Mr. Coffee TM3-2 3-Quart Ice Tea Maker

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3 quart ice tea pot. Ready to serve in 10 minutes. Steeping basket keeps tea immersed in water just short of boiling. Light indicator when brewing is done. Warranty: 1 year UL approved. Estimated Unit Shipping Length ( ): 16. Estimated Unit Shipping Width ( ): 13. Estimated Unit Shipping Height ( ): 11. Estimated Unit Shipping Weight or Dim Weight (lbs): 7.

  • Makes great tasting iced tea or iced coffee
  • 3 Qt. easy-to-pour pitcher
  • On/off indicator light
  • Auto shut-off

Customer Reviews:

  • Almost There
    I decided to upgrade from the 2Qt to the 3Qt, simply because we drink so much tea everyday. I only wish my Ice Maker could keep up!.

    Everything is perfect except 2 things.

    1.) The pitcher lid lifts up and down to open and close. But will not stay up when placed in the up position! This makes pouring a three handed job, and I rather use one had from pouring and the other hand to hold my glass steady. Oh yeah, I only have two hands by the way. Honestly this is only a problem when i'm kmaking a large amount of tea and am pouring fast like into a jug.

    2.) It can be a messy process when removing jug from unit. Always a few drips here and there. Nothing a simple napkin or washcloth can't handle. but i would rather not have to deal with it!

    4 stars....more info
  • not what I was expecting
    I was so depressed when my old tea maker broke that my husband decided to buy me a new one for mother's day. He purchased the exact model and amazingly it is already broken; with the same problems my old one had which had cracked right down the pour spout. Ive tried contacting the company about the pitchers before but was told they were out of them and to contact them again in 6 weeks...whats the point when with shipping it will cost the same as a new one? you cant even find the pitchers in regular stores like Wal-Mart which sold my husband the tea maker in the 1st place. In any case I shall not buy a Mr.Coffee item ever again since the quality has dipped so far down....more info
    Mr. Coffee TM3-2 3-Quart Ice Tea Maker
    THANKS...more info
  • Great tea & maker with a few small issues
    My husband and I are die-hard Mr. Coffee iced tea maker fans. We upgraded from a 2-qt model to the 3-qt and never looked back! We love iced tea, so we don't have to make it quite as often with the 3-qt.

    When we make our tea, we use 8-9 regular tea bags in the basket and keep the valve to "closed" until the pot finishes brewing. We wait about 5 minutes after it stops before we open the valve and let the rest of the tea into the pot. This lets the tea steep for a bit longer, making it stronger and needing less tea bags than if you keep the valve open the entire time.

    Supposedly you can add any sweetener to the brewing basket, but we just dump the sugar (we use 2/3 of a cup) over the ice before we turn the pot on. It dissolves almost all the way on it's own and just a little stirring at the end finishes it off. Our neighbors always say that we make the best iced tea! :)

    The only issues I have with this unit is that after a while, the seam down the spout of the pitcher starts to split and iced tea leaks out when it's brewing. Ours did this after about a year of use, luckily we had gotten two pitchers with our maker. When the second pitcher broke (hubby dropped it from the top shelf in our pantry and shattered it), I couldn't find a replacement pitcher in the stores. I ended up ordering two on-line, for a cost of about $27. However, I could have bought a brand new unit with a pitcher for $20. (I chose not to in an attempt to be more "green.") I really wish Mr. Coffee would price the pitchers lower so that people are less likely to buy an entire new maker and having the old, still-working unit end up in a landfill.

