Amana 9,000-BTU Portable Air Conditioner- AP095R

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9000 BTU / Auto evaporation / 12 Hours On/Off Timer / 3 Cooling and Fan Speeds / Dehumidify function / Safety Power Cord / EnviroClean Coil / LCD Display

  • Includes Window Exhaust Kit
Customer Reviews:
  • Bulky and noisy, and then it simply died
    I bought this model for a bedroom and it takes a while to get used to the racket. The fan mode is quiet, but once the compressor kicks in to cool things down it sounds like a locomotive!

    I would think twice before buying another portable unit like this one, and most certainly would not buy a second "Amana." I need some sleep, and this certainly was not considered when they designed this model a/c.

    Then finally the thing went haywire!

    A few months into purchase the temperature setting went to ninety nine degrees on it's own, and the unit died a fairly quick death. The warantee replaced the unit after a few thousand calls for repair, during which I had to deal with "Haier" not the "Amana Company"

    Talk about things not being what the seem - it is just labeled "Amana" proving "Cheap Trick" is not just the name of a rock band....more info