport walking shoe
    I have a narrow foot, the "narrow" by Rockport is actually narrow versus the claim of some other manufacturers. I was told also that this model has been discontinued, so I suggest that those needing a pair for the future find one online that someone still has in stock. Sorry if I am misinformed on the discontinuance, but I hope I was. ...more info
  • Wrong Size
    Very Nice Looking....but larger than stated. Husband usually wears 11.5 so ordered accordingly, but way too big even with a thick sock. Ordered it because it was so lightweight and previous comfort w/Rockport. Gave it
    3 stars because of size misrepresentation....more info
  • Nice shoes
    Comfortable and smart enough for west coast business meetings. You have to keep them out of the rain though as the suede finish doesn't like water at all....more info
  • Rockport World Classic walking shoe/ dont be fooled
    Rockport has slipped in its quality over the past few years so you really have to be carefull which ones you buy from them. I bought the world classic Elite walking shoe from a Dillards store and it had great fit and support. Within 2 weeks the seams started to come apart! Took back and ordered the Rockport World Tour Classic from Amazon and they have held up great! one difference between the classic and elite is that the World Tour classic shoes did not have that great of an arch support in them. This was ok, because I had Orthopedic inserts that fit perfectly. I am on concrete all day at a car dealership so need the best. ...more info
  • What the others mean by best "shoe"
    "This is the most comfortable shoe ever", many a review exclaims.... well depends on the meaning of the word "shoe". This is a shoe that is certainly about as comfortable as a good sneaker (aka athletic shoe), so when compared to other "shoe" shoes (i.e. non-sneakers) it compares quite favorably. But if you are used to wearing comfy sneakers on a regular basis, then you may not find these Rockports to be "the best thing ever"....merely good comfy foot apparel that looks like a shoe (i.e. not a sneaker). So overall I give these a positive review, but just wanted to put some of those "best ever" reviews into perspective.

    Pros: looks like a shoe but comfy as a sneaker, no break-in period (comfy right away), wears well, casual design goes well with jeans or slacks.

    Cons: none really.... make sure you get a good price ($90 list is too high)...

    ...more info
  • Great Shoes
    For 30 years I have been wearing Techni Stride sold by Cabela's and I decided to try the Rockport shoes. They are a much better shoe.

    The shoes need no break in - comfortable from the first time you put them on, and are light shoes, which makes them great for walking and everyday use. I even wear them to work-out when I walk the tread mill. Put them on and they feel like you have worn them for many times - no inserts that have to conform to your feet. Water proof (resistant).

    I give them Five Stars.

    I highly recommend these shoes and even though some reviews did not like the fact that they are made in Vietnam, I had no probem with these shoes.

    I have a problem with the outside soles of my shoes wearing out because my feet lean to the outside. The soles on these shoes ae so durable, but comfortable, that they out last the other brand that I have worn for all this time.

    I ordered another pair, my second, because they are such a comfortable shoe.

    Try them and you will like them.
    ...more info
  • quality and comfort
    These shoes fit the bill for causal dress with a touch of class and sizing was accurate....more info
  • Worth every penny
    Having discovered Rockport walking shoes about 15 years ago, I have always gone back to ordering them again, now for the third time. These are very comfortable for the 13 extra wide size that I need and are very durable. The trick is to shop around and be patient in order to grab a deal on these but for the money, these are worth every cent. They are casual for work and very comfortable for the 2 miles or more walks I used to take during lunch. They are very hard to part with once the time comes to get a new pair, so be prepared....more info
  • Great comfortable shoe
    I've owned Rockports in the past and liked them very much. This
    one did not disappoint me. Excellent shoe....more info
  • Rockport Men's World Tour Classic Walking Shoe
    I bought a pair of black and brown tumbled shoes for my husband. He loves Rockport shoes, particularly the World Tour Classic which is very well made, soft leather and thicker sole pad. He's very tall with big feet; therefore, comfort is very important to him. I gave it a 4-star because the wide shoes were too big for him and he tripped the first day he wore them. I highly recommend these shoes...just be sure to get the right size....more info
  • They last, and last, and last, and last......
    This is my first pair of Rockports. In the past, I have never been a loyal patron of any particular brand of shoe, but after my experience with these Rockports, this is going to change. I can't quite recall how long I've had these shoes, but it's been awhile. If I had bought NB or any other brand that I've worn in the past, by now they would have shown their age both aesthetically and internally. Not my Rockports. These shoes look just about as good now as they did when I bought them and are just as comfortable!