    Oh, and the pots are NOT dishwasher safe - it says right on them. So for the reviewers who said they warped in the dishwasher, I'm not surprised. :)...more info
  • Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker a disappointment
    I've had this same iced tea maker for years until the pitcher finally broke, couldn't find a replacement pitcher, so threw the unit away also. Saw what looked to be the same setup at Amazon and purchased 2 sets. What a disappointment! The unit appeared to be lighter in weight, but the worst was the pitcher. It was cheapened beyond belief. The handle would only support the weight of iced tea if you used 2 hands and the flap that covers the spout when not in use would not stay open when pouring, allowing iced tea to spill outside the glass. I sent them back. Shame on Mr. Coffee....more info
  • the older model is still in use
    I have had the original Mr Coffee icetea maker now for about 15 years. Absolutely no problems. I had always wondered why they never included a cover for the pitcher once the tea was made. So I bought a Rubbermade pitcher soon after I purchased the unit. To this day, the tea maker and rubbermade pitcher are in perfect shape. I make ice tea every few days so it has had alot of use. No need to purchase new unit and afer reading the reviews probably won't. Sometimes newer is NOT better. I should think Mr. Coffee would remedy this problem users are having....more info
  • great! -- if you love the taste of burnt plastic
    I had the 2 quart mr. coffee iced tea maker for years, loved it until the pitcher broke when i dropped it on the hardwood floor :-(
    I'm planning ahead for the summer, and since sun tea is not a healthy option because of bacteria, I bought this machine. I cleaned it according to instructions, ran it for a batch of tea, and served it at dinnertime. We all took one sip and spit it out. Plastic.
    Hmmm, I thought. Maybe it needs another cleaning? I ran it through another cleaning. Made another batch of iced tea, served it at dinner. Blechhh, plastic taste.
    This story continues on thru four more cleanings and a run-through with vinegar. Still plastic. Even the water coming thru the last cleaning with vinegar wreaked of plastic smell. That's some powerful plastic....
    In the end, after one call to a clueless Mr. Coffee consumer helper, 32 wasted tea bags and four huge batches of ice, I have to return it.
    I googled "my Mr. Coffee iced tea maker tastes like plastic" to see if I am alone, and alas, I am not the only one. Apparently, some of these are okay, and some are not.
    So disappointed....more info
  • Iced Tea Maker
    Before we had this iced tea maker, we used a coffee maker, which made 8 cups, and we had to wait for it to cool before we could drink it. Besides, the coffee and tea flavors would get mixed. Now, with the Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker, we can drink it immediately, iced cold, and have plenty to keep in the refrigerator. It is easy to clean and easy to use....more info
  • Must have for Ice Tea fans!
    If you like good ice tea, this is a must have appliance. It is easy to use. Fill the pitcher full of water, pour it in, put tea in the basket and turn it on. If you want to use loose tea, buy some coffee maker filters, put one in the basket and you are set. My two favorites to use are Bigelow Vanilla Caramel tea and Maple Ceylon from [...]. But you can use ANY tea. Experiment with your favorites.
    I just recently replaced my previous tea maker after using it all the time for 10 years so this appliance also lasts. The 3 Quart pitcher allows you to make 33% more tea than other models.
    ...more info
  • Works Good
    This thing works great. Can make ice tea anytime day or night with no fuss or mess. I love it....more info
  • Excellent product
    We used a similar tea maker for many years and when we needed to replace it, were delighted to find another one at a good price....more info
  • Good tea-maker, but Cheaply-made pitcher
    We have had two of these tea-makers in our home over the past year and a half or so. It is a very convenient, easy-to-use little appliance and works quite well. However, the pitcher that comes with it is incredibly cheap. The first pitcher we had started coming apart at the seam where two pieces of plastic join. From that point on, tea would leak all over the countertop when the tea-maker was in use. The cost of buying a replacement pitcher and having it shipped to us from Mr. Coffee (no local stores carry the replacement)was MORE than buying a whole new tea-maker. We bought a second tea-maker and now the new pitcher has the exact same problems. I strongly recommend you skip this one and buy a hot tea-maker with a glass pitcher, because you will be replacing this one's flimsy plastic pitcher every 6 months....more info
  • Pitcher Cracks Easy
    My 2nd unit in less than 2 years. Pitcher is the problem. Made of a hard plastic that cracks no matter how much you baby it. After the first one cracked ordered a new complete maker due to cost of pitcher. Only used their pitcher to make the tea, no sugar or stirring in this delicate pitcher and hand washed. Purchased a nice rubber maid pitcher for $3 and used this one for stirring and storage. Mr Coffee pitcher still cracked less than 1 year. You can not use another pitcher to make the tea due to the way unit is specifically made for their pitcher. I have emailed Mr Coffee no word from them yet due to heavy volume. This could be a great appliance with a rubber maid pitcher. I will not purchase another one of these units until pitcher is redesigned suggest no one does....more info
  • great iced tea!
    This is an easy fast way to make iced tea. Cool kitchen appliance to have easy to clean. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Glad it's the same ole workhorse
    Being from Texas, my wife and I are ice tea addicts. We've owned and used our first TM3-2 for almost 20 years with zero problems. Recently however, the 'flow knob' did finally break so I was very pleased to see that the same model was still available. Our new TM3-2 is brewing away as I write this...hopefully for another 20 years. Since this is the only tea maker we've ever had, I can't give comparisons to others. I do however, highly reccommend it. ...more info
  • BEWARE Acrylic pitcher + dishwasher = CRACKS!
    I have had this model for over 5 years now, and it still makes great tasting southern sweet tea! Though the acrylic pitcher is prone to small cosmetic cracks and discoloration where the hot tea comes in contact with it, it still should give you many years of service when handled properly. I believe there's one fatal mistake that a lot of these unhappy reviewers are making. You can't EVER put acrylic kitchenware in the dishwasher (or microwaves in the case of acrylic measuring cups and mugs), acrylics can't handle the high liquid temperatures in these environments. Stick to hand washing the pitcher, and you'll be fine for years. The other removable components however: pitcher lid, brewing basket, and basket lid, will hold up fine in the top rack of the dishwasher....more info
  • Mr. Coffee TM3-2 3-Quart Ice Tea Maker
    Of all the tea makers Mr.Coffee makes, this is the easiest one to use. Great price on too....more info
  • Tea for three
    I purchased this for my son & daughter-in-law when their tea maker quit.
    I have owned this for 3 years. Makes great tea. Only negative is seam in front of pitcher tends to crack over time and it's actually cheaper to buy a whole new tea maker than replace the pitcher. ...more info
  • Cleaning Iced Tea Maker
    I found the best way to clean this tea pot is to put some liquid dish soap AND dishwasher powder into the pot with HOT water. Let it sit overnight, rinse it out and every tea stain will be gone!...more info
  • great machine
  • Pitcher Dribbles, but makes great Iced Tea.
    Love the tea it makes, though I do use it a bit differently than designed. I don't add icea I basically use it to make hot water to fill the pitcher. I leave the tea bags in the pitcher and let it cool in the refrigerator. Makes a more concentrated tea for just a little more hassle. Main problem is the pitcher can at times dribble creating a mess, though not enough to stop me from using it. I think next time I will just buy the replacement pitcher and pour hot water from another source into it with the tea bags. Same outcome without having to have another appliance taking up space in the kitchen. If you put the pitcher in the dishwasher, be sure to take them out before the dry cycle, mine warped a bit, still usable though.
    ...more info
  • Leaks everytime you pour
    I am sad to say I hate this model. While we have not had any problem while making the tea, everytime we go to pour the tea in our cups, it just does not pour smoothly, it leaks all over the place - 97% of the time. I am ready to throw in the trash as soon as I find a replacement which will hopefully be this week. At first (we have had the model now for a few months) I thought it was just operator error, but we have tried to pour very carefully or tried to figure out if there was a "certain" way to pour, but to no avail, still leaks all over the floor while filling our cups. Such a PAIN! I have owned previous models that are no longer available...sigh...they never leaked, but one of the pitchers did crack and then eventually the second pitcher cracked (after 5 years) so I thought I was "upgrading" to a new model. Boy, was I wrong. I would NOT recommend this product to ANYONE!...more info
  • Love Mr.Coffee Iced Tea makers - I've owned several
    The first 2 I owned were the 2 qt models that the tea basket set inside the pitcher - loved them but I didn't like the fact that so much of the pitcher was empty after removing the basket and I wanted the 3 qt (I drink lots of tea). I bought this model for myself about 4 years ago and it is still working great - I am going to buy another because I don't like the new model that I have seen in the local stores and I want a backup just in case this one does quit on me. You can keep the basket white by rinsing between uses by hand (don't use dishwasher because of the heat will bake the stain onto the plastic) and then soak in super concentrated hot water and cascade crystals mixture once a month. Mine is still bright white....more info
  • Mr Coffee Ice Tea Maker
    Good product with free shipping. Makes better ice tea than my older Mr. Coffee that is still working after 10 years....more info
  • Good value.......
    Can't beat the price of this as it's well worth it and it makes delicious tea once you get the hang of it. ...more info
  • Great gizmo!
    I love iced tea, and this is a clever little device that makes making it a heck of alot easier.