    Sure, they are a little more expensive, but you get what you pay for. And so far what I have gotten from my Rockports is comfort, longevity, and quality construction. If you're looking for a shoe that's attractive in its simplicity, comfortable, and will last and last and last, look no further. I am a dedicated Rockport devotee from now on.... ...more info
  • walking shoes
    This shoes is the best shoes out of 6 pairs I got for walking as a mailman. I got it on time and the price was very reasonable compare to the uniform shoes that I order with my uniform allowance every year. Thanks Amazon for a great service....more info
  • Little Bit of Sole
    I like these shoes a lot. I live in San Diego and hate to dress up much more than casual. I run a business and my big dress up day is a clean pair of jeans and these shoes. I own about 30 million worth of commercial property. I meet with people all the time wearing suits. I am who I am and these shoes feel just right. These shoes are the perfect blend of function and style for me. I walk a lot and have worn out two pairs like these before. They are a good value for the money. As they age, they never look cheap as some other brands do. I wear tennis shoes and these. Highly recommended....more info
  • These should be recalled!
    Completely unsafe on any surface that's not TOTALLY DRY. I'm probably going to need shoulder surgery after taking a fall on a single drop of water on a marble floor. Then there's the sole-separation issue. Pathetic for 90 dollars plus....more info
  • Great shoe
    I have not found a shoe that has this much comfort while looking so good. It is a great shoe for the business casual setting while still being one you can run to catch the train with. I am now on my fourth pair (over several years of wearing) and hope they never replace it....more info
  • husband approved
    I got these boots as a birthday gift for my husband who sometimes experiences foot pain even in his sneakers. They did not disappoint and he likes them very much as they are comfortable and give a good arch support. They are casual enough to wear with jeans but look good enough for church too. They have taken him from Michigan to Florida a couple of times without trouble and a cinch to remove at the airport. A good buy and worth the few extra bucks. ...more info
  • The best travel shoe
    I only wear Rockport (I'm a little hard to fit - 13EEE), and this is one of the best shoes they sell. The black leather ones are great both for walking and as business shoes. That means I don't have to pack a 2nd pair of shoes....more info
  • Great shoe for the price
    I have used several different pairs of shoes to eliminate foot pain. As a diabetic, this shoe is extreamly light wieght and durable.There was absolutely no need breaking in . These were comfortable from the start....more info
  • comfort good ventilation good value
    I am on my second pair. I usually wear these 3 or 4 times a week and they lasted for over 3 years. I think shoes last longer if we give them a "rest". I use a spenco athletic insert for additional support. They are great for travel. They ventilate well, I don't have the nasty overheated/wet feeling I get with some shoes. overall-good buy, durable, good quality. I can afford buying more costly shoes why not get good value?...more info
  • Rockport
    I like this product i have use this item and others
    from this brand since more than 10 years ago....more info
  • Great Casual Shoe
    Rockport's World Tour Classic Walking Shoe is a great, comfortable, every-day shoe. I've owned over 15 pairs in the last decade and will continue to purchase them for work and casual attire. I just wish the matching shoe-strings would last a little longer. On some colors, replacement shoe-strings are hard to find....more info
  • Narrow shoe for us!
    I have a narrow low volume foot and these fit the bill.The size 13n is a true narrow.I wear orthotics and remove the insole first then replace it over my orthotic.I found them to be very comfortable and durable.I now own the black,chocolate nubuck,and recently received the sand nubuck.Amazon offered the lowest price found and even Emailed me with this offer with free shipping!Will be back thanks Amazon!...more info
  • tired feet get relief
    These shoes are awesome. They are light as a feather and make my feet feel wonderful. I've worn other shoes but these I can wear all day without making my feet get sore....more info
  • Rockport shoes
    In this picture of the shoes it shows the tongue or pad 1 to 2 inches above the bed of the shoe. When we got the shoes the tongue was even with the bed of the shoe making it not fit properly. That was the reason for sending the shoe back to the sender....more info
  • Size problem
    These shoes are great, so I have bought them for a number of years. This time, though ordering the same size as usual, they were at least a half size too big. Did Rockport change manufacturers or lasts? I had to return the shoes thus spending approximately $20 on total mailing costs...not happy about that....more info


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