    Just keep in mind that you need to have a full tray of ice on hand to make the iced tea. If you don't, you'll need to chill the tea for several hours in the fridge....more info
  • One item I cannot live without!
    I am an iced tea junkie. I drink it instead of coffee. I refuse to drink "tea" from a soda fountain because it is not real tea. Although I rarely eat fast food, when I do I only will eat at a location with good tea. My first drink in the morning? Tea of course.

    I bought this item first about 8 years ago and kept it at my office. I brew three batches a week. The little unit kept working. After all this time, the lip finally cracked on the pitcher so it leaked a little when I brewed. Looking at the stained brewing basket and figuring I got more than my $20 worth out of the unit, I bought a new one.

    I am just as happy as ever with my new unit. They call this a 3-quart maker, though the pitcher is 6 quarts. You use twice as many tea bags to make 3 quarts and when finished, you top it off with water. Then you have 6 quarts of tea. The secret to this machines effectiveness is that it get the water VERY hot. That is the secret to good tea. At home, my wife boils water and turns it off and then adds tea bags to make tea. That tea is not nearly as good as that made with my Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker. I would be lost without this....more info
  • Perfect Tea Every Time!
    This is a great product. It works perfectly. At the click of a button, it brews quickly and the tea taste great. The price is affordable, however, just as the other reviewers mentioned the pitcher is weak and may crack easily. Fortunately, I have not had the pitcher crack or break yet. ...more info
  • I am already in love with this ice tea maker
    I bought this afternoon and I already love it. I did some
    experimenting with it and have come up with the perfect recipe for ice tea. (Georgia style)

    Disregard the recipe in the booklet though. It only makes about a quart not the 3 quarts promised. Here is my recipe.

    Put 5 family sized tea bags in the filter. ( 1 family sized tea bag is the size of three regular sized tea bags) Add 1/8th cup sugar to the filter with the tea bags to cut the bitterness, it will not taste sweet. Fill the water tank, put ice in the pitcher to the 2 QTS. mark and start.

    You will have three quarts of perfect iced tea every time.

    ...more info
  • Cheap... pitcher will break!
    We've purchased maybe 3 of these iced tea pots, they all break down... and the pitcher always breaks!! One time we had a nice warranty lady that sent us a replacement for free since it happened after 2 months of getting a new one.

    The plastic is very cheap and it breaks down there the hot tea goes in. My latest one cracked at the bottom though, which means the quality must be getting worse. Today I was told pitchers are not covered under warranty. I'm not paying $15 for a cheap plastic thing that will break again. ...more info
  • Summer & Entertaining Favorite
    My best friend got one of these before me and I was in awe. I've had mine for some years now and it is fantastic! Instant iced-tea? This is a Southern girl's dream! I make traditional sweet tea, but please don't think you are limited to the traditional. When I made Middle Eastern food, I used this to make mint tea for my guests. I often mix herbal and black teas to keep my people guessing.

    I didn't like the results I got when I used loose tea, even with a coffee filter. Bagged teas work just fine. I've found that doubling the required amount of tea and brewing with the nozzle almost fully closed work best. You can supposedly put the sweetner in the compartment with the tea bags. I prefer to sweeten after the tea has brewed.

    Clean up is easy, I throw the appropriate parts in the dishwasher with some Dawn Plastic Booster to remove any staining. My only complaint is that I wish this came in black, so I could leave it on the counter....more info
  • iced tea maker
    Very easy to use and clean. Makes excellent tasting tea very quickly. Will come in very handy this summer when I've guests. ...more info
  • lovely little tea maker!
    I read all the reviews people gave this thing and put it on my wishlist. My mother actually bought it for me. I use it every day and love to try different kinds of tea combinations. Using white, green and black teas.-- then flavorings. Yum!

    I have absolutely no problems with mine. The person complaining of leaking, that sucks. It sounds like a series of unfortunate events.

    My little tea makers works perfectly. At first the directions confused me. It tells you to "close" the little latch on the top, but I got worried about the water and how it would get down into the tea pot. So I kept it open, until I realized there's a small opening the tea will travel down once the tea level in the strainer gets high enough. The directions didn't say that. I can also be kind of ditzy.

    Anyway, great product! I love mine and it's already paid for itself in the week I've owned it!...more info
  • Don't Buy This One
    My old Mr. Coffee, model number TM30P, quit working. So, I bought this one without doing any due diligence or giving it much thought. One problem, I've had with Mr. Coffees in the past is that the pitchers crack and eventually leak. I forgot about that when I bought this one. I assume this one will eventually crack also.

    The two things I really don't like about it, though, are that the pitcher is to tall and you have to manually control the brew strength. Controlling the brew strength requires that you experiment with the length of time you leave the tea floating in the water after it gets through brewing. Then you turn a control knob to dump the last bit of tea out when you think it's been in there long enough. With my old one you merely set a dial to set the desired strength.

    The other problem is that the pitcher is much to tall. It's difficult to get in and out of the fridge without spilling the tea.
    ...more info
  • Mr Coffee Ice tea machine
    Absolutely love it. I have used at least once a day every day since it arrived. Makes Great, CLEAR, Perfect tea everytime AND 3 quarts at a time!...more info
  • The best iced tea
    Works well and is a fast way to make lots of iced tea. It would be good to include two pitchers instead of one. The pitcher is too fragile but may last several years if you are very careful....more info
    We had a previuos model that lasted 9 years! So I had no worries buying another... it came with a bonus pitcher.. yay! I thought. It leaks. Almost everytime. I thought maybe something was wrong with the pitcher, so we got out the spare and it leaked,too. Don't know if I have a defective item, but we are tossing it and getting a different brand....more info
  • Very Good Tced Tea
    This makes the best iced tea. Pitcher isn't that great and looks dull after a while, otherwise,this is a great product for the price. ...more info
  • Best appliance in my house
    *** Do not wash the pitcher in the dishwasher, the heat will warp, and/or crack the pitcher**
    Other then the pitcher being cheap plastic..... we drink a ton of iced tea in my house, and make about 120 pitchers per year. After 2 years, I just purchased my second one. The first one didn't even die, the white plastic was just dirty looking because it was stained by black/fruit teas. If anyone came out with a version that used a glass pitcher, I'd buy it in a heartbeat....more info
  • Great Easy Iced Tea Brewer. Pitcher So So
    I love this Iced Tea Pitcher. I have used it for years and enjoy the ease with which it makes Iced Tea. We always just use water in pitcher and the brewer, let it cool, then stick it in another container in the fridge to get cold. Though I have used Ice to get a Quick Chill for parties. It works either way just as well.
    The only downfall is the pitcher. Being a Brittle Clear plastic it does crack after a while.
    But because the actually brewer is so easy to use, I put up with replacing the pitcher periodically. Seems a small price to pay for such an easy to use Iced Tea Brewer.
    PS My formula is 4 Earl Grey Bags and 2 Lipton Bags. Marvelous! ...more info
  • Works Great!
    This thing makes iced tea really quickly, it's easy to use, and the pitcher makes plenty. At larger gatherings we tend to run out, so I did purchase the extra pitcher....more info
  • Great Ice Tea Makers
    I ordered 2 of these machines. Both work great. Very easy to use, makes great tea. Only wish would be to make it dishwasher safe....more info


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